Sunday, February 26, 2017

Welcome to the Real World #3 is Out!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Welcome to the Real World #3: Road Trip

Welcome to the Real World #3 is in pre-order and scheduled to be released February 26th. I apologize for the slow pace, but in my defense, it's such a challenge to write.  The difficulty comes from writing about real people I knew when they were 18 or 20 and writing about them now as 30-somethings. 

In this story, Kylie comes face to face with Sheila.  If you've read The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, Calendar Girl, or French Exchange you've read about her.  In real life, Sheila became a college professor and I decided there was no better place for her to teach at then DuPont College. On the way to meeting her, Kylie faces more humiliating hi-jinx from Claire and Beth. I think it's one of my better stories.  It's full of sexy feminization and humiliation of course, but it's also got sentimentality and romance.  This is one ride, I'm sure you'll like.


"You can't very well stay in there forever, it’s the only facility this place has and there are people out here who need to use it. In fact there are a couple of bikers who’ve just walked in, that I can almost guarantee I could talk into chasing you out of there. Now, you can either do the nice thing for your wife to be and let her believe she trapped you or I will get these guys to drag you out. What do you wanna do? It’s your choice!"

"Come on Claire, this so isn't fair," I complained.

"Fair has nothing to do with it. Life’s not fair, didn’t your mother ever tell you that?" she replied glibly.

"But I don't want to go out there en femme. Everybody saw me come in here."

"True but then everybody can also hear this conversation," she giggled and there was a muted cheer from the background.

"Beth is about two seconds from the door. What's it going to be?"

"Oh fine. Give me whatever she has for me" I sighed defeated and pulled off my socks and underwear and handed then over. The door closed again and I couldn't hear anything for the next few minutes, but I had no doubt there was some conspiratorial whispering going on just outside between the two of them. Then Beth called out,

"Honey, I have some clothes for you. Be good and put them on quickly now."

"Great." I mumbled passing my empty hand around the door. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t good either, she handed me one of the small carryon bags that I’d seen Claire take to the car. Inside was a red pleated miniskirt, a pair of red pumps, a black lace bra and panties, sheer pantyhose, a cut off black t-shirt with the word Sassy across the chest in a cheeky pink script and a small makeup kit. I thought I’d give it one last try,

"Beth honey, this must be the wrong bag, these aren't my clothes."

"Yes they are darling, or at least they are now!" she chortled and I could hear the entire restaurant laughing at that comment.

"Come on Beth, I'm not a girl."

"That may well be the case, but like it or not you will be looking like one when you walk out that door, so hurry up and get dressed, darling." she ordered.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Excellent Audio News!

Now this is some great news!  I have completed negotiations with three different narrators to turn three of my eBooks into audio format.  I want to promote these amazing women with sexy voices, but I'm not sure what names they are using so I'll respect that.

If the narrator is good to her word, French Exchange will be the first of the three completed.  Bending the Bookshelf said, "Lovers of forced feminization and humiliation will wish they had a French Exchange student of their own, and even those who prefer to shy away from such cruelties will warm up to Luke's ultimate fate. Sexy, clever, and lovingly detailed, this is a fantastic read."

The narrator is a native French speaker and she practically purred her audition.  I think she could make a phone book sexy and I can't wait to see what she does with my material.

After French Exchange, we should see Hoops.  Bending the Bookshelf also raved about this book saying, "What brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer, and follows up on its real-world consequences. We see characters evolve, personalities change, and justice catch up with those who deserve it, all leading up to one of her happiest endings yet."

The narrator's slight southern twang should fit perfectly with the small Indiana community that Hoops is set in.  She's got that kind of cocky feel to her voice that I think fits the book's heroine Savannah to a tee.  

Finally, Convention Feminization should be out last.  Bending the Bookshelf said, "What ultimately makes the story, however, is the insight that Gable and Acosta demonstrate and the character development they reveal. We actually come to empathize with one of the bullies, and watch as he takes his lessons to heart...this is a story that works equally well for fans of all genders and sexualities, whether their tastes run more towards female domination, forced feminization, or feminist revenge. It is more suggestive than explicit, but there are a few erotic touches to add an extra curl to that satisfied smile."

The narrator is Marami Hung who you already know from Mean Girls and Mermaids and Calendar Girl.  We talked about her doing this story as an audio last year and I don't know of anybody else who I'd want to do this book.  She's fun, sexy, and best of all she loves the culture of comic and anime conventions and knows the source material.  
So if you like audio erotica, these are going to be a couple of great months for you.  I hope you'll give these audios a try. I know they're going to be great.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's Day Massacre!

I'll be the first person to admit that I have some weaknesses as a writer. My stories have been praised for realism, having very richly developed characters, and believable forced feminization setups, but for all of that I know that I can sometimes be so busy painting a verbal canvas that 3,000 words into my story, I might not have gotten to anything erotic yet.  This story gets to it.

Two high school seniors who feel extremely inferior to their sisters team up to humiliate them on Valentines Day, but as usual their sisters are miles ahead of them.  This leads to a humiliating defeat and a punishment that was worse than any the boys could think of.  This story has all my usual trademarks--humiliation, bondage, girls who kick ass, and intense feminization, but it also really delves into forced bi.  There is no sex, but there's a lot of oral and a hint of pegging. 

I haven't done a Valentines Day book before, but I knew I didn't want to make a traditional one.  There's no love story in this one, but if you enjoy my more humiliating stories, you'll love this one.