Sunday, January 29, 2017

Valentines Day Massacre Available for Pre-Order

My next eBook is coming out February 10th, but you can pre-order it already at Amazon.  Valentines Day Massacre is one of those stories where I got a bit raunchy.  I decided that rather than an intricate plot, I'd keep it simple so that I could focus on the capture, feminization, and forced bi action.

I try to write a variety of stories from wild to tame.  This one is definitely on the wild side and involves two boys who decide to team up to prank their sisters on Valentines Day.  The sisters are two steps ahead of the guys however, and when they turn the tables, the boys are forced to degrade themselves in the worst way they can contemplate. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

When I was growing up, my parents were some of the last holdouts for getting cable.  That meant in the early 90s I was growing up watching a lot of reruns of syndicated shows on local television. At a really young age, I discovered the Dick Van Dyke show.  Not only did I love the show, but I got a massive crush on Laura Petrie.

I've mentioned before that I didn't experience forced feminization until college, but I think I've always been turned on by female domination.  Laura was both sexy and fun.  She was also a bad ass.  When a drunk was harassing Rob at a bar, it was Laura that knocked him out with one punch.  It was made very clear that she had judo training and in several episodes she flipped or threw Rob.

I think I've always been looking for my own Laura.  Somebody who could be fun, flirtatious, and still flip me over her hip when the mood hits her. I'm still looking, but I haven't given up hope.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Final Part of Penalty Princess is Out

You know, when you bite off more than you can chew you never go hungry, but that being said, I probably made a stunning miscalculation last summer. I don't usually have a lot of order in mind when I plot out what book to write next.  Those who read my newsletter know that the order of upcoming releases is constantly changing.

This summer, I started writing what was going to be one book called Penalty Princess.  Somehow, that one book became four.  Now, I don't flinch about writing series.  Some of my most popular books have been series, but after Penalty Princess, I started an actual series in Welcome to the Real World.  When that book got held up in editing, I started a third series called Plaything.   My new rule going forward is only to have one series going at a time.  I'm overjoyed to be down to two series finally.

The fourth book in the Penalty Princess series finds our gang at the Maritimes Championship in Saint John. Danny has become a very passable young woman as well as a quickly improving figure skater, but there is a lot he's unprepared for.  From his catty competitors to the romantic illusion that is pairs skating, he has to find talents and courage he didn't know he had just to survive.  Then there is the matter of his coach, Kristi Conolly. Why does he find himself so drawn to her and are his feelings reciprocated at all?  She has every reason to hate him after injuring her with his temper.

And The Winner is....

The winner of a free copy of the Forced Feminization: A Love Story audiobook is  Missy Louise.  I had four people respond to the thread so I let choose a winner. Missy, if you can email me at KylieGable(At)Yahoo(Dot)com, I will send you instructions on how to download your free audio book.

If you lost, I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy.  I will also do a contest on my mailing list this week.  You can join at or by emailing to the above address.  If you sign up, you get a free PDF copy of my story The Operator. I hope you'll go ahead and buy this story and win I'll even exchange it for another of my audio books.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Win a Free copy of the Forced Feminization: A Love Story Audio Book

The Forced Feminization: A Love Story audio book is out and it's outstanding.  I am encouraging all my readers to go right out and buy it, but you could win a free copy.  The book was a bit hit for me with reviews that were exemplary.  I am pretty sure you'll like it and Audrey's narration only improves on my words.  To win a free copy, all you have to do is reply to this topic and tell me what is your favorite cover from a Kylie Gable book.  It's that easy :-).  I'll pick a winner at random no earlier than Friday January 20th.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends

My fantasy:

For over a year now, I've been trying to use my blog more.  I know nobody wants to spend all their time checking out free advertising and in the beginning I used this blog for other things.  I want to get back to it. So here are three little announcements that weren't quite worthy of their own newsletter.

The Forced Feminization: A Love Story audio book is live now. I really love audio books and when it comes to erotica, I'd much rather hear a sexy female voice read the words to me than hear them in my own inner voice. It's a great bargain at $3.46...wait I'm selling again.  Sorry.

I'm putting a bunch of my collections on Smashwords.  This will enable readers who are Amazon adverse to pick them up on ITunes, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords own store.  Frankly, Smashwords has never really payed enough to make it a priority to put books there, but I would like to get the collections out there because they're a lot easier to upload. 

Finally, if you haven't checked out the interview with me on Anabelle Britto's fine Forced Feminization Artwork blog, I can't recommend it enough.  She really asked some probing questions and I did my best to answer them all fully and honestly.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cruise Ship Cuckolds

I took a cruise about six or seven years ago. I really enjoyed it, but I found the lifestyle could be either very wide open or very claustrophobic depending on how you planned things. That sort of self-contained city within a ship environment seemed perfect for feminization and cuckold training.  I began to envision a cruise company that would cater to just such a cruise theme.

There are all sorts of themed cruises.  I have always wanted to go on the TCM Classic Movie Cruise, the JoCo Cruise, or the now defunct Canadian music Chips and Dips Cruise and the idea of a cuckolding cruise didn't seem that out of the ordinary.  In fact, I had the perfect person to run the program in Andrea from It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire. The former Canadian agent had proven herself to be a woman to be reckoned with when she kidnapped a target using a couple of stockings and a rum soaked tampon.

In Cruise Ship Cuckolds I tell the story of two couples who take a couples cruise together.  Unbeknownst to the husbands, the wives have made arrangements for them to get the whole treatment while they enjoy the cruise with their dates.  This story might not be for all of my readers, but if you enjoy cuckolding along with forced feminization, I think it's one of my best ones.

With one swift move, Andrea grabbed Adam's finger and bent it painfully back, dropping him to one knee.  He cried out in pain, which caused Bob to rush to his aid only to be intercepted by Mei who shook her head at Bob.  She had the utmost confidence in herself and that caused Bob to stop in his tracks.
"I don't suggest talking to any of the employees in that tone of voice, Mr. Forrest. I am perfectly capable of causing you severe pain if you do not treat me with respect," warned Andrea.
"I'm sor-ry," winced Adam.
"That's a start," said Andrea letting go of Adam and allowing him to regain his feet. "Now, as I was saying, your wives signed you up for this cruise because they wanted you in the feminized cuckold program.  I don't have to tell you that this is very difficult for most males to adjust to."
"Feminized Cuckold?  Is this some kind of twisted joke?" asked Bob.
"It's no joke," continued Andrea. "Your wives love you very much and wish to continue living with you, but they find you completely inadequate as men."
"I know that's a mistake," said Adam. "I'm a very skillful lover and Linda knows that. She'd never do his."
"There's no mistake," replied Andrea. "She got tired of your infidelity and no longer wished to deal with it. We assured her that we have a device to solve that little problem."
"I've never cheated on my wife," protested Bob.
"No, you haven't," agreed Andrea. "However, you've been a very poor excuse for a husband none the less.  You've become emotionally distant and frankly your wife believes you will be happier with this new lifestyle."
"Wait, it's not just a cruise, it's a lifestyle?" asked Adam.
"I'm afraid so," replied Andrea. "It was not a coincidence that you came across those cruise brochures. We are happy you booked though."
"Getting me to write a check is going to be a lot easier than getting me to go along with this," snarled Adam.
"Perhaps," said Andrea. "Truth be told, Mei likes a bit of resistance. I guess I do too."
"I'm warning you, I did golden gloves for six years," spat Adam giving a good show of shadow boxing.
"Good, then we won't have to take it easy on you," said Andrea. "Mei is a black belt in Tae Kwon-do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her professional record was twelve and two with eight submissions and three knock outs. I am former CSIS and I won't hesitate to injure you if needs be."
"What the Hell is CSIS?" asked Bob, "I’ve never heard of them!"
"Canadian Intelligence," she sighed rolling her eyes in exasperation. "It's like the Canadian CIA, or British MI5. Read a newspaper. Anyway, you'll find all of us in the feminized cuckolding program suitably well-trained."
"Well is this room soundproofed?" asked Bob. "I'm about to start screaming bloody murder unless you back off."
"Yes," replied Mei.
"Yes what?" asked Bob exasperated.
"It's soundproofed," she replied.
"Adam, maybe we should just do what they want," suggested Bob. "At least hear them out."
"Fine, what do you want? Do you want money, is that it?" asked Bob.
"Hardly," said Andrea. "We're very well-compensated.  The check you wrote us for these two rooms was a wonderful start."
"Then what do you want?" asked Bob nervously.
"We need you to strip down and give us the clothes that you are wearing.  You will find your new uniforms as well as grooming instructions in your closets," explained Andrea.