Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Own Calendar Girl Moment

Like a lot of my stories, the idea for my latest story Calendar Girl comes from an incident in my past.  When I was in college, the cabal of girls feminizing me fluctuated a bit.  There were four girls in the beginning, when Sheila was added in it became five.  However, the girls' involvement ebbed and flowed depending on what was going on in their own lives.  There was also a group of girls and a few guys who knew what was going on and many of them enjoyed watching me squirm my way through the humiliation.

One bright idea that Amanda had was to put together a pinup calendar.  In the beginning it was just of me, but later the months alternated between myself and Nicole.  Amanada had a friend who was quite gifted at photography  Elizabeth was a photographer on the college newspaper and while our school didn't have a photography major, she took several classes in the subject and had access to high quality photographic equipment.   She was also part of that group of hangers on.

Around November of my sophomore year, I was really starting to take shape.  Passing was no longer all that much of a question.   Amanda got an idea for Christmas gifts that year of giving everybody a pinup calendar and you can guess who she had in mind for the model.  It was pretty humiliating, not only because of the ridiculous outfits that I was put in, but also because of the embarrassingly feminine poses.  For August for example, I was in a women's bathing suit playing with sand and a pail.  For June, I was in wedding lingerie looking longingly at a wedding gown.    Over the course of a few weeks, I posed for close to 100 pictures.  Amanda and Elizabeth chose the 100 that they liked best and they took them to a copy store, where you could make calendars from your pictures for $15. 

As all the girls opened their calendars that Christmas and paged through them, I was mortified.  It was pretty emasculating.  Over Christmas break, Deanna brought her calendar home with her to her small town.  Her boyfriend and his buddy were visiting and she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.  When she returned the two of them were ogling the calendar.  Now, the boyfriend had the common sense to play it cool (They are still married, so he knew what he was doing).  However, his friend was going nuts about me being the hottest girl he'd ever seen and who was I?   Deanna explained that I was a friend of hers who was trying to break into modeling. 

She told him that if he gave her $15, she would try and get him one when she got back to school.   She went to the Kinkos and got another one printed.  She mailed it out to him a week later.  She would constantly tease me that somewhere at the University of Illinois, there was a guy masturbating to my photos.  It was a most unsettling thought.  I tried to capture that feeling for Brandon in Calendar Girl.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Confirmed Release Schedule

I had planned a pretty orderly schedule of a book every two weeks following the Girls of Summer release schedule.  Sometimes, the best laid plans of man and sissy go awry.   I was blown away by the success of Taken by the Girl Gang and Cuckolded by the Girl Gang.    Among my beta readers, there had been a lot of discussion about whether there should be an epilogue or not.   In some ways, the story may have been left a bit open ended at the end of book 2.  However, seeing the demand for the first two books, I couldn't resist making a third part to the series.  In fact, there will be at least 4 parts by the time I am done.  I haven't plotted yet, but I know how I want the series to end.  It's just a question of getting there in however many books it takes.

Calendar Girl has shocked the heck out of me.    It started out a little slow and then caught fire after five days.  Frankly, there isn't a lot of word of mouth with erotica and not really that many reviews.  I'm thrilled to see how well it's doing.

I have 3 books that are currently with the beta readers.  I'm going to continue to release books every two weeks through the end of September and then I may slow down to every 3 for a bit.  I haven't decided yet.  I'm trying to push myself to keep a steady output, but at the same time, I want to have time for the rest of my life.  Like most authors, I can  be both a terrible procrastinator as well as an addict to my keyboard.

August 1st - Reprogrammed:  Three interns at a tech company get fed up with their boss and decide to wreak vengeance at a tech conference. 

August 10th - Doubling Down: Two sisters have a bet to see who can do a better job of feminizing the twin brother who are living next door to them.

August 29th - Kidnapped by a Girl Gang:  Poor Wesley.  He finally gets the Banshees off of his back and moves right into the cross hairs of a far more dangerous criminal enterprise.  Will Wesley survive with his manhood in tact? 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Comic Convention

On all Things Pantyhose

I'm not the only guy out there with a pantyhose fetish.  Some guys really go nuts for them.  However, I realize that aside from being rather outdated, pantyhose were basically created as a substitute for much sexier stockings.  They were popularized by working women in the 60s and 70s and then began to decline.  So why is that a thing for me?

When I was feminized in college, the girls who were doing it began by making me wear panties every day under my male clothing.  Pantyhose came next and they were followed by keeping my toes painted and finally a bra or camisole.   However, nothing I wore under my clothing was as constant a reminder as the pantyhose.  When I moved my legs in class and my pants brushed against my pantyhose, I instantly felt them and remembered I was wearing them.  The other things, even the bra, were sometimes out of sight out of mind for me.

The other thing was the girls used the pantyhose as one of the main things they tied me up with.  In fact, when I ran a pair of hose, I was instructed not to throw them out, but to put them in a separate drawer for this very reason.  

While women often complain about wearing hose, I have to admit they didn't bother me except in really hot days and they did feel pretty amazing the first time I ever pulled them up freshly shaved legs.  Pantyhose, aren't the sexiest thing in the world, but if you read my stories, you will notice that most of the guys who get feminized are forced to put on pantyhose as well.

Friday, July 25, 2014

12 Questions with Alyssa Paige

UPDATE: Feminized for the Fourth came out yesterday and I already purchased it and eagerly devoured it.  I wouldn't call it a five-star masterpiece, but I would call it very enjoyable four-star fiction.  I was a little worried that there would be no humiliation in the book, but Alyssa did a wonderful job of not making it easy on poor Jeff, even if he had willingly put himself into the position in which he found himself.  There was one scene where he realized that one of the girls was stronger than he was, that could have come right from a conversation that I had with a rather powerful female friend of mine a couple of days ago.  I also enjoyed seeing Alyssa getting more detailed in the feminization of the protagonist.  In this interview, she mentioned how much she loved "total feminization" and it was fun to see her really go for it.  I think this story will really appeal to my readers, especially those of you who enjoyed Calendar Girl, which features a similar element in that a lot of the male's humiliation comes from being turned into a female sex symbol and being gawked at by hundreds of men.

I have put up a link to the book at the bottom of the interview.  I would really appreciate you using it.  It'll get about 12 cents for your effort and it comes out of Amazon's cut, not Alyssa's. 

I was lucky enough to do my second interview for this blog with   She's actually newer at the self-publishing game than I am.  However, in less than half a year, she's put out 14 impressive books already and has another one ready to launch this weekend.

Of all the other writers that I have reached out to since I began this journey, Alyssa has been the most open and one of the most supportive.  I thought she was a great choice to interview because we share some very similar tastes.  If you like my stories of forced feminization and female domination, I feel like there's a pretty good chance that you'll like Alyssa's too.  We also both happen to be fond of the college setting.  I own 7 books that she has written and not surprisingly, my favorites have been the ones set on campus.  Luckily for readers, my two favorite of her stories are collected in The College Feminization Combo for one low price.  That's where I'd start if you were interested in trying some of her writing out.

Here is her Amazon Page
Here is her Goodreads Page

Kylie Gable: What draws you to writing about feminization?

Alyssa Paige: I like the "permanence" of it. A lot of BDSM play it seems you have your session, have your fun... then can go on about your day. Feminization, especially the full on transformation type, is something that the you can't escape even if you want to. You're being transformed and powerless to stop it for whatever reason, and that is hot to me!

KG: You've written about feminization as well as non-feminizing female domination, how do those two fetishes come together for you?

AP: To me they can go hand in hand. BDSM for the scene itself, then the feminization to ensure the "control" when the sub/sissy is away from the domme.

KG: You mentioned to me once before that your Bound for the Office series was about a friend of yours. Did you find it challenging to write a true story as erotica?

AP: The most challenging part of Bound for the Office was distilling the facts into something readable. Each part probably encompasses months of "real time" for Sarah and Tom. They took things really slow being coworkers, so a lot of their fun was really repetitive. Great for them in the moment, but I didn't think the reader would want 10 scenes in a row of basically the same thing happening! I decided to basically hit the high points of their relationship where what they were doing got pushed to a new level and that seems to work well. I'd like to write more on them, but they are in a bit of a holding pattern now so I'm not sure where the story could go.

KG: I found that my own feminization was the perfect topic for an erotic series, but I did have to make changes just because so much of the really wild stuff was at the end of the process and it was hard to make endless hours in front of a mirror learning to put on makeup sound exciting. Did you need to the same thing writing Bound for the Office?

AP: I think for me what they were doing was exciting enough it didn't create challenges like that aside from the repetitiveness of their scenes, which I mentioned above. I basically cut out all the "boring" stuff and got to the meat of their story and the parts of it that caused maximum shame for Tom.

KG: What traits do you think the dommes in your stories share?

AP: A good question, I think a lot of them are strong women with a take control attitude. I also think they have an underlying level of caring for the characters they are humiliating. The trust involved in a relationship like that I feel is very strong, and even though the male characters are "forced" I like to try and keep the trust between them intact.

KG:  Like me, you really enjoy the college setting. Is that because of your own experience in college or something else?

AP: College to me was fantastic for exploring sexuality. I could probably write my own memoirs on that! I think it is a good setting as college is one of the few places where so many like minded and same aged individuals congregate with the added freedom of adulthood as well. Any crazy event in a story can be written off as, "Ah, well that's college for you!" so I think the reader allows the setting to be a little more wild than normal.

KG:  I think my favorite scene of yours is in the first Sorority Cuckold book, when Jim is tied to Emily's bed and Piper walks in on him and proceeds to take advantage of his position. What is your favorite scene that you've written?

AP:  Similar to that scene, the one at the end of Part 2 of Memoirs of a Feminized Slave where Martin is tied and awaiting a strap on. I just love the idea of someone being so vulnerable, helpless and humiliated and being completely powerless to stop someone from seeing them in such a state. Even better if the person seeing them is someone they are attracted to and/or know extremely well!

KG: What made you try your hand at writing erotica?

AP:  I've always enjoyed writing, but never wrote as much as I should. I read an article on people actually making money by self publishing so I thought I'd try my hand at it. I could get some beer and grocery money and hopefully make a few fans. Both goals are already accomplished, and between the feedback from fans and the royalties it really is a strong motivator to keep on writing!What made you decide to try writing erotica?

KG: If you could write about feminizing any famous guy, who would it be?

AP: Don't laugh, but Zach Efron.

KG: Do you have any favorite authors?

AP: I don't read as much as I used to, but I like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Tolkien. Basically people that can write some really big books or series that keep me occupied on vacations!

KG:  What do think is the most humiliating thing to make a reluctant sissy wear?

AP: I always lean towards garters and stockings. Even when I wear them I feel extra feminine and I'm a woman! So I can imagine how a sissy would feel >:)

KG:  What can you tell us about your new book?

AP: My newest book should be out shortly and is a one off story of a young man who accidentally prevents a close friend from fulfilling her duties as a pageant winner. He'd do anything to make it better of course.... :) It is entitled "Feminized for the Fourth of July" and I hope readers enjoy it.

KG: Thanks for the interview, Alyssa.  I really enjoyed it and I will update it to include a link to Feminized for the Fourth of July as soon as it is available.  

The Party

A little caption I did for fun.  Jack has been texting some very steamy texts to his girlfriend's best friend, Stephanie.  Stephanie asked him to stop nicely, but when Jack kept sending them, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  Using the texts for blackmail, Stephanie decides to show Jack what it's like when the high heeled shoe is on the other foot.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Not a Scene Person

You won't find me writing any scene stories.  I totally get the attraction of female domination and I have nothing against the scene.  However, for me the stuff that I really love isn't watching a professional mistress flog her willing submissive, it's watching several girls hold down a guy and give him a forced makeover or tying a guy to his dorm room chair.  It's really the found pictures that I enjoy.

It's not really a surprise considering how many rules of consensual female domination my own feminization broke, including the whole part about being a willing victim.  I think one of the saddest parts of my adult life is that there are so few opportunities for your female coworkers to jump you and humiliate you with makeup or a good tie up.  I've actually had a few of those experiences.  I guess it helped that I did some theatre right after college.

Recently, a girl that I know who happens to be quite an amazon in her own right was discussing growing up tall.  She mentioned how she used to humiliate guys by pantsing them and then holding them so that they couldn't pick up their trousers so that everybody could see.  She also used to pin them down and do a makeover on them, completely emasculating them.   I walked a very fine line with her trying to get the details and at the same time now make her think I was a creep because of my fascination.  She actually felt a bit of remorse about it.  I don't think she believed me when I told her some guys would be thanking her for doing it every night before bed.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Calendar Girl

This book was so difficult to write because none of the characters would behave.  I sat out to write an 8,000 word story and every time I had a neat little scene outlined; the characters didn't act the way I had intended and the scene led into a new direction.  By the time I was done, I was double the length that I originally had planned. I figure this is either a masterpiece or one of those moments when a director goes insane.  I guess best-case scenario is that it turns out to be my Apocalypse Now -  insane and still brilliant.

Calendar Girl is the story of a girl named Jen, who has just been accepted into one of the top sororities at DuPont College (Yes, the same college as Welcome to College only set in 2014).  As a new pledge to Delta Theta, she learns about the sorority's pinup calendar.  Begun by coeds during World War II to raise money for the troops, the calendar has become a huge sorority tradition; funding the school and helping to support a shelter for battered women.

The pinup calendar has a long history, but things get very interesting when feminism comes to the campus.  In the 1960s, the girls decide to feminize a male and make him the pinup calendar girl.  That tradition has endured to present day.  The freshmen are tasked with finding a guy, who could be pretty enough, doesn't have a lot of friends who would notice, and if he deserves it, it's even better.

Enter Brandon.  Brandon is an upperclassman that uses the freshman register to stalk freshmen girls.  He finds the cute ones, learns their interests and their schedules in the hopes of getting lucky before they even know what hit them.   When Brandon tries his routine on Jen, she believes that Delta Theta has found their new calendar girl.

Available at Amazon or Smashwords.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Questions with Fiona Piper

I am back from the road and happy to bring a new feature to this blog.  I am not just a writer of feminization fiction, I'm also a reader.  I've read some very poor stories and also some great ones.  I thought I would use this blog to feature some of my favorite authors in the genre.

Fiona Piper is one of the first feminization authors that I came across on Amazon that I really enjoyed reading.  She tells memorable stories that revolve around a cunning domme and a guy who usually gets what's coming to him.  I think my favorite book of hers for me is Feminizing Her Bosses followed by Caught by His Neighbor.    I chose to spotlight Fiona because she has two bundles out right now, which would allow you to read all of her great stories for less than $12.

Here is her Amazon Page
Here is her Goodreads Page

Kylie Gable:
Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

Fiona Piper: The ideas that matter to me in my stories are those 2-3 scenes in each book where you really get that moment that you wish you could experience... that moment where you say, “Wow! What would it be like if my wife/girlfriend did this to me?” Those are the ideas that I write my books around. And those ideas come from things I run into day to day which just turn me on. They may be something my wife says. They may be something I see on television. They may just be something that strikes me while standing in line at the grocery store. And then my mind goes to work building the idea into a complete scene and then fitting that into the story.

KG: Have you ever worked in an office environment? A lot of my favorite Fiona Piper stories take place in that environment.

Yes, I’ve worked in many different environments, but I’ve spent the last decade working in professional offices in a big city. It’s actually a very sexy environment because the women are all so well dressed.

KG: What is your favorite story that you have written?

FP: “Her Lactating Sissy.” This one was just so different and so much fun to write (and read). Plus, the idea of growing breasts is really exciting.

KG: Do you think your dommes have any particular traits in common?

FP: That’s hard to say because they are all so different. I would say though that they all kind of stumble into being a domme. None of them are the leather-clad dommes you so often see. Instead, they are normal women who discover that domination (and feminization) will give them what they’ve been seeking and they embrace it.

KG: What would you most like to write if you weren't writing feminization.

FP: Science fiction. To me, it has the greatest possibilities, especially in terms of the characters, because people expect you to try new things.

KG: Who are your favorite authors?

FP: Ann Michelle is easily my top feminization author. I’m also a fan of Stephen King.

KG: What celebrity do you think would be the most fun to write a story feminizing?

Brad Pitt because I could see him getting into it and having fun with it.

KG: Some of your stories have such great endings. I especially loved how everything comes together in Feminizing Her Bosses. Do you start your writing from the beginning or start with the ending first?

FP: I always start with a rough outline so I “know” how the story will end. And then I start writing from the beginning. But by the time I reach the ending, it’s nothing like my outline. LOL! So I guess the answer is that I know roughly how the story will go, but it will change an incredible amount from what I initially expect.

KG: What feminization author would you like me to interview next?

There are so many. :)

KG: Anything you'd like to add?

FP: Yes. Let me add how vital it is for fans to leave solid reviews at Amazon. There are too many people who leave troll reviews at Amazon just to hurt books in our genre and if an author’s books stop selling, they stop writing. So if you have authors you like and you want more from them, please please please leave them great reviews.

KG: Thank you for doing our inaugural interview Fiona.    Readers should definitely consider purchasing Super Bundle Volume One and Super Bundle Volume Two if they enjoy well-crafted forced feminization stories.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DuPont College - Privacy

Release Schedule for Rest of Summer

I am happy to report that I now have a schedule for releases for the rest of the summer.   Following the votes so far:

Calendar Girl is currently being beta read and should be ready for release July 18th.
Reprogrammed will follow that and be ready for release August 1st.

Based on the combined votes, I am going to then use the following release schedule:

Doubling Down will be out 8/12
Mask of the Jaguar on 8/29
and Hoops on 9/12

I have a very ambitious schedule planned through the end of February.

I have planned to release 17 short stories in that time on a fairly regular basis.  I have plans to bring back some old characters and introduce some new ones.  Above all, I have at least rough outlines for those 17 books and I think that people who have been enjoying my writing are really going to enjoy the next 7 and a half months. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cuckolded by a Girl Gang

Poor Wesley.  In Taken by a Girl Gang, he moved into a new neighborhood and immediately made an enemy of the Archer Point Banshees and their leader Marisol who knows a thing or two about kicking ass.   The emasculation he endures gets ratcheted up in Cuckolded by a Girl Gang and Wesley is in danger of losing his marriage and his job as he learns the ultimate plot against him and the person behind it. 

I am really excited to be publishing this book.  Taken by a Girl Gang was incredibly well received by my beta readers and it sold more in 2 weeks than any other book I have published has sold in a month.  It's broken all sorts of records for me and the reviews have been even better.

One said, "I have to say that this is even better than the first part!!  You keep outdoing yourself!!"
Another wrote, "I really enjoyed the story, and I wouldn't change a thing."

Also, this time it's the same version on both Amazon and Smashwords.  Amazon kept me sweating bullets, but they approved the story.  I hope you'll give it a shot and enjoy it.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

An Old Secret Comes Back to Haunt Me

Today, some very old secrets nearly came back to cause me a great deal of trouble.  As I have said before, the entire Welcome to College series is very much based on my own story.   I spent a lot of my college life in skirts, and heels, and makeup and I look back very fondly on it.  I was very much taken aback by the girls' attempts to feminize me when I was freshman, but by senior year, I recognized that I had a very good thing going.  Today, I almost got busted for something I did over a decade ago.

Now, among other things, I am a pack rat and that meant that when I finally said "goodbye" to university, I took a lot of things with me.  I still have a couple of boxes with dresses, heels, and lingerie as well as wigs and such.   I finally threw out the makeup last year.  It gets pretty nasty after awhile.  I even kept some of the clothesline that was used to restrain me.  I got sentimental about the oddest things.

Now, I have long since moved out of my parents' home, but my mom is getting ready to move into a retirement village.  It looks like a nice place, it's like a luxury apartment with amenities aimed at senior citizens.  The problem is that I've had to move the last of my stuff out.  Today, I was going through a desk and a dresser that had not been touched much since college.  There were things in there that I wasn't expecting to find.    With my mom and sister who don't know about my college days each within 10 feet of me, I found some old t-shirts and pulled them out.  reminiscing, I failed to notice that stuck in with the shirts was an old bra of mine and a woman's top.  I carefully and quickly stuffed them back in the drawer, with the t-shirt over them.

It wasn't just the bra though.  While, I didn't find a dress or anything huge, I found lipsticks, accessories, a mini-skirt, several woman's magazines, letters taunting me about what they'd make me wear when I got back to school,  and several pictures that will probably make their way to this blog when I get around to scanning them and covering up my face with a mask.  Somehow I dodged a bullet and got through without anybody noticing, but the odds were not good.  I'm very lucky not to have had a very long discussion.