Monday, September 29, 2014

The Caesar Salad: How I got the Nickname Crouton

[This is a true story from my college days.  It is not for the squeamish.  Warning given in advance.]

In the Welcome to College series I detailed my exposure to eating cum.    It started with my own and slowly spread to include a few other guys' as well.  This was not something that I enjoyed at all, but it was something the girls took great delight in embarrassing me with.    I ate it in many forms from straight from the source to Fettuccine Algaydo and Beef Strokingoff.   However, the most embarrassing time ever involved a group project that we were doing for a class.

We were in the student union and we were working out a presentation in a small private room located in the union.  Amanda was also in the group and up until this particular day had done nothing to embarrass me in front of the other group members for change.  We were presenting at 2pm and we had been meeting since 10am when we broke for lunch about noon.  I got out of my seat about to go with some of the other students to the union grill to grab a cheeseburger or something, when Amanda called out to me.

"Hey silly, remember I packed our lunches."  She placed a plastic container in front of me and another one in front of herself.  She then flashed me the most wicked grin.

"Oh alright," I moaned having my heart set on a cheeseburger.  

As soon as I opened the Tupperware, I realized that there was a major problem with my salad.    There was cum all over it.  I don't know if she had got it from Nicole or Deanna's boyfriend or she had saved a condom from a date, but it looked like more than one load.  She smiled at me as if daring me to refuse to eat it. 

"Dig in," she smiled handing me a fork.  It was more of a command than a request.

"Thanks," I choked out as I gulped and stuck my fork into the salad.  I managed to get down a few bites, but it was foul and so humiliating to eat it in front of my group who was blissfully unaware of my revulsion.

"Crouton tax," giggled the cute red head sitting to my right.

She reached her right hand for one of the croutons, which I could clearly see was sitting in a pile of the disgusting salting goo covering my salad.

"No!" I barked harshly "Look, I only get so many croutons.  They're the best part of the salad. I'm sorry, but no."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean anything," she said sheepishly.

"Hey Crouton, you need to chill out," joked one of the guys in our group.

The nickname stuck for a week or two.  Amanda loved telling the story to her friends.  My reaction seemed to grow bigger with each retelling.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Consensually Non-Consensual Feminization

This is a tough blog post to make because I know that Deanna may well read my blog and I now have to speak about her.  She has indeed decided to blackmail me into crossdressing for Halloween.  Now, that does sound a bit worse than it is.   I had one of the few friends that I can talk to about this sort of thing (The girl I referred to previously as Oklahoma) tell me, "Let me get this straight, since we've begun talking you've whined to me that crossdressing wasn't exciting without a woman making you do it.  Now you want to whine that a woman wants to make you do it?"

When she put it that way, it made a lot of sense to me.  I have subsequently discussed it with a couple of dominant women who told me that it probably wasn't pity blackmail, but instead was a safe way for Deanna to play.  She had admitted to liking her power over me and college and missed having it.

By the same token, I'm not worried about her doing anything that would get me busted.  It does have the effect though of making the dressing up thing exciting and that's kind of cool.  Shopping again has me very nervous, but it hasn't been as bad in reality as I've made it in my mind.  I did have her keep me under "house arrest" -- my term not hers.  She said as long as I had everything I should get used to it and put everything on.  She then warned me that she could call me at any moment and if I took to long to send her a picture, she'd know I wasn't wearing my dress.  Mission accomplished. 

I don't know how long this will continue or if I will eventually post current pictures.  I feel like my old pictures give me three layers of security--1. I'm a decade older and I look it   2. I'm crossdressed    3. I put the mask over my face.   If I post new pics, I give up a layer of protection.  I may do something though. I don't look as good as I once did, but I don't look like an old hag or anything.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Frighening Forced Feminization

I love holidays, so with October 31st fast approaching, I thought that I'd make a Halloween themed story.   Set at a real estate company,  an office Halloween party provides the backdrop for a terrifyingly humiliating night for two salesmen and an evening of pure bliss for the women who feminize them.  This story isn't just a Halloween story, but I think it will be especially appreciated this time of year.  Here's the blurb:

Since taking a job at Merriwell and Associates, Andrea has never felt accepted. It doesn't help that the two other guys in the sales department have alienated the whole office with their boorish behavior and overbearing personalities.

When Andrea discovers that Tracy and Kelly have begun feminizing one of the loudmouthed salesmen, she decides to give the other one the same treatment. Using trickery, seduction, blackmail, bondage, and an old fashioned ass kicking, Andrea forcibly feminizes her coworker just in time for the office Halloween party.

Will the women of the office finally put these two arrogant males in their place or will the salesmen avoid the ultimate Halloween humiliation?

This 8,700 word short story features the feminization and humiliation of two sissies in an office setting. The story contains female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, bondage, forced bisexuality, and an attractive woman thoroughly defeating her male coworker in a fight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with a Feminizer Part III

Kylie: I've kind of come to the realization that one of the reasons this was so effective on me is that the butt kicking was emasculating, being tied up was emasculating, and obviously parading around in a dress and makeup was emasculating.  It all kind of worked the same thing.

Deanna: And you loved it.

Kylie: And, I grew to love it.   Amanda told me that the way you tied me up was called the Lark's Head Method.  Can you explain that?

Deanna: That sounds like a college band :).  I don't know anything about a method, but Amanda was the one who showed us how to tie you up.  Her big thing was just cinch the ropes or pantyhose or whatever.  I got to be pretty good at it as I remember lol.

Kylie: Well, you guys did practice.

Deanna: Once or twice in the beginning.  This wasn't basic training or something.  You were the first guy I ever tied up.

Kylie:  And the last?

Deanna: Nope lol,  a guy that is friends with Jim got drunk at a party and obnoxious so I did it to teach him a lesson.  It was actually pretty funny.

Kylie:  When did you decide to take my feminization so far?

Deanna:  From the beginning.  You actually kind of surprised us.  We were really impressed with how you looked from the start.

Kylie: Well, you all got me pretty darn passable.

Deanna: Are you still passable.

Kylie: I don't really know.  The last time I dressed up, you were there.

Deanna:  Well this is the perfect time with Halloween.  I want to know.

Kylie: I am curious, but I don't know.  I'm really only interested in being feminized if I have a woman forcibly controlling me.

Deanna: You mean like blackmail?

Kylie:  Blackmail, Bondage, Beat Downs---the big three.

Deanna:  So somebody who for instance can see your Facebook contacts and has a lot of pictures of you that you probably don't want them seeing, like from college for instance.

Kylie: Is this pity blackmail?

Deanna:  I told you I like the control.  Take it anyway you want, but I want to see some pictures of you dressed up by November 1st.

Kylie: I'll think about it.

Deanna:  You do that.  I've got some fun pictures of the two sissies together.

Kylie: I know you wouldn't do it.

Deanna: Maybe I wouldn't.  Do you want to take that chance?  It's up to you.

Kylie: We'll see.  I've got a theory that what happened to me in college couldn't happen today.  I think people are more supportive of LBGT people than they were even a decade ago.

Deanna: I'd like to believe that, but you still see some real cruelty.  If we did it now, we'd just have to make you admit you like it.

Kylie: I didn't even know I liked it in the beginning.

Deanna: Maybe you didn't, but we did.

Kylie:  What was the favorite thing you ever dressed me in?

Deanna:  My favorite thing you had to wear is your mom's wedding dress.  My favorite thing I helped dress you in was the Satine costume from Moulin Rouge. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Calendar Girl Audio is Completed

The above is the final cover for Calendar Girl.  The audio was just completed today.  I think that Marami did just a flawless job with the audio on this one.  I am very lucky to have been able to work with her.  She's a true professional who had no problem redoing a bunch of audio today because I thought I was fluctuating too often at the end between male and female pronouns for Brandon.  According to Marami, it will take three weeks for the audio book to be completed by ACX and ready for sale at Amazon, Itunes, or Audible.  I really hope you'll give this one a shot.  If you want to hear what Marami sounds like, check out her sample audio for a JS Cooper's The Love Trials.

If you've been wanting to buy one of my books, but have been holding off, today would be a great day.  I'm kind of down because my sales for the last two days are worse than any two day period I've had since at least spring.

There will be more to come of my interview with Deanna.  She was busy this weekend, but we've been communicating more today.  She's ruined a couple more of my illusions.  Their sophisticated method of restraining me basically came down to cinching the knots.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Calendar Girl Audio Book Update

This is a tentative cover.  I definitely welcome feedback.  Marami sent me another preview today and she's now recorded one hour and thirteen minutes of a book that should take a little over ninety minutes to listen to.  The deeper that she gets into the book, the better that it is.  I hear Jen give an order to Brandi and I feel a chill down my spine from the pure humiliation that she manages to emit in each syllable.  I think she's really got a lot of talent for this and I am extremely lucky that we connected to do this project.  I also asked her if the material bothered her and she surprised me by telling me that she really enjoyed it because the women were in charge for a change.  I hope that this might become only the first recording in a long and fruitful collaboration.  I do know that this will not be a great money maker for me because the cut is pretty small compared to an eBook, but it's still great to hear your words read back to you and I definitely want to make more.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview with a Feminizer Part II

Kylie: I really have to ask, how did you all know what to do?  It felt very methodical like you had a whole plan laid out step by step.  Week one, Kylie wears a bra; week two Kylie paints her toes; week three Kylie wears pantyhose; week four Kylie wears a bra.  It seemed like everything was worked out.  It made it more humiliating than if you had added all those things at once.

Deanna: Well, yeah we knew adding a new thing every week would be embarrassing, but it wasn't like we had a plan.  I was actually responsible for the pantyhose.  I had a summer job that required pantyhose as part of the dress code and I hated wearing them.  I guess I thought they'd be perfect for you lol.

Kylie: I actually kind of liked them :).

Deanna:  You liked everything.

Kylie: Actually, I think you realized that  I liked it before I did.  So you didn't have a plan on feminizing myself and Nicole.

Deanna: Nicole is different.  We did kind of have a plan for Nicole, but that was because we just followed a lot of the same stuff we did for you.

Kylie: Do you know if Amanda ever feminized anybody before me.  I kind of have this vision of her hometown being full of her previous "victims" :)

Deanna: There were two guys in her hometown.  One was a neighbor and the other was the brother of one of her friends.  They would play dress up and I don't think those boys did it voluntarily either, but it was nothing like we did to you.  That was epic.

Kylie: Yeah, I had a lot of dresses in my closet.

Deanna: You had a lot of everything.  You had sexier clothes than we ever did, especially your lingerie.

Kylie: Do you remember tricking me and Nicole into picking out lingerie for each other.

Deanna: Oh yeah lol, that was probably the meanest thing I ever did and I had so much fun.  You both had nice taste, but the look on your face when you opened your gift bags and saw the lingerie in there was priceless.  You knew we were up to no good too.

Kylie: What were your favorite moments.

Deanna: Well you mentioned one of them.  Another was when you went home for a weekend and we gave your room a makeover.  We tried to find all the odds and ends we could laying around, but we had to buy the boy band posters. 

Kylie.  The Hello Kitty comforter just floored me lol.  There was no way I could have anybody in my room after that.  Anything else?

Deanna: There was one time when Wendy and I were in the library with you and it was kind of empty in the section we were in.   We just started slowly putting makeup, nail polish, and accessories on you.  You would groan with each new thing that we added to your ensemble. 

Kylie: I had forgotten that one.  I was really embarrassed to walk out of the library past everybody after everything you did.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interview with a Feminizer Part 1

I mentioned a few days ago, that one of the women who feminized me in college had contacted me via Facebook.  I was happy to accept her friend request and that led us to an extended conversation that hasn't ended yet.  As it became clear to me, that she really enjoyed what happened and that found it at least somewhat sexually exciting, I confessed to her that not only did I write feminization fiction, but also that I wrote about our college adventures.  She was actually cool with it, saying that even in college, she thought I would be a writer.  She also agreed to let me post parts of our Facebook exchange on the blog.

Kylie: Thanks a lot for letting me do this.  I really was nervous bringing up the feminization to you for fear that you'd think I was a total perv.

Deanna: I don't judge that way.  Besides, we didn't give you much of a choice so if you had turned into some kind of psycho killer, I think I'd feel responsible.

Kylie: The first time I met you, I was wearing makeup and Amanda was painting my nails.  We were just about to go over to get breakfast and I was scared to death.

Deanna: Oh God, I do remember that.  I held your hand to make sure you'd come with us.

Kylie: How did Amanda tell you that she had a guy downstairs who was wearing makeup?

Deanna: I honestly don't remember.  What I do remember was that she was crazy about you.  Not romantically of course, but she always said how smart and funny you were so she was probably excited for us to meet you.

Kylie:  Really?  I kind of blamed myself for getting you all to feminize me by making sexist comments in the lounge the night before we met.

Deanna:  At our school?  If we feminized every guy who said something offensive, we'd run out of dresses fast.

Kylie: So why did you do it?  Especially after the first time.  Amanda came to my room when I was still in one of her dresses and put panties in my drawer.  She told me that this was going on for the forseeable future.

Deanna:  We did it cause it was fun.

Kylie: Did it matter that I didn't want to dress up?

Deanna: I'm sorry to say this, but that really never came up.   I think if anything it made it more fun.

Kylie: Amanda said something like that too.

Deanna:  We did talk about it a few times, but we knew that you were enjoying it.

Kylie:  I didn't realize that for a long time.

Deanna: Seemed pretty obvious.

Kylie: I think you may have been the most humiliating for me of all the girls.

Deanna: Me?  I would have thought you would go with Amanda or Wendy.

Kylie: Nope, you were so pretty.

Deanna: So were they.  Especially Amanda.

Kylie:  Yeah, but you were also a great athlete.  Do you remember sophomore year when you hog tied me and then got ready for a date?

Deanna:  Not really.

Kylie:  You and I were wrestling around.  I don't remember why completely, but I was in my maid's outfit.  You basically kicked my ass and hog tied me.  Then you went in the bedroom and got dressed to go out with Jim.   The next time I saw you, you were in a dress and looking so feminine and I was looking up at you from the floor thinking, "This beautiful girl just kicked my ass."

Deanna: LOL That's actually kind of sweet.

Kylie: It was intimidating.  If you had been a huge dyke it would have been less bad.

Deanna:  Aw, I did love your maid outfits. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Mask of the Jaguar Reviewed

  What do you get when a forced feminization superheroine sets herself up as a vigilante for the abused and misused? Well, you get The Mask of the Jaguar by Kylie Gable.

This was a fantastic short story that's more about the transformation itself than the consequences of being transformed, and more about the delivery of justice than the act of humiliation. A little Japanese rope bondage get things started, followed by some overnight CIA level hypnotherapy that's designed to wear away the subject's ego and leave him highly susceptible to suggestion.Triggers built in enable a quick transformation, with the whole process designed to ensure he remains aware of his inner shame and humiliation.

There's not a lot of detail invested in the dressing or the cosmetic, but there are some nice touches, such as the electronic shocks that ensure he can't remove clothes, and the clothes themselves, which are glued and stitched on anyway. On top of that, there's the special makeup can't be removed by normal means.

It's a fun story, but also an empowering one. Like I said, it's less about humiliating the subject than about teaching him a lesson, with the focus of the tale on empowering his assistant to seize her potential.
From Bending the Bookshelf

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Feminizers: Some Relationships are Very Complicated

With Deanna back into my life, or at least on my Facebook wall, I've been thinking a lot about the girls who feminized me and I can say that those relationships are very complicated.  I have the utmost trust in here because she could unleash a string of pictures and possibly even videos of me in some of the most compromising positions possible.  If you read Welcome to College, you know what I'm talking about.  I have absolutely zero fear that she would ever do anything like that at all. 

The four girls who feminized me beginning freshman year and Sheila who joined in my sophomore year were my dominatrixes, my torturers, my pimps to some degree, and even my jailers.  However, they were also my best friends.  When I lost a grandmother while I was away at college, Amanda and Traci stayed up til three in the morning with me while I got drunk and weepy.  I cheered on Deanna on the softball field whenever I could.  Sure, they made me wear girl's clothes, but they didn't make me go to the field to root for her, I did that because I wanted to.  Amanda and I shared an amazing summer before we ever got to college and shared a lot more when we were there.  I knew they cared about me and that they would never intentionally put me in harm's way, I also knew that disobeying them was a foolish act that I'd soon regret.

I know that some guys would say, if they were your friends they wouldn't have feminized you in the first place, but frankly they weren't my friends before they did it.  All told, college was a very strange and very sexy time for me.  Now, that I have a way of talking to Dee, I hope to see if I can get some answers without peppering her with questions and staring her off.  I am really curious to see if she remembers how she tricked Nicole and I into wearing each other's favorite perfume and lingerie.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Very Interesting Development

I received a friend request on Facebook from Deanna--Yes, the same Deanna that I wrote about in Welcome to College who was one of the four girls who made my college experience both Heaven and Hell by dominating and crossdressing me.  Of course I accepted.  However, I don't want to scare her off by peppering her with questions.  I would also like to post her answers on this blog, but again I don't want her to think that everything that she posts goes on this blog of mine.  I'm already very nervous about tellin her that I still think about those college days very fondly or that I am writing feminization erotica now.  We're going to play this one very cautious.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Major Screw Up on My Part

Update: The problem has been fixed.  The updated file is now live.  I hope you'll enjoy this one.  I know it's a bit out there, but I'm really proud of it.

I had two files on my drive.  One was the final copy of The Mask of The Jaguar which was entitled "Jaguar".  The other was my final copy back from my beta reader with corrections and changes visible entitled "Mask of the Jaguar".  Unfortunately, I foolishly uploaded the wrong file.  I encountered the problem 15 minutes ago before many had been sold.  I have uploaded the correct file and it'll be ready very soon.  If you got the wrong copy, you can reload it from Amazon when the good copy is up.  Also, if you did download the bad copy, if you let me know on here or at, I will send you a free copy of any book in my catalog. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mask of the Jaguar Released: Big Plans for Rest of Year

With Mask of the Jaguar published, and Hoops representing the end of the Girls of Summer challenge that I set for myself earlier in the summer, we now come to a good time to discuss my plans for the remaining year and they're gigantic.

Mask of the Jaguar (9/13) - Inspired by the likes of The Shadow and the Green Hornet, The Jaguar is a pulp style heroine who avenges abused and exploited women through forced feminization.

Hoops (9/27) - Basketball star Jimmy Ellis is the biggest thing to hit the tiny Indiana town of Crane Lake.  With a scholarship to a major basketball program, he starts to get a big head before the girls in town take him down a peg by making him date his best friend.

Calendar Girl Audio Book (First Week of October) -  Marami Hung narrates the story of a sorority that has been forcibly feminizing college guys for their pinup calendar for almost 50 years. 

Hoops II: Crossover (10/11) - The second part of Jimmy's downfall.  The girls really up the humiliation in this story.

Halloween Humiliation (10/25) -  The office Halloween part really livens up when not one, but two sissies are made to attend.

The Operator (11/08) - Bob thinks he's going to put one over on a phone sex operator, but she has other ideas--A very conventional romance in a very unconventional setting.

Fugitive of a Girl Gang (11/22) - With the attack on the Insane Royals, Wesley and the Banshees are now being hunted and only Laura has a prayer of saving them.  Part four of the story that straddles the line between erotica and erotic thriller.

French Exchanged (12/06) - When an unsuspecting family, opens their home to an exchange student from France, they soon learn that she always gets her way.  When she sets her sights on humiliating her host family's son, he finds himself with no escape.

Gift Wrapped (12/20) - COVER UNAVAILABLE  An insensitive boyfriend is taught a valuable lesson just in time for the holidays. 

American Exchange (01/04/15) - Returning back home to France, Regine throws open her home to an American exchange student.  Can he survive France with any dignity in tact?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mask of the Jaguar is Available for Pre-Order

 The Mask of the Jaguar will go on sale on September 13th, but you can pre-order it at Amazon already.    My beta readers gave this one the highest marks I've ever had and I'm really proud of this story of a masked hero who avenges women by feminizing the men who exploit and abuse them.  It has been almost 10 years since the first 1,000 words of this book appeared on Fictionmania.  I think you'll decide that it was worth the wait.

So Why Do Women Enjoy Feminization

 Jenny is rapidly becoming my favorite reader because she has been kind enough to post several times to this blog.  Her last post, asks a very interesting question:

Hi Kylie, I’m still reading “Welcome to College,” and I think it is my favorite feminization story that I’ve ever read! (I’m reading it slowly to savor it!) I imagine that, despite the intense humiliation of much of it, it must have also been wonderful having the attention of so many college girls. I was wondering, what do you think is the motivation for girls who like to feminize guys?

There are a lot of reasons why women like feminization.  There were five women who orchestrated my feminization and about a half dozen more who knew about it.   Their motivations varied.  I believe that some of the girls saw it as feminist payback for a sexist who really deserved it, others I know thought of me as the greatest doll they could ask for.  However, the ringleader was a girl named Amanda who simply delighted in my humiliation.  She loved how powerful she felt when she made me do things that were embarrassing for me and that I would never want to do if she wasn't making me.  Things like putting on a dress, or learning to walk in heels and do my own makeup, or making out with a guy didn't come easy for me, but she loved each little bit more that she was able to break me down and get me to do it.

I think her motivation was very similar to most women who are interested enough in feminization to keep it going long term rather than a one time thing.    When I ask my Oklahoma rodeo friend who I mentioned last week the same question, her answer was short and sweet, she said "the humiliation."  I asked her if it made her feel powerful and she agreed.

I also asked Alyssa Paige who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite feminization and female domination authors what she enjoyed about it.  Her response mirrored Oklahoma's, but expanded nicely:

I think there can be a variety of reasons, from just the fun of it to the power and control it gives. For me I'd say it is the surrendering of control the "victim" gives as he is pushed into things he is reluctant to try or accept about himself. I lean more towards the BDSM side in real life, and for myself it is the freedom that comes with having my needs met first without a care in the world about the other people involved getting off. A little selfish, but what can I say :)

I hope that answers the question for you, Jenny.   I'd love more questions.  It solves the "what to right about?" question for me nicely.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Great Conversation

I'm always really shy about sharing my experience and kinks.  However, sometimes you just can't help being in the right place at the right time.  I had a wonderful conversation with a girl from Oklahoma.  She has a thing for sissies and has actually been feminizing a gay friend of hers.  One thing she told me is that when she was younger she used to do junior rodeo stuff and she used to hogtie goats.  I already knew that she had taken judo when she was younger and knew some rather humiliating ways to pin a guy.  When I asked her about tying guys up, she not only confirmed that she did in fact tie several guys up several times.  She informed me that because of the rodeo stuff she did, she really only needed three seconds to make a guy helpless.  Her trick is to smash their wrists together, which stuns them a second.  Then she wraps and cinches.  There were several times that the cinching was followed by a generous application of makeup, especially bright red lipstick.  It was a great conversation.  I love to hear other people's stories.   One thing I'm definitely interested in is any questions you might have for me about my feminization, writing, or recipe for cherry tomatoes stuffed with cheese and bacon.  If I had some questions, it'd be easier to fill a blog.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Book 10 years in the making

On August 21, 2005 my first ever feminization story appeared on Fictionmania.  By the time that happened, I was more than a year removed from my college experience and I was already longing for my days of being forcibly feminized.  I also noticed that a lot of forced fem stories were being savaged by negative reviews.   I was a big fan of pulp novels.  To this day I love characters like The Shadow, The Spider, and Doc Savage.  I decided to create a female pulp type hero who punished not murderers, but those who exploit women.  She would do it, not by putting a bullet in them, but by putting a dress and makeup on them.  The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey was born. 

That was my first and only story ever written under the name Nora Page.  As I read it a few weeks back, I realized that I really did enjoy the story.  For a punk kid, I had a pretty good grasp of the pulp writing style and I thought it was a fun read.  There were a ton of typos and other issues, but it was a fun read.  Unfortunately, I never continued it...until now.  I am pleased to announce, that I have completed the first draft of my Jaguar story and will be publishing it this coming weekend.

Sheila Wentworth is an amazing woman.  She's a dynamic business woman with a good head on her shoulders.  However, it is her activities as the Jaguar that are most extraordinary.  A trained physical combatant, a gifted chemist, and a supreme tactician, she avenges women in the guise of The Jaguar;  a woman whose mere calling card can send exploitative bosses, abusive husbands, and vile criminals into a cold terror sweat.  Her secret is only known to her assistant Katsumi who is an expert at several fighting styles including the strange art of kinbaku or Japanese rope bondage. 

This is definitely an over the tops story of feminization as if it existed in a high octane universe like that of The Shadow, James Bond, or Batman.  If you like your feminization stories a little out of the ordinary, I think you'll enjoy it:

The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey
By Nora Page (08/21/05)

 Chapter 1: The Stolen Idea

Jon Adkins paced the front of the boardroom with all the confidence of 
a man on the move. At only 26, Adkins was considered Brunswick's 
fastest rising young executive. Since graduating Yale at 21, he had 
taken the marketing firm by storm and the Board of Directors expected 
very big things from him.

At 5'9" with the lean body of a runner, a youthful face, and a bit of a 
renegade style with hair more befitting a rock concert than Wall 
Street, Jon was named one of the city's 30 Single Men Under 30. As Jon 
gave his presentation he bubbled with the confidence of a man who knew 
his ideas were rock solid. The fact that these ideas had actually 
belonged to his administrative assistant Anne Browning was hardly his 
concern. With his audience eating his presentation up, Jon failed to 
notice the perfectly manufactured hand of Sheila Wentworth reaching her 
hand almost absent-mindedly for his leather bound day planner.

Sheila Wentworth smiled and feigned enthusiasm at Jon's speech, though 
she had heard it all from a tearful Anne the night before. Her pink 
Chanel suit stood out in a sea of men in navy blue and black. She 
tousled her brunette hair resting her chin on her hand. A sea of soft 
curls drifted effortless down her shoulders. Under the table her 
shapely legs stirred, languorously. She resented telling Anne that 
there was nothing she could do. In truth there wasn't. If Anne were to 
find justice, it wouldn't be Sheila who provided it for her.

As Adkins concluded, Jack Pollack led a round of applause for his star 
pupil. Pollack had been CEO of Brunswick Marketing for 8 years now, but 
he had never taken anyone under his wing like he had Jon. Jack beamed 
believing the countless games of golf and the many long nights and 
early mornings at local watering holes had given Jon the business sense 
that Jack had known someday he'd develop.

"There's no doubt in my mind that you've outdone yourself Jon. You're 
the one to go to Florida and make the presentation. Shelia will go with 
to assist you and keep the clients happy," said Pollack

"Oh I'm glad to do it Mister Pollack," Said Sheila as she spied Jon out 
of the corner of her eye. Pollack had picked up his day planner and 
noticed the small white business card slip from its leathery grasp. 
Picking up the card, Jon's ashen face stared at the simple card with 
the jaguar stamped in pink on it his eyes open in terror. He had heard 
the stories before and he knew that card meant doom for any man who 
fate had cursed to receive it. 

"Anything the matter, Jon?" smiled Sheila, but Jon simply shook his 
head before collecting his thoughts. He was no longer Jon Adkins, 
successful businessman. He was now simply prey... Prey for the Jaguar.

As the meeting ended Jon had scarcely said a word. He wiped a few beads 
of sweat from his brow and loosened his tie. Sheila knew the unnerving 
affect that card was having on him. The Jaguar's reputation had grown 
considerably in the last 8 years. Had it really been 8 years since she 
first donned that silly hat and scarf to teach a couple of fraternity 
boys a lesson? She smiled at Jon as she left the room and made small 
talk to the men as she walked to her office. Her faithful assistant 
Katzumi was already waiting for her as Sheila hastily closed the door 
to her office.

Katzumi was a beautiful Korean-American woman of 24 years old. She had 
been with Sheila for 4 years now and in addition to being a terrific 
secretary, Katzumi was a black belt in both Tae Kwon-Do and Aikido. 
Sheila treated her more like a trusted friend than an employee and 
Katzumi was very devoted to her. Despite being only 5'2" Katzumi could 
subdue most any man and her martial arts training had been very useful 
to Sheila in her mission as The Jaguar.

"How did it go? Did you give him the card?" asked Katzumi.

"I thought he was going to wet his pants," laughed Sheila, "He knows 
the Jaguar is stalking him now and he's scared to death."

"He should be. If he knew what was in store for him, he would have wet 
his pants," replied Katzumi more seriously than joking.

"I want to make the snatch at the airport in 2 days. He's getting down 
there 2 days early to take advantage of the nightlife. We will make 
sure he gets plenty of it," smiled Sheila as she sunk into her leather 

 Chapter 2: The Airport Capture

Katzumi had parked the car very close to the rental agency and waited 
for Adkins to come. In the passenger seat of the Jaguar XK8 Coupe, 
Sheila was glamming up her makeup. She was wearing a very sexy off the 
shoulder black dress that showed off her every curve. Even with the 
black floppy hat pulled down and the sunglasses and scarf concealing 
her facial features, she was any man's dream.

Before Katzumi even spotted Adkins walking to his rental car, The 
Jaguar was out of her seat like an Olympic sprinter out of the blocks. 
She crept along using the rows of rental cars to conceal herself from 
Adkins' view. As the cocky young businessman stuck his key in the door 
to his red rental Toyota Corolla, The Jaguar was upon him. She lunged 
with her right arm and put it around Adkin's neck in a painful aikido 
chokehold, which reduced his once powerful voice to only the softest of 

"Hey Jonny boy, did you get my card?" taunted the Jaguar in a well-
practiced husky voice that sounded more like Kathleen Turner or Lauren 
Bacall then Sheila Wentworth.

"Y-you're the Jaguar," said Adkins taking all his strength to force out 
those few syllables.

"That's right Jon. It's not very nice to steal other people's ideas," 
said The Jaguar as she reached forward and applied what to a bystander 
would appear to be clear lip gloss to Jon's mouth. In fact, The Jaguar 
had applied a surgical epoxy that would almost instantly force Jon's 
lips together until a special solvent could be applied. With Jon 
effectively silenced, she maneuvered him to the passenger side of the 
car and pushed him into the passenger seat. Taking her scarf, The 
Jaguar quickly and securely lashed Jon's wrists behind the passenger 
seat and put a pair of sunglasses on Jon's face, which had been painted 
black on the inside. As she slapped the seatbelt around his torso, for 
all practical purposes, Jon was now mute, blind, and paralyzed. 

Sheila laughed heartily as she left the airport. Nobody looking in the 
car would ever guess one of its occupants had been so restrained. Jon 
whimpered. If what he had heard about The Jaguar was true, he faced 
humiliation, torture, and possibly worse. Katzumi followed closely 
behind Jon and Sheila, but felt relatively sure they would have no 
trouble on their way to the cottage she had rented for Jon's 
transformation. She was sure that the size 8 backless black dress in 
the back of the car would be a hit with the clients.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exciting Calendar Girl News

I am happy to announce, that my hot selling Calendar Girl will soon be available in audio book form.   Yesterday, I received an audition from an voice artist named Marami Hung to make an audio book for my story Calendar Girl.  She blew me away.  I had made a list of actresses who I thought could do the job based on demos they had placed on the ACX website, but before I could even contact her she sent me and audition that knocked my stockings off.

I knew giving Jennifer voice would be tough.  I like this character a lot.  She is equal parts, naive yet perky college freshman and demanding dominatrix. She has to show a whole range of emotions in 15,000 words and she did it beautifully.  When she gave an order on the audition, it had the right amount of force without deteriorating into shouting.  At the same time, she also gave Alyssa a distinct voice even while the two were conversing.  I am dying to hear what she does with the full script.

I don't have an exact release date yet, but I think she'll have it completed by early October and if you can't tell I'm really thrilled with this turn of events.

Kidnapped by a Girl Gang Gets a Great Review from Bending the Bookshelf

In Taken by a Girl Gang and Cuckolded by a Girl Gang we learned what happens when a proud young businessman makes the fatal mistake of verbally lashing out at the local all-girl gang, setting him up for some extreme female domination, forced feminization, and cuckolding. Kylie Gable definitely put poor Wesley through his paces, pushing him far beyond his limits, in a dark, violent, sexually exciting tale.

With Kidnapped by a Girl Gang, Kylie picks up the action six months later. Once a financial Executive, Wesley has been reduced to a menial job at half his salary. Once a happily married man, he has been reduced to the role of cuckold clean-up boy. All this while the woman who orchestrated his downfall heads up a company of her own, built on his former clients. It's a miserable life, but somehow Wesley continues on.

It's a matter of wrong time, wrong place for Wesley when a rival girl gang arrives to threaten his new boss. Looking for a little leverage, they kidnap Wesley to use as a hostage. When a slip of the tongue reveals his relationship with the Banshees, the Insane Royals decide to take advantage, forcibly feminizing him once again, and putting him to work as a waitress.

What makes this third chapter unique is really two things. The first is the way in which Wesley responds to Natalia's control, going so far as to actually enjoy being pegged by her while orally satisfying, Sotero, her boyfriend. It marks a significant change in his personality, and promises an interest twist. The second is the confrontation between Julia and Laura, which reveals how responsible both women feel for the predicament into which they've placed him. That, coupled with an explosive cliffhanger of an ending, really does transform the entire series from mere 'erotica' to an 'erotic thriller'.

I had hoped for a tidy, humiliatingly happy sort of epilogue after the second chapter, but I like what Kylie has done with this third chapter so much more. It's a game-changer, make no mistake, but an exceptionally erotic one.

As published on Bending the Bookshelf