Saturday, March 31, 2018

Feminization Folio Volume 2

The idea behind the folios is to give a people a chance to read books they may have missed the first time at a really reduced price. I know that some people like to collect everything I write and if you're one of those people, it's a much cheaper way to fill in your library.  In these folios, I try and put stories in chronological order, but if a book is part of a big collection (more than four parts) I leave it out and I move books around so that all parts of a story are back to back so you don't get stuck with an incomplete story.

Forced Feminization Folio Volume Two is from the end of 2014 and that's a time where I really came into my own as a writer, I think. Volume One stories averaged 6,000 words.  The stories in this volume average over 10,000. Some of my favorite stories are in this section too.  I am really proud of The Operator, Hoops, and The Mask of the Jaguar especially.  This is what my cover artist Annabelle Brito had to say about the stories in this collection:

1. Reprogrammed
2. Doubling Down (*One of the best captured scenes from Kylie)
3. The Mask of the Jaguar (*The female vigilante feminizer!)
4. Halloween Humiliation
5. Hoops
6. The Operator
7. Giftwrapped (*Loved how a guy gets girftwrapped)
8. It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire (*Its just good)
9. Mean Girls and Mermaids (*Just read it, you will love it!)
10. Friendly Seduction

It's really fun for me to look back at a time period and see what stories I wrote.  I remember Doubling Down was the first story I ever  released unedited and it was terrible.  Fortunately, it's since been edited and fixed. Breaking the Billionaire was a story when I had no idea what to write and I just tried to use the Lester Dent fiction method.  For a writer, his books are almost like his children.  Seeing them like this is like seeing baby pictures.

Panties and Briefs

Law school is a very competitive environment. Panties and Briefs is the story of a paper chase that turned into a panties chase:

Jax is used to things coming easy to him and law school is no different. He's fighting it out with Estephanie for first in his class and he's not above playing dirty to come out on top. Estephanie has fought for everything she's ever had and when she catches Jax in a plot to take her out of the competition, she calls over her best friend Gabriella and the two of them know that payback is a bitch. Jax will be a bitch to by the time they're done with him.

This 6,000 word story is a very slow and thorough feminization of an obnoxious jerk at the hands of two very attractive young women. It contains themes of forced feminization, bondage, female domination, and humiliation. It is intended for mature audiences.

The wax was finally heated and Gabriella began applying the bright pink substance to the back on Jax’s legs. The young women waiting for the wax to set up and then began removing strips of the wax from his legs removing Jax’s leg hair with it. They repeated this process up and down their helpless victim’s body leaving only a heart shaped patch of hair above his smallish cock. The girls laughed know how humiliated he would be when he saw what they had done to him.

With his body denuded, Gabriella announced, “We’ll need to take him into the bathroom for the next part. I don’t want to ruin your sheets with the dye.”

“What color are you going to make him?”

“He’s a white boy. He has to go blonde,” snickered Gabriella.

“Platinum blonde?”

“Of course.”

“That’ll take a long time.”

“You told me we’d have twelve hours.”

“I really owe you for this,” said Estephanie. “Can I ask you a huge favor?’

“A favor in a favor, chula? You push your luck.” 

“I have a really killer test. Can I study while you do this?”

“Go ahead,” sighed Gabriella in mock exasperation. “Figure about seven hours.”

“I didn’t expect this to be an all-nighter for you.”

Friday, March 23, 2018

Living Together Part 4

Wow! I totally forgot to promote Living Together 4.   I apologize.  Hopefully, you've read the other three parts  and are really enjoying this story of our trio of roommates. Things are really heating up and Brandon is expected to go on another date with Doug.  The girls are even training him how to go down on a guy.   Just when things look darkest, maybe there will still be a happy ending.  

Morgan immediately walked over the buzzer and after verifying it was Doug, she buzzed him up. He was dressed sharply in a black leather jacket and khaki pants. In his arm was a bouquet of flowers. As he entered the apartment, he was nearly knocked off his feet by Brandon’s appearance.
“Wow! You look amazing!” he exclaimed.
“Doesn’t she clean up well?” asked Morgan coyly.
“I’ll say,” replied Doug.
“You’re too kind,” said Brandon. “You look great too.”
“I brought you some tulips,” said Doug. “I remembered that they were your favorite flower.”
“Oh yes, thanks,” said Brandon trying to gush. He remembered saying that over the phone, but it was just the first flower that he could think of.
“Oh my God! You two are such a cute couple,” raved Morgan. “You bought flowers and everything. So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”
“Well, I have reservations for Bistro Everest,” said Doug. “After dinner, we could go to Smoke, which is just up the street if Brandy feels like it.”
“Well, I’m sure she’ll feel like it. Won’t you Brandy?”
“Oh yeah,” said Brandon with mock enthusiasm. “Smoke sounds like an awesome club from all I’ve heard. I always wanted to try it out.”
Everest is supposed to be terrific too,” added Morgan. “It sounds like you two have quite the night ahead of you.”
“Yes, it sounds wonderful,” said Brandon.
“Well, we had better get moving. Our reservation is for 7:20,” said Doug.
“Sure,” said Brandon nervously grabbing the women’s coat that Morgan had loaned him for the evening.
“Have her home before midnight,” said Morgan. “I don’t care if it’s not a school night.”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Living Together Part 3

Well, we're 3/4 of the way through the series and Brandon is in a hell of a fix. Now, that both Taylor and Morgan are giving a united front on his training and feminization, it's bound to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  Living Together 3 takes things a bit further when Taylor can't make a double date with Morgan and Brandon is forced to take her place.  This is a four book series and I just completed the 4th book yesterday so you know that you won't have to wait months for the next chapter.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Living Together Part 2: A Day at the Mall

Living Together keeps rolling along and I can promise you, it's already written and will be finished in exactly four weeks. I really like the finished product and I'm sure that you will too.  This chapter deals with a trip to the mall and presents a turning point in the series. 

Now that Brandon has been discovered wearing their panties, Morgan is out for revenge. She takes Brandon further along the road to feminization in a humiliating shopping trip to the mall. By the time they're done, Brandon will have acquired all sorts of humiliating purchases if Morgan has anything to say about it. This chapter represents a major turning point in the four part series that promises to change everything for our three roommates. 

"I think I may have just the thing for his first dress," suggested Reina rushing off and grabbing a red dress off one of the racks at the back. Lyssa helped me out with it back in the dressing room. The silky fabric actually felt great against his skin though he knew that the flared sleeves would bother him if he wore it for any extended length of time.

"That looks great on him," said Tina when Brandon reappeared.

"The loose fit will conceal his lack of curves while still being sexy especially with the mini-skirt length," offered Reina

"Let's put that in the definite possibilities category," declared Morgan. "If we can't find something better, we’ll have a winner."

For the next forty minutes Brandon tried on a wide variety of dresses. Sometimes because they were genuinely looking for something better and sometimes because they were just having fun and wanted to embarrass him by making him model something ludicrous in front of them, with the growing crowd enjoying the free show. Even Reina was getting in on the act, purposely pulling out some of the sluttiest club wear they had, just so that she could have him prance up and down in it for the appreciative audience. 

"I think we definitely want that red hippy chick dress that Reina found us," declared Morgan eventually. "But, we still need to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.”

"This is going to be something you can tell your grand kids about, Brandy," teased Tina.

"And we have lots of pictures to help you remember it all," agreed Morgan holding up her phone.

Brandon just sighed. The red dress wasn’t especially expensive, but he didn't want to have to wear it out in public. They all walked up to the counter together where Morgan gave Reina his money, but she gave the dresses to Brandon with a big smile and a wink. The salesgirl who had become a co-conspirator in his complete humiliation told him, "Oh, please do come again sir."