Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Kylie vs. Claudia Update

I'm losing folks and I'm losing bad.  The score is currently Four votes to two in favor of Claudia and she is going to really take it out on my hide--literally if I'm still losing on September 1st.  We're talking spanking, bondage, humiliation, public feminization.  She may do any and all of those things. Some of them I'm actually into, but I'm way to squeamish for a spanking and there is humiliation and there is HUMILIATION.  
Presumably, you are reading this because you like my books.  If that is the case, I'd really appreciate if you'd buy Kylie vs. Claudia (  I'm not saying you have to vote for me, but I hope you'll read both stories and make up your own mind. 
Thanks! Kylie

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kylie vs Claudia (My Perspective)

I don't think there's much to tell you about the story that hasn't been written by Bibary. I do want to let everybody know that this story was very important to me because I wanted to prove that I could do it on my own.  Kylie's great and I would never have gotten into writing erotica without his help, but because Kylie was writing books before I came along, I'll always be the junior partner.

Kylie does do most of the hard work.  His dialogue blows mine away and his story structure is better too, but I can get into the mind of a sub or especially a domme very well and I have a wicked streak that Kylie doesn't. I do think I add quality to the stories. I am determined that Kylie will go down and go down hard on this one.

If you read his blog post, he actually begs the readers for help in avoiding having to be humiliated by wearing a dress out in public.  Since he did this on a Blog for people who enjoy female domination and feminization I can only think it means he hopes I'll win too because this is not the crowd that's going to prevent feminization.  I promise if I win, I'll make sure you get some  photos of Kylie's humiliation at my hands and besides, my story is better to begin with. Pick up Kylie vs. Claudia and vote for me and then sit back and enjoy Kylie's humiliation :-).

Kylie vs. Claudia Has Arrived!

I'm going to let Bibary's review tell you about the book itself and then I'll talk about the contest:

In Claudia's story, Brett is a creep with wandering hands who preys on drunk girls at the bar, but who goes too far when he cops a feel of Claudia across the bar. She tracks him down, and immediately begins messing with his mind, creating a connection between a tube of lipstick and the promise of sex. I loved the way she got inside his head, teasing him, drawing him in, and then ambushing him with forced feminization and public humiliation. It is a fast-paced story that leaves no room for escape, and the ending . . . well, it was delightfully unexpected!
Kylie's story begins a bit differently, with Steve initially seeming like a nice guy who tries to defend Claudia from his drunken friend, until his own drunken behavior crosses the line. The feminization here is far more immediate and abrupt, taking advantage of his drunken state, and then blackmailing him into going further. I loved how dominant Claudia was, both verbally and physically, and how Steve slowly bends to her will. His feminization is thorough, complete with breast forms and hair extensions, and there is a key moment in which Claudia reconsiders why she is doing it all . . . and that completely sold me on the story.

Both stories were a lot of fun to read, revealing very different sides of this bartender named Claudia, and exploring the journeys of these two men who are not as different as they might like to think. It is a double dose of what you would expect of a literary competition between Kylie vs Claudia, but with a few surprises along the way.
I think that's a pretty good summary of the action in the two stories in Kylie vs. Claudia.  The idea is that you will read the book and enjoy both stories, but you'll like one just a little bit better (And that one will be mine). After that, you'll follow the link in the back of the book to vote for the story that you think is best.  If you choose to use your name, then I'll send you a free copy of April's Fool after the voting closes on September 1st.

There are actual stakes here.  I will get something good from Claudia if I win and I'll make sure I get something good to share with the blog, but Claudia's a domme who absolutely loves forced feminization and humiliation.  She's pretty much assured me of an evening out all dressed up if I lose, so you can help me a great deal if you will buy this book and vote for me.