Monday, April 22, 2019

Amazon Ends Blocking of Feminized by his Fiancee 6

Well, it finally happened--took them long enough.  It definitely will hurt sales so I may just and I felt bad for Diane and Claudia who finished the book weeks ago and ended their series with a bang. It's now going to be buried on the new book list. However, I do know a lot of people have been enjoying this series and if you have, here's the ending. I think it wraps up all the plot points very nicely.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Bit about the Candy Apple Press Process

As I've had more writers come under the Candy Apple Press banner, I've thought a little about just how I go about creating these books. The first thing I do is I divide all of my stories into four categories.

Evil Domme: In these stories, the domme can be completely mean and not hold back because she could care less about how the sissy feels about what she's doing to him. (Feminized by his High School Bully, Feminized for his Inheritance).  The sissy may even grow to like it, but the domme doesn't care.

Wronged Domme: She's doing this to the sissy for revenge. He started it and she's finishing it. She holds back because she's usually a nice person (From Robert to Bobbi, Feminized by the Berto Street Girls).

Loving Domme: She's turning him into a sissy because it's what he needs or what they both need. (His Desire, Welcome to the Real World). It's not about humiliating or punishing him but helping hi explore a side of himself.

Strange Domme: The domme might not be strange, but the story is in a strange setting. It could be a western, science fiction, or swords and sorcery (The Good, The Bad, and The Sissy, The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey).

I try and cycle through these different types of stories and I give our other writers the same piece of advice. I don't want readers shocked when I go full tilt with an evil domme or turned off when the loving domme isn't as wicked as other types. The idea is to explore forced feminization from a bunch of different directions.

The Complete Rent-a-Sissy

I really enjoyed writing this series. I had been reading several stories about college freshmen and reflected on my own experiences. It's a different type of domination--it's not you'll do it because I tell you to as much as you'll do it because it's what's best for you and for me. Sydney looks at feminizing Tyler as a means to an end as much as anything. He just needs to earn the money to be the girl that she wants. As always, this collection is a money saver for those who want to read the whole series and would rather pay $5 than $12