Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rock Chick by Pamela Harlow (And a Deal)

In Rock Chick: Feminized by the Band, a rock band finds themselves short of a bass player, but he may have just walked into the music store that Chelsea works at to try and shoplift a bass. The only problem is, Chelsea’s band Foxfire is exclusively female.

Being an all girl band has some advantages and they don’t want to mess it up for a bass player, so they come up with a unique solution to their problem, whether he likes it or not. The story is right on the edge between forced feminization and voluntary feminization. It definitely has a bit of sweetness to it and it's a classic rock and roll story.
So what's the problem?

I don’t let bad reviews bother me because with 200 books, people can generally see that I’ve written a lot of books with good reviews and will make up their own mind.

This story got a one star yesterday (the first day of launch) and it’s really bothering me. It was basically a four word review from somebody who seems to review only sentimental voluntary feminization books and was not the target audience for this book. 

It’s like thanks for trashing a new writer—is the problem that we have too many people writing books in our genre? She’s taking it in stride. As a musician I think she’s used to reviews of all stripes, but I edited the thing for her. It’s well-written and whether you love it or it’s meh comes down to personal taste, but it’s no one-star book.

So here's my offer to you. Please read the book and see if you like it. I'm pretty sure you will. If you really like it, please give it a good review to balance out the one-star one. If you agree with the reviewer and give it only one star you can let me know through email or in the comments and I will send you a free book of your choice with a list price of $5.99 or under. If you don't like a $2.99 book, you can actually get a $5.99 book. I believe in Pamela as a writer and I selfishly want her to write a lot more stories because I'm a forced feminization reader as well as a writer. She's got the fetish down, she writes very well, and she is improving in putting it all together.

Cassie and Cassandra: The Complete Domme and Her Mom

Where do dominant woman come from? In some cases they come from dominant moms. Cassie and her mother Cassandra King are a case in point. Cassie and Cassandra; The Complete Domme and Her Mom is their story.

When David and his mom move to California, he finds himself the target of Cassie’s attentions. She’s determined to turn him into the sissy slave that she’s always wanted.  When her mom finds out, he thinks he’s saved, but that’s not how things work in the King household. With her mom’s experience and guidance, Cassie intends to run him for Homecoming Queen.

It's really two stories in one.  First, you have the relationships between the mom, her daughter, the sissy, and a couple of other girls in their high school and then you have the whole Homecoming Queen campaign. I think this is definitely one of my better series. At 55,000 words it is full of female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, and all that good stuff. There’s even a bit of sweetness to it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Feminization Folio Volume 6 (Why Amazon Pissed me off this Week)

As you should know by now, I try and publish a new book every Friday.  In order to do that, I try and publish it on Amazon on Thursday afternoon figuring that Amazon will take awhile to get it approved and online.  I published Feminization Folio Volume 6 on Thursday afternoon and it took five days to publish.  I can't tell you how frustrating that is.

I love doing these collections because I really love it when people enjoy my stories and old stories are like old friends who never visit. Having new people enjoy them keeps them alive for me.  For those of you who really love my books, this is a great way to get a lot of them for a budget price. In this case, we're talking about something like 84,000 words for $9.99.  This volume contains:

1. Caught in the Act
2. Mean Girl Mafia
3. The Jaguar: Birth of a Predator
4. From Step-Brother to Sissy
5. From Step-Brother to French Maid
6. Cruise Ship Cuckolds
7. Cruise Ship Captives
8. Cruise Ship Consequences
9. Cruise Ship Conclusions
10. Feminized by his High School Bully
10. Marisol

There are a wide variety of stories from sweet and sensual to strict domination. Highlights include the entire Cruise Ship Cuckolds series as well as both Step-Brother books, and the origin of the feminizing vigilante The Jaguar. This book is a must have for lovers of female domination and forced feminization.