Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Wif'e's Girlfriend Kicked me Ass

Originally just called My Wife's Best Friend, this story packs a punch. It follows the format of my Step-Sister and Amy books in that it's a two book set.  My Wife's Best Friend Kicked my Ass! tells the story of a lazy husband who takes advantage of his wife.  Her friends get pissed about it and instead of staging an intervention, they stage an ass whooping.

When Carrie's husband Dave is dumb enough to challenge her best friend Angela to a grappling match, it doesn't go well for him. She's had years of training and she's in better shape.  The end result is a night of
feminization and bondage that he will never forget. 

I made the cardinal sin of releasing the shorter book first, but the next day and the following month set the stage for next week's book, My Wife Kicked My Ass. Some guys just never learn when to shut their mouth.   I hope you like the short two book back to back series.  I enjoy writing them quite a bit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, I guess I got caught up in the holidays as well as my writing because I'm woefully behind on this blog. I was thrilled to get over an initial writer's block to give the Private School series an ending that I thought it deserved.  Things have come full circle for Chase with the return of Hayley, but after all he's been through will he ever be the same.  There's also the matter of one pissed security guard and how to allow Hayley to go back and take her place at the school when  everybody had been told that she had plastic surgery and now looks like Chase.  Private School Payoff wraps this whole story up in a nice bow, an inescapable kind of hogtying bow.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and get to spend it with those you love.  If you find yourself alone this holiday, I hope you at least have some extra free time to curl up with your eReader and spend it with one of my books.  Here's to a great 2018 and thank you for so much support this year.. I should wind up 2017 having sold nearly double the number of books that I sold in 2016.  Now, I did put out more books this year with my weekly schedule, but that's still a great feeling.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Dressing Room Dupe

Dressing Room Dupe is a story that I’d been planning for awhile.  Sometimes, I just like to play around with stock images and see what cover idea hits me and I write a story around that.  Dupe was just on the back burner for a few months.

What put it over the top was Christmas.  Working retail at Christmas can be an amazing experience if you’re working commission, but it can be a real drag to be stuck at the mall listenning to the same twelve Christmas Carols on a continuous and mind numbing loop while you deal with difficult shoppers and try to achieve the required level of forced merriment.

To that environment I added a confused male shopper trying to find a Christmas gift for his girlfriend and chaos ensued.  Soon the two salesgirls had him in a terrible predicament and he was soon modeling women’s clothing for practically every female employee in the entire mall.

I didn’t set out to write a Christmas story and it really does work for the entire year, but the Christmas setting adds to the humiliation of the experience that our hapless sissy will never forget.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Mask of the Jaguar

I've never put out a second edition before.  You'll notice that I'm closing in on 150 books published if you look at Amazon and though I have some reprints in there, there are no second editions. So why did I do it with The Mask of the Jaguar?

First, when the original book came out in 2014, it was acclaimed. Prolific reviewer Caged Mitch said, "This story was a lot of fun for me. It's inventive and new, in a genre that doesn't see a great deal of originality."

Bending the Bookshelf said, "This was a fantastic short story that's more about the transformation itself than the consequences of being transformed, and more about the delivery of justice than the act of humiliation."

The other reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads were equally flattering and helped me decide to write two new Jaguar stories, but since Mask came out, I met incredibly talented feminization artist Anabelle Brito. Brito's art is amazing and I really wanted the first Jaguar book to be graced with her art as well.

She prepared seven new pieces of art for The Mask of the Jaguar book as well as the cover. I also rewrote a few parts where the book was week.  The result was a book that even people who bought the first edition would find exciting and enticing.  The book is currently in the adult dungeon, which makes it hard to find on Amazon so please follow the link. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Don't Mess with Amy

Everybody knows that you don’t mess with Amy.  Everybody that is, but Tom. New to high school, he quickly tries to make a name for himself and in doing so, he draws Amy’s ire. Even his sisters know that’s a bad idea, but nobody ever told Tom.

You see, Amy is as tough as any boy in the school, extremely cunning, and she doesn’t suffer fools kindly. In short, she’s the perfect person to humble Tom and put him in his place, which in her mind is in short skirts and high heels.

Next week, the story advances four years to the end of senior years. Tom just wants to go camping with his friends, but Amy has other ideas for her sissy. It’s not really a series, but a sequel that finds Tom in a party dress in a room full of beautiful women and completely confused by the whole experience. Pick up Don’t Mess with Amy today and enjoy Amy’s Sissy Slave Auction on December 1st.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Feminization: I was a Quarterback Prom Queen

Sometimes, it's just not possible to get a new book out and of course this is a very busy time of year for all of us.  It was made even more difficult for me by the death of a friend of mine and a fellow writer. There was so much awesomeness in Michael, I may just have to share some of it with you at sometime.

Rather than making everybody wait around a week without anything to buy, I thought it was probably time to bundle the Quarterback Prom Queen stories into one book. I even tried a pricing experiment.  There are about 32,000 words in the collection and it would cost $14.95 to buy all books separately. That's where I'd usually price the collection at $5.99, but I wanted to see if I might drum up a bit more business at $4.99. The jury's still out.

What makes QBPQ so exciting for me is that the book had more depth than I ever intended to give it.  The main character Ryan was supposed to be your typical self-centered jock, but the experience gave him some insight and he showed that he actually was a bit more than the stereotype I had originally intended him to be. If you enjoy my usual brand of humiliation, it doesn't get much hotter than watching the big man on campus with the college scholarship brought down to humiliating depths he never knew existed and then brought out the other side transformed and a better person for it.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 6: Family Time

The Hamburger Stand Hottie series comes to an end with the sixth installment, but now without tying a few loose ends up.  Randy has come a long way from the tormented little wimp he was in the first book and Olivia has two.  Their feelings about each other have changed dramatically and when Randy wins a coveted prize, both of them have a hard time containing their feelings of pride.

Diana has been guiding both of them to this point. However, she sees one enormous obstacle to them being together and she intends to confront it no matter how difficult it might be for Randy or herself. There's a real feeling of satisfaction for me when a series ends and it's even more exciting when it ends in a way I never expected it to.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 5: Date Night

I want to apologize for this coming out two days late. I always try and upload on Thursday afternoon so that it's out sometime on Friday.  Unfortunately, it didn't get back from editing until Saturday night. You also may have noticed that my editor Mindi Harris got a writing credit on this one.  The final scene back at the house was hers except for about 100 words I tagged onto the end. I also would like to recommend Mindi's Halloween book.  I read it recently and liked it a whole lot. Tricked by my Twin reads like one of my stories and it's a full length story in itself.  The other stories in the book were very well-written as well.

Hamburger Stand Hottie 5: Date Night is the penultimate chapter in the series and begins with Mia and Olivia humiliatingly preparing Randy for the group date and ends with some major changes to both Randy and Olivia. In the middle, it's pure forced dating humiliation as Randy has to act like Jordan's perfect date and keep him happy all night long.  Just for their added amusement, the girls have invited Giana from the restaurant along on the date leaving Randy to sweat it out trying to conceal his true gender from her. This all leads to Hamburger Stand Hottie 6, which goes in directions I have never taken a story before.

I think you'll find HSH5 to be a very satisfying and exciting book.  The humiliation and feminization starts on page one and doesn't let up until the end of the book.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hamburger Hottie Returns with Issue 4

Well, after a brief interruption for the Halloween themed Night of the Cat, Hamburger Stand Hottie has returned with the sizzling hot part 4. I've written a great deal of shopping scenes before, but somehow it's very different when the mistress's mom is along and armed with a purse full of platinum cards. Randy knows he's in for it and the two dominant women set about finding not only the perfect date outfit for him, but an everyday wardrobe for other times he needs to dress up.  It's one humiliating day for Randy and one very exciting one for Olivia.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Night of the Cat

The Night of The Cat is a Halloween themed story of a dominant woman who has a little wicked fun every year at Halloween. She picks up a guy, convinces him to wear a costume identical to hers, and then sets in motion a plan to trap and humiliate him.

The book itself is a collection of four Halloween themed stories. In addition to the Night of the Cat are the following:

Pegging Sue is a different type of story for me. There's feminization and pegging of course, but with a creepy supernatural bent fitting with the Halloween season.

Bambi and Thumper is the story of two boys who find themselves forcibly crossdressed and forced to fill their Halloween pumpkins with candy if they want to be allowed to change back to their male clothes.

Finally, we have The Jaguar's Halloween. Those of you familiar with my writing will know that The Jaguar is a masked vigilante whose weapon of choice is forced feminization. In this short story, she tries to save a little girl's Halloween from her selfish father.

I think you'll find this collection just the one to titillate and excite you and maybe even scare you a little bit this Halloween season. I had a great time writing these stories and I hope that they’ll make this holiday a bit more exciting for you.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 3

This series was supposed to be four books about a teen who was being forced by a girl to take her place as a waitress. It didn't work out that way.  With Olivia's mom suddenly becoming an important part of the series, it's become a six book series that does still have the original story, but has something else going on to as it has become a sort of coming of age story too.  I think it's going quite well and it's some of my best writing. 

The sales started out a bit slow on the series, but have definitely sped up recently.  I'm hoping that trend will continue because I think book three and four are the best part so far.  Don't take my word for it though.  Here's an excerpt:

Randy tried not to think aboutthis latest humiliation too much. He was busy enough taking orders and doing his job. He still hated the thought that he would get further spankings tonight. He didn't even think about Jordan for another hour before Mia told him that she had heard all about their conversation from Jordan. He was definitely smitten with her.
"I'm only doing what you told me to," said Randy. "That doesn't mean I have to like it."
"How are you going to feel when he's kissing you?" asked Mia. She then started laughing right in his face when she saw him blushing at the suggestion. 
Thanks to the large party, Randy had successfully met his quota. Olivia would be getting her money and hopefully she would be staying off his back and even more importantly off his butt. Unfortunately, this thing with Jordan was a new obstacle and a new burden he'd have to deal with. The restaurant was closed and Randy just wanted to get home now.
"I will do what I have to do, but I just think trying to make us boyfriend and girlfriend is so wrong."
"Maybe, but you'll do what Olivia tells you to do, right?"
"Yeah, I guess so," replied Randy.
"Then before you go, you need to go talk to Jordan. I gave him a few suggestions for possible dates."
"You didn't."
"I kind of did," smirked Mia.
"Aw Hell," moaned Randy.
"Hey girls," said Jordan.
"Well there he is now," replied Mia.
"Excuse me?" asked Jordan.
"Oh, we were just talking about you," replied Mia.
"I hope you don't mind," said Randy.
"No, not at all. Just so you were saying good things."
"Oh, she was saying some very good things," replied Mia. "Have you two decided where you're going to go for the big date?"
"Well, I liked your suggestion about Caprice and then maybe dancing," replied Jordan. "I mean if that's alright with Sandy."
"Oh what girl wouldn't want to go to a fancy French restaurant like Caprice.  I'd even go with you if she turned you down."
"I sure would," said Giana stepping out of the kitchen.
"That would be fine, thank you," replied Randy before noticing he was getting a stink eye from Mia. "I mean, I'm just happy to get to spend some time with you.  He stepped forward and kissed his coworker on the lips. Jordan blushed profusely wondering who else saw this hot girl kissing him. Mia smiled to herself. Things were going better than even she imagined.
"Aw, that was so romantic," said Giana. "I told you that you'd meet somebody, Sandy."
"Frank's is not paying you all to stand around," said Melanie. "Let's close so that we can all go home."
"Sure Melanie," said Randy. He didn't much want to be done because that meant facing Olivia, but at least he had made the money she demanded.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 2

I've been very busy writing this week.  Not only did Claudia and I continue our Hamburger Stand Hottie series, but we also completed a special extra book for Halloween. I think you'll like it.   I've been so busy though that I forgot to update my blog.

My job here is to sell you a book or in this case a series, but frankly this is some of my best work and it goes in a direction that I have never gone before. Sometimes characters refuse to do what I want them to and as a writer I love it, but I've never had a character I wasn't planning to use force their way into a story before.

Randy is now working at the restaurant as a feminized waitress, but ends his first night with only $10 in tips. He soon learns that there is a big cost for disappointing Olivia. Even worse, he's managed to disappoint his father who can't understand why Randy is unable or unwilling to work his hours at the job he found for him. This story contains feminization, female domination, and bondage as our frightened sissy finds himself forced to become a waitress.


"I was worried your parents might answer," confessed Randy.

"And what if they had? I still work at Frank's as far as they're concerned. You're simply my coworker. No problems," scoffed Olivia. "Now where you do have a problem is tips. I assume the $10 is all that you made for me?"

"You were my only other customers and you didn't tip me," complained Randy.

"Watch it Sissy," warned Olivia as she raised her eyebrow, "it sounds like you're trying to blame me."

"N-no," stammered Randy. "I wasn't."

“Alright, go up to my room and strip down to your underwear."

Randy put his head down and climbed the stairs up to her bedroom. It was only now that he was climbing that he remembered just how much his legs were killing him.

Standing in the middle of Olivia's room, he felt so exposed as he stripped off his uniform down to just his bra, panties, and stockings. He decided that he had better keep his heels on, but he wasn't sure if he'd get in trouble for removing them or not.

When Olivia entered the room, she looked different. She actually looked amazing. She was wearing a black corset and a black leather skirt. She had put her hair up and her makeup was much heavier than it had been. On her feet were a pair of black leather boots that went up to her knees and had four inch spiked heels.

"Get on your knees bitch and present me with my money," commanded Olivia. Randy dropped to the floor and attempted to hand it to her.

"No, hold both of your hands in front of you and place the money in your outstretched palms as an offering to your Goddess."

Randy felt silly, but he attempted to obey. Olivia picked up the ten dollar bill and sneered at Alexander Hamilton with a contempt worthy of Aaron Burr—the man who shot Hamilton in a duel.

"You saw what I was doing. I gave them great service and I flirted more than ninety-nine percent of the waitresses I've ever had," whined Randy.

"Silence! I don't want your excuses, I want my money. You will have to be punished for disappointing me."

"I'm sorry," pleaded Randy.

"If you’re not sorry now, you're certainly going to be. Now, lay your disgusting body down on your stomach," demanded Olivia.

As soon as Randy complied, she made him stretch his arms towards the headboard, where she had already attached leather restraints. She deftly secured his wrists in the bands she quickly tightened, leaving him helpless. Then, she pulled
Randy's panties down to his knees and secured his ankles to the foot of the bed. This was something new and it frightened him.

"Feeling kind of vulnerable?" she asked in a mocking tone, as she kneaded his soft hairless ass with her hands. They were surprisingly strong for a girl of her size, but they were still delicate and porcelain. These hands were the veterans of many manicures and spa treatments, but nary a minute of manual labor of any kind.

"Extremely," replied Randy nervously looking over his shoulder at the beautiful young woman who would soon begin punishing him.

"Good," replied Olivia holding up a black leather belt. "You should. I made my mother get this belt for me at Neiman Marcus. It's Prada and it cost over $400. I really like it, but I never really seem to find the right opportunity to wear it. Prada leather is amazing though. I love it.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie Begins

Olivia Brent always gets what she wants. She's a spoiled high school senior whose father will move mountains to give his princess whatever she wants. Unfortunately, she finally takes things too far when she blackmails her classmate Randy into going to prom as a girl. She gets in big trouble at school and he father demands she get a summer job to learn responsibility. She tries to keep him happy by getting a job at Frank's Monster Burger, but after having to serve the very boys she tormented all year long, she's had enough. Fortunately, she has another idea to keep her dad happy. After all, if Randy can look that good in a prom dress, he'll surely look great in her Monster Burger uniform.

Rather like Quarterback Prom Queen the idea here is to release a new Hamburger Stand Hottie book every week until the series is done.  I'm kind of unsure at this point (halfway through writing book 3) if this will be a four book or five book series, but I think it's one that will be a favorite.

When Randy walked through the door at 2 pm, the first thing Olivia did was to check his tan lines.  She couldn't help laughing at how distinct they still were even though it had been almost a month since she had made him tan in a bikini. 

She ordered him up to her room and followed him up the steps.  She could tell he knew that something was up.  When Randy got there laid out on Olivia's bed was her Frank's Monster Burger uniform.  He gasped as you began to wonder just how evil she could be.

"Strip sissy," ordered Olivia, "and put on the padded panties.  I think they'll work better with the short skirt, don't you?"

"Wh-why am I trying this on?" he stuttered, terrified, but still obediently stripping.

"You'll see," she replied cryptically.  She helped him get dressed in the uniform--pink blouse, miniskirt, pantyhose, and heels.  Olivia found them all way too hot for the summer, but somehow they just seemed right for Randy.  After she did his makeup and fixed his hair, she led him down the stairs where he came face to face with Mia and her older sister Melanie already in their Frank's uniforms.

"Yeah, he'll definitely pass if he can do the voice," said Melanie.

"Introduce yourself sissy, and ask Melanie if you can take her order," commanded Olivia.

"What, why am I doing this?"

"Don't question me, just do it," barked Olivia.

"Hi," said Randy with a welcoming smile. "I'm Randi, can I take your order?"

"Yes, I think you have a replacement," agreed Melanie giggling. "I can't believe it, but I think he'll do fine."

"Great," said Olivia. "Well, you better get going. Your shift starts in a half hour."

"My shift?" asked Randy terrified. "I can't work at Frank's."

"No, you probably couldn't," said Melanie. "We'd have to run your social security number and everything, but Little Frank hasn't met Olivia yet and so you're just working as her."

"I'll still keep the salary and the tips," beamed Olivia.

"I'll make sure you get every dime," agreed Melanie.

"But I have my own job," complained Randy.

"Not any more, sissy," said Olivia. "You'll be too busy taking every shift you can at Frank’s. Now get going.  I'll pop over with some friends later to see how you're doing."

"The key is flirting with the customers," said Mia. "I'll show you how."

"No, I won't," said Randy refusing.

"Are you really telling me no, sissy?" asked Olivia advancing on the frightened boy.

"I can't do this," pleaded Randy.
"You can and you will," said Mia firmly. "Now let's go."

Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to the Real World 4
This is a really great story that continues Kylie's journey as he reunites with Deanna and meets her family. It's also inexcusable that it's taken me seven months to publish it.  I promise that book five will be out next month and that the series will end with book six in November. 

This is a different series for me to write. Welcome to College wasn't that difficult because it was mostly recollection. However, Welcome to the Real World means taking people from my life and fictionalizing them and imagining what they are like now years since I last saw them. Add to that an editor whose real life conflicts added another three months to the process and you have a much too long delay. 

The good news is that the it is a great story that shows Kylie another side of kink.  Deanna is happily married to Jim her college sweetheart and she doesn't really engage in feminization or bondage with him. Kyle begins to wonder if she's still kinky, but he quickly learns that a dominant woman doesn't change her stripes.

In an effort to make up the long delay to my readers, I have created a collection of books one to three and until October 1st, it's on sale on Amazon for $2.99.  Normally, these stories cost $2.99 each, but after 7 months, if you need to catch up or just discovered my books, this is a really cheap way to catch up.  After October 1st, this collection will no longer be available, so if you're interested jump on this deal now.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Private School Perversions
The newest in the Private School Prisoner series came out today. Things definitely get complicated for poor Chase. He knows he's in for a very hard time tonight. Not only are the girls all sneaking into town tonight where he will be expected to keep Jim happy on a group date, but he's also drawn the duty of distracting the dormitory's lecherous security guard. What's a crossdressed sex slave to do?

Things definitely take a darker turn (though not too dark)  and he finds himself having to lean on the very girls who have feminized him.  Plus, he romances another one of the girls and there's a surprise return.


"It's kind of important that I watch the front door. A lot of girls would love to sneak out, not to mention guys that would love to sneak in."
"Oh, we'll be quick.  I promise you." Chase bit his lower lip.  He knew very little about flirting with girls and even less about flirting with guys.
Rod thought about it. He had a reputation for getting involved with the girls at the school, but leaving his post was enough to get him fired.  Especially since he had been tricked into leaving his post before by girls who were just trying to get him out of the way so their friends could sneak out.
"I shouldn't do this, but sure. I like you Hayley.  I think I always have," confessed Rod.
"Let's go." Chase grabbed his hand and pulled him into the storage room behind the front desk. He was hoping that the girls wouldn't let him down because as terrified as he was about how far he'd have to go with Jim, the idea of going too far with Rod was far worse.
After being the aggressor, it'd be pretty hard to leave the supply room without at least getting down on his knees.  As soon as they were in the room, Chase pulled Rod's shirt off. Rod had a very well-defined upper body and Chase knew he didn't have much choice but to rub his hands all over it caressing his muscles as he kissed his lips.
"You are an amazing girl," said Rod. "I wouldn't do this with any other student."
"Really?" said Chase acting as if he really believed him. "That's so sweet."
"I told you, I've been attracted to you for a long time."
Chase kissed him deeply on the lips, playfully inserting his tongue into the security guard's mouth. Suddenly, the alarm on the front door of the dormitory went off. Rod immediately looked at Chase as if questioning whether he was just betrayed, but Chase put on his most angelic face.
"Oh my God!” he exclaimed, “I never should have pulled you away from your post."
"It's not your fault," declared Rod as he hurriedly pulled his shirt back on. "Go back to your room."
"Sure," said Chase as Rod rushed away from him. Chase had no doubt that by the time Rod got outside; the girls would be well on their way to the meeting spot.  With the alarm going off, Chase was free to go out the storage room through the window without worrying about anybody hearing or seeing him. 
He hurriedly piled up plastic crates so that he could climb out, but found it difficult in his dress and heels.  He pulled himself out the window as best he could and then hiked up his dress as he rushed over to the heavily wooded grounds just beyond the tennis courts. He arrived to find all the girls waiting for him.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Collection Week

As you know, since spring we've been putting out a new book every week.  Well, with me extra busy with some side writing and Claudia unfortunately in the path of Hurricane Irma, we're a little behind on the next installment of Private School Prisoner.  We're about 60% done and it'll be ready either next week or the following week, but I decided it was time for me to do the equivalent of a clip show.

The Cruise Ship Collection contains all four books in the Cruise Ship Cuckolds story.  It's a little earlier after the end of the series than I normally like to put out a collection, but it was a victim of 2016 -- the year of too many concurrent series.  The first part came out December 31st of 2016. 

It's the story of two couples who go on a cruise together.  What the guys don't realize is that they will be spending the cruise under the watchful guidance of Mistress Andrea and her charges who will feminize them and begin their training to be feminized cuckolds.  The wives for their part, have arranged for a pair of studs to join them on the cruise and keep them company while their husbands are feminized.  It's all my usual feminization, domination, and humiliation, with a bit of cuckolding thrown in.

The Complete Step Brother combines From Step Brother to Sissy and From Step Brother to French Maid into one volume.  I've done a number of these two part series going back to Summer Reunion. They make great little collections for those people who like a slightly longer story. At 15,000 words I won't pretend its War and Peace, but it is roughly the same size as a lot of  $3.99 erotica.

When Roger returns from soccer practice, he finds himself falling into an elaborate trap set by his own step sister Maria. With the help of a hidden camera, she tricks him into blindfolding and handcuffing himself to a pole in the basement while wearing women's clothing. When the blindfold is finally removed, he discovers that he is now at the mercy of not only his step sister, but her friends as well. Now Maria intends to make sure he never escapes her web.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Marisol's Way

No character I have ever created has gotten more fan mail than Marisol.  Even Claudia says that when she's taking calls on NiteFlirt, she'll talk to guys who want to talk about our Latina vixen.  I don't really remember creating her, but I think I get the fascination.  The girl is dangerous, but in a sexy way like a powerful sports car. She's powerful enough to inflict great pain on any man, but sexy enough to give great pleasure. 

The Girl Gang Saga is like three years old and I've finally decided that the time was right to check in with Marisol.  At the end of the series, Laura was hiring her to work for her company and she had hooked up with Wesley.  It was nice that she had a happy ending, but I couldn't see either of those things really lasting.  She was still too young and untamed to settle down.

Marisol's Way finds her employed doing the thing she does best--feminizing men.  She's just abducted a young executive and she's about to fulfill her contract, but her employers have a score to settle and don't want it to be too easy on him.  If you like the femdom side of my writing, I think you'll really enjoy this one.


"Welcome to my dungeon," I smirk. "It doesn't look like a dungeon does it? That's kind of the point actually. Nobody goes looking for missing men in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. It is soundproofed though. That's just one modification I made, you'll feel the others soon enough."

I can afford to laugh. In my home, I am the queen. I have the power and I know how to use it. You are a minor annoyance to me, like a mosquito, but no real threat. It wasn't always that way.

As you look up at me trembling, I wonder if you recognize me. I was twenty-four and fresh out of college when we first met. It hadn't been easy to get off the streets, but my dreams were big. I wanted to be a powerful CEO just like you. I had no idea how you'd use that against me to satisfy your vulgar appetites. You shouldn't have messed with my young girl dreams. You shouldn't have crossed that line because you turned me into what I am today. You made me grow up and you made me mean.

In your office you may be king, but you have no pawns or bishops to save you here. Instead, you're a pathetic tied up man looking up at me and wondering what I'm going to do to you. I still remember how you licked your lips salivating over what you'd do to the new girl, but now I'm in control. Now, you will learn what suffering means.

I grab a knife and cut off your pants. That suit you're wearing must have cost you a pretty penny, and I notice you wince thinking about the destruction of your clothing. Or are you afraid of losing something even more valuable as you see how perilously close I bring the blade to your balls.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Feminized by his High School Bully

I'm back from my little vacation to Gen Con where I got some good ideas for future stories.  I had a great time and I can't say that I never did any writing during my week away, I did cut way down. I see a collection in the near future so that I can have another week off at home without deadline pressure.  The last thing before I left, however was to turn in Feminized by His High School Bully for editing.

High School reunions are a great time to humiliate a sissy.  Let's face it, reunions are all about impressing your former classmates with how you made it big.  What better time to force the poor sissy into socially humiliating situations. In this story, Mike finds himself back at his 10 year reunion only to find that Allison the girl who made his life a living Hell in high school is back and she intends to do more of the same to him at the reunion.

This is not a gentle story.  There's a lot of humiliation for the poor sissy who really doesn't deserve his fate.  He was just there at the wrong place and the wrong time and an evil woman decided to make him her target.


"I'll have a skinny latte with soy milk," he replied unsure if she was joking.

She took a cup and a permanent black marker. Taking off the cap, she prepared to write on his cup when a woman's voice called out from behind him in line.

"Put Britney on the cup. That's what she prefers to be called."

The barista laughed nervously as Mike turned around to see Allison Cain standing there. She wore a very fancy black leather trench coat. In her high heels, she was a good four inches taller than he was.

"Al-Allison?" he stammered.

"That's right bitch," she replied.

"You're here for the reunion too?" he asked hoping against hope that she wasn't.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," she said. "I see you made it back too. I can't tell you how happy that makes me."

"It does?"

"Yeah, though looking at how you're dressed, it's almost like you feel you're a man now."

"I work on Madison Avenue," he replied defensively.

"Is that supposed to impress me or something? I've probably whipped your boss with my flogger," she smirked.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm a dominatrix now. I live in New York City just like you, but you'd never be able to afford me. Fortunately, I like abusing you enough to do it for free."

Turning to the barista, Allison placed her order for a caramel cappuccino and then, after Kimberly had written her name on the cup, she asked if she could borrow the marker.

"Sure, we have a ton of them," replied the helpful barista.

Mike had gone to sit down on a padded bench and Allison walked over to him. He didn't worry about what she was doing, although he reflexively dreaded her presence. Even as she undid the cap on the marker, Mike wasn't alarmed. It wasn't until she plopped down right on top of him, grabbing his cheeks between her left thumb and forefinger, that he became alarmed.

"Wha- are you -oing?" he asked, but he knew. This wasn't the first time she'd done this to him. Taking the permanent marker she drew a penis and balls on his right cheek. Even as she colored in her drawing, he could scarcely resist. When he did begin to pull away in earnest, she wrapped her legs around him, trapping his arms at his side.

Mike was blushing profusely aware that almost every eye in the place was now on them. He struggled to get her off of him, but he couldn't make her budge. Satisfied with her drawing, she reached into her purse and grabbed a bright red lipstick. She opened it and painted his lips a cherry red. She then took an eye shadow palette and, using her thumb, put bright blue eye shadow on his eye lids. When he saw Kimberly laughing at the scene, Mike became livid.

"Get off of me!" he demanded, trying once again to dislodge her.

"Just like old times isn't it, Britney?" Allison laughed wickedly. "That's what your whole reunion is going to be like. I can't wait to fuck with you."

"Order up for Britney," called out Kimberly. Dejectedly feeling the full brunt of humiliation on his shoulders such as he hadn't experienced in a decade, Mike Weaver got up from his seat and went to get his coffee.

"I'm sorry," said Kimberly. "It's just going to be easier for me to remember Britney now."

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quarterback Prom Queen 4

I'm a little late with this post because I've been really busy getting ready for a small vacation and I wrote a new story in case the next Welcome to the Real World isn't ready when I get back. It's a stand alone called Feminized by his High School Bully and you'll see it soon enough.  This week, the new book is Quarterback Prom Queen 4.  

I had originally intended for this to be the last part of the series, but as I got writing it, I had one of those cool writer moments where the characters don't cooperate with me.  The girls at the school where Ryan was named Homecoming Queen didn't know he was a guy, but they were not happy to have an outsider come in and win and a group of them wanted revenge. It not only changed what I had for part for, but it changed the ending of part 5 too.

Speaking of Quarterback Prom Queen Part 5, it is the new ending of the series.  It's been written, editing, and it's available for preorder on Amazon now.  It'll come out on Friday the 18th.  I got several comments on the ending from my editor and beta readers so I definitely think you'll like it if you've been following this series.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Private School Practice

This may be the most sexually explicit book that I have ever written. Amazingly, the last book in the series Private School Passions was probably my previous high.  In Private School Practice, not only does Chase have a steamy sex scene with one of his captors, he has two of them and they're with a different girl than the one in the last book.

Of course there's still the matter of getting through his first day of classes as Hayley and the looming night out with the Chelsea's guy friends including Jim who seemed really smitten with Hayley the night they met, but Kelsey is determined to get him ready to play the greatest role of his life and she just can't resist Chase.

This has been my most successful series in a long time and I think it's definitely worth a read if you ever wondered what it would be like to be the feminized sex slave to a group of sexy girls.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cruise Ship Conclusions

Finishing a book always brings great joy to a writer. It's wonderful to spend some time visiting another world, but that sense of closure and accomplishment when a story has completed is a wonderful feeling. That feeling is only magnified when it's a series that has come to its conclusion.  Cruise Ship Cuckolds actually came out on New Years Eve and after four stories, it wraps up in Cruise Ship Conclusions almost eight months later.

I have to do something about completing series in less than eight months. However, I think I've created a series that you will genuinely enjoy. Bob and Adam are both married men whose wives take them on a special cruise ship where they are feminized and cuckolded. by a staff of trained mistresses. Meanwhile, the wives enjoy the good life with a pair of bulls.

The two sissies are on the ship for different reasons. Adam was caught cheating on his wife and she intends to punish him by turning him into her feminized maid. Bob's wife thinks that he would enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. Together, they undergo the training regime and in this book, it's graduation day.  Will the sissies and their wives find happiness together or are the guys about to be turned into cuckolds?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Quarterback Prom Queen 3

I've been really excited by the sales of this series and I really think that this format of a book where all the parts come out in consecutive weeks might be something that really works for me.  Sales on QPQ #1 started kind of disappointing.  However, QPQ#2 sold 160% what the first story sold in it's initial week.  That never happens with series.  I hope that 75% of the readers follow the story and I'm happy with 60%.

In it's first half week, Quarterback Prom Queen #3 is now on pace to sell more than QPQ#2 sold in it's first week.  Also, with each successive book, the sales on the previous books in the series get a nudge.  The real weird thing is two people bought the second story without ever buying the first one. Sales are strong enough that I may adjust to this way of putting out series if you prefer this to waiting very long for the next book in the series.

I don't know what to say about this book that I haven't already said about the previous two books in the series except that it doesn't get any easier for Ryan. Not only do his sister and her friends make him do cheers for them complete with cheerleading uniform, but he's left to explain his feminine hairstyle and newly blonde hair to his parents. Just when he thinks it can't get any worse, Kristine brings back a face from Ryan's past to further torment him.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quarterback Prom Queen 2

Despite publishing over 110 eBooks on female domination and forced feminization, sometimes I hit on something I really haven't explored much before. Even though I have two covers of sissies getting feminine hair styles, I have never written a salon scene like the one in this book when Kristine takes Ryan to the young woman who cuts her hair and the two of them proceed to spend the next 3,200 words totally humiliating him. This story contains so much humiliation from when Kristine meets Ryan's mom, to the salon, to his first bra fitting, to walking into his sister's party with his new ultra-girly blonde hair. This story really picks up with this book.  I hope you'll give Quarterback Prom Queen 2 a chance.

"I wouldn't want to cut off too much length and his hair is short for a lot of styles. I think I could do a decent shag or maybe a pixie, but I can't promise it'll look much like a boy's haircut," said Erin.
"Wait," I complained. "I can't walk around school with a girl's hairstyle."
"I don't think you really have a choice," said Erin. Before I could really react, Kristine had grabbed my shoulders and was holding me down in the chair. Erin shoved a red ball gag in my now gaping mouth and together, they zip-tied my wrists to the arms of the chair.  When they raised the chair and tilted it back, I felt particularly helpless.  I hadn't noticed that Erin's station was secluded in the back of a very busy salon. I might make some noise even through the ball gag, but I doubted anybody would hair me over the hairdryers.
"Is that gag going to be a problem when you're cutting his hair?" asked Kristine.
"It would be, but I'm sure after your sissy calms down, we won't really need it," replied Erin. "Would you like color?"
"Truthfully, I hadn't thought about it," said Kristine.
"I think he'd look great as a platinum blonde and I may not dye many guys' hair, but I still do it from time to time. People may think it's odd, but they won't necessarily know what's going on," assured Erin.
"Mmmph," I complained through the gag.
"I'm assuming that's just your way of telling me that you're excited about your new look. You see, I cut Kristine's hair and I like her very much, but as a hairstylist a lot of my friends are other stylists and a lot of the male stylists like other men. I think they're amazing guys," began Erin. "So I don't think much of macho asshole football players who bully people for their sexual orientation."
"Mmmph," I yelled into the gag, but only a small hum came out.
Erin went to work and other than being restrained, it wasn't too different from any other hair cut I'd ever received. Erin cut my hair into a short pixie that could really only be described as feminine. Even worse, the hair would only be able to be styled into this sassy little hair style. "What do you think?" asked Erin after declaring my hair complete.
"That both looks great and will be so humiliating for the little sissy to explain," said Kristine squeezing my shoulders. I cursed her out, but of course that was all cut off by the gag.
"He doesn't seem very enthusiastic," joked Erin.
"I think that's his way of saying he wants color."
"Alright!" exclaimed Erin. "So let's begin, shall we? We don't even know if his hair will take to the bleach."
"Oh I hope so."
Like a true pro, Erin applied bleach to a single piece of my hair and then wrapped it in tinfoil.  Then we waited. The girls discussed what kind of prom gown Kristine should make me buy while I tried to escape the zip-ties. When it was finally time for Erin to peel away the foil, she checked my hair and proudly proclaimed, "Perfect!" Kristine was so happy she literally clapped for joy.
It took Erin about an hour to wrap my hair in over 100 pieces of foil. I felt like a human leftover. Then I sat there for literally hours before, Erin wheeled over a four headed heater. This caused the bleaching agent between the foils to do its work and take my hair from brown to an orangey-yellow shade. Occasionally, she would rinse out strands at the shampoo bowl. 
"This would be a lot easier if we hadn't had to tie him to the chair," complained Erin.
"Until he ran out of the store screaming," said Kristine.
"Yeah, there is that," agreed the young stylist.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Quarterback Prom Queen

The writer Ann Michelle had a question on a feminization fiction forum about what people love about the genre. One of the top answers was the thrill of watching an alpha male suddenly discover that he wasn’t top dog anymore.  You don’t get much more of a fall than going from football star to dancing at prom on another guy’s arm.  

Quarterback Prom Queen is the story of a guy who takes just such a fall. It’s a four book series, but I have already completed the first three books and two are already edited so I won’t keep you waiting. I think you’ll like this story of a clever girl who puts a guy in his place and it seems a lot of people had reason to have a grudge against him.  They use this opportunity to get their revenge.too. It’s my typical forced feminization story with a little bit of extra humiliation including one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written involving a reluctant sissy and a beauty salon.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Forced Fem Noir

Because I published The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator this weekend and that was previously available outside the United States, I wanted to give my non-American readers something different to buy from me, so I decided to release a collection for them.  Fortunately, it's available in the United States too.

Forced Fem Noir contains the stories Property of the Cheerleaders, The Mean Girl Mafia, and Perfect. It comes to just over 21,000 words of forced feminization fun.

Property of the Cheerleaders was written as an homage to Goodfellas. It mirrors the plot of the movie and contains dialogue that's also very much inspired by the movie:

To me, being a cheerleader was better than being a Kardashian. Long before I picked up my first pom poms, I knew that I wanted to be a part of them. It was there that I wanted to belong.
To me being a cheerleader meant being a somebody in a school full of nobodies.  They wore the trendiest clothes, dated the cutest boys, and went to all the best parties. They did whatever they wanted. They never did homework or studied for tests, but somehow they didn't flunk out.  Everybody knew they smoked and hung out in the second floor girl's room, but nobody ever gave them a hard time.  No teacher ever came to bust them.

That said, it got great reviews even from people who never saw Goodfellas.  Bibary was one of those people.  She gave it five stars saying, "It is an engrossing tale, full of genuine tension, and I was very pleased to see Kylie and Claudia did not shy away from the necessary conclusion."

The Mean Girl Mafia was a blast for me to write.  It's the story of a world weary former mall cop who is forced to take a job as a high school dean. He stumbles onto a conspiracy where the worst troublemaker boys at the school are being feminized, but nobody wants him to investigate it. Soon he gets drawn in and he finds himself threatened. I tried to write in the style of the old hard boiled detective stories and I think I succeeded. In any event, it was a fun exercise that's been well-received.

"I'm the new dean.  My name's Mr. Webb."
"Oh yeah, I forgot they hired a new one after we chased off Mr. Dipshit."
"Yeah, that's me."
"They got you playing truant officer now?  Even Dipshit wasn't an errand boy."
"You ready to cut the Brando act so we can talk?"
"Who's Brando?"
"A movie star," I replied. "Word is you're becoming quite a movie star, too." I got the reaction I was looking for.  He was paler than an Osmond family reunion.
"Y-you don't make any sense. Go hassle somebody else.  I'll be back in school tomorrow."
"Get out of bed kid," I instructed him.
"Fuck you," he spat.
"You could get in trouble for talking that way."
"What are you going to do? Suspend me?"
"Yeah, you got a point." I said ripping the covers off him.  I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't hold back a laugh.  He was dressed in a bright red baby doll nightie, with black thigh high stockings, and the highest pair of CFM pumps I'd seen outside of Vegas.
"You want to explain this?"
"I'm not telling you anything."

The third story in the book is Perfect and it was first published in the anthology Lipstick for Her Leather. It doesn't quite fit as neatly as the theme as the other two, but it's about a college freshman who finds the perfect girlfriend.  She thinks he's perfect too.  The only question is "perfect for what?"

"You know," she said gazing into my eyes, "you're like the perfect size for a guy."
"What does that even mean?" I asked.
"Well, I don't think I'd want to date anybody shorter than me and I've never cared for guys who are so tall that I feel like I need a step ladder just to kiss them."
"That's cool," I replied trying to sound nonchalant, but just the thought that an actual female didn't find my skinny five-foot-eight frame repulsive was alright with me.
"Weight too," she said. "There's not an ounce of fat on you. I can tell you work out."
"Three times a week," I lied. The truth is that working out was so fruitless for me that I never could stick with it.
"Do me a favor and take off your shirt. I want to see something," She said.
"Really? Here?" I asked.
"I won't bite, unless you want me to," she cooed and I was putty. With barely a second thought, I complied and pulled my shirt over my head. She went to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pink plastic tape measure. She used it to measure my stomach, chest, and shoulders before declaring to me, "You are just perfect."
"Thank you," I replied.
"What size shoe do you wear?" she asked.
"Seven," I replied embarrassed. I'm sure you've heard that old story about the size of a man's feet. Well in my case, it was definitely true. She surprised me by smiling and just purring again that I was perfect.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator is Finally Available in the United States.

I truly love my masked feminizing vigilante known as The Jaguar.  She's a bad ass who avenges the innocent by using forced feminization. Unfortunately, the character has been really snake bit.  Three times now, the character has had bad luck befall them.

1. The Mask of the Jaguar - Her first book saw me accidentally publish the wrong draft twice before the
right one.  Early readers could enjoy seeing crossed out text and other editing marks.

2. The Mask of the Jaguar Audio Book was the only one planned for a spring release that failed to materialize when the narrator quit the business.

3. The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator - A glitch made it unavailable for sale in the United States. I hyped the heck out of the book only to have customers unable to purchase it.

I am happy to announce that last night I just went ahead and did an unpublish and republished it.  Despite Amazon customer service warning me it might not work, it worked. You can find it here.

The Jaguar has appeared in two previous stories for me The Mask of The Jaguar and The City of Fire and Rage, but The Birth of a Predator takes her back to her origin when she's a college student at DuPont costume before she first donned her trademark scarf and floppy hat.

If superheroes aren't your thing, I hope you'll still try this book. She beats up a couple of college kids, but she really doesn't do anything a fit college girl couldn't do. It becomes a story of college girls getting vengeance on a guy trying to put one of them through revenge porn Hell.

If masked vigilantes are your thing, then I think you'll like this story a lot. You'll see a confident young woman blossom into a heroic avenger and learn how some of her gadgets like the lipstick epoxy came to be.

Best of all, the story contains six amazing illustrations by amazing artist Annabelle Brito, who brings The
Jaguar's adventures to life.  Remember, if man is nature's most deadly prey, than surely woman is its most dangerous hunter.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

From Step Brother to French Maid

 From Step Brother to French Maid has been flying off the virtual shelves for me this morning.  I hit publish on the book yesterday afternoon around 1pm, but it didn't go live until the overnight hours.  As of 9:53, the book had already sold fifteen copies. That's amazing to me.

I am taking its success to mean that people liked From Step Brother to Sissy the week before. The success has also encouraged me to turn Quarterback Prom Queen into a two book series as well. There were just too many great humiliating bits to limit it to one volume.

One thing you may notice if you look closely is that Mindi Harris has a writer credit on Step Brother to French Maid.  There were two places where both Claudia and I were stuck, so I asked Mindi to see what she could do with the final confrontation between Roger and Maria and also the scene where Roger has a boy flirting with him. She didn an amazing job.  This is one of the perks to having one of the top feminization writers as your editor/

The story is a continuation of the story in From Step Brother to Sissy.  He meets a boy, takes a humiliating trip to the drug store, and becomes Maria's French Maid. The main focus in the book is on Roger's humiliation at the hands of his step sister and her friends.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

From Step Brother to Sissy

One of the things that Claudia has been after me about for awhile is to write simpler stories. I agreed with her, but I also like to challenge myself--whether it's my cheerleading Goodfellas homage in Property of the Cheerleaders or my feminizing vigilante The Jaguar, I love to write more creative and unusual stories too.

From Step Brother to Sissy is a simple story.  The story focuses on one boy and his step sister who has had enough of him and constructs a plan to trap him so that her friends and she can have great fun at his expense. They put him through humiliation after humiliation one evening when the kids have the place to themselves because their parents are out of town.

This is actually a two part story and the conclusion from Step Brother to French Maid is all written, edited, and will be out on June 23rd. I've done a few two part stories before and this was never expected to be two parts, but I just couldn't stop thinking of wicked things for the girls to do to our hapless hero.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Private School Passions
The elephant in the room...

One thing that always causes issues for writers of forced feminization erotica, is that for a lot of guys being a sex slave for a half dozen horny cheerleaders may not seem that unpleasant or at the very least might have some fringe benefits worth the annoyance of shaving your legs every morning.

In the Private School series, I try to tackle this head on.  Yes, there is potential for sexual satisfaction in the situation, but Chase still doesn't think it's a great deal for having to spend the next year of his life convincing everybody that he's Hayley. Chelsea might be one of the sexiest women he's ever laid eyes on, but still doesn't think being tied to a bed and pegged is his idea of a fun night under the sheets.

In Private School Passions, Chase gets to know Reina. The quite girl is actually turned on by his dressing and when she sees him passing on campus, it's almost too much for her. When they come back to the dorm room after English lit, this book gets steamy.  Of course, it's also not without many humiliations for our hero(ine) along the way.