Friday, December 28, 2018

Introducing Pamela Harlow


The final installment of Femininzed for His Inhertiance is out right now and I will make a post about it soon, but I wanted to introduce you to Candy Apple Press's newest author Pamela Harlow.  Pam is a very talented writer that I am mentoring.  I'm doing her covers and editing her stuff, but the writing is all her.  Since she's British, that'll be pretty obvious actually. Here's here author bio.

I’m a Birmingham (UK) girl in my late 20s with a love of music, books and BDSM.
Several years ago, I met a few boys who were into kink and had a fun time dominating them in the bedroom. Following on from that, I started to attend fetish events. At these events, I love how I can explore my own dominant side whilst also helping others to find out more about how feminine they can be.

I’ve always been into reading and writing, but had never written erotica before I read some of Kylie’s stuff and thought: I’d like a go at that! I contacted Kylie and asked her if she’d be interested in printing any of my stuff. I was delighted when she said yes!

As well as reading and writing, I have a huge passion for music and play several instruments. My
main instrument’s the guitar, and I play a Fender Stratocaster.

I’m quite a quiet girl: I’d rather be reading and writing in a quiet place than partying with a big group. However, I do love a fun time when I’m comfortable with my surroundings (like in a familiar kink club) and I’m confident when I’m playing music.

I can verify that saying she can play guitar is like saying that Colonel Sanders sold chicken or Picasso painted.  She's amazing as a musician and a pretty awesome writer.  Her first book entitled Tying the Knot: The Feminized Bridesmaid will be out Januaary 2nd.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Feminized for his Inheritance: Evil Aunt

It seems that Nicole has a baby sister just Bill's age and she's a very forceful young woman.  In Feminized for his Inheritance 2, Nicole's sister Rachel and her crossdressing boyfriend Alex intend to put the new maid through his paces. What's a sissy to do?

Bill is taken further down the rabbit hole as Nicole and her friends take him deeper into slavery and servitude. Is he starting to like it, though?

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Feminized for his Inheritance: Wicked Step-Mother

Feminized for his Inheritance is a three-part story that was commissioned by a loyal reader.  I was a little hesitant at first because the story got into a few areas I don't usually delve into, but I think the story has turned out wonderfully so far and I'm glad I took the job :-)

When Bill's father dies of a heart attack, he rushes home from college to help out his new step-mother. Even though she's not much older than Bill is determined to help her get things in order because that's what his father would want. Unfortunately for Bill, he will inherit all of his father's money if he is married by his twenty-third birthday and his step-mother is determined not to let that happen. With the help of her friends Barbara and Paula, she intends to turn Bill into their feminized sex slave under their thumb and in their bedroom. 

This story can be a bit rough at times, but also surprisingly gentle at others. Future stories will include hormones and forced bi as well as the usual female domination and forced feminization.

My Newsletter

I usually don't like to post the newsletter on the blog, but this one has two free stories.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Welcome Pamela Harlow to Candy Apple Press

Every once in awhile, I have someone contact me that just blows me away. Pamela Harlow is one of those people. She’s a young British woman who has a real love for writing and has been trying to get published for awhile now. She’s also very interested in BDSM and even forced feminization. Pamela discovered my Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom series and was immediately intrigued. She picked up the entire series and asked me a whole lot of questions about how to self-publish.

Pamela's role will be different from Claudia's who pretty much works exclusively as my co-writer. We will be teaming up on a series very soon, but Pamela intends to publish her own books including forced feminization and female domination.  I think she’s going to be a great addition to the Candy Apple Press family and based on what I’ve read of hers, she’s going to be a real fan favorite I am sure.

Two New Books This Week

This week, we have not one, but two new books.  Actually, depending on how you look at it, we have two old books.

Gift-Wrapped came out in 2014 and was a hit. It was one of my bigger books with about 12,000 words of content. This year I decided to republish it with another 4,000 words of content:

April’s Christmas - April Blackwell and he sissy Paul are the main characters in Thanksgiving Dinner Guest and April’s Fool. They’re back now for a new story about a Christmas competition to see which of April’s friends can get her sissy the perfect gift.

A Visit from Mistress - This is a rewrite of  the story A Visit from Saint Nicholas, which is better known as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

The Long Ride - A true story from my college days about my dad picking me up from college for Christmas break.

It's now a massive 16,000 word book for the standard $2.99 price.

Speaking of price, I went ahead and put both parts of our collaboration with Mindi Harris together in one 21,000 word volume.  If you don't remember, The Stephanie Project is the story of  Stephen or is that Stephanie now? He’s not doing so well since the sisters tricked him into taking his own date rape drug. He never expected to be spending the night wearing a tight dress and dancing backup for a band. His plans to bed Lisa seem to have completely fallen apart, but what about the girls’ plans for him?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls 2018

The three part Berto Girls story ends in Berto Street Girls 2018 with a new generation learning just how to deal with guys who won't take no for an answer.  It all begins when our trio of feminizers go away for a weekend. Tammy takes her daughter Kayla with and Michelle brings her daughter Samantha.

It's been 30 years since they first met when Lisa and Tammy discovered that one boy was playing them both.  Now missing some of their wild times, they call come together when Kayla is accosted. They women come together one last time to take control of the situation as only they can. This 6,500 word story features female domination, bondage, humiliation, and above all friendship.