Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?


What are you Doing New Years Eve?

"Oh, I like this. It's very slinky and extremely sexy. I'm glad you've got the curves for it, even if we had to buy you some of them," beamed Donna as she zipped her husband up. "Of course the hormones are really starting to give you some shape of your own."

"Do we have to go out tonight?" moaned David.

"Of course we do," she laughed smacking him lightly on his behind. "Now, go sit at the vanity."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I can't believe you'd want to skip a New Years Eve party," she snickered applying foundation to his hairless face. The electrolysis assured that he would be hairless.

"I just didn't want to be seen," he mumbled.

"Oh, nonsense. You got lucky last New Years Eve. Remember? Maybe you'll get lucky tonight, too. I bet Kevin is hoping to get lucky with you." She took a soft brush and dusted his face with powder until his complexion was flawless.

"K-Kevin?" he asked.

"Well, yes, silly. He's your date tonight. Remember how he covered for you when you were banging that waitress in our hotel room? I'm sure he'd love to recreate that night with him in her position...well actually, I suppose he'd have to be the guy if you have any kind of a tryst," she giggled.

"I thought you'd be my date," he said sheepishly.

"Oh, don't be silly," she laughed. "I already have a date. I like my men to be men. You understand, don't you?"
David was crushed. He was a real man or at least he used to be. It's not like he wanted her to feminize him. How could she reject him now, when she was the one that made him unmanly?

"Suck in your cheeks dear," she instructed, while she applied his blush. "Do you have a New Years resolution?"

"No, I haven't thought of one." He shrugged.

"I'm sure something will come to you. You know, I didn't have a resolution last year until I walked in on you and that waitress. I wonder if she'll be working tonight," pondered Donna. "I decided my resolution should be not to be a throw rug for an unappreciative asshole of a husband and that I would find a way to take charge of my life again."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he pleaded.

"Oh, I know you are. That seems like such a lifetime ago, doesn't it?" she asked rhetorically. "You used to own pants then.

Do you remember how you used to fight me when this all started?"

"I do," he muttered.

"Aw, don't pout. You just didn't know any better," she smiled, "but I taught you. How long did I have to keep you tied up before you begged me to shave off your body hair?"

"Eight hours, mistress," he answered.

"Was it eight?" she laughed, "Wow, it didn't really seem that long to me. Did it seem that long to you?"

"Yes, it did," he replied honestly.

"Well, that's water under the bridge, just like that time you tried to get physical with me. How'd that turn out for you?" she questioned him. She enjoyed getting him to admit his own humiliation at her hands.

"You put me over your knee and gave me a spanking." He cringed.

"Who knew that those self-defense classes I was taking would be so effective," she laughed. "Don't feel bad though. Aren't you happier not having to act like some big tough macho man all the time?"

"Yes, ma'am," he responded instinctively.

"And didn't your secretary just compliment you yesterday on how your man bag matched your shoes? I'm surprised to learn she had a pair of flats just like them. What are the odds? Anyway, I need you to look up so I can do your eyes," she commanded.

"I would like to be able to buy at least some of my outfits from the men's section again, just for work," he pleaded while complying with her request.

"Oh, nonsense, the stuff they sell in menswear is so boring. Don't your legs look great in that dress and those stockings? I bet Kevin can't wait to have them wrapped around him," she teased as she attacked his eyes with relish.

"Please don't make us do this," David pleaded.

"I'm sorry babe, but I'd hate to disappoint Maggie like that. She's been planning this as Kevin's big coming out party for some time now. She wasn't happy when she found out that he was covering for your infidelities and when she found out about his own trysts, that kind of sealed his fate," replied Donna.

"What do you mean by coming out party?" asked David.

"Oh, don't worry about it." She smiled. "Besides, when I have you blow my lovers, don't you always tell me that you're only attracted to women? I bet you'll like Kevin even better this way."

"He's dressing like a woman too?" Shuddered David.

"Oh don't be jealous my little sissy. I'm sure you'll still be the belle of the ball," she mocked. "Now pucker up."

As she applied the lipstick to her husband's lips, Donna felt a sense of power that was truly exhilarating and addictive. If her date were here already, she'd probably throw him on the bed and ravage him right then and there. David did everything he could to keep from crying.

"Oh, and don't worry about your chastity tonight, I'm taking it off before we go so that you and Kevin can enjoy yourselves. My date is footing the bill for a suite with three bedrooms for all of us at the hotel. Even better, he's set video equipment up in your room so we can watch all the action at our leisure later on," she cooed.

"No." David started to cover his head with his hands, but Donna quickly slapped aside his wrists.

"Do not mess up your makeup, David. I would be very unhappy," she announced. "There will be plenty of action to watch, won't there?"

"Y-yes ma'am," he stammered as she brushed out his long hair and clasped a strand of pearls around his neck.

After a final spritzing of perfume, the couple made their way to the living room to await the arrival of their dates. Donna and Maggie were greeted by two clearly alpha males; they were tall, muscular, and good looking. They each owned their own company and made more money in a month than David or Kevin made in a year. They confidently took their dates in their arms and kissed them with an intense passion that swept them off their feet.

Donna and Maggie then looked expectantly at Kevin and David, who were also required to kiss each other with passion. Their lipsticked mouths rubbed against each other as their tongues invaded their best friend's mouth. David stared at Kevin intently. He was a far better looking woman that he would have thought, in his sequined red dress and sophisticated updo. They held hands as their wives sneered in satisfaction at the sissified friends turned lovers and thought to themselves, <em>What a difference a year makes</em>.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Cuckysitter


I took a little break from the Sam series to write a one shot story called The Cuckysitter.  I hope you'll give it a chance, especially if you enjoy stories of cuckolding as well as feminization. 

When a college girl desperate for money turns to babysitting to make ends meet, an odd phone call changes her life for ever. Now she finds herself with the smallest of niche businesses babysitting cuckolded men while their wives spend the evening in the embrace of their new lovers. She enters a world of cuckolding, female domination, bondage, and forced feminization and she takes to it like nothing she's ever experienced in this steamy new short story.

"I am free tonight. My fee is $15 per hour. How many would I be sitting for?"
"Only one."
"And how old?" I asked.
"He's thirty-eight," she replied.
"Excuse me?" I replied after a stunned pause.
"It's not for a child, it's my husband."
"Is he disabled or something? I have no nursing training."
"No, he's fine. I just have a date tonight and I don't want to leave him home alone."
"I'm sorry," I said trying to remain professional despite my shock. "I don't think I'm what you're looking for."
"I'll double your rate."
"I don't know you and...this just seems strange. I'm sorry," I replied, though to be honest I was more creeped out than sorry.
"I'll triple your rate...actually, no I'll pay you $50 per hour for six hours. That's $300," she pleaded.
"I don't understand," I said. "If you're married, why are you going on a date?"
"My husband doesn't satisfy me...not that way anyway. He's my best friend, a great breadwinner. I'm lucky to have him, but he's hung like a tadpole. We talked it over and we decided that I should get my sexual needs met elsewhere."
I was glad that she couldn't see me over the phone. I wasn't exactly a virgin, but at eighteen I was definitely virginal. I was naive about sexual matters, and had never heard of hot wives or open marriage. I felt insulted, and stuttered in surprise, "I'm not a...not a...prostitute."
"Oh no, it's nothing like that," she reassured me.
"Well...what would I have to do?" Damn I needed the money, and if I didn't have to do anything gross....
"Just like normal baby sitting. If you could keep him company during my date, that would be all I'd need from you."

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grounded in Heels 2

With my apologies to Star Wars fans, this holiday's most highly anticipated sequel at my house was Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels 2.  I eagerly devoured the book in 2 days and then found myself unsure of my own feelings towards it and thus unable to review it.

In the past, I have made no bones about the fact that I thought that Grounded in Heels was the finest feminization eBook that has ever been published.  It was one of the books that made me consider going down the path of an author myself.  Ann and I write in the same genre. We both write feminization stories that are heavy on plot rather than just steamy erotic scenes.  Her stories are longer than mine usually, but when I look at the books that people who bought Grounded in Heels 2 also purchased, my name is all over that list.  In fact, 15 of my books are on that list.

The same is true of people who buy my books reading Ann Michelle's material.  We're both playing in the same ballpark and I really like Ann both as a writer and as an online friend who is always dishing out some helpful words of advice or encouragement. I love other authors like Alyssa Paige, Crystals Summers, Dominique Silk, and Domina Dixon, but Ann would definitely be in the first class of the Forced Feminization Hall of Fame if I got a vote.

Grounded in Heels 2 is a satisfying conclusion to the first book.  Sam, Diane, and Tracy are back and if anything Sam's predicament has been heightened, Diane is more evil than ever, and Tracy motivations become even more clear.  It ended in a way that was neither cliched  nor underwhelming. If placed directly on the end of the original Grounded in Heels, I think we have a wonderful novel of forced feminization worthy of a solid five stars, no questions asked.

The question, however, becomes why do we right erotica.  I found Grounded in Heels to be incredibly rich in erotic humiliation.  Sam was squirming through every step of his feminization and so many scenes were exciting to read.  Grounded in Heels 2 may well be a superior story, but it lacked some of the erotic punch of the first book.  As an author of these kind of books, I've found myself in exactly that same place where a story is very written and I feel very satisfying, but when I reflect, I realize it's more of a short story than erotica. 

There are still some great scenes in this story.  I particularly enjoyed Sam's date.  However, I find this book a heard one to summarize in a star writing.  I'd give it five stars for the story itself and the way it expands on the plot of the first book, but I'd only give it four stars for it's erotic content.  I still feel this one is a must buy, especially if like me you loved the first one.  Now, I only hope that in Star Wars fashion, Diane's daughter will someday torment Sam's son in a future book,.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sam's Date

The third book in the Sam series was released overnight and it's the payoff for the first part of the story.  In Sam's Halloween, he was trapped by his sister and her friends.  In Sam's Shopping Trip they dragged him to the mall.  Now, they're ready to really have some fun with their feminized pet by making him go through with the date he was forced to agree to with his high school's quarterback.  

Of course, Sam's step-sister is along on the double date to keep him out of trouble and to enjoy watching him squirm in discomfort as the star athlete takes him out for a romantic evening and a night of dancing. This is sure to be a night that Sam will never forget.

In the Sam's Date series, I'm really not trying to break any new ground.  Instead, I'm simply trying to tell a very simple story of forced feminization at the hands of a wicked step-sister and her friends.  It's a very simple plot, but it's one that I am allowing myself extra time to describe and explore.

"What do you think you're doing, Sam?" Alexis shouted at me.
"What? I'm out on a date with a guy, for Christ's sake," I replied annoyed.
"You're out on a date with a guy who is going to be shelling out over $100 for your part of this meal. Do you think he's paying for polite conversation?" She snapped.
"No, I guess not, but what am I supposed to do?"
"Kiss him, pet him, show him a good time. Give him something in return."
"I can't do that. I'm not gay."
"What does that have to do with anything?" she gave me a puzzled look.
"Hello, if I'm not gay why would I be flirting and making out with another guy?"
"Well maybe because you know what will happen to you if you don’t!"
"Why, what are you going to do?"
“Let’s not go there again, the possibilities are practically endless. You know I have so much stuff on you little sister, I can very easily ruin you, your reputation, your whole life. Then if I were to let slip something to Ryan, probably your health, definitely your face. Look, I don’t want to keep repeating this same discussion with you every time you don't want to do something I tell you to. It should be very apparent to you by this point that you want... no, actually you need to keep me and my friends very happy. You can do that by doing what we’ve told you, exactly what we’ve told you. If you don't? Well, that’s up to you I suppose.” She spoke quietly, clearly and very ominously.
“And what would he do to you? You set all this up, claiming I was your cousin!” I retorted desperately.
“Much as he wouldn’t get rough with you while he thinks you are a girl, I really don’t see him holding back much when he finds out you’re just a sissy boy, do you? As for me, I was still a girl the last time I looked. So although he may be upset with me, he probably won’t rearrange my face.”
She was right and I knew it. She had me and there was nothing I could do.
"So, what do you want me to do,” I capitulated. “I've already kissed him and everything."
"Oh you'll be kissing him a lot more and much better than that. When we get back out there start by holding his hand."
"Okay," I said dubiously.
"And you’d better start to show some real enthusiasm, rub your legs against his under the table, lean into him more and for Christ’s sake look at him! Oh, and stop talking to Joey, he’s not your date."
“What about Joey? What are you giving him for your $100 meal?” I sniped.
“None of your business! And you’ll pay for that later.” She retorted.
"Fine," I sulked. "Don't you have to go to the bathroom?"
"We just did," she replied. "Now touch up your makeup and no more backchat!"
After we’d touched up and checked each other we walked back out to the boys at the table. I noticed a lot of guys in the restaurant, some much older, checking us out as we did. As if reading my mind, Alexis whispered to me, "I'm wearing pants. It's you they're staring at."