Monday, June 25, 2018

She Stole my Wife

I don't consider this a two part story as much as a story with a sequel. In She Stole my Manhood, a rivalry with a new hire named Samantha costs Mark his job.  In She Stole my Wife, that rivalry costs him his wife. Still, there are about six months between the two stories and they don't connect together like one story.

In this part, Mark's now stuck working at a little insurance office in a mini mall as he licks his wounds. One day his wife arranges a dinner with her workout buddy from the gym. Mark is shocked to find it's the same woman who took his job. Now she wants to take his wife and leave him as their crossdressed and cuckolded sissy maid.

[There was a problem with the editing process.  I uploaded the wrong file and didn't catch it.  The properly edited file is now up]

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Complete Stocking Syndrome

So, Amazon has a glitch.  As a result my newest book She Stole my Manhood is selling great in other countries, but is totally invisible in the U.S.  This is a huge problem because I have a sequel coming out next week and I certainly don't want the sequel to come out before the original.  In deciding what to do, it occurred to me that I have not put both volumes of Stocking Syndrome together in one book as I like to do.

Stocking Syndrome was one of my favorite books to write because I brought back characters from so many books.  You never have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one, but if you're a fan it's fun to see how some of your favorite old characters are doing.

There's also a nice little psychological thriller going on beneath the surface. Set against the backdrop of a group therapy session for victims of forced feminization, Stocking Syndrome explores the nature of forced feminization in a deeper way than I have in a long time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

She Stole my Manhood

I'm trying to write more standalone stories.  This one was supposed to be one, but it wound up with two parts.  The first one is called She Stole me Manhood and the second one which is out next week is called She Stole my Wife.

The problem is, I'm not seeing the book anywhere online.  No search of Amazon is turning it up and this is frustrating me to no end. Fortunately, through my third party sales tracking app, I can get a link to the story, which can be found here.

Sometimes work rivalries can get a bit heated, but when Mark embarrasses his coworker with a pornographic picture, he goes to far. She takes her time to set up the perfect revenge at a business convention. This skilled manipulatrix knows how to humiliate a man and put him on his knees under her thumb. This 7,000 word story contains feminization, humiliation, female domination, and forced bi. It is intended for mature audiences.

[Update: An Amazon glitch has made this book unsearchable in the Unite States. You can find it by following the link on this page.]

Monday, June 4, 2018

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Feminization Folio 3

107,000 words! The third Feminization Folio is out and it's the biggest one yet. Aside from length, these are some of the absolute most popular books that I have ever written. If you look at the reviews that stories like French Exchange, Convention Feminization, and Thirty-Two Flavors have gotten and you can see that this is a very solid grouping.

The idea for the folios is to give a price break to the readers who have discovered my writing recently and see this massive back list of books. Instead of spending $30 to get ten of my books, you can get ten for less than $10.

For me, it's a lot of fun to see how I've grown as a writer. I see each volume develops a theme even though the books were selected purely chronologically. This series seems to feature corporate books and cruel payback type books. As always, the folio is grace by an original cover by Annabelle Brito.
Included in this collection are:

After the Ordeal
Trial of a Feminizer
High Heeled Coup
Thirty-Two Flavors (With Alyssa Paige and Mindi Harris)
Convention Feminization 1
Convention Feminization 2
French Exchange.