Friday, April 28, 2017

Crime Doesn't Pay

I have two new products coming out at the same time. I'm happy to report that the audio book for Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors and our new eBook Property of the Cheerleaders is out as well.

"To me being a cheerleader meant being a somebody in a school full of nobodies. They wore the trendiest clothes, dated the cutest boys, and went to all the best parties. They did whatever they wanted. They never did homework or studied for tests, but somehow they didn't flunk out. Everybody knew they smoked and hung out in the second floor girl's room, but nobody ever gave them a hard time. No teacher ever came to bust them"--Wendy Hull

I had so much fun writing this book.  I've long said that I wouldn't do a cheerleader book until I could do something original with cheerleading.  I think I did it. I've done a lot of research for my books, but I have to admit rewatching A Bronx Tale and Goodfellas was unusual for telling the stories of a high school cheerleading team. The story owes a lot to mob movies like those. 

The narrator is a girl named Wendy Hull who recounts a story of dizzying highs and bottomless lows making her school's cheerleading squad. These girls ran the school and they took what they want when they wanted it. Their number one hobby was feminizing the guys who got in their way or crossed them.

In Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors, an uptight bank manager cannot leave his neighbors alone when he decides they are not the type of people that he wants in his neighborhood.  When he gets caught breaking into their house, they decide to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

This is the first time I worked with narrator Veronica Adler and I hope that it will not be my last.  She's an actress and it really shows with the way she puts meaning into my words and gives them an impact that they didn't have when I read my own writing.  If you already own the eBook, the audio book is ridiculously cheap and it's so much better.  Click here for a sample of Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Satisfaction Guarantee on Audio Books!

Because I think I have the  best erotic audio books on the market and because I want you to enjoy them too, I've decided to start a new satisfaction guarantee on audio books.  If you buy one of my audio books and don't like it, email me KylieGable(at)yahoo(dot)com telling me what audio book you were unhappy with and why and I will give you a code allowing you to get another audio book.  The new audio book doesn't even have to be one of mine.  I'm proud enough of these recordings to put my money where my mouth is. Check out my Audible page by clicking on the picture and sample just how amazing the narration is.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Complete Penalty Princess

Penalty Princess was a book that I had wanted to write for a long time.  When I thought of all the ultra-girly and still sexy outfits that a guy could be forced into - French Maid, cheerleader, private school girl, it seemed like figure skater was neglected. When I thought of all the awkward things that a straight guy could do with another guy, figure skating was probably high on the list.  The cliche of a hockey player becoming a figure skater is an old one, but the idea of a tough aggressive hockey player being feminized into a graceful and feminine pairs skater seemed to be something new.

I think this was a pretty good series that was released at a time I was writing shorter books. The characters are very well defined and have their own motivations.  Their actions are logical, but they're not always obvious.  I think in some ways it's a logical predecessor to Hoops--another story about a star athlete in a bubble who gets taken down a peg by a female athlete and her friends.  Now that my Black Hawks are out of the NHL playoffs, maybe some of them should try figure skating.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Private School Punishments

Private School Prisoner was a big hit for me. That's actually putting it rather mildly.  It has sold more than any individual (non-collection) book has for me since October of 2015 when Sam's Halloween came out.  The difference is that Private School Prisoner took until February of 2016 to do what PSP did in it's first month.

Private School Prisoner focused on how Chase became prisoner of the school girls and forced to take Haley's place as a private school girl at prestigious Whitcomb School.  This book is literally about punishment and the girls who administer them.

For lack of a better term, Chase has become the prisoner of a half dozen girls at the school.  Their plan was to give Hayley a way to go off with her boyfriend, but also to give these boy crazy girls an actual male to play with.  I'm sure a lot of my readers would love to be in Chase's spot and that's just what the girls are trying to convince him of.  However, Chase is stubborn and the girls are left the task of breaking him.

The story focuses mainly on three girls--Paige (His Roommate), Kelsey (The drama nerd), and Chelsea (The tough girl/ jock).  They each want something different from Chase and they use and punish him in different ways.

Here's an excerpt:

"We'd actually had a really pleasant afternoon until this," said Kelsey looking over at Chase who shamefully stared at his bare feet.
"That may be," said Chelsea, "but you know we can't let this stand."
"I know," said Kelsey. "I had actually been hoping to save him from any serious punishments so soon, but I guess that's the price you have to pay to break in a sissy."
"I'm sorry," said Chase.
"I know you mean that," replied Kelsey. "Unfortunately, some things you need to learn the hard way. Let's get your shoes on and then you need to go with Chelsea."
"Please, I won't do it again," begged Chase.
"I'm sure you won't," replied Kelsey.
"Not after I'm done with you," interjected Chelsea.
Chase shuffled his weight between his feet awkwardly as Kelsey put his shoes back on him.  How many times had he been punished already since he got to this crazy school? What gave these women four years younger than him the right to inflict a punishment just because they didn't like the way he was acting?  It didn't matter, he was bound and they were in position to do what they liked.  Even screaming for help would cause more problems than it solved.
"I'm going to take the sissy back to my room and see what I can do about adjusting his attitude.  Do you want to come with?" asked Chelsea.
"No, I should stop off at the theatre.  You have your fun," said Kelsey. "Just don't do anything too permanent."
Chase turned ashen white at the sudden realization that he would be left alone, bound and helpless with this sadistic woman. There was nothing he could do though.  She could outrun him even when he had a big head start and his hands free.  He'd be knocked on his ass before he could kick his heels off. 
"Okay, let's go," said Chelsea physically turning Chase towards the residence hall by his shoulder.
"Look, I'm walking.  Why don't you lighten up a bit?"
"After what you pulled on Kelsey, you're lucky I'm not dragging you back by your hair."
"Geez, you really are one angry bitch."
"You know, I could slap the shit out of you right now for calling me a bitch, but I actually take it as a compliment so you're off the hook. I think it's time I explained a few things to you.  You've probably got me pegged as a real ball busting man-hater, but I actually like guys quite a bit.  There's nothing like the feeling of riding a hard cock all night long.  I like women too. I've played around and experimented a bit.  I love that feeling of intimacy that I have with my friends.  I can say anything to Kelsey or Paige and I know they've got my back."
"Well, I'm thrilled," said Chase mockingly.
"The thing is you're not either one of those things.  You're not a real man I could fuck and you're not a woman that I would want for a friend.  You're a sissy."
"Dressing like this wasn't my idea."
"I never said it was," said Chelsea. "That's not why you're a sissy, though watching you feminized and taken down a peg is awesome.  You see, I've been surrounded by sissies like you my whole life.  I used to hate them so much."
"What changed?"
"I learned how much fun it was to break you and make you cry," smirked Chelsea. "I've gotten really good at it."
"God, you sound so psychotic."
"Maybe, but the funny thing about sissies is that they enjoy it as often as not," replied Chelsea.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hoops Released on Audio Book

Hoops is out on audio book with a remarkable reading by Laurel Summerton who I think really gets the small town feel that I had wanted for this story. I think it's a great audio book from one of my better stories:

Bending the Bookshelf said of Hoops:

"While Kylie Gable can always be counted on for a solid, entertaining, well-plotted tale of forced feminization and humiliation, I do think Hoops may be her best yet. It has a great set-up, a legitimate agenda for the feminization, some exquisite detail in the feminization itself, and some really unexpected plot developments along the way.

It all begins with two high school basketball stars. Jimmy and Savannah used to be good friends, both on and off the court, but he's allowed success to go to his head, alienating many of those around him. A hallway confrontation leads to a challenge on the court - one that she wins, despite being knocked down with a bloody nose. When Jimmy decides he's too good to follow through on the consequences of their bed, Savannah and her friends concoct a blackmail scheme to make him their sissy bitch for the summer (and his best friend Kenny their bitch).

Like I said, the feminization itself is exquisite in its detail, from shopping to dressing, to the look and feel of the clothing, to the challenge of acting and talking like a girl. Savannah and her friends take their scheme all the way, going so far as to establish a social media backstory for Jimmy's new persona. Making him and Kenny act like teenage lovers in public may seem a little cliched, but it creates some of the best moments in the story. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sit in a theater and share a bucket of popcorn again without thinking about what might be in it . . . and on it!

What brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer, and follows up on its real-world consequences. We see characters evolve, personalities change, and justice catch up with those who deserve it, all leading up to one of her happiest endings yet."

Sunday, April 9, 2017

French Exchange Give Away

My best-selling French Exchange eBook has become an audio book thanks to the vocal talents of Ms. Lou Renoir.  Her voice and accent are perfect for the story of a French exchange student who sets her sights on dominating and feminizing her host family's boy Luke.  Poor Luke never knows what hit him.  With the help of his step-sister, Helene puts him through an excruciatingly humiliating transformation.  If you love exotic femme fatales who can wrap a man around their fingers, you will absolutely love Helene. Be sure to click on the picture, if you would like to hear a 17 minute sample.

As a special treat, I'm going to give away three copies of the audio book to lucky readers.  I will randomly select three people to receive a coupon for a free copy of the book.  All you need to do is email with the subject line French Exchange.  Three lucky winners will be picked at random to win the prize. If you have already purchased this ebook, I will substitute another one of my audio books of your choice. Deadline: Saturday April 15th.

Check out all my selections at

Friday, April 7, 2017

My Newest Newsletter

My newest newsletter is out and it's one of my best. It's like getting this blog delivered by email and it's got a lot of information that I haven't posted on here yet.

French Exchange
Some things just seem to go together.  I mean, movies are great and popcorn is delicious, but together you get cinematic history.  I think I lucked into finding just such a pairing.

French Exchange is one of the best stories that I’ve ever written.  I wrote the first 8,000 words, got stuck, and put it aside for another year before writing the last 17,000 words.  The main character is a French girl who is as wicked as she is sexy. She is spending a year taking classes at DuPont College and she’s set her sights on the naive son of her host family.  Throughout the book she wraps him around her finger and when he finally figures things out, he realizes that he’s more trapped than ever.

Enter Lou Renoir.  She’s an actress and a native French speaker who fits this story perfectly.  Not only is her French accent wonderfully sexy, but she handles the dominant parts beautifully. This is definitly a case where you have a creation that is even hotter than the sum of its parts.

Cruise Ship Captives
In this sequel to Cruise Ship Cuckolds, our sissies Felicity and Eve find themselves restrained and trained.  First, they get a humiliating wake up call from Mistress Mei who gets them ready for the day.  Then they meet cruise ship intern Jaci Stanton who some of you may remember from my earlier story The Cuckysitter.

Physically dominated, publicly pegged, and restrained, they now must endure attending a dance accompanied by male dates and sitting at the same table as their wives and the wives’ male lovers. This is one of my must humiliating books yet.  If you liked Cruise Ship Cuckolds, you’re going to love Cruise Ship Captives.