Saturday, July 25, 2015

32 Flavors eBook Now Available
If you enjoyed our Thirty-Two Flavors writer round robin story in this very blog, I'm happy to announce that it's now available at and it will be available at other eBook retailers in a matter of days.  It was a thrill for me to work with such talented writers as Alyssa Paige and Mindi Harris and I think we've crafted something really special here by rotating short five hundred word segments through the book.

32 Flavors tells the story of Kevin Kane--a wealthy but arrogant jerk whose descent into feminization and humiliation comes at the hands of a girl named Tina who works in a local  ice cream parlor. She soon teaches him that not everything has a price as he gets tangled in her web and must obey her every whim if he is to escape with his reputation and dignity in tact.

I have always enjoyed putting multiple short stories with a theme together into one single volume.  In The Crime and Punishment Collection, we look at men who made the mistake of getting on the wrong side of a creative and powerful woman and learned there was a price to be for such bad judgement and that price begins with total emasculation.  This collection contains three previously published stories in Sissy-in-Law, Trial of a Feminizer, and It's Nothing Personal for $4.99 and is available for pre-order now.  It will be released on August 1st.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bound by Goddess Claudia

It's weird to call her Goddess Claudia because I've usually just called her Claudia.  However, I've been very lucky since last Halloween when I was discovered.  You may remember that I was quasi-blackmailed into crossdressing.  Once as Audrey Hepburn and once as a generic girl.  I wasn't too worried because there were a completely different group of people at each party, but there were a very small number of crossovers.  One of them was Claudia who was a neighbor of the hosts of one party and a friend of the host of the other one.

She not only noticed that I came in two different female costumes, but also that I was rather skillful in my heels and that I was smoothly shaven and when she talked to me, I couldn't really give a very good explanation of who did my makeup. Rather than using this as a chance to expose me, she instead used it as a chance to reveal herself.  Like me, she had some rather interesting early experiences with forced feminization, though from the other side and like me she was in the process of discovering just who she was.

The result has been me finding a good friend, a wicked domme, and an extremely creative co-writer.  Just as I've been growing by exploring my submission again, she has been exploring her dominant side.  Beginning with It's Nothing Personal: Breaking a Billionaire, she's been an adviser on my writing.  Beginning with The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, where she literally zip-tied me to the chair and then wheeled me away from the desk so that she could take over the computer, she's really been more of a co-writer.

I've gotten the chance to explore forced feminization, wrestling, bondage, and humiliation with her and it's been amazing to try some of this stuff again.  She hadn't been willing to make her kinky side public until now.

Beginning with Convention Feminization, I will begin to give  Claudia co-writer credit and it's even possible that she'll write some of her own stories in the future.  Her story of how she got into forced feminization itself would make a great story.  I am not her property and I'm not really her sissy, but we do play and I think it's definitely improved my stories.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tanning Time Again

It's that time of year when a sissy's thoughts turn to girls wearing bikinis and possibly even wearing a bikini yourself.  There is nothing that makes a sissy feel more emasculated than having a bikini outline tanned into their skin.  Unlike a regular bikini, you can't remove it without spending a long time tanning to even out the sun on your chest.

When I was feminized in college, of course Amanda and her friends didn't forget to inflict this indignity on me.  Freshman year, we had no real private area in the dorms, but sophomore year when they had a house off campus, when I went over to clean I frequently found myself in the backyard afterwards working on my tan. Now, I can assure you that this behavior was no more voluntary than the fuchsia two-piece bathing suite with white flowers that I was wearing.

The girls added a unique touch one day, when I was doing my required time working on my tan.  When they rented the house, they inherited a small pile of kids toys and games in the basement.  These were pretty old.  Among the toys were the board game Sorry, a Peter Pan Colorforms set, and some plastic letters with magnets in them.  As I was laying on my stomach, the girls had the bright idea to put the Tinkerbell Colorform on the small of my back with plastic letters arranged above it to spell out P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S. 

The result was a suntan tramp stamp of incredible humiliation.  Every time I went over to tan for the rest of the summer, the sticker and the letters were placed in the same location to cause the tan to get darker.  Sometimes, they were way too clever for my own good.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

High-Heeled Coup
I love old movies.  One movie that I didn't discover until I was feminized and forced to watch a bunch of chick flicks was a movie called Working Girl.   It's one of a string of fun movies about people either pulling themselves up from the lowest rungs of corporate America or pompous rich people who lose everything and get to appreciate the common worker and by doing so, regain their fortune   I decided to try and apply this formula to feminization.

In High-Heeled Coup we meet Steve.  Steve is that arrogant and pompous type-A personality that business movies are built on.  He meets his match in Kendra who is just as brash and cut-throat as he is.  She humiliates him and tries to make sure that she never leaves him in a position to challenge her.  She does this by feminizing Steve and putting him in the secretarial pool. Soon Steve realizes that these lowly secretaries are the ones who really run the company.  Now Steve, tries to battle back to the top despite being under the thumb of Kendra as her personal secretary.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Three Great Reads

In my post yesterday I mentioned that even as Amazon was destroying authors' financial situations, I was finding some of the best erotica writing out there.
The first story is more of an author discovery than a book discovery.  Stephanie Cain is a talented writer, who writes a bit short for my taste and sometimes has a bit too much step-family stuff.  However, His Bitchy Bully is very reminiscent of my Reunion story in that an old nerdy guy from high school seemingly grew up to be successful, but when he goes back to his old town, the girl who bullied him in high school destroys him at the class reunion.  There is no dressing in this one, but a fun humiliating story with a great ending.  This will appeal to those who like my books for their female domination and bondage aspects.

Dominique Silk found her mark again when she published Cuckolded Sissified Quarterback I'm always worried about sports books because I do know sports, but she's fairly credible with it and it's a great example of weaving cuckolding into a feminization story.  The domme in this story is very cruel and as a result, we get right into the good stuff.  This doesn't seem to have done as well as some of her other books, which is a shame because it may be her best.

I like Crystal Summers and she has some very good stories, but she hasn't had one that really stood out to me before Caught by his Roommate.  The only thing I hate about this story is that I didn't write it.  It has everything I look for in a story and everything I try to put in them when I write them.  If you like any of my books, give this one a try.  I think it's the best forced feminization story since Grounded in Heels.  It has a great domme, bondage, humiliation galore, feminization, and this woman is terrific at holding all the cards.  It's definitely in my Hall of Fame.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Plea to My Readers about Amazon

There is some amazing feminization and female domination literature out there and I will be reviewing it in the next week.  I've never felt so many five star reviews were necessary in such a short time before.  However, before I do I have a favor to ask you.

I have always prided myself on celebrating feminization.  I review and interview other authors and do everything I can to help them out from covers to brainstorming.  It is for that reason, that I have chosen to end my membership in Kindle Unlimited.  My current plan is to put my new books in there for three month and work on getting my back stock moved to other sites.  My books will always be on Amazon, but they won't be on Kindle Unlimited for much longer.

As a customer though, this is goodbye.  The reason is that Amazon has changed their pay structure.   Authors used to get paid $1.35 if somebody read 10% of your book.  Now, they estimate you get a little more than half a cent for every page they borrow and read.  If an author writes a great 19 page book (like His Bitchy Bully, which contains no feminization, but great female domination and humiliation.), she will get 11 cents.  I can't do that to authors that give me a great story.

Crystal Summers just wrote a story called Caught by His Roommate that made me hate her because she wrote it instead of me.  Caught by His Roommate may be the greatest feminization story since Grounded in Heels.  It's 65 delicious pages long and her cut is 37 cents if it's borrowed and read all the way through.

I can't do this to authors and I hope you can't either.  A good story is going to be read over and over or at least the good parts will.  It doesn't seem to me as a reader that $2.99 is too much to ask and I can buy three great feminization books and still have money left over every month with just the cost of my Kindle Unlimited.

I became a writer for the money, but it's definitely a labor of love. There are much easier ways to make a buck. So far this month, I have had 2,769 pages read.  That should net me $16 at the end of the month.  Under the old system, it would probably have earned me about $90.  By the end of the month, I'll be down a lot, but I can survive.  However, if you do like my books, I'd definitely appreciate that you buy them.