Saturday, June 24, 2017

 From Step Brother to French Maid has been flying off the virtual shelves for me this morning.  I hit publish on the book yesterday afternoon around 1pm, but it didn't go live until the overnight hours.  As of 9:53, the book had already sold fifteen copies. That's amazing to me.

I am taking its success to mean that people liked From Step Brother to Sissy the week before. The success has also encouraged me to turn Quarterback Prom Queen into a two book series as well. There were just too many great humiliating bits to limit it to one volume.

One thing you may notice if you look closely is that Mindi Harris has a writer credit on Step Brother to French Maid.  There were two places where both Claudia and I were stuck, so I asked Mindi to see what she could do with the final confrontation between Roger and Maria and also the scene where Roger has a boy flirting with him. She didn an amazing job.  This is one of the perks to having one of the top feminization writers as your editor/

The story is a continuation of the story in From Step Brother to Sissy.  He meets a boy, takes a humiliating trip to the drug store, and becomes Maria's French Maid. The main focus in the book is on Roger's humiliation at the hands of his step sister and her friends.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

From Step Brother to Sissy

One of the things that Claudia has been after me about for awhile is to write simpler stories. I agreed with her, but I also like to challenge myself--whether it's my cheerleading Goodfellas homage in Property of the Cheerleaders or my feminizing vigilante The Jaguar, I love to write more creative and unusual stories too.

From Step Brother to Sissy is a simple story.  The story focuses on one boy and his step sister who has had enough of him and constructs a plan to trap him so that her friends and she can have great fun at his expense. They put him through humiliation after humiliation one evening when the kids have the place to themselves because their parents are out of town.

This is actually a two part story and the conclusion from Step Brother to French Maid is all written, edited, and will be out on June 23rd. I've done a few two part stories before and this was never expected to be two parts, but I just couldn't stop thinking of wicked things for the girls to do to our hapless hero.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Private School Passions
The elephant in the room...

One thing that always causes issues for writers of forced feminization erotica, is that for a lot of guys being a sex slave for a half dozen horny cheerleaders may not seem that unpleasant or at the very least might have some fringe benefits worth the annoyance of shaving your legs every morning.

In the Private School series, I try to tackle this head on.  Yes, there is potential for sexual satisfaction in the situation, but Chase still doesn't think it's a great deal for having to spend the next year of his life convincing everybody that he's Hayley. Chelsea might be one of the sexiest women he's ever laid eyes on, but still doesn't think being tied to a bed and pegged is his idea of a fun night under the sheets.

In Private School Passions, Chase gets to know Reina. The quite girl is actually turned on by his dressing and when she sees him passing on campus, it's almost too much for her. When they come back to the dorm room after English lit, this book gets steamy.  Of course, it's also not without many humiliations for our hero(ine) along the way.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wonder Woman Movie Review

I really loved this movie and to some degree, I'm not quite sure why.  I mean I know it was a great action movie, but it was more powerful than that.  A lot of people seemed to feel that way.  I couldn't help but marvel at the scene on the beach where the Amazons fought the Nazis and the scene where Diana goes into no man's land.  Both scenes felt like something new and I suppose the beach scene was, but there have been amazing action heroines going back at least as far as Emma Peel.  Still, I really felt like I was seeing something for the first time and that's great considering how many superhero movies there have been this decade. It's awesome to see such a powerful kick ass woman.

The acting was great.  Gal Godot was perfect as Wonder Woman, while I really liked Robin Wright as Antiope was pretty brilliant as well. I have just binged House of Cards Season 5 and so it was fun to see her in a different role. All in all a great four and a half star film.

One thing struck me about my own writing while watching the movie.  A lot of superheroines have dark origins. Superheroes were being deconstructed very shortly after women began appearing in more comics. They recovered from rape or the murder of their children rather than Superman just doing what he does because he could and it's the right thing to do.  This Wonder Woman comes to man's world for that very reason.

When I created the Jaguar, my origin plans for her were a lot like Veronica Mars.  I had even started writing the origin story beginning with her in the shower after just being gang raped. Then I thought about it more and it didn't work for me. It was too dark for her method of payback.  You raped me, so now you have to wear makeup?  No.  This side effect of this change is that she became somebody with the skills to do something about a bad situation and the type of hero to use those skills.  She becomes the Jaguar to help her friends and I'm pretty proud of that.

"So, you're going to do this again?"
"I'm not going out and taking on a serial killer or the mob, but if I can help out other women who may be getting the short end of the stick, then I'm going to go for it."
"That's actually kind of cool," said Mae. "The Jaguar strikes again."

The Plaything Collection

A snafu with Amazon over the release of the new Jaguar book encouraged me to put out my collection of Plaything stories early so that I'd at least have something new this week.  Little did I know that the snafu would extend to this book and take forty-eight hours to publish.

I'll be the first to admit that I screwed up with the Plaything series as well as the Penalty Princess and Welcome to the Real World series (though I am in the middle of writing the next WTRW book right now).  Don't get me wrong, I think this is a really enjoyable read.  The concept of a boy who lucks into the most amazing twin dominants when he is high school and then meets an abusive dominant in college was well-written and there were some great scenes in the books.  The problem was when the books came out. 

Book 1 - June 26th
Book 2 - August 21st
Book 3 -December 11th
Book 4 - March 17th

Right at the time when I needed to pull back to a more relaxed publishing schedule, every great idea I was coming up with was for another series. Making people wait nine months for 25,500 words in inexcusable and not a mistake that I have repeated with my two newest series Cruise Ship Cuckolds or Private School Prisoners.

It's a shame I did this to the series because I think it's a great story of both the right and the wrong way to dominate someone.  Even Claudia couldn't believe how evil I made Tina and found her comeuppance perfectly justified.  I'm hoping people who missed this the first time around might discover it now in complete form.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Superhero Friday -- Wonder Woman and The Jaguar

The early reviews are out and the new Wonder Woman movie looks to be a big hit.  By happy coincidence,
another female superhero launched today and I'm pretty proud of her too. While Wonder Woman has the power of a god and fights enemies that threaten the entire world like Ares and Darkseid, The Jaguar aims her sights at much less powerful prey who target women and those less powerful.

The Jaguar has appeared in two previous stories for me The Mask of The Jaguar and The City of Fire and Rage, but The Birth of a Predator takes her back to her origin when she's a college student at DuPont costume before she first donned her trademark scarf and floppy hat.

If superheroes aren't your thing, I hope you'll still try this book. She beats up a couple of college kids, but she really doesn't do anything a fit college girl couldn't do. It becomes a story of college girls getting vengeance on a guy trying to put one of them through revenge porn Hell.

If masked vigilantes are your thing, then I think you'll like this story a lot. You'll see a confident young woman blossom into a heroic avenger and learn how some of her gadgets like the lipstick epoxy came to be.

Best of all, the story contains six amazing illustrations by amazing artist Annabelle Brito, who brings The Jaguar's adventures to life.  Remember, if man is nature's most deadly prey, than surely woman is its most dangerous hunter.

{UPDATE: Amazon has blocked the sale of this book in the United States due to copyright issues. This was quite a shock to me as I have no idea what the copyright situation is. Especially why they would block this book and leave the other two Jaguar books up. I will get the situation rectified as soon as I hear back from Amazon, but this is really annoying me. I apologize for any inconvenience.]

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cruise Ship Consequences

Cruise Ship Consequences actually has been out for a few days now. KinkyLiterature.Com was featuring the first book in the series so I wanted to have book number three out on that day.This book continues the story of Bob and Adam's transformation to Felicity and Eve.

In the third part of the series, our heroes turned heroines meet a new mistress and she's a personal trainer determined to get the two sissies ship shape. A high end shopping trip to Aruba turns into a hot pursuit and one of the sissies must pay the price for her disobedience before singing karaoke for the amusement of his wife and her lover.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Mean Girl Mafia

Some books I write for my audience.  In the Private School Prisoner series for instance, I knew that a large part of my readership would love the idea of being a sex slave in an all girl's private school. I've had a blast writing it (And I'm more than half way through writing the third book at this point), but I wrote it for my readers.
Then we get the books that I write for myself.  Mean Girl Mafia is one of those projects.  I had so much fun writing hard boiled detective dialogue and trying to imagine what Dashiell Hammett or Mickey Spillane would write like if they were writing forced feminization erotica. 
In an ideal world, you love the books I write for myself and I love the books I write for you.  I think that approach has worked pretty good so far.  I think The Mean Girl Mafia is one of the best books I've ever written and it's been edited by two of the most successful feminization writers in Lyka Bloom and Mindi Harris.
Carl Webb is a shopworn former mall cop turned high school dean.  His job is to enforce the school's discipline code and while it's not what he'd like to do, it keeps a roof over his head. When a cute new teacher brings him a story about some girls in her class forcibly feminizing one of the male students he finds himself uncovering a conspiracy that nobody wants uncovered. Here's an excerpt:

He looked up at me intently, like a frog watching a fly, and said, "What the hell do you want?"

"We've missed you at school Joey," I said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm the new dean.  My name's Mr. Webb."

"Oh yeah, I forgot they hired a new one after we chased off Mr. Dipshit."

"Yeah, that's me."

"They got you playing truant officer now?  Even Dipshit wasn't an errand boy."

"You ready to cut the Brando act so we can talk?"

"Who's Brando?"

"A movie star," I replied. "Word is you're becoming quite a movie star, too." I got the reaction I was looking for.  He was paler than an Osmond family reunion.

"Y-you don't make any sense. Go hassle somebody else.  I'll be back in school tomorrow."

"Get out of bed kid," I instructed him.

"Fuck you," he spat.

"You could get in trouble for talking that way."

"What are you going to do? Suspend me?"

"Yeah, you got a point." I said ripping the covers off him.  I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't hold back a laugh.  He was dressed in a bright red baby doll nightie, with black thigh high stockings, and the highest pair of CFM pumps I'd seen outside of Vegas.

"You want to explain this?"

"I'm not telling you anything."

"Fine, maybe I should call your mother in here then."

"No! You can't do that," he pleaded, grabbing my arm

"Then talk.  We found Rita Malloy and Wendy Gilliam looking at a video of you dressed in drag and dancing.  What's going on?"

"Yeah, some of the girls have blackmail on me.  They've been forcing me to make videos."

"You're over eighteen, but that's still illegal and a violation of the school code of conduct.  If you finger them, I can suspend them."

"I can't finger them.  It's way bigger than Rita and Wendy. If I tell on them, they'll fuck me up."

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Caught in the Act!

This increased production from me lately is the result of Claudia stepping up her game. We found with her college books, the when I'm listed as the primary author the books sell better than when she is, but make no mistake, Caught in the Act! is Claudia's baby.  We're both having financial issues for different reasons right now and she's been pushing me to write more and more.  However, I didn't think we'd have a new book this week. I had to catch my break a couple of weeks ago and the newest Cruise Ship story took a week longer than it was supposed to.

Then she surprised me. In my email was an almost complete story that Claudia had begun in my newsletter of discovering a neighbor's crossdressing secret and using it against him.  It never got feedback and she got bored and I didn't push the issue. When I read what she had written it was terrific! The story took a turn towards sweetness and I thought the feelings and emotions were quite strong throughout.  The thing that was a bit odd was that it was written in second person as if she was saying the words.  I started to change it, but I realized the story was much stronger with her voice saying things just as she would have to a sissy neighbor who she had trapped.  I added a few small touches, changed one scene, and fixed the spelling.  I think the result is the best positive forced feminization story that either of us has written since Forced Feminization: A Love Story.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Boys of Alpha Nu Audio Book Drops

I am really happy to announce that The Complete Boys of Alpha Theta Nu has finally dropped. I consider it one of my three most important stories along with Welcome to College and Sam's New Life.  Compared to the audio books I've released so far it's massive clocking in at five and a half hours. Ophelia Jones has done an amazing job with the narration and she was a real joy to work with.  I forgot how difficult this book was--tons of characters of both sexes, a small bit of singing, and a need to keep track of who is feminized and how much so that you don't make the feminized guys too macho.

This is an expensive book because it's so long, but if you subscribe to Audible, you can get it for free.  I've worked my butt off to get high quality audio books out this spring.  Whether I continue to put the work into it or not is going to depend on if I see that it's something people want. If this is something that appeals to you, please make a purchase.  I have a lot of other books that I'm sure would make great audio books.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Celebrating Twisted Celebrations

My newest collection is out and it's all about cruel holidays and Twisted Celebrations. I have always enjoyed using holidays as the backdrop of my stories and when I noticed that three stories I had never used in collections before were all connected to holiday celebrations, it seemed like a natural collection.  The three stories included are April's Fool, Valentines Day Massacre, and Thanksgiving Dinner Guest.

In April's Fool, Paul Hemmer discovers that the girl who tormented him throughout high school is living in his condo and though April Blackwell apologizes for her past behavior, Paul learns that old habits die hard when he finds himself back in her web.

Valentines Day Massacre
tells the story of two boys who decide to team up in order to prank their sisters for Valentines Day. Their plan seems foolproof. Tony will prank Bobby's sister and Bobby will get Tony's. Everything seems to work perfectly until the guys realize that the girls have seen through their plan.

In Thanksgiving Dinner Guest April and Paul are back and she has no intention of taking it easy on him. When Paul receives an invitation to Thanksgiving at his sister's, he's surprised to find out that April intends to come with pretending to be his girlfriend. Can he survive a holiday with his family without his secret being uncovered.

Collections like this are meant as a courtesy to my readers who may have missed the stories the first time around or are looking to save a little bit of cash in filling in their collection. For $4.99 you get over 20,000 words of story that originally sold for $8.97.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Crime Doesn't Pay

I have two new products coming out at the same time. I'm happy to report that the audio book for Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors and our new eBook Property of the Cheerleaders is out as well.

"To me being a cheerleader meant being a somebody in a school full of nobodies. They wore the trendiest clothes, dated the cutest boys, and went to all the best parties. They did whatever they wanted. They never did homework or studied for tests, but somehow they didn't flunk out. Everybody knew they smoked and hung out in the second floor girl's room, but nobody ever gave them a hard time. No teacher ever came to bust them"--Wendy Hull

I had so much fun writing this book.  I've long said that I wouldn't do a cheerleader book until I could do something original with cheerleading.  I think I did it. I've done a lot of research for my books, but I have to admit rewatching A Bronx Tale and Goodfellas was unusual for telling the stories of a high school cheerleading team. The story owes a lot to mob movies like those. 

The narrator is a girl named Wendy Hull who recounts a story of dizzying highs and bottomless lows making her school's cheerleading squad. These girls ran the school and they took what they want when they wanted it. Their number one hobby was feminizing the guys who got in their way or crossed them.

In Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors, an uptight bank manager cannot leave his neighbors alone when he decides they are not the type of people that he wants in his neighborhood.  When he gets caught breaking into their house, they decide to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

This is the first time I worked with narrator Veronica Adler and I hope that it will not be my last.  She's an actress and it really shows with the way she puts meaning into my words and gives them an impact that they didn't have when I read my own writing.  If you already own the eBook, the audio book is ridiculously cheap and it's so much better.  Click here for a sample of Feminized by His Lesbian Neighbors.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Satisfaction Guarantee on Audio Books!

Because I think I have the  best erotic audio books on the market and because I want you to enjoy them too, I've decided to start a new satisfaction guarantee on audio books.  If you buy one of my audio books and don't like it, email me KylieGable(at)yahoo(dot)com telling me what audio book you were unhappy with and why and I will give you a code allowing you to get another audio book.  The new audio book doesn't even have to be one of mine.  I'm proud enough of these recordings to put my money where my mouth is. Check out my Audible page by clicking on the picture and sample just how amazing the narration is.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Complete Penalty Princess

Penalty Princess was a book that I had wanted to write for a long time.  When I thought of all the ultra-girly and still sexy outfits that a guy could be forced into - French Maid, cheerleader, private school girl, it seemed like figure skater was neglected. When I thought of all the awkward things that a straight guy could do with another guy, figure skating was probably high on the list.  The cliche of a hockey player becoming a figure skater is an old one, but the idea of a tough aggressive hockey player being feminized into a graceful and feminine pairs skater seemed to be something new.

I think this was a pretty good series that was released at a time I was writing shorter books. The characters are very well defined and have their own motivations.  Their actions are logical, but they're not always obvious.  I think in some ways it's a logical predecessor to Hoops--another story about a star athlete in a bubble who gets taken down a peg by a female athlete and her friends.  Now that my Black Hawks are out of the NHL playoffs, maybe some of them should try figure skating.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Private School Punishments

Private School Prisoner was a big hit for me. That's actually putting it rather mildly.  It has sold more than any individual (non-collection) book has for me since October of 2015 when Sam's Halloween came out.  The difference is that Private School Prisoner took until February of 2016 to do what PSP did in it's first month.

Private School Prisoner focused on how Chase became prisoner of the school girls and forced to take Haley's place as a private school girl at prestigious Whitcomb School.  This book is literally about punishment and the girls who administer them.

For lack of a better term, Chase has become the prisoner of a half dozen girls at the school.  Their plan was to give Hayley a way to go off with her boyfriend, but also to give these boy crazy girls an actual male to play with.  I'm sure a lot of my readers would love to be in Chase's spot and that's just what the girls are trying to convince him of.  However, Chase is stubborn and the girls are left the task of breaking him.

The story focuses mainly on three girls--Paige (His Roommate), Kelsey (The drama nerd), and Chelsea (The tough girl/ jock).  They each want something different from Chase and they use and punish him in different ways.

Here's an excerpt:

"We'd actually had a really pleasant afternoon until this," said Kelsey looking over at Chase who shamefully stared at his bare feet.
"That may be," said Chelsea, "but you know we can't let this stand."
"I know," said Kelsey. "I had actually been hoping to save him from any serious punishments so soon, but I guess that's the price you have to pay to break in a sissy."
"I'm sorry," said Chase.
"I know you mean that," replied Kelsey. "Unfortunately, some things you need to learn the hard way. Let's get your shoes on and then you need to go with Chelsea."
"Please, I won't do it again," begged Chase.
"I'm sure you won't," replied Kelsey.
"Not after I'm done with you," interjected Chelsea.
Chase shuffled his weight between his feet awkwardly as Kelsey put his shoes back on him.  How many times had he been punished already since he got to this crazy school? What gave these women four years younger than him the right to inflict a punishment just because they didn't like the way he was acting?  It didn't matter, he was bound and they were in position to do what they liked.  Even screaming for help would cause more problems than it solved.
"I'm going to take the sissy back to my room and see what I can do about adjusting his attitude.  Do you want to come with?" asked Chelsea.
"No, I should stop off at the theatre.  You have your fun," said Kelsey. "Just don't do anything too permanent."
Chase turned ashen white at the sudden realization that he would be left alone, bound and helpless with this sadistic woman. There was nothing he could do though.  She could outrun him even when he had a big head start and his hands free.  He'd be knocked on his ass before he could kick his heels off. 
"Okay, let's go," said Chelsea physically turning Chase towards the residence hall by his shoulder.
"Look, I'm walking.  Why don't you lighten up a bit?"
"After what you pulled on Kelsey, you're lucky I'm not dragging you back by your hair."
"Geez, you really are one angry bitch."
"You know, I could slap the shit out of you right now for calling me a bitch, but I actually take it as a compliment so you're off the hook. I think it's time I explained a few things to you.  You've probably got me pegged as a real ball busting man-hater, but I actually like guys quite a bit.  There's nothing like the feeling of riding a hard cock all night long.  I like women too. I've played around and experimented a bit.  I love that feeling of intimacy that I have with my friends.  I can say anything to Kelsey or Paige and I know they've got my back."
"Well, I'm thrilled," said Chase mockingly.
"The thing is you're not either one of those things.  You're not a real man I could fuck and you're not a woman that I would want for a friend.  You're a sissy."
"Dressing like this wasn't my idea."
"I never said it was," said Chelsea. "That's not why you're a sissy, though watching you feminized and taken down a peg is awesome.  You see, I've been surrounded by sissies like you my whole life.  I used to hate them so much."
"What changed?"
"I learned how much fun it was to break you and make you cry," smirked Chelsea. "I've gotten really good at it."
"God, you sound so psychotic."
"Maybe, but the funny thing about sissies is that they enjoy it as often as not," replied Chelsea.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hoops Released on Audio Book

Hoops is out on audio book with a remarkable reading by Laurel Summerton who I think really gets the small town feel that I had wanted for this story. I think it's a great audio book from one of my better stories:

Bending the Bookshelf said of Hoops:

"While Kylie Gable can always be counted on for a solid, entertaining, well-plotted tale of forced feminization and humiliation, I do think Hoops may be her best yet. It has a great set-up, a legitimate agenda for the feminization, some exquisite detail in the feminization itself, and some really unexpected plot developments along the way.

It all begins with two high school basketball stars. Jimmy and Savannah used to be good friends, both on and off the court, but he's allowed success to go to his head, alienating many of those around him. A hallway confrontation leads to a challenge on the court - one that she wins, despite being knocked down with a bloody nose. When Jimmy decides he's too good to follow through on the consequences of their bed, Savannah and her friends concoct a blackmail scheme to make him their sissy bitch for the summer (and his best friend Kenny their bitch).

Like I said, the feminization itself is exquisite in its detail, from shopping to dressing, to the look and feel of the clothing, to the challenge of acting and talking like a girl. Savannah and her friends take their scheme all the way, going so far as to establish a social media backstory for Jimmy's new persona. Making him and Kenny act like teenage lovers in public may seem a little cliched, but it creates some of the best moments in the story. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sit in a theater and share a bucket of popcorn again without thinking about what might be in it . . . and on it!

What brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer, and follows up on its real-world consequences. We see characters evolve, personalities change, and justice catch up with those who deserve it, all leading up to one of her happiest endings yet."

Sunday, April 9, 2017

French Exchange Give Away

My best-selling French Exchange eBook has become an audio book thanks to the vocal talents of Ms. Lou Renoir.  Her voice and accent are perfect for the story of a French exchange student who sets her sights on dominating and feminizing her host family's boy Luke.  Poor Luke never knows what hit him.  With the help of his step-sister, Helene puts him through an excruciatingly humiliating transformation.  If you love exotic femme fatales who can wrap a man around their fingers, you will absolutely love Helene. Be sure to click on the picture, if you would like to hear a 17 minute sample.

As a special treat, I'm going to give away three copies of the audio book to lucky readers.  I will randomly select three people to receive a coupon for a free copy of the book.  All you need to do is email with the subject line French Exchange.  Three lucky winners will be picked at random to win the prize. If you have already purchased this ebook, I will substitute another one of my audio books of your choice. Deadline: Saturday April 15th.

Check out all my selections at

Friday, April 7, 2017

My Newest Newsletter

My newest newsletter is out and it's one of my best. It's like getting this blog delivered by email and it's got a lot of information that I haven't posted on here yet.

French Exchange
Some things just seem to go together.  I mean, movies are great and popcorn is delicious, but together you get cinematic history.  I think I lucked into finding just such a pairing.

French Exchange is one of the best stories that I’ve ever written.  I wrote the first 8,000 words, got stuck, and put it aside for another year before writing the last 17,000 words.  The main character is a French girl who is as wicked as she is sexy. She is spending a year taking classes at DuPont College and she’s set her sights on the naive son of her host family.  Throughout the book she wraps him around her finger and when he finally figures things out, he realizes that he’s more trapped than ever.

Enter Lou Renoir.  She’s an actress and a native French speaker who fits this story perfectly.  Not only is her French accent wonderfully sexy, but she handles the dominant parts beautifully. This is definitly a case where you have a creation that is even hotter than the sum of its parts.

Cruise Ship Captives
In this sequel to Cruise Ship Cuckolds, our sissies Felicity and Eve find themselves restrained and trained.  First, they get a humiliating wake up call from Mistress Mei who gets them ready for the day.  Then they meet cruise ship intern Jaci Stanton who some of you may remember from my earlier story The Cuckysitter.

Physically dominated, publicly pegged, and restrained, they now must endure attending a dance accompanied by male dates and sitting at the same table as their wives and the wives’ male lovers. This is one of my must humiliating books yet.  If you liked Cruise Ship Cuckolds, you’re going to love Cruise Ship Captives.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Plaything IV: Return of the Twins

Convention Feminization Audiobook Released
I got lucky.  When I decided to take the plunge into audio books with Calendar Girl, Marami Hung sent me and audition and I happily accepted.  It’s been more than a couple of years since that happenned and the young actress has grown in talent and demand.  I would never be able to get her to work on one of my projects today, but for our good relationship begun on Calendar Girl and continued through Meangirls and Mermaids.

Convention Feminization may be her best work yet.  She’s been to anime conventions and she understands the scene. She gets the jokes and the humiliations, but where Marami always excels is in giving each character a unique voice and personality.  This really comes through in Convention Feminization where it’s a group of girls who come together to feminize two horribly chauvinistic guys at a comic convention.

I think the story itself is pretty good.  Bending the Bookshelf says, “ What ultimately makes the story, however, is the insight that Gable and Acosta demonstrate and the character development they reveal. We actually come to empathize with one of the bullies, and watch as he takes his lessons to heart...Now available as the Complete Convention Feminization, this is a story that works equally well for fans of all genders and sexualities, whether their tastes run more towards female domination, forced feminization, or feminist revenge."

Here's a sample:
Convention Feminization

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Surprise! - Private School Prisoner

Claudia and I have been going back and forth on this one.  She wants us to go back to doing a book every other week and I just don't know that it's possible without burnout.  We made a compromise.  I have a schedule until June, which I shared earlier this month.  That schedule has a book coming out every three weeks, but Claudia and I struck a compromise. 

There is another track of books.  These are unscheduled and when they come out they come out.  They are above and beyond or normally scheduled books and they will come out when they're ready.  It sometimes is going to have my books coming out in bunches.  I know that.  For instance Private School Prisoner is going to coming out less than a week before Plaything IV is out.  I also won't do a newsletter for these extra books.  I'll promote them when I promote the next regularly scheduled book.

Private School Prisoner is an idea that I came up with way back in 2014. The concept is pretty simple, a group of duplicitous schools girls trap a guy at their private school and force him to act as a private school girl and sex slave.  This book is a series, but it's a series of stand alone stories so you won't be lost if you miss one or start reading in the middle.

There's an excerpt and a bit more info on the Amazon page, but I'm really proud of this one.  I think my readers will really enjoy just what these girls do to this guy.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Welcome to the Real World #3 is Out!

Check out the newsletter for much more informaion and please subscribe.  This one has a nice preview on 2017 from Claudia and my article about the real Sheila.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Welcome to the Real World #3: Road Trip

Welcome to the Real World #3 is in pre-order and scheduled to be released February 26th. I apologize for the slow pace, but in my defense, it's such a challenge to write.  The difficulty comes from writing about real people I knew when they were 18 or 20 and writing about them now as 30-somethings. 

In this story, Kylie comes face to face with Sheila.  If you've read The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, Calendar Girl, or French Exchange you've read about her.  In real life, Sheila became a college professor and I decided there was no better place for her to teach at then DuPont College. On the way to meeting her, Kylie faces more humiliating hi-jinx from Claire and Beth. I think it's one of my better stories.  It's full of sexy feminization and humiliation of course, but it's also got sentimentality and romance.  This is one ride, I'm sure you'll like.


"You can't very well stay in there forever, it’s the only facility this place has and there are people out here who need to use it. In fact there are a couple of bikers who’ve just walked in, that I can almost guarantee I could talk into chasing you out of there. Now, you can either do the nice thing for your wife to be and let her believe she trapped you or I will get these guys to drag you out. What do you wanna do? It’s your choice!"

"Come on Claire, this so isn't fair," I complained.

"Fair has nothing to do with it. Life’s not fair, didn’t your mother ever tell you that?" she replied glibly.

"But I don't want to go out there en femme. Everybody saw me come in here."

"True but then everybody can also hear this conversation," she giggled and there was a muted cheer from the background.

"Beth is about two seconds from the door. What's it going to be?"

"Oh fine. Give me whatever she has for me" I sighed defeated and pulled off my socks and underwear and handed then over. The door closed again and I couldn't hear anything for the next few minutes, but I had no doubt there was some conspiratorial whispering going on just outside between the two of them. Then Beth called out,

"Honey, I have some clothes for you. Be good and put them on quickly now."

"Great." I mumbled passing my empty hand around the door. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t good either, she handed me one of the small carryon bags that I’d seen Claire take to the car. Inside was a red pleated miniskirt, a pair of red pumps, a black lace bra and panties, sheer pantyhose, a cut off black t-shirt with the word Sassy across the chest in a cheeky pink script and a small makeup kit. I thought I’d give it one last try,

"Beth honey, this must be the wrong bag, these aren't my clothes."

"Yes they are darling, or at least they are now!" she chortled and I could hear the entire restaurant laughing at that comment.

"Come on Beth, I'm not a girl."

"That may well be the case, but like it or not you will be looking like one when you walk out that door, so hurry up and get dressed, darling." she ordered.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Excellent Audio News!

Now this is some great news!  I have completed negotiations with three different narrators to turn three of my eBooks into audio format.  I want to promote these amazing women with sexy voices, but I'm not sure what names they are using so I'll respect that.

If the narrator is good to her word, French Exchange will be the first of the three completed.  Bending the Bookshelf said, "Lovers of forced feminization and humiliation will wish they had a French Exchange student of their own, and even those who prefer to shy away from such cruelties will warm up to Luke's ultimate fate. Sexy, clever, and lovingly detailed, this is a fantastic read."

The narrator is a native French speaker and she practically purred her audition.  I think she could make a phone book sexy and I can't wait to see what she does with my material.

After French Exchange, we should see Hoops.  Bending the Bookshelf also raved about this book saying, "What brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer, and follows up on its real-world consequences. We see characters evolve, personalities change, and justice catch up with those who deserve it, all leading up to one of her happiest endings yet."

The narrator's slight southern twang should fit perfectly with the small Indiana community that Hoops is set in.  She's got that kind of cocky feel to her voice that I think fits the book's heroine Savannah to a tee.  

Finally, Convention Feminization should be out last.  Bending the Bookshelf said, "What ultimately makes the story, however, is the insight that Gable and Acosta demonstrate and the character development they reveal. We actually come to empathize with one of the bullies, and watch as he takes his lessons to heart...this is a story that works equally well for fans of all genders and sexualities, whether their tastes run more towards female domination, forced feminization, or feminist revenge. It is more suggestive than explicit, but there are a few erotic touches to add an extra curl to that satisfied smile."

The narrator is Marami Hung who you already know from Mean Girls and Mermaids and Calendar Girl.  We talked about her doing this story as an audio last year and I don't know of anybody else who I'd want to do this book.  She's fun, sexy, and best of all she loves the culture of comic and anime conventions and knows the source material.  
So if you like audio erotica, these are going to be a couple of great months for you.  I hope you'll give these audios a try. I know they're going to be great.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's Day Massacre!

I'll be the first person to admit that I have some weaknesses as a writer. My stories have been praised for realism, having very richly developed characters, and believable forced feminization setups, but for all of that I know that I can sometimes be so busy painting a verbal canvas that 3,000 words into my story, I might not have gotten to anything erotic yet.  This story gets to it.

Two high school seniors who feel extremely inferior to their sisters team up to humiliate them on Valentines Day, but as usual their sisters are miles ahead of them.  This leads to a humiliating defeat and a punishment that was worse than any the boys could think of.  This story has all my usual trademarks--humiliation, bondage, girls who kick ass, and intense feminization, but it also really delves into forced bi.  There is no sex, but there's a lot of oral and a hint of pegging. 

I haven't done a Valentines Day book before, but I knew I didn't want to make a traditional one.  There's no love story in this one, but if you enjoy my more humiliating stories, you'll love this one.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Valentines Day Massacre Available for Pre-Order

My next eBook is coming out February 10th, but you can pre-order it already at Amazon.  Valentines Day Massacre is one of those stories where I got a bit raunchy.  I decided that rather than an intricate plot, I'd keep it simple so that I could focus on the capture, feminization, and forced bi action.

I try to write a variety of stories from wild to tame.  This one is definitely on the wild side and involves two boys who decide to team up to prank their sisters on Valentines Day.  The sisters are two steps ahead of the guys however, and when they turn the tables, the boys are forced to degrade themselves in the worst way they can contemplate. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

When I was growing up, my parents were some of the last holdouts for getting cable.  That meant in the early 90s I was growing up watching a lot of reruns of syndicated shows on local television. At a really young age, I discovered the Dick Van Dyke show.  Not only did I love the show, but I got a massive crush on Laura Petrie.

I've mentioned before that I didn't experience forced feminization until college, but I think I've always been turned on by female domination.  Laura was both sexy and fun.  She was also a bad ass.  When a drunk was harassing Rob at a bar, it was Laura that knocked him out with one punch.  It was made very clear that she had judo training and in several episodes she flipped or threw Rob.

I think I've always been looking for my own Laura.  Somebody who could be fun, flirtatious, and still flip me over her hip when the mood hits her. I'm still looking, but I haven't given up hope.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Final Part of Penalty Princess is Out

You know, when you bite off more than you can chew you never go hungry, but that being said, I probably made a stunning miscalculation last summer. I don't usually have a lot of order in mind when I plot out what book to write next.  Those who read my newsletter know that the order of upcoming releases is constantly changing.

This summer, I started writing what was going to be one book called Penalty Princess.  Somehow, that one book became four.  Now, I don't flinch about writing series.  Some of my most popular books have been series, but after Penalty Princess, I started an actual series in Welcome to the Real World.  When that book got held up in editing, I started a third series called Plaything.   My new rule going forward is only to have one series going at a time.  I'm overjoyed to be down to two series finally.

The fourth book in the Penalty Princess series finds our gang at the Maritimes Championship in Saint John. Danny has become a very passable young woman as well as a quickly improving figure skater, but there is a lot he's unprepared for.  From his catty competitors to the romantic illusion that is pairs skating, he has to find talents and courage he didn't know he had just to survive.  Then there is the matter of his coach, Kristi Conolly. Why does he find himself so drawn to her and are his feelings reciprocated at all?  She has every reason to hate him after injuring her with his temper.

And The Winner is....

The winner of a free copy of the Forced Feminization: A Love Story audiobook is  Missy Louise.  I had four people respond to the thread so I let choose a winner. Missy, if you can email me at KylieGable(At)Yahoo(Dot)com, I will send you instructions on how to download your free audio book.

If you lost, I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy.  I will also do a contest on my mailing list this week.  You can join at or by emailing to the above address.  If you sign up, you get a free PDF copy of my story The Operator. I hope you'll go ahead and buy this story and win I'll even exchange it for another of my audio books.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Win a Free copy of the Forced Feminization: A Love Story Audio Book

The Forced Feminization: A Love Story audio book is out and it's outstanding.  I am encouraging all my readers to go right out and buy it, but you could win a free copy.  The book was a bit hit for me with reviews that were exemplary.  I am pretty sure you'll like it and Audrey's narration only improves on my words.  To win a free copy, all you have to do is reply to this topic and tell me what is your favorite cover from a Kylie Gable book.  It's that easy :-).  I'll pick a winner at random no earlier than Friday January 20th.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends

My fantasy:

For over a year now, I've been trying to use my blog more.  I know nobody wants to spend all their time checking out free advertising and in the beginning I used this blog for other things.  I want to get back to it. So here are three little announcements that weren't quite worthy of their own newsletter.

The Forced Feminization: A Love Story audio book is live now. I really love audio books and when it comes to erotica, I'd much rather hear a sexy female voice read the words to me than hear them in my own inner voice. It's a great bargain at $3.46...wait I'm selling again.  Sorry.

I'm putting a bunch of my collections on Smashwords.  This will enable readers who are Amazon adverse to pick them up on ITunes, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords own store.  Frankly, Smashwords has never really payed enough to make it a priority to put books there, but I would like to get the collections out there because they're a lot easier to upload. 

Finally, if you haven't checked out the interview with me on Anabelle Britto's fine Forced Feminization Artwork blog, I can't recommend it enough.  She really asked some probing questions and I did my best to answer them all fully and honestly.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cruise Ship Cuckolds

I took a cruise about six or seven years ago. I really enjoyed it, but I found the lifestyle could be either very wide open or very claustrophobic depending on how you planned things. That sort of self-contained city within a ship environment seemed perfect for feminization and cuckold training.  I began to envision a cruise company that would cater to just such a cruise theme.

There are all sorts of themed cruises.  I have always wanted to go on the TCM Classic Movie Cruise, the JoCo Cruise, or the now defunct Canadian music Chips and Dips Cruise and the idea of a cuckolding cruise didn't seem that out of the ordinary.  In fact, I had the perfect person to run the program in Andrea from It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire. The former Canadian agent had proven herself to be a woman to be reckoned with when she kidnapped a target using a couple of stockings and a rum soaked tampon.

In Cruise Ship Cuckolds I tell the story of two couples who take a couples cruise together.  Unbeknownst to the husbands, the wives have made arrangements for them to get the whole treatment while they enjoy the cruise with their dates.  This story might not be for all of my readers, but if you enjoy cuckolding along with forced feminization, I think it's one of my best ones.

With one swift move, Andrea grabbed Adam's finger and bent it painfully back, dropping him to one knee.  He cried out in pain, which caused Bob to rush to his aid only to be intercepted by Mei who shook her head at Bob.  She had the utmost confidence in herself and that caused Bob to stop in his tracks.
"I don't suggest talking to any of the employees in that tone of voice, Mr. Forrest. I am perfectly capable of causing you severe pain if you do not treat me with respect," warned Andrea.
"I'm sor-ry," winced Adam.
"That's a start," said Andrea letting go of Adam and allowing him to regain his feet. "Now, as I was saying, your wives signed you up for this cruise because they wanted you in the feminized cuckold program.  I don't have to tell you that this is very difficult for most males to adjust to."
"Feminized Cuckold?  Is this some kind of twisted joke?" asked Bob.
"It's no joke," continued Andrea. "Your wives love you very much and wish to continue living with you, but they find you completely inadequate as men."
"I know that's a mistake," said Adam. "I'm a very skillful lover and Linda knows that. She'd never do his."
"There's no mistake," replied Andrea. "She got tired of your infidelity and no longer wished to deal with it. We assured her that we have a device to solve that little problem."
"I've never cheated on my wife," protested Bob.
"No, you haven't," agreed Andrea. "However, you've been a very poor excuse for a husband none the less.  You've become emotionally distant and frankly your wife believes you will be happier with this new lifestyle."
"Wait, it's not just a cruise, it's a lifestyle?" asked Adam.
"I'm afraid so," replied Andrea. "It was not a coincidence that you came across those cruise brochures. We are happy you booked though."
"Getting me to write a check is going to be a lot easier than getting me to go along with this," snarled Adam.
"Perhaps," said Andrea. "Truth be told, Mei likes a bit of resistance. I guess I do too."
"I'm warning you, I did golden gloves for six years," spat Adam giving a good show of shadow boxing.
"Good, then we won't have to take it easy on you," said Andrea. "Mei is a black belt in Tae Kwon-do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her professional record was twelve and two with eight submissions and three knock outs. I am former CSIS and I won't hesitate to injure you if needs be."
"What the Hell is CSIS?" asked Bob, "I’ve never heard of them!"
"Canadian Intelligence," she sighed rolling her eyes in exasperation. "It's like the Canadian CIA, or British MI5. Read a newspaper. Anyway, you'll find all of us in the feminized cuckolding program suitably well-trained."
"Well is this room soundproofed?" asked Bob. "I'm about to start screaming bloody murder unless you back off."
"Yes," replied Mei.
"Yes what?" asked Bob exasperated.
"It's soundproofed," she replied.
"Adam, maybe we should just do what they want," suggested Bob. "At least hear them out."
"Fine, what do you want? Do you want money, is that it?" asked Bob.
"Hardly," said Andrea. "We're very well-compensated.  The check you wrote us for these two rooms was a wonderful start."
"Then what do you want?" asked Bob nervously.
"We need you to strip down and give us the clothes that you are wearing.  You will find your new uniforms as well as grooming instructions in your closets," explained Andrea.