Sunday, November 30, 2014

Help! I'm Addicted to Stock Photos

All my life, I've struggled with anything artistic.  I draw at about the same level as a below average eight year old, my penmanship sucks, and my poor fine motor skills made it take about twice as long to learn to do my own makeup as it took Nicole.  I do not think this is the reason that I am selling eBooks instead of operating on people, however.

On the day before Thanksgiving, I did something different.  I've always bought stock photos for my books from sites using credits.  When you do that, the few pictures you use in a cover, the better.  This time, I took advantage of a Black Friday sale and I bought a month subscription to Deposit Photo.  Now, I get 5 pictures every day and if I don't use them, they go to waste.  The result is the covers that I posted.   Now, there's some obvious duplication.  I really doubt that I need three reunion stories for instance.  However, it's been interesting to play with and I do feel that I've gotten a lot better as a cover artist.  Some of these covers actually look like book covers. 

Since a striking book cover is key to selling an eBook, I must ask if any of these covers particularly appeal to you.  Let me know if there's one or two that jump out.  If so, I'll make sure that I find a book to use the cover on.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fact and Fiction

The book I am currently working on is the last installment of Welcome to College.  It will hopefully be out in about a month with a book I had called Breaking the Billionaire and a rewritten version of the story I posted on this blog coming out next. 

I'm finding it difficult to delve into my past again because now that I've been writing fiction for awhile, I realize that real life doesn't actually follow a nice plot outline.  Things that were meaningful to me at the time, might not be as interesting for somebody reading it now.  This is also a period with a lot of confusion in my mind about the whole feminization thing.  I have realized that what happened in college was pretty awesome, but I also am unsure how to proceed going forward.  There's some definite pain in the book, but also joy. 

I also know I'm going to have a very harsh critic when Deanna reads my writeup of her bachelorette party and wedding.  I'm proud of the first nine Welcome to College books and I hope that this absolutely  last book in the series lives up to the others.  It's just weird to write from a personal place again. 

By the way, which cover do you like?  I can't decide myself.  

Sales have been booming for me in the UK and outside the US for some reason.  I've already set my all-time UK sales mark by almost 10% and I've hit my all-time best for non-UK or US countries.  The problem is my sales in America are sucking.  I will probably have my lowest sales totals in the US since July and that's counting borrows as sales.  If I don't do that, it'll be my lowest month since July.  I guess that makes it a wash, but I'm very confused by this sudden change. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Wrapped

I love Christmas Specials.  I can't help it, no matter how maudlin or sentimental they may be, Christmas always fills me with joy and hope even if it's totally irrational and I need to block out reality to invibe on those emotions.  From The Year without a Santa Claus, to It's a Wonderful Life, to Rudolph, I love my Christmas specials.

I also learned firsthand how humiliating Christmas can be for a sissy.  Early on in my first Christmas celebration at college before we left for break, I learned that not only would the mistresses be giving me girlish gifts, but that the only acceptable response was gushing.  Sentiments like "Oh stiletto heels, how did you know?" and "You know how much I love Victoria's Secret" freely left my lips as I opened one embarrassing present after another.  Sophomore year was probably the toughest because it was my first Christmas with Sheila participating and she regifted me a dildo for the holiday.  I dropped it like it was a snake, but then recovered enough to at least try and act enthused.

Gift Wrapped is a collection of four short stories from me centered around forced feminization and the holidays.  Sissy Under Wraps is actually a 6,000 word story on its own.  The other three are shorter tales with the same theme.

Four exciting brand new short stories of erotic holiday forced feminization designed to bring out your Christmas spirit and warm those cold winter nights.  With 12,500 words of sissification, bondage, humiliation, and female domination there's something for everybody.

Sissy Under Wraps is the story of an inconsiderate guy, a jilted girl, and her friends who decide to give her the best Christmas gift ever.

Anna and Tala are lovers who are also both very dominant women.  As Christmas approaches, they both find themselves short on money and want to get just the perfect gift for each other in Regift of the Magi.

In the Christmas Pageant, Jerry has been mercilessly teasing his older sister about performing with the dance team at the annual Christmas show.  Now the big night has come and he can't wait to laugh at his sister and her friends in their ridiculous costumes.

A year ago, David cheated on his wife at a New Years Eve party at a fancy hotel.  His best friend tried to help him cover it up.  Tonight they learn what a difference a year makes in What are You doing New Years Eve.

Here's an excerpt from the story called Sissy Under Wraps.  I think you'll see why I called it that:

The ride to Katie's house was very quiet.  Jack had a lot of questions about what they were going to do with him and where they were going, but he felt opening his mouth meant taking a very real chance of being stuffed into the trunk so he bit his tongue.  When he saw that the car was going to Katie's house, he was relieved that he wasn't about to be abandoned in the woods, but terrified of having her see him like this.
"That's right bitch.  You'll be Katie's Christmas surprise," laughed Sharon, as if reading his thoughts.
"What?  I can't let her see me like this," protested Jack.
"Aw, don't worry.  We'll keep you under wraps," teased Angie.  He didn't know what was so funny, but all the girls laughed like she had just told the funniest joke in the world.  This scared him.
When the car pulled to a stop in front of Katie's, Jack was relieved to find that there were no lights on.  His transformation had taken a while and it was getting close to eleven at night.  She was either out or sleeping. 
"Out you go," said Jen holding up the remote control for his electrified cock cage.
Jack stepped out into the cold night air, very conscious of the cold night air whipping under the short skirt of his outfit.  Rachel and Jen roughly herded him towards the stairs, while Angie opened the door with the spare key that Katie had given her soon after moving in.  Sharon also entered her arms full of wrapping paper.
"I assume Katie's upstairs sleeping.  Let's keep it quiet. Why don't you get started on the present." Angie motioned to Jen and Rachel.  "Sharon and I will get the box from the basement."
"Sure, I'm quite good at wrapping," assured Rachel.
Jen grabbed Jack's hands and pinned them together behind his back, where Rachel proceeded to wind a clothesline through them.  She cinched the ropes tightly before declaring herself finished.
"Hey, I've been cooperating," complained Jack bitterly.
Jen went into the bathroom and returned, after a brief stop at the hamper, with a pair of Katie's dirty panties.  She walked deliberately towards Jack and pointing the remote at him, told him to open his mouth.  Reluctantly, he complied and she shoved the purple boy shorts in Jack's mouth.   Rachel handed her a gigantic candy cane from the bag of supplies.  The candy cane had cost her almost $10 and was eighteen inches long and two inches in diameter.  Taking a piece of festive red ribbon, she secured the candy cane across Jack's mouth, trapping the panties inside and effectively silencing him.  It was unlikely such a thick candy cane would break and the panties stopped him from being able to lick it, which would have been a tedious and futile task anyway.
"That looks great," said Rachel.  "It's like visions of sugar plums dancing in her cute little head."
Sharon and Angie returned with a huge cardboard box that had once held Katie's new washing machine.  It was a not a flimsy box by any means.  The cardboard was very thick and it was held together by staples.  Rachel and Jen finished securing Jack's ankles together and placing him in a kneeling hog tie.  Sharon rolled out a huge amount of wrapping paper and they turned over the box so it was lying on its side.  After Angie threw two pillows from the couch to the bottom of the box,   she turned to Jack and said, "Get in."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcome to College News

I am 2,000 words into Welcome to College X, which could be called the end of the material.  I hinted at the end of the last Welcome to College book that after graduation we had one more experience dressing as girls and that was at Deanna's wedding.  If you enjoyed the first series, you'll see old characters again and a few new ones as well, as Kylie and Nicole go to a wedding with their mistresses.  It's been three years since dressing and meeting the expectations of the girls is not easy.

In the new year, I will be releasing Welcome to the Real World, which will be a fictitious series about Kylie's fiancee discovering his past a decade after college.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Finally, I have decided to take the Welcome to College anthologies off of Kindle select, but not the actual Welcome to College books.  The reason is that Amazon is paying $1.33 per borrow.  If you borrow the two anthologies, I make $2.66.  If you borrow the 9 books individually, I make just under $12.  That's a big difference for me without costing any customer more money. 

I hope you're having a great weekend.  My Christmas book is going to be coming out sometime on Friday.  It's called Gift Wrapped and I think you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Girl Gang Triumphant
When we last left Wesley, he had been rescued from the Insane Royals by the Banshees street gang that had previously done so much to destroy his life.  It was after all, Laura and her former gang who had feminized him, humiliated him, made him a cock sucker, put his life in danger, got him fired from his job, and cuckolded in his marriage.  Now, he probably owes them his life.

The Banshees are in deep trouble.  As street gangs go, they have less than twenty unarmed members who joined together for self-protection.  The Insane Royals are a criminal organization with 10,000 members who are out for blood, since Wesley nearly gelded their leader.

Wesley again finds himself the subject of Marisol's scorn and is promptly tied tightly to a chair in his hotel room.  Can the Banshees survive the threat of the Royals?  Can Wesley survive close proximity with Marisol?  Well, now that would be telling.

This simple two part erotica has evolved into a four part erotic thriller that brings the Banshees street gang to the backwoods of the neighbor state and face to face with outlaw bikers.  Wesley's forced feminization takes a dark turn as he's forced to pleasure more men than he would have ever thought possible and work as a pole dancer.   Girl Gang Triumphant is not for everyone.  It's forced feminization at its most brutal, but it's also a great ride full of thrills both erotic and otherwise.

"Wesley, you're our best chance of pulling this off.  We need you to do this," coaxed Laura.
"He'll do it.  I'll get him ready," assured Julia from the kitchen doorway.  She had returned with the groceries and was taking the girls' side against her own husband.
"Thanks Julia," smiled Laura.  Wesley shot daggers at his wife.  She had betrayed him yet again.  First was the cuckolding and now she was volunteering to do who knows what with the bikers.
"Come with me Wesley.  Let's get you ready," ordered Julia after she handed off her groceries to Rebecca.  Wesley was about to tell her off, but Marisol got up very close to him and gave him a look that made him think twice.  He meekly followed his wife into one of the bedrooms.
"Why did you do that?  Do you have any idea what will happen if those bikers find out I'm a guy or what I'll have to do to make sure that they don't?" demanded Wesley.
"I did it because you owe each and every one of those girls.  They put themselves in the crosshairs for you and if that means you have to kiss a couple of bikers to get them out of it, so be it," responded Julia sternly.
"Those bikers will want more than kissing."
"So? Grow the fuck up, Wesley.  It's nothing you haven't done a lot of already."
"But..." stammered Wesley.  Tears welled up in his eyes and he found himself unable to make a sound.
"Wesley, we've all lost something here.  The Royals killed Niko.  This isn't going to get better unless we all make some sacrifices.  Dry your tears and hold your head up high.  You're a survivor Wesley and all of those girls are counting on you."
"Okay," nodded Wesley. "I'm sorry about Niko."
"Me too," sighed Julia as she went over Wesley's eye makeup. "I really cared for him, but mostly it was just sex for both of us.  I'm sure that I'll be able to find someone to scratch that itch.  I'm still in shock that they killed him like that.  He didn't deserve it."
"No, I guess not," sighed Wesley deflated.
"We really need to teach you how to do this better yourself," suggested Julia stepping back to admire her work.
"That won't be necessary.  This is my last time dressing like this."
"I wouldn't bet on that," giggled Julia.
"It is," insisted Wesley.
"Are you suddenly growing a pair now?" chuckled Julia.  "What happens if Laura or Marisol decides you should be in panties?  What happens if I decide it?"
"You?  Why would you do that?"
"Aw Princess, I still love you, but more like a girlfriend than like a husband.  I think I prefer you in skirts.  It'll be less intimidating for any guys I bring home if you're mincing around serving us in heels, fixing your heavy makeup in the mirror, and serving us as a French maid.  They won't see you as any kind of threat and then it won't seem strange for them to fuck me."
"Julia, I can't do that, I'm your husband," he sobbed.
"Oh that ship sailed long ago, sweetie.  Now pucker up." Julia unscrewed the cap off of a tube of candy apple red lipstick and applied it to Wesley's lips, "Would you look at those lips.  They're just perfect for cock now."
"I-I won't do it," stammered Wesley.
"You don't have a choice.  Don't be silly.  Now, take off your skirt and blouse.  I think I found a few things more appropriate," commanded Julia. "They had a lot of old clothes in one of the closets that should fit you perfectly."
Glumly, Wesley complied with Julia's instructions.  She helped him into a tight white lace crop top that showed his curves to perfection and a ridiculously tiny pair of denim short shorts.  With his women's leather jacket, sexy boots, and lingerie he looked the part of trashy biker babe.

Girl Gang Triumphant is available at Amazon.

The Girls Washroom Part 5 (Conclusion)

Eric could only inch his way forward with the mermaid tail and the ropes that Brandy had tied holding his ankles together close.  By this time, the glue had surely set so even if he could somehow reach the scissors, he would not be able to undo it.  The ridiculous act of inching himself along the ground was further hindered by the heavily decorated handcuffs, which held his wrists too close together to really get the leverage to push himself very far.  The cuffs looked silly with all the seashells, but they were most definitely real police style handcuffs that would be impossible to wiggle out of.

Moving to the supply closet in the back of his room, where he wouldn't be visible to anybody passing to the hallway, Mr. Watkins put down a large pink striped shopping bag. He put his hands in his head and could see his career flashing before his eyes.  It would be terrible enough to be out of his job before he was twenty-four years old, but even worse because it would surely be all over the newspapers and television.

Tricia drove the mile to Eric's house in record time.  Every moment would count here.  On the way, Allie placed one of the pictures of Eric kissing Charlie that she had printed out from her phone inside a mermaid themed picture frame.

"That'll be perfect for his nightstand," she smiled.

"We have a lot to do.  I don't even know how we're going to get the bed outside," confided Star.

"Oh, I think I have an idea," said Allie pointing out four athletic college aged guys playing basketball in the street.

"Nice," said Brandy.

"Can you help us with something guys?" asked Tricia as she stopped the car.  "My little cousin loves mermaids and we're decorating her room, but we need one bed taken out and another put in its place.  Can you help us?"

"I thought the Kumanoupas family lives there," said one of the players suspiciously. "Isn't Emily a little old for mermaids?"

"Right," agreed Tricia, "my cousin...uhm Ariel is going to be moving in for the summer."

Looking up at the three beautiful girls, the guys had no choice, but to give into their biological urges to serve them.  They happily helped the girls move all of the mermaid stuff from Star's SUV into the house and to move corresponding items out of Eric's room.

"Wow, your cousin must really love mermaids," noted one of the guys.

"Oh yeah, she has a mermaid tail costume and everything," responded Allie.

"Are you sure you want us to just haul the dresser out to your car.  It's still all full of clothes," asked a puzzled basketball player moving half the dresser.

"Yeah, they're old boy clothes.  Our cousin won't be needing those with all the pretty things she has to wear now," replied Brandy.

As the players went back to resume their game after being thanked with smiles and hugs from the girls, the conspirators began their part in the redecoration.  Allie began going through his bedroom and bathroom changing small things.  She put the picture on the night stand, replaced his toothbrush with a mermaid one and replaced his lampshades. 

At the same time, Brandy was loading his new mermaid themed dresser with a wide variety of the lingerie that they would expect him to wear to school for the rest of the school year as well as a pink mermaid sleep shirt for bed time.     

Tricia meanwhile went straight to his computer.  She gave his desktop a mermaid thing and then hacked into his social media accounts.  It was nice of him to have his passwords saved.  Not having to hack them sure saved time on her end.  Unfortunately, for Eric she was changing his passwords as she went after changing his avatar and screen name and posting the pictures from this afternoon's adventures. 

The last thing she did was to install a program she had written based on a rather common virus.  This one would play sissy porn at random intervals while the computer was on.  She laughed thinking of how awkward it could be for him before he realized that he had a virus. 

Together, the girls strung up a cargo net, which they filled with stuffed animals appropriate for life under the sea.  A stuffed crab, starfish, and blowfish were left for the bed.  Once the girls had finished placing the appropriate sheets, pillowcases, and comforter on the new oyster shaped bed, they had a room fit for any nine year old girl who was obsessed with mermaids.

"It's a shame we don't have time to paint it a nice pink, maybe with some starfishes," said Allie.

"Maybe next time his parents go out of time," smiled Tricia.

"Hello?  Eric, is that you?" called the girl's voice from downstairs.

"Oh shit! I bet that's Emily," said Brandy in hushed tones.  "What do we do?"

"We're screwed," said Tricia.

"Hey, is that Emily?" called Allie who used the same friendly voice she used with her nieces and cousins.

"Who are you?" called the girl from downstairs.  "What are you doing here?"

"We know your brother from school," said Allie wincing as she heard the girl climbing the stairs.

"Are you friends of his?" asked Emily from the landing.

"Not exactly," said Allie finally able to make eye contact. "We know him though.  You're his little sister, right?"

"Yeah," she said. "You don't look like a burglar.  Where's Eric?"

"He's still at school I think.  How old are you?"

"I'm twelve," she responded.  "What's with all the questions?"
"We did some things Eric isn't going to like," said Allie opening the door and showing Emily the room.  

"Oh wow!  He's going to flip," said Emily opening the door.

"These are my friends Brandy and Tricia," said Allie warmly.  "Eric picked on my little sister and Brandy's brother.  He's not very big, but he likes to be a bully."

"Yeah, he's broken my toys on purpose and he'll hold me down and tease me," sighed Emily ruefully.

"Would you like to get back at him?  You could help us," asked Brandy warmly.

"Yeah," smiled Emily.  "You mean the room?  What's left to do?"

"Well, can you tell your mom and dad that he did it himself?" asked Allie.

"My parents would never believe me.  That'd be really weird for Eric," replied Emily.

"Do you follow him on Facebook? If you check out his page, you'll find some posts bragging about how he's going to make his room the way he always wanted it," smiled Tricia.

"Hmm, I might be able to convince them with that," said Emily giggling.

"This is for Eric," said Allie handing the little sister an emerald green backpack with a mermaid embroidered on the back.  "Can you tell him, he's to carry this to school everyday and start using the notebooks and pens inside?"

"Yeah, that's great," said Emily beside herself with laughter.

"Tell here there's a handcuff key inside the side pouch as well as acetone for the zipper," added Allie.

"Handcuffs?" asked Emily wide-eyed.

"Yeah," smiled Brandy. "Also, feel free to call him Ariel. That's Eric's new name."

"This is so sweet!" said Emily excitedly, but then changing expression shook her head saying, "If I called him that, he'd beat the crap out of me."

"Emily, tell your mermaid of a brother that if he so much as looks at you funny, you will tell us and what we did to him will be nothing compared to what we'd do to him," said Allie.

"In fact, tell him that if he disobeys you in any way, whether it's cleaning your room, putting on fashion shows to amuse you and your friends, doing your chores, or driving you to the mall, we will hear about it and he'll regret it," said Brandy.

"Oh wow!  Thanks," said Emily.

Emily hugged her new friends and they parted laughing.  They decided to go hang out at Tricia's place until Ashleigh called them.


Ashleigh snapped another picture with her cell phone.  She had so many great shots already from her position in the front row of his Spanish class room.  On all fours on top of his desk was Craig Watkins.  Craig wore a glamour length blonde wig and was clad in baby blue baby doll with lacey white frill.  He had removed his body hair in the supply closet, while he waited for Ashleigh and his now smooth legs were encased in baby blue fishnets that were attached by a matching garter belt under his g-string panties visible now beneath the white ruffled bottom of his baby doll.   His heavily lipsticked mouth smiled for the camera.

"Good girl.  Now put your left leg up in the air behind you," ordered Ashleigh.

"Don't you have enough pictures?  Someone is going to this," whined Mr. Watkins.

"Cynthia!" snapped Ashleigh giving her teacher's ass three hard strikes with his yardstick. "When I give you an order, I expect it carried out.  Not questioned."

"I'm sorry, Mistress Ashleigh.  It won't happen again," he sniveled.

"See that it doesn't.  Besides, if a janitor walks in on us or something, I'm sure you can come to an understanding with him.  Who doesn't want free blow jobs," teased Ashleigh.


The half dozen freshmen girls on their bikes were startled by the car horn.  Looking back, they couldn't get a clear view through the windshield, but it was pretty clear the blonde woman in the Chrysler Grand Voyager meant business.  They were only having fun teasing the boy who was dressed like a mermaid as he crawled through the parking lot, but somehow they knew the dean wouldn't see it as harmless.  They decided to speed off on their bikes.

A few moments later, Craig Watkins stepped out of his car and bent over to help his feminized student to his feet and into the back seat of his 4x4.  The big tail made it quite a challenge to fit him in even a big vehicle.

"Why are you dressed like that, Mr. Watkins?" asked Eric so ashamed of his own predicament that he hadn't even asked until he was safely inside and being driven home.

"The same reason you are, Eric.  Ashleigh left me my keys and took my clothes and my wallet," sighed Mr. Watkins.

"Why do they do these things?"

"It's what girls like that do.  Do you know about the farmer and the viper?"

"No, I don't think so," responded Eric.

"It's a really cold winter and this farmer is outside and he finds a poisonous viper.  He sees the poor thing shivering and he puts it under his coat to warm it up.  The warmth of the coat revives the viper that then bites the farmer who rescued him and kills him."

"So we're the farmers?"

"Heigh-ho, the derry-o, kid."

"That sucks...I mean stinks.  So what do we do, Mr. Watkins?"

"We try stay out of the viper's way. You had a really bad experience, but it's all over now. I just have to live under their thumbs for about a month," he replied reassuring himself as much as Eric.  "Then this will be over like a bad dream.  You're going away to college, right?"

"Yes, I got accepted into DuPont."

"Excellent," smiled Mister Watkins as he parked the car in front of Eric's place with thirty-five minutes to spare before his parents were due home.  "It'll be better.  It's not like they'd let away with letting girls dress up and humiliate guys at a prestigious school like DuPont College."

"I guess not," agreed Eric as Mr. Watkins hoisted him from the truck and carried him up to his front porch.

"Oh no, Eric!" cried Emily as she held the door open for her brother and his lingerie clad teacher.

"It's not what it looks like," said Mr. Watkins trying to be reassuring.  "Is there anything else I can do, Eric?"

"I've got him," replied Emily. "I hope I have you when I get to high school.  You look very pretty."

Craig Watkins blushed, shaking his head and sighing as he headed back to his 4x4.  He just wanted to get home and put some clothes on before he practiced his makeup application as Mistress Ashleigh had demanded.

Inside the house, a panicked Eric set about trying to figure out how to get free and hide the evidence from mom and dad, "Emily, I need to get out of this crap before mom and dad get home.  You need to go into dad's workshop and get something that can cut me out of these handcuffs."

Emily smiled and just shook her head.   

"I warn you.  I will beat the living tar out of you if you don't get me something to remove these handcuffs!"

"Brother dear, we need to have a little chat," smirked Emily looking down at her older brother.  

The End

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Girls Washroom Part 4

"What is your schedule like this afternoon, Ariel?" asked Brandy.

"Oh God, don't make me do this," he pleaded.

"Schedule," demanded Brandy firmly.

"I have Spanish, but it started like fifteen minutes ago and then I have advanced biology," he replied timidly.

"I know you have advanced biology.  Allie and I are in there with you," sighed Brandy as she rolled her eyes.

"Trish is in that Spanish class.  I'll text her and tell her to expect Ariel," said Allie.

"Great," said Ashleigh, "This day is really picking up."

"Hey, who is the redhead?" asked Charlie Burns.  Charlie was a junior who was always hitting on the girls, but he was harmless enough.

"Want a kiss, Charlie?" asked Ashleigh.
"Wait, what's the catch?" he asked.  You girls never even talk to me.

"Well, the redhead is Ariel.  She's new here," said Brandy. "We want to show her a good time and she's up for anything."

"She looks scared," said Charlie.

"She's just not used to meeting all these new people.  Do you want a kiss or not?" snapped Allie.

"Ok," said Charlie. "This is awesome."

"Be sure to kiss him back," whispered Ashleigh elbowing Eric in the ribs to let him know she was serious, but all Eric could do was stand motionless while the boy approached him and kissed him deeply on the lips.  Hesitantly, he returned the kiss as Allie and Brandy snapped a couple of quick pictures on their phones.

"That was awesome.  I want your number," said Charlie as he raced away, "but I'm late for study hall."

"Aw, that was so romantic," smiled Allie. 

"OK, off to class you go, dollface," ordered Brandy.   As Eric clumsily minced down the hall, Brandy took Eric's clothes to her locker and secured them away.

Eric looked with puppy dog eyes for sympathy, but finding none, he minced towards his biology class.  He was unsteady having never worn heels before, but somehow he made it despite a lot of stares and giggling from passing students.  He threw open the door to class and soon every eye in the class was on him.  It didn't take long for the observant students to realize that they were looking at their male classmate Eric Kumanoupas.

"Ariel, over here," waved Trish with mock enthusiasm.  She was friends with Allie, Brandy, and Ashleigh and just as dangerous, thought Eric.  Unfortunately, he had no other choice, but to take the open seat at her lab table as every other seat seemed to be filled with one of the students laughing at him.  Like her friends, Trish was one of the hottest girls in the school.  Her family was among the wealthiest in the district, but that did nothing to tame her reputation as a wild child.  She was also a very unlikely computer wiz, who had gotten a reputation for hacking before she was 15.

Trish had already started a lab and was showing Ariel what to do.  As he grabbed a forceps, she couldn't help giggle at his freshly manicured nails.  "Oh red is definitely your color, Ariel."

"This is so humiliating.  I just want to take all this junk off," he complained almost on the verge of tears. 

"I don't think that would be wise, do you?" she asked rhetorically.  "Besides, Brandy did a really awesome job on your makeup."

"Oh God," he moaned humiliated beyond belief.  Through the next two classes people snapped pictures of him, made comments, and stared in disbelief and the crossdressed teen.  He was very passable if you didn't know who he was, but with his distinctive hair color and being forced to follow his male schedule and sit in his own seat, it was obvious to his classmates, who the seemingly attractive redhead in the green dress was.

Mr. Watkins class was especially terrifying for him.  He mistakenly called Allie a bitch and was rewarded with a vicious slap to the face that was loud enough to attract the attention of everybody in the class.  They all waited in anticipation for Mr. Watkins to let her have it, but he just stared in stunned disbelief before Brandy harshly told the teacher, "Hey Craig, they don't pay you to stare at us.  Maybe you might want to try teaching." The other students couldn't understand why the most terrifying teacher in the school ignored the incident and just told everybody to take out their textbooks. 

After class, Allie smiled as she turned to Eric and announced in a singsong voice, "It's picture time."

"Oh no, not the senior class picture.  Allie, I don't want to have my picture taken like this," he pleaded in a panic.

"Nobody asked you, what you wanted," snapped Brandy as she grabbed the boy mermaid by his underarm. 

Eric hated the feeling of being escorted through the halls of the school.  At least when they walked him to the bathroom, it was more inconspicuous than now being dragged through the hall in a dress and heels.   Ashleigh and Trish joined the group just outside the library and helped walk Eric inside in case he tried to back out.  Trish was carrying her laptop and typing even as they stepped inside.

Eric went up to registration and when the friendly young woman asked him for his name, he stared back at Allie unsure how to answer. 

"Give her your name Ariel," insisted his tormentor.

"Oh, Ariel's a pretty name.  I love that movie." she smiled typing into the computer. "Actually, you're the only Ariel in the school, so this is easy."  She handed Ariel a sheet of paper and told him to bring it over to the photographer.  He looked down in horror to see his name listed as Ariel Kuminmypants.  Looking up towards the girls he saw Trish beaming with pride as she taunted him with a wink.

The photographer grabbed the form and said, "Okay, I like a girl who doesn't mind posing for pictures.  I see you signed up for Executive Deluxe Package, so we'll need to take about two dozen poses.  The camera is going to love your hair."
"You had better smile nice and big, princess," whispered Ashleigh, "or you'll be back here in a much worse outfit for picture retake day.  You know we can make you do it."

The photographer put the reluctant model into every girlish pose imaginable while the girls smiled, giggled, blew kisses and generally added to his humiliation and shame.  The photographer sensed that his subject was nervous, but couldn't understand why every time he commented on how beautiful she looked; he seemed to get tenser and not less.

"Oh, these are amazing shot, Ariel.  I think you'll be the talk of the yearbook," he said.

"She sure will," agreed Ashleigh causing the other girls to laugh.

"Were you able to do everything we discussed, Trish?" asked Allie.

"Oh yeah, ABC Photography is hardly the Pentagon.  In addition to changing his name and order, I'm having copies of pictures sent to us, the school's biggest gossips, his parents work addresses, and thanks to a little snooping around a university housing website, his college roommate for next year," boasted Trish.

"That's awesome!" said Allie.  "I can't wait."

With pictures over, there were only a few more minutes until school was over.  Eric took a sigh of relief knowing that the worst was behind him.   Sure, the picture would be humiliating, but most people wouldn't see it until he was almost graduated.   He figured he could survive a few weeks just denying it was him.

"Can I get my clothes back and change?" he asked.

"What's your hurry?" replied Brandy.  "You look good.  Be proud."

"It's time to go," he responded with annoyance.

"Then let's go.  You can change when you get home," insisted Brandy. 

The thought of going home in a dress frightened him, but not as much as angering the girls did. 

"Great, we just have to make a few stops first," said Allie.  The girls had been planning this for weeks.  They were almost done with the payback that he so richly deserved.  It was kind of funny that Eric was such a wimp now.  He had been the biggest terror through fifth grade when he was one of the biggest kids in his class.  Unfortunately, he had mostly stopped growing while other boys were beginning their growth spurts.  By sixteen, he had completely stopped leaving him about average size for a girl.

Since he could no longer bully kids in his own class, he picked on younger kids including Allie's sister and Brandy's brother.  This was an affront, they just couldn't let stand.  All they needed was to kill about forty minutes of time until the school was mostly deserted. 

Finally, they led Eric out towards the parking log.   He was relieved to finally be outside and that much closer to ending the worst day of his recent memory.  "I can take it from here.  Haven't you had enough fun at my expense?" asked Eric.

"Don't be silly, Ariel.  We just needed to stop at my car, so I thought we'd accompany you just to make sure nobody teased you," said Trish.  "Here, let's just stop here for one second," she said approaching a midnight blue metallic SUV and opening it with the remote.

"I thought you drove that little sports car?" he asked surpised.

"I do, but I traded with my brother for today," said Trish.  As she opened the back hatch, Eric's eyes grew wide and he took a step backwards.  Unfortunately for him, the girls had anticipated his fright and Allie was there to grab him.  She twisted his arms up painfully behind his back where Brandy secured them in place with more duct tape.  Seeing that he was now restrained, Trish smiled and looking like a game show hostess displayed the hatch all filled with mermaid things before grabbing a long cardboard box and closing the hatch.

"No," cried Eric, but nobody was near enough to hear.  The girls dragged their screaming classmate to the old part of the school grounds despite his struggles.  With his wrists taped, he couldn't fight them off and with the heels he couldn't even really drag his feet.   They soon arrived at the edge of the parking lot, where the fountain at the entrance to the original school building was located before the student body had outgrown it.  The fountain still worked and people did hang out there on warm summer nights, but today was still April and a bit too cold for that.

Brandy reached into her purse and grabbed two lengths of soft clothesline.  As the girls held Eric, she used one piece to tie the struggling boy's ankles together and another to tie his ankles. 

"Let me go, you bitches," screamed Eric.

"Oh, you never do learn," said Ashleigh as she pulled a long green latex mermaid fin from the box that Trish had removed from the car.  She opened the zipper at the rear of the tail and took Eric's bound legs placing them inside the fin before zipping it up to just under his chest.  The girls were careful to lift his dress so that it wouldn't get stuck inside the fin.  She then applied very strong super glue all the way down the zipper, assuring that it would be nearly impossible to open it.

Eric struggled to get free, but it merely made him look even more ridiculous as his tail flapped around.  Brandy untaped him and they pulled his dress off leaving him clad in only his lilac colored bra.  They removed the duct tape from around his chest because without the dress, it was too visible. 

"Hey princess, I got you some bracelets," said Allie holding up a pair of handcuffs that she had decorated with sea shells using a hot glue gun.  Eric almost didn't figure out what they were until she was snapping them shut around his wrists in front of him. 

"I like those," said Ashleigh.  "It goes with the whole motif."

The girls brought him over to the fountain with Brandy and Ashleigh taking his legs while Star and Allie grabbed the frightened boy under his arms.  They placed him right in base of the fountain.

"How long until your parents get home?" asked Brandy, but he remained silent.  "I asked you a question and you are in no position to refuse me anything."

"They'll be home by seven," he said.

"If you get started now, you might beat them," said Allie encouraging him to inch himself along.  His legs were completely useless, but he could very slowly slither propelling himself with his handcuffed wrists.   

"I think we can do this in three hours," said Brandy in hushed tones to her friends.

"Absolutely," agreed Trish.

"I wish I could help you all, but I am already thirty minutes late for cheerleading," sighed Ashleigh.

"Go on Ash, we'll be fine," said Allie.  "Let's get going though because we're cutting it close."

[To Be Concluded]

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Girls Washroom Part 3

"Oh Hell," sighed Brandy. "She won't back down from anybody."

This was the moment that Craig Watkins had always feared.  He tolerated no insubordination from students because he feared what would happen if they noticed how vulnerable he really was.  He wasn't much older than they were and sometimes he even feared them.  He began to get up from the floor unhurt, but embarrassed that a little high school girl had knocked him on his ass.  Before he could get up of all fours, Allie grabbed his right wrist and twisted it painfully behind his back.  He landed hard on the cold tiled floor as her violent action destroyed his balance.

"Get off of me.  You're already looking at ten days suspension.  Do you really want to try for expulsion, Miss Hogan," asked the beleaguered teacher.  Snaking her other arm around his neck in a painful choke hold was her only answer.

"Girls, I need one of you to play with Ariel," said Ashley as she increased the pressure on the teacher's arm, pinning him to the floor.

"What?!" asked Brandy incredibly.

"Just do it," said Allie.

"Great, I'll add this to the report for the dean," groaned Mr. Watkins.

"I'll do it," said Ashleigh as the beautiful blonde reached her hand around Eric's tiny shaft.  Less than a minute later, he was sporting a raging hard on in spite of himself.

"OK, you can stop now," instructed Allie
"I'm sorry Ariel," shrugged Ashleigh giggling to herself.

"I'm about to scream and then you'll really regret it.  Let go of me this instant," demanded Mr. Watkins trying to act focused and stern in spite of his fear and humiliation.

"No, I don't think so.  I know you don't want anybody coming in here to see the little girl who is bullying you, Mr. Watkins," said Ashleigh.

"She's right Craigie that could be quite bad for your reputation." agreed Brandy.

Allie got to her feet, dragging her teacher forcefully to his knees.  She leaned over his back and forced him to shuffle in the direction of their prisoner.  Twisting his arm further up his back, she forced his head down until it was mere inches from Eric's erect penis.

"Get some photos of that please," said Allie and her accomplices began to snap away with their phones. "Now, open your mouth Craig."

"No!" he bellowed, but as Allie twisted harder, he soon had no choice and this new indignity was caught on firm.

"Now lick it," demanded Allie.  Reluctantly, he licked the tip of his penis as the girls immortalized it on camera.  Tears steamed down Mr. Watkins face.

"You may stop now Craig," said Allie releasing him by shoving him across the bathroom.

"Aw don't cry.  He's eight-teen.  Maybe the school board will understand," taunted Brandy.

Eric had enjoyed a brief respite from being the girls' target, but now he saw the teacher who tried to save him reduced to a blubbering wimp by these girls.  If Mr. Watkins couldn't stand up to them, what could he do?

"OK Craig, go outside and give us some privacy.  Stop your crying and be a good boy and nobody has to see those pictures.  Stand in front of the door and tell people the toilets are flooding, or somebody threw up, or I don't care what you say, but nobody comes through that door until we're done.  Do you understand me?" asked Ashleigh with a commanding voice that sent a shiver down his spine.

"Yes Ashleigh, I'll make sure nobody comes in here," he sniffled.

"Craig!" she snapped, "That's Miss Thomas."

"Of course Miss Thomas.  I'm sorry," he said begging for Ashleigh's forgiveness.  He stumbled out the door tripping over Eric's shoes.  The last thing he heard was the three girls laughing at him.

"Now, where were we?" asked Brandy as she approached Eric with tweezers.  His bushy ginger eyebrows were unflattering for feminization, but they provided her with a lot to work with.  She decided to pluck them not particularly thin, but in an overly arched style that appeared cartoony.  Next, she took cherry red lip liner, and applied it to darken Eric's eye brows using a matching red eye shadow to set the eyeliner. 

Brandy applied a primer on his eyes up to the brow line and under the eye lid as well.  She was going to have some fun with his eyes today.  She applied white eye shadow under the browline, lime green on the contour line and an envy green on the lid. blending the colors together.  The look she was going for was all about color, so she selected shadows that had a bit of shimmer glitter already added.   She used a concealer on the outside of the eyes to round the eye shadow to fit the eyebrow shape. 

Brandy took black eyeliner and traced the eyelid continuing to follow the rounded edge of the eye shadow to almost create a second set of lashes. Then she flecked on a gold eye liner close to the lash line. Black fiber lash mascara was applied to only his top eye lid so that she could line the bottom lashes with twenty-four hour cream gel teal eye shadow. 

"Wow, you're making him look like a mermaid," said Ashleigh in admiration.

"That is too cool," said Allie laughing at the boy's feminized face.  Eric could only shudder at the thought of what he must look like. 

For his lips, she applied a thin layer of foundation followed by a mauve matte lipstick.  She used a slightly darker lip liner to outline his lips.  She dipped her lip brush into liquid sugar and then into a bright mauve glitter.  She dabbed the lip brush onto his lips to make them sparkle and shine.  The girls "oohed" and "ahed" at his transformation.

Since Eric already sported long red hair, it was easy for Brandy to get the style that she wanted out of it. She curled his hair and used hair spray to create volume and to form large swooping bangs.  It took some doing to tease, pull, and push the hair into place to get just the right look she wanted, but once she clipped the hair over with a bobby pin, she was almost done.  She brushed the hair up from the bottom to provide volume and curled the hair bottom of the hair with the curling iron.  She finished her work by clipping a large white silk flower next to the bobby pin.

"She's a regular princess," said Ashleigh gleefully looking up from what appeared to be a long note she was writing in one of her notebooks.

"She definitely a beauty," agreed Brandy proud of the job she had done.

"You've had your fun.  Let me go," he complained unable to take his eyes off his own reflection once he was helped to his feet and shown himself in the mirror.  The suggestion of releasing him merely brought cackles of laughter from the girls.

"Let's get her into her clothes," insisted Allie.

"We're going to untie you sissy, but don't think getting thrown out in the hallway naked with your hair done and your makeup and nails looking fabulous is going to be any easier on you," warned Brandy as she began untaping their plaything.

"I'll try not to make it hurt," said Allie pulling the hair slowly from his wrists. He winced with each little tug on his skin.

Once he was untied, Allie pushed what little fat he had on his chest towards his sternum and held it there, while Brandy took the duct tape and attached it around his chest to hold the fat there.  Brandy strapped a padded lilac push up bra around his chest and he was amazed.  It looked as if he had boobs of his own.  They were barely a B Cup, but they were still his boobs.  Using makeup, Brandy contoured and highlighted his chest to give the appearance of very full breasts.  Eric couldn't help, but look down at his own cleavage even as he stepped into the thong panties that matched his bra.

Allie had insisted on pantyhose, even though she thought thigh highs were sexier.  Eric wasn't the first guy they had done something like this to by a long shot and she knew a lot of guys hated the feeling of pantyhose over their scrotum.  She was always finding little ways to make things more uncomfortable or more humiliating for the boys that they tortured.

After carefully following Allie's directions, he pulled the nude pantyhose up his legs and admired their sexy smoothness.  His erection was starting to return, but he was desperate that the girls not find out.  Ashleigh brought over the emerald green dress and made the trapped sissy step into it.  She noted that the v-neck displayed just the right amount of Eric's cleavage to be both sexy and convincing.  The size 6 cocktail dress ended three inches above the knee and had ruching running from his breasts to about half a foot from the hemline. 

"You are going to have all the boys drooling," said Ashleigh as she zipped him up being sure that he could see himself in the bathroom mirror. 

Allie made him step into a pair of black leather size 9 peep toe platform pumps.  The front of the shoe was a metallic teal that complimented the dress beautifully.  While the heels were four and a half inches, about an inch of that was platform.  She firmly strapped him into the shoes while Brandy sprayed him with perfume and attached white starfish earrings to his ears.  Allie had pierced them two years ago and though the holes had closed up, Brandy found just the spot.  She placed a coral colored pearl bracelet on each wrist and declared her masterpiece complete.

"These shoes are too tight," whined Eric.

"You'll get used to them.  We all have to suffer for beauty," replied Allie.

 "I can't walk in them."

"Well, I'll show you, but after that, you're on your own," said Allie giving an exaggerated walk to show her novice apprentice just what to do.  He tried to copy her hips sway and the feminine way that she placed her feet down.  He was clumsy, but he was improving quickly.

"OK, we need to get to class," said Ashleigh opening the door and holding it for her friends.  Mr. Watkins did a double take when he saw the feminized boy emerging from the washroom, but was soon brought back to Earth by Ashleigh handing him a note.

"What's this?" he asked waiting for a response before catching himself and adding the obligatory, "Ms. Thomas."

"It's your instructions Craig.  Follow them to the letter.  I'll be by your room after cheerleading to check," warned Ashleigh.

Mr. Watkins and Eric made eye contact.  It wasn't sustained.  Truth be told, it was rather sheepish.  They both were in for one of the most miserable days of their lives and they couldn't seem to stop it.  They nodded to each other in mutual sympathy before Mr. Watkins was allowed to return to his classroom and Eric followed their girls in the direction of his next class.  The test that had been so important was no longer something he even thought about instead it was all the stares he was getting as he was marched down the hallway that occupied his mind.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Girls Washroom - Part 2

"No, you can't do this to me," he cried thrashing around.  His flailing left arm caught Allie in the side of the head, which earned him a stinging slap on his left cheek that left a crimson handprint and along with the humiliation of the situation caused tears to well up in his eyes.  From behind him, Brandy grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

"Hold him still," barked Allie.

"I'm trying.  He's slippery," replied Brandy grabbing his left wrist.

"Relax," smiled Ashleigh pulling a roll of silver duct tape from a small plastic bag on the sink, "I always come prepared."

"No, get away from me," yelled the frightened boy as he tried to pull away from Brandy's iron grip.  Allie grabbed his left wrist and he was now trapped.  The girls turned him around and dragged him to the sink where they bent him over.  He couldn't see Ashleigh anymore, but Eric heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off of the roll behind him as Brandy and Allie twisted his arms behind his back and held them together.  He felt Ashleigh slapping the sticky tape on his left wrist and then felt her pull his wrists tightly together making his arms all but useless.

"No!" He screamed as Brandy pulled down his pants and then his boxer shorts. "Leave me alone you bitches!"

"The only bitch I see here is you, Ariel," responded Allie.

"He's sure hung like a bitch," said Brandy.  She pointed at the small dick hanging between his legs and pointed.

"Help!  Help!  I'm being assaulted in the girl's washroom!" He screamed as loud as he could.

"Oh no you don't," said Allie forcefully as she shoved his own boxers in his mouth packing his cheeks with the foul tasting cotton underwear.   Ashleigh slapped four pieces of duct tape over his mouth to secure the gag in place.  Eric found that all he could do now was make a low moaning sound no matter how hard he yelled.  Removing his shoes and socks was easy at this point.

The girls sat Eric down against the wall and Ashleigh wrapped his ankles together tightly. She then passed out pink razors to her friends and began lathering up the terrified boy's legs.  The three girls made short work of the limited body hair that Eric had, though they had to struggle to remove his underarm hair with his current bondage.

"Now comes my specialty," said Brandy looking at her victim with predatory eyes.  "I love a good sissy makeover." 

"We might as well paint his toes while we wait," suggest Ashleigh.  Eric struggled with his taped bonds, but couldn't budge.

Eric whimpered as her heard their voices approach.  Two girls were entering the girls' bathroom and they were talking and joking about some guy or another.  He recognized them as two girls that he was in several classes with.  Kimberly was a tall African-American girl who didn't pay him much attention, while the shorter blonde girl was her best friend Anya who was always being the class clown.  They both stopped in their tracks as they saw the sight unfolding by the sink.

"Kimberly, there's a naked boy in the washroom," said Anya in mock alarm. "Whatever shall we do?"

"Well, he's not much of a boy is he," replied Kimberly.

"Good point," agreed Anya moving in for a closer look and measuring with her thumb and forefinger.  "It's really rather sad that little nub is all he's managed to produce in 18 years."

"Hey girls, don't tell OK?" asked Allie.

"And spoil your fun?  We wouldn't dream of it," smiled Anya.

"Just make sure you take plenty of pictures of the final product," added Kimberly.

"You've got it," agreed Ashley laughing. "We'll definitely leave you some souvenirs."

The two girls finished up in the bathroom and left, but when Brandy returned to Eric's face, she found him more defiant than ever.  He refused to hold his head still and allow Brandy to continue with his makeup.

"I'll tell you what, Ariel.  If you cooperate and let me finish making you look pretty, then you can put on some clothes.  Otherwise, we're going to toss you in the hallway just as you are now.  It's your choice, you've got three seconds," demanded Brandy.

Eric looked into the cruel eyes of the girl who was smearing liquid foundation to his face and saw not a hint of mercy.  He knew that Ashleigh and certainly Allie would be no more compassionate, so resigned he nodded his head in frantic agreement.

The opening of the bathroom door again startled everyone.  This time, a waif-like girl with curly red hair stopped dead in her tracks and stammered, "Oh my God!"  She immediately turned tail and took off running.

"I wonder what that was all about?" laughed Allie as she continued to blow on her plaything's quickly drying hot pink toenails.

"That was Brenda Palmer and I wouldn't be surprised if she went to tell on us," said Ashleigh.

"Well we can't move him--not in time anyway," shrugged Brandy as she applied blush to the now compliant boy's cheek bones.

"What in the world is going on in here?" bellowed Mister Watkins a few short moments later.  He had the classroom closest to the girls washroom and Brenda must have made a beeline right to him.  He was a young good looking teacher; only twenty-three and fresh out of college, but being intimidated by teaching students as little as four years younger than himself, he had acquired quite a reputation as being a hard ass.  Allie and Brandy knew this well because he had written them up for cutting class on several occasions. "You girls think you're above the school rules and nothing applies to you, but so help me I am going to get you expelled.  I am sick of you picking on other students and terrorizing the boys because you think it's cute or funny!"
"We were just having fun," offered Ashleigh feebly. "Don't make a federal case out of it."

"I would expect this from these two bitches, but you are the captain of both the cheerleading and debate teams.  You could make something of your life.  Well, good luck with this on your record.  I will make it my business to make sure--"

He never saw it coming.  While he was venting at the girls, Allie had become quite angry.  He had no write to call them bitches.  He was a teacher and when anyone attacked Allie's friends, she was like a cornered tigress.  She had taken karate for years and was now a blue belt, she would have been a red belt except that one of those detentions from Mr. Watkins had forced her to miss her advancement test.  She couldn't herself.  She stepped up next to the furious teacher and hit him with a low kick hitting directly on his right calf and taking his feet out from under him.

"Allie!  Are you insane? He's a teacher!" cried Ashleigh.