Saturday, October 31, 2015

Convention Feminization 2

Today I released the second and final part of the Convention Feminization series. The two part story is an oddity.  I've written series as long as 10 books, but I've only done one other two-part story and that was Summer Reunion.  I almost made Hoops a two-parter, but it was a slower developing story and part one would have been all setup so there was no choice, but to put both parts together. 

Convention Feminization had only been a one-part story, but as I neared the end of book one, I realized that I wanted the luxury to take my time with the punishment of the two misogynists whose capture had filled most of the pages of book one.

Book two begins with Koss and Darkside fully in the girls' grasp and about to endure a gauntlet of humiliating and emasculating tasks to avoid being exposed to their fellow fan boys.  If you love public humiliation with your feminization and sissies who really deserve the comeuppance they get, this one is for you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

To Hormone or not to Hormone?

A discussion started in one of the threads on here about hormones in my stories.  I've never really used them, but I'm also not really opposed either.  For me, the fun of the story is in the transformation of the male to female and I like it to be slow and forced.  A magic spell or a weird scientific serum that instantly changes sex will never appear in my stories.  I just have no interest in telling that type of tale. 

Hormones if done properly however, could work.  I liked how they were used in Grounded in Heels, where Sam takes the hormones even though he knows what they'll do to him because of the power that his sister has over him.  I guess one of the problems is that it does up the stakes.  If the guy being feminized deserves it, then it's not so bad, but if he's the victim of circumstance, I wonder if it's too much.

What do you think?  Are hormones a step too far or the next logical progression?  I do have a story or two coming soon that I could work them in.  I'd love some input.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sam's Halloween - Giving Credit Where It's Due
I've been wanting to write that perfect step-sister story since I first started writing feminization.  There are some stories that are such tried and true staples of our little niche, that they almost become cliches.  We have the overbearing bossed brought down and feminized by his secretary, the supposed alpha male whose wife gains the upper hand and cuckolds him and makes him her French Maid, and of course the college student over his head and trapped by one of his fellow students or his professor.

All of those stories are legitimate and be great reads.  However, I don't ever want to write the same story that every other writer does with the only difference being the first names of the characters.  I didn't want to write this story for awhile because I didn't want to repeat what other authors had already done.  I don't think I could improve on Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels, for a sibling rivalry story for instance.

I decided that the only way to do this story was to do what Quentin Tarantino does--acknowledge my source material and then try and create something original about it.  Sam's Halloween is the first story in a new series of books that follows his feminization and humiliation of a high school senior named Sam at the hands of his step-sister and her friends.  Halloween is where they first set him up, but it is not the end of their plans to humiliate and torment him.

The dedication for Sam's Halloween reads:

For Ann Michelle who wrote Grounded in Heels, Parker who wrote Princess, and Jamie who wrote The Triplets.  So many great authors of feminization fiction have come before me and I owe them all a huge debt of thanks whether their names are remembered or not.

Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels is one of my favorite stories.  My character of Taylor owes a lot to his story as does the overall scene.  I named my character Sam in tribute to the protagonist of that story.

Parker's Princess is free on websites like Fictionmania. I loved how the main character was set up and my character of Gwen owes a bit to Janice in this story.

I believe Jamie's The Triplets is out of stock at Reluctant Press, but it was one of the best stories I ever read where a pair of wicked sisters dominate a step-brother.  I can't think of anything specifically I borrowed from that story, but it definitely led to my appreciation of this type of story.

I hope I did justice to these great writers.  As the series goes on, I'll be including other authors who inspired me.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Real Forced Feminization Video

There is a new video out from Doom Maidens that I thought would be greatly enjoyed by many followers of this blog.  I posted once about VeVe Lane before, but she is an amazing wrestler who added bondage to her wrestling repertoire.  She's the originator and undisputed master of bondage wrestling.  There are very women who could wrestle a semi-skilled man and so overpower him that she is capable of binding him.  VeVe is at the top of this exclusive list.

In her new video, Tied Up, Dressed Up she not only defeats Howl, her male opponent, and  she skillfully hogties him, but using a series of temporary ties, manages to feminize him against his will as well.

The best session wrestlers can dominate a guy pretty well---Miss Scorpion and Venom from the UK come to mind as does Ashley Wildcat from Chicago.  I've talked to a lot of female wrestlers on Twitter and found them to be the most amazing people.  I can't believe how supportive Amethyst Hammerfist has been of my writing and she is a total bad ass too.  Veve, however is something different.  She's powerful for her size, skilled in several fighting disciplines, and can tie a guy up like nobody's business.  This is not a video where the guy just lays there and lets the woman tie him up and dress him, it's a fierce competitive match that ends with Howl's inevitable downfall.  I've got about a dozen VeVe Lane videos and this one is far and away my favorite.  I can't recommend Tied Up, Dressed Up enough.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween is Approaching. I Need a Costume

The woman who got me into Niteflirt and a lot of other things is a charming woman named Emma Evans.  She's a charming beauty and one of the best erotic hypnotists out there.  She's also a lifestyle dominant.  I've never taken advantage of her services because she's way out of my price range.  I have been lucky to talk to her on social media as a friend and she didn't seem to give me much of a choice about crossdressing for Halloween.  Neither did Claudia and I am willing to bet I'll hear from Deanna before too long.  In other words, I need a girly Halloween costume.  Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Forced Feminization: A Love Story
As an artist or a writer, commissions are an interesting area.  A writer that I very much like and respect had offered me a commission to write a story for him and asked me what price I'd charge him.  I told him, that if I could publish it, I'd charge him considerably less and he agreed.  He gave me the bare bones of his fantasy and I filled in the details.  The result is Forced Feminization: A Love Story.

This story is more romantic than my usual tale. I like that about it.  Like a lot of my readers, I do dream of a woman who will want to participate in all my fetishes and even encourage me to take things further.  That's just what Lauren does for John when she discovers him in a compromising position.  I enjoyed writing this story of a supportive woman and a guy who won't take yes for an answer.  I think if you have ever dreamed of having a supportive woman indulge you in your hobbies or if you're lucky enough to have one, you'll enjoy this one a great deal.