Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Complete Feminized by his Fiancée

Feminized by his Fiancée is a wonderful story that Diane and Claudia wrote, while I was writing with both Mindi Harris and Pamela Harlow.  The story is about a guy named Liam who made the mistake of bullying the wrong girl in high school. Amelia got her revenge on him by crossdressing him for the amusement of herself and her friends.  Now, as an adult, Liam and his fiancee Shannon run into Amelia at a local pub and Shannon and Amelia hit it off immediately. Will history repeat itself when Amelia turns their whole relationship upside down?

Forced Feminization British Style 2

One thing in the recent surveys that disappointed me was the number of readers who said they buy a lot of my books, but that knowing a  book was from Candy Apple Press didn't make them more likely to buy it.  Every single book published by Candy Apple Press has been co-plotted, beta read, edited, and generally approved by me. If you like my books, do yourself a favor and at least sample our other writers.

Pamela Harlow is a lot of fun for me.  There aren't a lot of writers that write the type of stories I enjoy reading. Pam is one of those people. This series is a great way to familiarize yourself with her work as you can get 3 stories for less than 1 book normally costs.  I think Pam is an amazing writer who crafts some ridiculously sexy stories.  Give Forced Feminization British Style 2 a try and if you're  not happy with the stories, I'll trade you three of mine.

April's Graduation

April's Graduation is the newest story about April and Paul--a hapless sissy and the woman who has been dominating him since high school. In this story, it's time for high school graduation and Paul thinks that he's about to be free of April once and for all. Unfortunately, April and her friends have other plans and they intend to go out with a bang. You can hide a lot underneath a cap and gown and the girls have decided it's only fair that Paul goes out in style.

The Feminization Boudoir Podcast

I am sorry that I have been very bad about updating this blog, but for those of you who enjoy audio, I think you'll like one of the reasons why.   I have started a weekly Podcast that comes out on Mondays and contains forced feminization audio. For those of you who have wanted to listen to my stories, but been afraid to leave evidence behind, this is a great opportunity. You can check it out wherever you listen to Podcasts, or visit the homepage on Anchor.FM,