Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to the Real World 4
This is a really great story that continues Kylie's journey as he reunites with Deanna and meets her family. It's also inexcusable that it's taken me seven months to publish it.  I promise that book five will be out next month and that the series will end with book six in November. 

This is a different series for me to write. Welcome to College wasn't that difficult because it was mostly recollection. However, Welcome to the Real World means taking people from my life and fictionalizing them and imagining what they are like now years since I last saw them. Add to that an editor whose real life conflicts added another three months to the process and you have a much too long delay. 

The good news is that the it is a great story that shows Kylie another side of kink.  Deanna is happily married to Jim her college sweetheart and she doesn't really engage in feminization or bondage with him. Kyle begins to wonder if she's still kinky, but he quickly learns that a dominant woman doesn't change her stripes.

In an effort to make up the long delay to my readers, I have created a collection of books one to three and until October 1st, it's on sale on Amazon for $2.99.  Normally, these stories cost $2.99 each, but after 7 months, if you need to catch up or just discovered my books, this is a really cheap way to catch up.  After October 1st, this collection will no longer be available, so if you're interested jump on this deal now.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Private School Perversions
The newest in the Private School Prisoner series came out today. Things definitely get complicated for poor Chase. He knows he's in for a very hard time tonight. Not only are the girls all sneaking into town tonight where he will be expected to keep Jim happy on a group date, but he's also drawn the duty of distracting the dormitory's lecherous security guard. What's a crossdressed sex slave to do?

Things definitely take a darker turn (though not too dark)  and he finds himself having to lean on the very girls who have feminized him.  Plus, he romances another one of the girls and there's a surprise return.


"It's kind of important that I watch the front door. A lot of girls would love to sneak out, not to mention guys that would love to sneak in."
"Oh, we'll be quick.  I promise you." Chase bit his lower lip.  He knew very little about flirting with girls and even less about flirting with guys.
Rod thought about it. He had a reputation for getting involved with the girls at the school, but leaving his post was enough to get him fired.  Especially since he had been tricked into leaving his post before by girls who were just trying to get him out of the way so their friends could sneak out.
"I shouldn't do this, but sure. I like you Hayley.  I think I always have," confessed Rod.
"Let's go." Chase grabbed his hand and pulled him into the storage room behind the front desk. He was hoping that the girls wouldn't let him down because as terrified as he was about how far he'd have to go with Jim, the idea of going too far with Rod was far worse.
After being the aggressor, it'd be pretty hard to leave the supply room without at least getting down on his knees.  As soon as they were in the room, Chase pulled Rod's shirt off. Rod had a very well-defined upper body and Chase knew he didn't have much choice but to rub his hands all over it caressing his muscles as he kissed his lips.
"You are an amazing girl," said Rod. "I wouldn't do this with any other student."
"Really?" said Chase acting as if he really believed him. "That's so sweet."
"I told you, I've been attracted to you for a long time."
Chase kissed him deeply on the lips, playfully inserting his tongue into the security guard's mouth. Suddenly, the alarm on the front door of the dormitory went off. Rod immediately looked at Chase as if questioning whether he was just betrayed, but Chase put on his most angelic face.
"Oh my God!” he exclaimed, “I never should have pulled you away from your post."
"It's not your fault," declared Rod as he hurriedly pulled his shirt back on. "Go back to your room."
"Sure," said Chase as Rod rushed away from him. Chase had no doubt that by the time Rod got outside; the girls would be well on their way to the meeting spot.  With the alarm going off, Chase was free to go out the storage room through the window without worrying about anybody hearing or seeing him. 
He hurriedly piled up plastic crates so that he could climb out, but found it difficult in his dress and heels.  He pulled himself out the window as best he could and then hiked up his dress as he rushed over to the heavily wooded grounds just beyond the tennis courts. He arrived to find all the girls waiting for him.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Collection Week

As you know, since spring we've been putting out a new book every week.  Well, with me extra busy with some side writing and Claudia unfortunately in the path of Hurricane Irma, we're a little behind on the next installment of Private School Prisoner.  We're about 60% done and it'll be ready either next week or the following week, but I decided it was time for me to do the equivalent of a clip show.

The Cruise Ship Collection contains all four books in the Cruise Ship Cuckolds story.  It's a little earlier after the end of the series than I normally like to put out a collection, but it was a victim of 2016 -- the year of too many concurrent series.  The first part came out December 31st of 2016. 

It's the story of two couples who go on a cruise together.  What the guys don't realize is that they will be spending the cruise under the watchful guidance of Mistress Andrea and her charges who will feminize them and begin their training to be feminized cuckolds.  The wives for their part, have arranged for a pair of studs to join them on the cruise and keep them company while their husbands are feminized.  It's all my usual feminization, domination, and humiliation, with a bit of cuckolding thrown in.

The Complete Step Brother combines From Step Brother to Sissy and From Step Brother to French Maid into one volume.  I've done a number of these two part series going back to Summer Reunion. They make great little collections for those people who like a slightly longer story. At 15,000 words I won't pretend its War and Peace, but it is roughly the same size as a lot of  $3.99 erotica.

When Roger returns from soccer practice, he finds himself falling into an elaborate trap set by his own step sister Maria. With the help of a hidden camera, she tricks him into blindfolding and handcuffing himself to a pole in the basement while wearing women's clothing. When the blindfold is finally removed, he discovers that he is now at the mercy of not only his step sister, but her friends as well. Now Maria intends to make sure he never escapes her web.