Sunday, December 28, 2014

Get to Know Your DuPont College Faculty - Dean

Charles Morris is the no-nonsense Dean of Students at DuPont College.  He is known for being extremely affable and personable to any student who drops by his office with a problem or just to chat.  However, when students do things that harm or endanger the rest of the student body, he can be a swift force for justice on the campus.  He wants the students to like him, but he really needs them to respect him.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Morris, he began college at DuPont back in 1981 as a brash young freshman.  By sophomore year half the campus hated him and by junior year he was in the process of losing the other half when he was tabbed by the girls of the Delta Theta sorority to be the reluctant model for their pinup calendar.  The experience changed him.  Gone was the arrogant young man who began school and in it's place was a very personable and caring individual. His brashness had been channeled into friendliness and he was sensitive enough to know when those around him were hurting.  This was a great skill set for a resident assistant to have and it brought him to the attention of the DuPont administration who put him in charge of running their R.A. program upon graduating.

Unfortunately for Dean Morris, the experience as a calendar girl meant that he would forever be at the mercy of the girls of the Delta Theta sorority.  When one class graduated, another class would take their place and again he'd be stuck.  Trying to put his foot down only led to a where are they now article for the alumni magazine with his calendar girl alter ego.  It was humiliating to be back in a dress and heels, but he had no choice.  He also never stood up to the girls again.  

The first time Dean Morris is mentioned is in Calendar Girl when the pledges are being shown a slide show of some of the old models:

"Administration lets us get away with this?"  questioned Sharon.
Heather fast forwarded through the power point until the 1980s. There was a picture of an incredible blonde model. She was sitting on a large rock, with the library and its fountain in the background. She was wearing a black bra and black skirt, you could see the tops of her black stockings under the skirt and she had on the ultimate CFM pumps. Her arms were adorned with opera length black gloves and she wore a pearl choker and pearl bracelets over each glove. Her mouth was done up with a generous amount of ruby red lipstick and she totally looked like something out of an old music video.
"This is why the administration doesn't bother us about this;  the Delta Theta calendar girl of 1984."We all oohed and ahed. I loved the history of fashion and this power point was like taking a trip down memory lane.
"She's very hot, so?"  asked Cindy.
"You know him," replied Heather.
"I don't think so," answered Shelia.
"Wait a second;  did you say this picture was why the administration leaves us alone?"  I questioned my big sister, but I think I already knew.
"That's right. Picture the model without any hair," added Heather helpfully.
"Oh my God, that's Dean Morris!" I yelled. 

The room exploded into laughter as one by one my sisters recognized him. We were now beside ourselves with excitement for this project.

"You should see him as Madonna," laughed Alyssa before settling us down.
We first meet Dean Morris later in Calendar Girl when Brandon goes to him to complain about pretty much the same treatment that the Dean had received back in the 80s.  He's totally owned by Delta Theta and he knows it, so unfortunately for Brandon he's not going to be in any position to help him:

The Dean accused Brandi of wasting his time with a juvenile fraternity prank. When Brandi persisted and swore that we were keeping him against his will, even going as far as showing him the bra he was wearing, the Dean threatened him with an expulsion hearing. He told him that "these accusations are so serious that if you can't prove them, I will see to it that you are expelled for slander." In the end, Dean Morris got him to recant the whole story. When the Dean later called us to report what had happened, I thanked him and complimented him on his calendar photos from 1984. I could hear him cringing on the other end of the line.  "Sisterhood is powerful," I thought laughing to myself at the sniveling administrator on the other end of the phone terrified of offending us and having his Madonna pictures leaked.

So far, that's been it for the Dean, but the newest college story is in the process of being written and you will be seeing lot of Dean Morris in The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mean Girls and Mermaids

I have a new book out, but it's a bit different.  Regular readers of this blog will recognize it as the story that I posted on here in five parts called The Girls Washroom.  I never expected to sell that particular book, but then I decided that as long as I did go through all the effort of writing it, I'd like a nicer version and to see if I can make a little money in the process.  It's not available in the Amazon lending program because too much of it is available for free to qualify.  As a result, I have it up on Smashwords as well.

I don't feel the need to post a story sample here as 90% of it is available with just a little scrolling down of the blog.  However, I added a short little epilogue to answer questions readers had about what happened with Eric and Emily and I also had it professionally proofread and with the help of Mindi, did some editing of content as well.  Here's the Amazon synopsis:

Everybody knows that Allie and her friends run the school. Their beauty is matched only by their cruelty. Unfortunately, Eric just can't help it. As they march the eight-teen year old senior towards the girl's bathroom, he knows he is walking towards emasculating humiliation. He has no idea just how truly epic their revenge will be. Craig Watkins is a young teacher who has earned a reputation as the toughest teacher in the building, but is he in over their head when he gets in the girls' way?

This 9,000 word story describes one afternoon's humiliation for two guys at the hands of a group of devious and capable high school seniors. There is no sex, but plenty of humiliation, bondage, female domination, feminization, and blackmail.

It is one of two stories I have written aside from my college stories, which were based on real people.  I have talked a bit to Allie from the story and through her got to communicate with her friends Brandy and Ashleigh as well.  It's some of their adventures in school, that inspired me.

I'm always a bit nervous writing high school stories because of the elements of underage sex.  However, everybody in the story is 18 and there really isn't any sex in there.  It's more about Eric's humiliation and to a lesser degree, the way that Ashleigh humiliated Mr. Watkins.  If you liked it on the Blog, I hope you'll consider buying it.  I think it turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On Growth and Evolution

I was lucky enough today to have my eBook Gift Wrapped reviewed by the awesomely talented Sally Bend.  Sally raved about this short collection of holiday stories, which thrilled me to no end because it hasn't been a great seller for me.  In fact being out less than half as long, It's Nothing Personal has almost sold as many copies. 

What I really found interesting wast Sally's reaction.  She said, "Gift Wrapped is a fantastic collection, and one that displays a newer, softer, happier side of Kylie - one that compliments the delicious cruelty we've come to expect beautifully!"

What I found interesting is that she found two of my stories to be quite romantic.  Now one of the stories she found romantic was a very close reworking of O'Henry's Gift of the Magi, which is a classic holiday tale and also public domain.  I think Sally's insightful review hit on something however.   I definitely have changed as an author.

In the beginning, I started with my own experiences and when I moved to fiction I started by writing about dominant women who were very much like my idealized version of the women who had feminized me.  Somehow they knew it was for the guy's own good and while they would humiliate and emasculate their victim, they were never malicious about it.  You can't write a book every other week about this kind of character and not eventually say everything there is to say about her.  As  result, I've simultaneously moved in two opposite directions.

As I look at the books that are out now and the books that are coming out in the next several months, I see both much kinder, loving and more romantic dommes and more mean, manipulative, and bullying dommes.  I also reserve the right to have an unhappy ending.  I think it's going to be a fun ride.  I just hope I don't lose anybody along the way.   I'll try and give enough description to guide you to the books that you most want and away from things that may be too dark or too cheery for you.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Forced Feminization Holiday Collection

I really wanted to get a holiday collection of some of my stories out.   I don't know how much interest it will have for those of you who visit here as I imagine that you probably have at least a couple of the stories in this volume.  However, if you don't have any or even if you already have one I think it's a pretty good offer.

This eBook contains the following stories:

Halloween Humiliation
The Mask of the Jaguar
The Operator

I'm charging $6.99, which is a nice little price break from the $11.96 cost for buying them all individually.  If you already have one of the stories you'll still save $2 from the cost of buying 3 titles.  I think they're some of my better work.

Reprogrammed - "This is a fun feminization story that makes good use of technology to keep Randall's blackmailers secret from him for much of the story. There's a lot of humiliation, a bit of bondage and sph, some forced bi, and a small amount of strap on play. If you like feminization tales, particularly those from an office setting, you should enjoy this story." Caged Mitch on

Halloween Humiliation - "it's just as well-told and carefully crafted as any of Kylie's other tales, and the slow, subtle, careful plotting of the ultimate humiliation is exciting to behold. Rather than relying exclusively on blackmail or threats, the story Andrea takes a more seductive approach, challenging her nemesis and getting under his skin, before completely turning the tables." Bending the Bookshelf

The Mask of the Jaguar - "The story features abduction, forced feminization, femdom, humiliation, bondage (featuring kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage), hypnosis, electrified women's clothing, martial arts demonstrated on a hapless sissy, and a gorgeous vigilante in a tight black dress, sunglasses, black floppy hat and scarf. When the scales a justice need balancing, The Jaguar and her partner Katsumi are always prepared to break men and right wrongs. Highly recommended." Caged Mitch on

The Operator
- "Kylie is just a great writer. If you're looking for lots of mindless sex, this is not the story you want. The Operator is actually very well written with a lot of tension and true erotic kink. I squirmed at poor Bob, who loves to be humiliated and wow, Kylie does a great job humiliating him. Women are strong and in control." M Keller on

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Forced Bi


I recently received the following message in my comments:

Hi Kylie! I've recently been thinking about forced bisexuality (which, like feminization, demands the presence of a female enforcer), and I was hoping I might be able to get your thoughts on it. In my experience, it's as frequently connected to cuckolding as it is to feminization. In both cases, it definitely has punitive qualities, and seems to be more about shaming/humiliation than actual non-heterosexual desire. In a sense, it almost seems hyper-heterosexual, since the cuck/sissy is performing the desires of the wife/Mistress. What do you think? 

Personally, I do find that it requires the presence of that female enforced to make it exciting or interesting.  My newest story, it's nothing personal has a lot of forced bi and the story I just started writing called Friendly Seduction does too.  The two stories in between have no forced bi or relationships between guys at all.    The thing that still makes it hot for somebody with my fetishes and proclivities is that it is solely done at the will of a female and not something the guy wants to do.

I have gay friends and believe strongly in gay rights.  I don't think gay people are any less entitled to respect than straight people.  However, being forced to act gay is humiliating and terrifying in much the same way that being forced into straight relations would be for someone who isn't straight.  Our sexuality is a very important part of making us who we are, so when a woman controls even that, it is humiliating and can be erotic.

Talking to mistresses, I find that everybody has their own level.  For some sissies, they don't want anything to do with men. For others, it's hot until they get to intercourse and that's a line never to be crossed.  Some sissies want as many guys as they can swallow.  To each their own, I say.

It's Nothing Personal: Breaking a Billionaire

Sometimes, I think my beta readers really save me.  I had completed this story and I got two different responses from two different beta readers.  One of my readers didn't care for it much because of personal tasted and another one didn't like it because he thought the ending didn't work.    I think this final version addresses both of their issues and becomes a much better story for it. 

The story was originally going to be called Breaking the Billionaire, but about two weeks before it came out, somebody else published a feminization book with the exact same title, so I had to change things a bit and it became It's Nothing Personal: Breaking a Billionaire

In this story, we meet Lyle Cummings.  He's a software entrepreneur who has already made more money than most people could spend in a lifetime. When he runs into a mysterious woman named Andrea at a boring museum fundraiser sparks fly, but what he is unaware of is that she's former a former Canadian intelligent agent, whose whole role here is to abduct and eventually feminize him with the help of her partner, Kara.

Through a series of flashbacks, we learn just what type of a man Mr. Cummings is as he tries to escape his predicament and find out the identity of his rival who has hired Andrea for this task.

"I want you to know that this is nothing personal," she stated almost apologetically.  "You really should have just accepted the limousine ride from me."

"What are you talking about?" he asked puzzled and still wanting her body.

"I'm afraid that I've been contracted by certain parties who are very displeased with you to enact vengeance for them. It's what I do," she explained.

"What? Seriously, you’re going to kill me?"

"No, but in the end you may wish that I had. I'm going to make certain changes to you and make arrangements for your future."

"Well, although you are quite obviously one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, you'll excuse me if I don't go gently," said Lyle Cummings in a voice full of the confidence that comes from always getting your way.

"Mr. Cummings, I would not recommend trying to fight me. I can be very persuasive and I am not at all squeamish about drawing blood or breaking bones," warned Andrea Bailey as she approached her prey menacingly, herding him towards the handicapped stall at the end of the line of cubicles.

"Stand back," he warned attempting to shove her away. He was shocked when she quickly sidestepped him and hit him with a perfectly targeted strike just over his left temple with her open palm. The blow clouded his mind, instantly alerting him to the trouble he was in.  She was more than his match and they both knew it. He tried to push her away while he cleared his head, but she was already on him. With an unexpected twist of her hip she threw him and he hit the wall behind the toilet with his forehead.  He landed awkwardly on his stomach on top of the toilet bowl. She climbed on his back, reaching for the roll of bathroom tissue hanging on the wall and rudely stuffing it in his mouth from behind. She kept his arms pinned to his sides by straddling him while she removed a black thigh high from her left leg and used it to secure the gag in place.

With her other stocking, she efficiently cinched his wrists together behind his back, then pulled his slacks down to his ankles and his boxers down to his knees. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out an applicator, which she used to insert a tampon deeply into his ass. He moaned in discomfort and indignation. It felt like the foreign object was burning a hole in his rectum.

"Relax, it's just a Bacardi 151 soaked tampon," she reassured him.

"Mppph!" He began thrashing around on the toilet, but between the stocking binding his wrists and the weight of Andrea pinning his arms, he couldn't really do anything to resist, but flop like a fish on dry land.  All his struggles really did was to increase the rate the alcohol in his ass was absorbed into his bloodstream.

"Hey, it's not so bad. Think how much money you're saving on the overpriced drinks out there," she teased him giggling at the strange situation they found themselves in.

Andrea and Lyle both heard the door to the bathroom open; they could hear a man enter as the soles of his feet echoed off the cold linoleum. Lyle began struggling harder, grunting loudly for help, but Andrea soon used her hand to silence him even further, while she began to moan as if she were in sexual ecstasy. They could hear the man chuckling as he used the urinal.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed.

The man used the sink and dried his hands with a towel; laughing lewdly as he left the bathroom.

"By now, you should be feeling a very strong buzz; are you? Just a few more minutes I think and I can let you up." She smacked his behind playfully and noticed his rather sluggish reaction.

After having the tampon in his ass for only fifteen minutes, he was now very drunk. Andrea picked up her cell phone and made a quick call saying only, "He's ready for pickup."

She untied his wrists and removed the gag, placing the discarded items into her purse so as not to leave any clues behind. She pulled up his boxers and pants, leaving the tampon in place.

"You've got to let me go. I'm important," he slurred at her.

"That's why you've got to go with me," she cooed. "You won't be important for much longer.  Maybe I'll even let you drive."

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little Pink Houses: Forced Feminization and Interior Design

One thing, that seems neglected in conversations about forced feminization is the concept of decorating the sissy's living quarters, whether it be a bedroom, dorm, house, or apartment.  I will never forget the feeling of shock when I opened the door to my dorm room and discovered that the girls had been in there when I was gone and decorated.  My Bud Light Girls were gone and they were replaced with Boy Bands, male models, and other wall art that no college guy wants to have hanging in their room.  My comforter was now Hello Kitty and there was a picture of myself on a date with a guy in a cute frame on my night stand. 

I wrote a little about this in the Welcome to College stories, but there was something about living in such a ridiculously sissified environment to remind me of my status.  I don't want to call the room feminized because no girl my age would have a room like I had.  It was definitely sissified. 

I talked this over with a dominant woman who has done this to other sissies many times going even further in feminizing their homes then was done to me.  She even told me of one sissy that she had a photo comforter made for, with a photo of his feminized self.

I've never really liked age regression clothing.  If a sissy is going to be feminized and they're twenty, I think they deserve to dress like a twenty year old rather than a six year old.  The same is true of decorating a sissy's home.  I will definitely be exploring this idea in a future story called After the Ordeal.