Sunday, December 25, 2016

Claudia's Knockout Collection

Merry Christmas! Before trying to sell you anything, I wanted to thank everybody for all the support.  It's been a good year for me and it's all because of the readers who have supported my books, the writers who have been my support, my editors who,polished my writing, and even the artist and voice over people who made my work come alive. In so many ways 2016 was a crummy year, but my books were a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark year for me.  This year Claudia and I have released 9 collections and 20 new eBooks with a 21st one on the way for December 31st or January 1st.  Even if my books only averaged 7,500 words (a number that I know is low), that's still 150,000 words.

Claudia's Knockout Collection is a collection of the three stories about Claudia's college days that we have done.  I've always been fascinated by her stories because they are the mirror image of my own.  I know what it's like to be forcibly feminized, physically dominated, and tied up by a dominant woman, but hearing about it from her point of view is eye opening for me.  I think the addition of Claudia has only improved my writing and working with her makes it much more fun too. I hope you'll give this collection a chance because I think it's made up of three amazing books.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


The third installment of my series Plaything is out. now.  This one looks at the unusual question of what happens when you follow your mistress’s orders too well.

In Plaything 3: Doing Too Well Tina has decided to play a prank on her boyfriend Todd. She decides that it would be hysterical to dress up his roommate Jason in lingerie and have him try to seduce Todd while she watches on hidden camera and records the whole thing.  When Todd likes what he sees, Tina flies into a range and punishes both boys for what she sees as a grievous betrayal.

Later, a Skype call to Jason’s old mistresses reveals a bit more than Tina would have wanted.  Have they finally realized what’s going on and what will they do about it?  Is there any hope for Jason to get away from his new tormentor? 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday

Today is small business Saturday and that's an endeavor I most wholeheartedly endorse. The Walmartization of America is not something I'm happy about.  I love the idea of an America filled with mom and pop stores selling things that are unique to their stores.  I love old book stores with quirky selections and a person behind the counter who can give you the type of service that online shopping never could.

Amazon is the antithesis of a mom and pop store. It doesn't need your business, but for independent authors like myself, it's our lifeblood. Your local mom and pop bookstore is not rushing out to stock Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors or Caribbean Cruise for Cuckolds. For that I need Amazon.

This small business Saturday, please remember that there are small businesses online too. You won't find many businesses smaller than my operation.  I do everything from creating my own covers to marketing the books myself and there are thousands more like me.  They're not all doing erotica either (But our books are definitely the most fun).   Please go out and frequent your favorite small stores in your community, but when that's done, please also remember your favorite independent authors as well.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

I've done a Christmas themed book two Halloween themed books and , but this was my first foray into a Thanksgiving themed story.  I quite like it.  It's meant to be enjoyed year round, but it centers on the Thanksgiving holiday--kind of like Die Hard centers on Christmas.

Thanksgiving Dinner Guest is a sequel to April's Fool though you don't have to read the first book to enjoy this one.  In fact Dinner Guest goes back to a time when April and Paul are high school seniors and April's dad insists that she get a job.  Her solution will involve plenty of humiliation for Paul and a wonderful summer for April reaping the rewards of a steady paycheck.

When our story returns to the modern day, Paul is face to face with his worst nightmare.  He's about to leave for Thanksgiving at his sister's house when April shows up to tell him he's going with.  Can he avoid total humiliation having his mistress with him at a family holiday?  Of course not---but it sure is fun watching it happen.

I really enjoy writing April and Paul.  April is what I call a mean domme.  She's not out for revenge nor does she do this to Paul because she thinks this is what he wants.  She does it because she enjoys watching him squirm and suffer.  I think I enjoy just letting go and writing this kind of domme so much because I was reluctant to write one for so long.  Also, her lack of morals allow me to get really creative with the ways she torments Paul.


"Yeah, but if he says no then what can we do?" asked Karen.
"I'll tell you what, if you can find me a pair of pantyhose, I'll show you."
"Like a magic trick?" she asked.
"Sort of like that," April replied.
"Please don't do this," Paul begged.
"This I've got to see," she said racing off to find hosiery.
"Listen bitch," said April when she was out of hearing range, "I'm cutting you a bit of slack here because I know how humiliating it is for you, but the more you fight me, the worse I'll make it for you."
April dragged him out of the chair and rolled him over on his stomach capturing his arms behind your back. Paul hated rough housing.  Losing in a physical contest to a woman always made him feel like such a girl, but April could never get enough of exerting her dominance over you.
"Well I see who wears the pants in your relationship," laughed Karen as she saw them.  "I got several pairs of pantyhose because I don't know what you needed."
"I think one pair will do it," said April. "Here, put them on his arms behind his back like you were putting them on a pair of legs."
"This is so strange," she giggled nervously following April's directions.
"Now help me up," instructed April as she grabbed Paul's arms and made him hug himself.  She took the extra material in the legs and brought it around behind Paul.  "Get a scissors and cut a hole in the crouch."
"Sure, this is fun," said Karen.
After she cut the hole, April brought the nylon up and over Paul's shoulders.  Now Paul was encased in a pantyhose straight jacket as helpless as can be.  His sister couldn't help, but laugh at him and the pathetic expression on your face as he struggled to get loose.  As if April wouldn't just tie him up tighter if he did.
"This is just to make sure he doesn't fight us on the makeup," said April.
"Oh makeup," Karen clapped. "This is going to be fun.
"Nicole can do her own makeup," said April. "Maybe tomorrow, we can have him show you."
"Nicole," chortled Karen laughing at this new revelation. "You call him Nicole?"
"She's going to look much more like a Nicole than a Paul very shortly," explained April.
"Do we have to do this?" pleaded Paul.
"Yes we do," snapped Karen in a rather demanding way that Nicole found quite promising. 
"Let's get his makeup done," suggested April.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Penalty Princess 3: Paired Up
I hope you are in the middle of a great Halloween weekend.  I'll try and post my Halloween pics soon.  I don't know how this longer period of time between books will work for me.  I had hoped it would let me keep the blog better updated among other things. I do think that our new release is a good one.

In Penalty Princess: Paired Up, Danny finds himself on very thin ice (Come on, I've got like the only skating book on Amazon without a pun title). He's a gifted athlete and he takes to figure skating surprisingly well, but learning to obey Michelle and act like Matt's female partner rather than his buddy, might be too much for the hockey phenom to handle.

Soon Danny emerged from the bedroom.  He reluctantly took his place on his knees in front of the couch where Michelle was sitting.  Matt was impressed because this behavior seemed so unlike the Danny Berg he knew. 
Michelle couldn't help gloating when she realized that she had defeated the great Danny Berg.  "Well sissy?" she challenged.
"I'm sorry Mistress Michelle.  I am here for my punishment," groveled Danny.
"Very well sissy, I can be merciful.  Pull down your panties and lay across my lap."
Danny thought hard about refusing, but decided that it would only make things worse. She was tough and single-minded.  He took his place on her lap and felt her soft hand lift the hem if his maid uniform. 
"I am going to give you ten swats with my riding crop.  I want you to count them off, and for each number, I want you to name a figure skater you hope to emulate.  Let's begin."
"One, Kristi Connelly," winced Danny as the riding crop met the soft pale flesh of his buttocks.
"Good, start with the easy ones," suggested Michelle as she gave Danny another swift swat to his rear, "but if you run out of skaters I'll start over."
"Two, Joannie Rochette."
With each stroke, Danny went through his head trying to think of figure skaters past and present.  Seven was Isabelle Brasseur and eight was Elizabeth Manley.  By the time he had gotten up to nine he was in trouble.  He remembered Jamie Salé at the last minute, but it was taking him longer and longer as the pain from Michelle's blows was accumulating and the list of skaters he could think of was shrinking. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

A New Claudia Book

I've been after Claudia to write another one of her adventures up for us.  She surprised me a few weeks ago by sending me a 5,000 word short story.  When I was done we had a 7,000 word tale that I think is amazing and a testament to just what a woman like Claudia can do when she's got her sights set on a guy. I called it Claudia's Feminized Bully.

I had some pretty wild and amazing adventures getting forcibly feminized in college, but this is the flip side of that.  Here, we see one of the times that Claudia actually feminized a guy out of spite and I found it a great read, which I hope I improved by my editing job.

When Claudia was a junior (I think) in college, she met a freshman named Elvis.  I kid you not, he was not even named after Elvis Presley. Anyway, he had the roommate from Hell, a bro named Brent who wouldn't even let Elvis into the room half the time.  Most guys outgrow his brand of bullying by high school let alone college.  Anyway, as I have learned, when Claudia gets riled up, she is like a dog with a bone--she won't let go.

With the help of her roommate Jen and a few other friends, they wait for Homecoming, to teach Brent a lesson he won't soon forget.  If you liked the other two Claudia books, but wanted to see her get mean, this is the one for you.  If you haven't read the other Claudia books, you don't need to in order to follow this one, but you'll definitely want to read them after you've checked out Claudia's Feminized Bully.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Candy Apple Press Series Sampler

Candy Apple Press has been growing slower than I would have liked. I started a great website and then lost the password :-(.  The Candy Apple Press Series Sampler is a ridiculously good bargain.  For $2.99 you get 33,000 words worth of forced feminization, female domination, and humiliation. The reason we're doing this is because the idea is to give readers a chance to check out the first chapter of four different series:

  • Plaything by Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta
  • Penalty Princess by Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta
  • Welcome to the Real World by Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta
  • Joining my Step-Sister's Cheer Squad by Alyssa Paige.
And as a special treat, we have a complete short story Give Me and A by Mindi Harris.  We're doing this because we think if you give our series a try, you'll by the other books in the series.  If you like forced feminization fiction with plot and character, I think you'll like this one.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to the Real World 2: Clare's Turn
As an author, it's amazing how you can write certain things that your readers catch and you don't.  When I created the character of Beth for Welcome to the Real World, I knew that I wanted her to be a novice to the world of female domination and feminization.  It would be much more interesting as a story, to have Kylie's future wife who leads him down the path of domination, be new to it herself.  Soon, I realized that she really needed to have a more experienced friend to give her and Kylie a road map.Thus Clare was born.

I didn't have that many thoughts on Clare's personality.  I saw her as wild and fun loving, but fiercely loyal and capable of really messing somebody up if they crossed her.  Claudia immediately saw Clare as a stand in for her, even down to the fact that both women share the first three letters in their names.  However, Claudia never mentioned this to me until her notes on my first draft of Welcome to the Real World 2

"I would never put up with that kind of disrespect," she said. "Especially if I had a riding crop in my hand already."

"Well Clare's not you," I replied.

"Really?  I always just assumed she was," she answered.

Then it hit me, she was right.  She really liked number two because it was definitely Clare's turn to shine both in the public humiliation of making Kylie flirt with a waiter to some very painful spankings, but mostly in patiently helping Kylie and Beth to find their way through a female dominated relationship that didn't require the constant threat of exposure to make it work.

Domitory Domination
It's no secret that college feminization was very important to me becoming Kylie.  I had four and later five girls take me down the road to forced feminization. Claudia was on the other end of several college experiences involving domination and even occasional feminization. I think that it's only natural that both our minds frequently go back to those early days of feminization when we didn't know what we were doing, but we sure had a lot of erotic fun finding out.  I say that, even though I never would have admitted it was fun at the time. Dormitory Domination is 40,000 word collection contains three stories of young women finding their inner domina.

Claudia's Campus Cuckold: Claudia is a college sophomore with a pretty great boyfriend. Unfortunately, he doesn't satisfy her sexually. When they break up, she discovers that he's been wearing her panties and she decides to feminize him. She's determined to fulfill all his wildest sexual fantasies even if he won't admit them yet. Based on a true story from Claudia Acosta's own college days, this eBook contains bondage, forced feminization, and female domination.

The Cuckysitter: When a college girl desperate for money turns to babysitting to make ends meet, an odd phone call changes her life for ever. Now she finds herself with the smallest of niche businesses babysitting cuckolded men while their wives spend the evening in the embrace of their new lovers. She enters a world of cuckolding, female domination, bondage, and forced feminization and she takes to it like nothing she's ever experienced in this steamy short story.

The French Exchange:
When Luke's family has an exchange student from France move in with them, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. What he doesn't know is she has a long history of feminizing guys and she's just decided to add him to her list. With the help of his step-sister and a few of his classmates, she soon has his life turned upside down as he spends his first semester of college going from humiliation to humiliation. This erotic story is chocked full of public humiliation, feminization, forced bi, and female domination as a very clever young woman with a wicked imagination outsmarts and controls her prey.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Plaything 2: Out of the Frying Pan

It's sort of strange that for someone who writes mostly stand alone stories, I'm juggling three different series at the same time. There are even some similarities between them.  For instance, both Plaything and Welcome to the Real World rely on flashbacks heavily. I think the big difference is in the circumstances and the dominant.

Penalty Princess - Feminization out of necessity, but some revenge satisfaction.
Plaything - Wicked dominant taking advantage of situation.
Welcome to the Real World - Loving forced feminization between a couple.

Plaything is one of my darker series.  In Out of the Frying Pan our hero finds himself at the mercy of his roommate's girlfriend and she's got plans for him whether he wants to go along with it or not.  This one has plenty of female domination, bondage and discipline, and some extreme humiliation, some of which involves other guys.  I think most of my readers will really enjoy this one. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Welcome to the Real World Mistake
If you purchased Welcome to the Real World, I owe you an apology.  I accidentally uploaded a rough draft of the first 15% of the story or so.  I didn't catch it until late last night and it took Amazon about 15 hours to fix it.  If you go back to Amazon and download the story again, you won't have to pay for it and you'll be able to download the real story.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I screwed that one up.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome to the Real World
I don't think that I'm breaking completely new ground here, but I can't think of any other case in literature of an author writing a fictional sequel to a non-fiction memoirs.  Welcome to College was very well received and kind of put me on the map in forced feminization.  I hope that Welcome to the Real World will prove a worthy successor despite being fiction.

I've told the story here before, but it was a rather close call when we went through my mother's basement two years ago and I almost got busted for my college experiences a decade after they happened.  However, I've also realized that I've changed a lot since I began exploring feminization and female domination as an adult.  In a lot of ways, even the character of Kylie is no longer really me.  I think I would more openly embrace having a dominant woman in my life than Kylie does in this story.  However, there's definitely still a part of me that is that insecure about his kinks.  Whether Welcome to College is one of your favorite books or you never read it, I think you'll really enjoy Welcome to the Real World.


"Wow, you are tense” she exclaimed, as she pressed her thumbs into the muscles at the base of my neck. “I can feel it in your muscles; you really need to try to relax. Okay, try to loosen up for me, close your eyes and lean back, let your neck go all floppy.” She pulled be back off the table, and then held my head in both hands rolling it around and around as I tried to relax my neck muscles. “Drop your arms down and gently arch your shoulders back.”

I put down the glass and did as I was told. I did begin to feel much more relaxed.
“That’s it, let go of all that tension, let it flow out of you." She crooned.
Claire knew just how to knead all those small muscles in the neck and shoulders; she ran her hands down my arms shaking them gently as she went. She held my wrists in her hands and pulled my arms back behind me crossing the wrists and pulling up gently, slightly straining the triceps. My eyes were closed and I was breathing deeply, probably mere seconds from falling asleep.
Suddenly I heard a very familiar laugh and the word ‘Gotcha!’ was whispered in my ear. Before I had even processed what I’d heard I felt something slipped over my crossed wrists and then tightened. Clarity came blindingly fast but too late, Claire had zip tied my hands together behind my back. With hardly a pause I felt my arms pulled back and down as she attached another one to the lower back of the chair.
"What the Hell? I'm not in the mood for this Claire."
However she wasn’t listening and wasted no time debating my moods. She was already attaching each of my ankles to the front legs of the chair. I think that I was sluggish in my reactions because of the way she had lulled me into relaxing, but before I’d even thought about resisting it was already too late.
"Be quiet for once will you? I have some work to do." She snapped at me.
"Wh… why are you doing this?"
"For Beth of course, why else?" she asked rhetorically. "She’s my best and closest friend as you know. Well, we had a long talk about you this week, while you were away."
"Be--" I abruptly began to yell, startling her, but her reactions were much better than mine, instantly clapping a hand over my mouth effectively silencing me.
"No no no, you can't be yelling out like that. You’ll disturb the neighbors." She admonished, “Which you don’t want to do.” I disagreed with her as to me it seemed an excellent idea. With her right hand clamped tightly over my mouth and despite my vigorous attempts to shake it off, she managed to stretch until she could grab her purse strap with her left hand. Reaching inside the bag, she rummaged around before pulling out an object that I recognized only too well, a black penis gag.
"Now, you can shout." She smiled, amused.
I clamped my mouth shut and firmly pressed my lips together. She simply released my mouth and moved her hand up to pinch my nostrils closed. It’s actually strange but if somebody grips your nose in order to get you to open your mouth, you know you will eventually lose, but it seems that I at least, stupidly resolved to fight for as long as possible. I yanked my head about while trying to grab a breath through my nose. The futility of my actions was entirely lost on me but not Clare, she viciously grasped my nose restricting most movements of my head and continuously stabbed the gag at my mouth; all the while giggling as if she’d discovered a great new game. Inevitably I had to eventually open my mouth, I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and was beginning to see dots. Immediately in went the gag right to the back of my mouth then the straps were pulled tight around my head.
"Beth wanted me to bring over a ball gag, but somehow I thought this would be much more appropriate, considering the circumstances. Now let's get you finished off," she continued chatting conversationally as I glared poisoned daggers at her. If looks could kill she’d have been nothing more than a small pile of cinders on the floor. Unfortunately she simply continued going about her business as if there was nothing wrong or unusual, and tying up your best friend's fiancée in his own kitchen was the most normal thing in the world. Moving back to the table she opened a plastic hardware store bag and pulled out a coil of rope, bending me forward she looped the rope twice around my chest before tying it off behind me. Then pushing me forcefully back against the chair back and ran the rope around the back of the chair, then around me again a few times, holding me immovably in place.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Penalty Princess 2.0: Transformed

The first Penalty Princess book was definitely a bit odd. Very few forced feminization books would ever revolve around hockey and ice skating. In fact, I think it may be the first feminization book with either of those elements in it.

Penalty Princess 2.0: Transformed is a much more normal feminization book in that the majority of it take place in a mall and involves a shopping trip for Danny to buy the clothes he will need to pull off pairs skating as a female skater.


"Somebody needs a bra fitting," answered Kristi in a sing song voice.
"Wow! Really? This is awesome!" exclaimed Janet, "But why are you doing this?"
"The Maritime Championships are coming up. Michelle can take my place in the individual program, but the best chance Matt and I have of winning and advancing or even getting a shot at the Olympics is to have a good replacement. Danny is actually a very decent figure skater and the perfect size," explained Kristi.
"Can you get him ready in that short a time?" asked Janet.
"Hey, if we can't, we still get all the fun of humiliating him this way," answered Michelle.
"Yeah, it's win-win," added Regina.
"Well, I'm more than thrilled to help. Let's go get Heather fitted. Just think Heather, soon you'll have your own bra for your little boobies," said Janet motioning to the other girl at the register and leading the group to the back of the store. "I know you're not going to want her too big for figure skating, but we can definitely improve her figure too."
"Perfect," said Kristi looking at Danny like a cat stalking a rubber mouse. "I know we're in good hands."
Fortunately, the back of the store where bra fittings were done was semi-private. Unfortunately, women going back to the fitting room would have a clear view. Furtively, Danny took in his surroundings.
"Yeah, you're pretty exposed back here. Maybe they'll just think you're flat chested, but I really recommend you cooperate so that we can get this over with quickly and you can maintain at least a modicum of dignity," warned Janet.
"Oh, don't you worry," assured Michelle. "Heather will be a very good girl for you."
"She better be," added Kristi.
"Then let the games begin," said Janet grabbing the measuring tape. The other three girls did their best to suppress their laughter as they watched Danny's discomfort at having his chest measured for a bra.
"Is this really necessary?" asked Danny.
"36A," declared Kristi. "Not ideal, but definitely workable. He doesn't have a very broad chest for a guy."
"Well he's going to have a chest like a broad soon enough," teased Michelle.
"I really like this bra," said Regina holding up a very wispy bra that was dripping with lace and loudly proclaimed its femininity.
"Oh that is nice," agreed Michelle. "Can we get something like this for him?"
"That is a very pretty bra, but if you want him to appear to have a real chest, you're going to want something that will help shape him. I can easily make him a 36B and we can go bigger if you want forms," suggested Janet.
"From a skater's perspective, I think 36B sounds perfect," said Kristi.
"We really do have some pretty bras that will work for him," promised Janet.
"And we want only the prettiest things for our little skating angel," said Michelle pinching Danny's cheek.
"We're on a bit of a budget," confessed Regina, "but he needs everything. We need panties, stockings, bras, and something to sleep in."
"I'll guide you to the sales and clearance stuff. We can do this," assured Janet.
"Great," said Kristi. "I knew we came to the right place."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Welcome to College All in One Place

As an author some stories are personal, but that's rarely the case with writing erotica.  My Welcome to College series is the exception for me. It's based on what actually happened to me in college and the reason that I am still writing feminization books today.  I was forcibly feminized by girls at my college who the characters in this book are based on.  I moved some events around for dramatic purposes, but it's as true as any Hollywood movie based on a true story is (I say this as the closing credits for Straight Outta Compton are playing on my television).

This books is $9.99, which is a lot, but the original stories would cost $29.99 and the collections would cost 17.97.  I know a lot of you have these books already and nothing new has been added.  However, I'm going to try to do something very soon that I don't think has been done very often.  I'm going to write a fictional sequel to a book based on real life.  Two years ago, I had an experience that I thought could be a great start to a sequel.  I'm finally getting ready to write it.  The first eBook for Welcome to the Real World should be out in a month.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage

The Jaguar first appeared in a segment of a story by me on Fictionmania over a decade ago.  That story fragment got incorporated into the story The Mask of the Jaguar in 2014.  It didn't sell very well.  I mean it wasn't a phenomenal failure or anything, but it had issues:

1. I had all sorts of problems with the track changes feature on Word and I literally had to resubmit the file four times before I finally got the right one.
2. The cover was a bit ambiguous and didn't really say Forced Feminization
3. It was a rather out there concept with a pulp style vigilante who feminized her prey.

The problem was, it was one of my favorite stories.  Not only that, but my editors universally loved it.  I decided to do the unthinkable--I wrote a sequel.  Not only did I do a second Jaguar book, but I had Annabelle Brito illustrate it.  She drew and inked four great pictures and did character sketches as well.

So now that I've filled you in on why publishing this book was a silly idea let me tell you about The Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage.  The Jaguar is based on pulp heroes like The Spider and The Shadow. She is a vigilante, but she doesn't get involved in the big stuff like world domination and serial killers.  With her partner Katsumi she avenges women against sexist bosses and abusive boyfriends using forced feminization.  This time it's a depressed town where the LGBT community is under attack. It's over 13,000 words of pulp action with plenty of forced feminization, female domination, bondage, and two tough women kicking ass.


He stumbled out of the shower patting himself with the towel, disconcerted by the newfound smoothness of his hairless skin and trying not to make it worse by rubbing with the towel. Katsumi led him over to a part of the warehouse where Sheila was waiting at a vanity table. She’d already laid out an outfit for him to wear but Jack wasn't aware of it, he was much too focused on the figure of the Jaguar imperiously beckoning him towards a vanity table and pointing peremptorily at the swivel chair that was in front of the table. "Sit!" She ordered. "We have a lot to get done and a limited time in which to do it."

Jack immediately sat on a small white chair in front of a large vanity mirror that was surrounded by lots of light bulbs. Katsumi grasped him by the shoulder and spun him in the chair so that he was facing her. She was in fact, a very skilled makeup artist in addition to her many other talents. His countenance displayed a new sense of worry as with steely eyed determination she plucked his eyebrows into very thin arches and began applying a liquid foundation to his face. With a critical eye she carefully studied the canvas that was his face, his facial features were neither balanced nor harmonious, and it was obvious that he would never be made into a great beauty, despite all of Katsumi’s best efforts. However she was sure that she could make a difference, his eyes began to pop with just a bit of shadow bringing out their emerald hue. A bit of blush and some careful shading gave him some quite prominent cheekbones and managed to hide much of his nose; after some plumping and redefining he even began to display some seriously kissable lips. All the while Jack sat motionless, absolutely fascinated by the transformation taking place in the mirror, even as it disturbed him, realizing that it was him being transformed, still he couldn’t move. Eventually Katsumi declared her facial work complete and moved aside, leaving Sheila to work on his hair while she proceeded to give him very long, very pink, gel nails with tiny ivory white hearts in the middle.

Hair never came easy to Sheila, she could style her own hair well enough, but when it came to doing an even semi-professional job on someone else, she had to work hard and study it with the same tenacity that she’d used to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kyusho-jitsu, and boxing. She’d had to patiently dedicate herself to acquiring all the skills that The Jaguar needed, which meant that because of the long hours spent training she’d now become an expert at a great many varied skill sets.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Plaything: A New Series

This week was supposed to be a new Jaguar adventure.  Unfortunately, it's been delayed by editing.  Instead, I just published the first book of my new series entitled Plaything.  The first book is called Meet the New Boss and I think you'll like it.

The series is about a guy named Jason who has the best break in his life when two twins Victoria and Veronica move in down the block from him.  They're beautiful, intelligent, and fun, and for some reason, they really like Jason.  They also enjoy playing feminization games.  Throughout high school, they find all sorts of reasons to put him in dresses, pantyhose, and makeup.  It's never mean and though he resists, they're all having the time of their life.

When Jason moves on to college, the girls have no intention of giving up their favorite game.  They arrange to get him to dress up in college too.  Unfortunately, for Jason he's dressed up and dancing to Taylor Swift to entertain the girls on Skype, when in walks his roommate's girlfriend Tina catching him in the act. 

She immediately charms the twins and takes control of Jason's dressing, but he soon learns he's not Tina's friend, he's her plaything.  Her idea of fun is definitely not the same as his.  Can he escape with his reputation and sexuality in tact or is he doomed to forever be her toy?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

At Her Mercy
I should have a bit more time to blog in the next couple of months.  I'm trying to get a bit ahead in my other writing commitments.  The new Jaguar book entitled City of Fire and Rage was supposed to be out this week and this time it'll be illustrated.  However, I am still waiting for it to come back from the editor.  I should be releasing a new book on Monday depending on which editor is done first.  You'll either get the first story in my new Twins series or The Jaguar: City of Fire and Rage.

At Her Mercy is a four book collection of some of my more recent work that came out between January 31st and April 16th of this year.  I don't know what Claudia and I were doing at that particular time, but this was a period during which I think we wrote some of our most ruthless and powerful female characters.

They are beauties with brains and brawn who can dominate a male in so many different ways.  From army veterans to teenage sociopaths, these are women who can make your life very difficult if you give them reason to. 

April's Fool: When Paul finds himself living in the same condo as the woman who has filled both his dreams and nightmares for the last decade, he has no idea how to react. Like a moth drawn to a flame, he is April's Fool.

TRAINED!: Jason doesn't think a female trainer can be tough enough fro him, but when he begins working out with Bianca she turns his life upside down. Soon, Jason's wife is wearing the pants in the family and Jason is wearing the yoga pants.

Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors: Lance loves his suburban community. It's a great place to raise a family and the people there believe in old fashioned family values just like he does. When a lesbian couple moves in next door to him, he is determined to drive him out of their neighborhood. Unfortunately, when his plans go awry, he finds himself trapped and about to be subject to an education he'll never forget--a schooling in skirts.

Party Favor:
With his girlfriend away for the weekend, Andrew plans to eat a lot of junk food and get some work done. He can't believe his good fortune when two beautiful young women appear at his door seeking a phone and shelter from the rain. What he gets is a wild ride that will forever change him.

These four stories normally cost $11.96 and run 35,000 words. This money saving collecting features all the female domination and forced feminization excitement, but at only half the price.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Penalty Princess 1: Compulsaries
I wanted to do a new series this summer, but I wanted to do something somewhat original.  A lot of stories don't lend themselves to series very well.  A good series has to have a variety of high points and low points and tells a story at a slower pace than an 8,000 word stand alone short story. That's when I dusted off an old idea and decided to finally tell the story of the Penalty Princess.

I'm not a huge figure skating fan, though I have followed it.  Any sport where the result is determined by an election rather than a scoreboard feels too subjective to me, but  I really liked the idea of a hot shot hockey player who got feminized by a group of figure skaters for the purpose of getting him to compete in a skating competition. 

I'm actually surprised that there haven't been many stories about crossdressed figure skaters.  The costumes female skaters wear are super feminine and show a lot of leg. The humiliation of being held, spun, and thrown by a male skater, and being on display for a crowd all really lend themselves to the forced feminization theme.

The first story is a little shorter than I'd like.  It's still 6,000 words, but it was the natural cutoff.  There's some major makeover set for the beginning of the second book. However, I think this one has some great feminization and female domination in it's own right.  Think of it as a very kinky Cutting Edge.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sam's New Life

One thing I like about writing series is that when I put them together like I did with Welcome to College and The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu is that when I put them together, I feel like I've accomplished something like writing a novel.  This week my new book is Sam's New Life, which is a 51,000+ word story of a guy named Sam who makes the mistake of messing with his step-sister and her beautiful friends one time to many.  The result is his utter humiliation, feminization, and subjugation at their hands.

The story begins with Halloween of Sam's senior year of high school and continues through the spring as the girls change his life forever.  This story has it all from humiliation, bondage, and female domination, to humor and romance.  This may be the best ending I have ever written and the feedback I have gotten from so many readers has been that this is one of their favorites.  I hope it will be yours too.

 Story Excerpt:

"What do you think you're doing, Sam?" Alexis shouted at me.

"What? I'm out on a date with a guy, for Christ's sake," I replied annoyed.

"You're out on a date with a guy who is going to be shelling out over $100 for your part of this meal. Do you think he's paying for polite conversation?" She snapped.

"No, I guess not, but what am I supposed to do?"

"Kiss him, pet him, show him a good time. Give him something in return."

"I can't do that. I'm not gay."

"What does that have to do with anything?" she gave me a puzzled look.

"Hello, if I'm not gay why would I be flirting and making out with another guy?"

"Well maybe because you know what will happen to you if you don’t!"

"Why, what are you going to do?"

“Let’s not go there again, the possibilities are practically endless. You know I have so much stuff on you little sister, I can very easily ruin you, your reputation, your whole life. Then if I were to let slip something to Ryan, probably your health, definitely your face. Look, I don’t want to keep repeating this same discussion with you every time you don't want to do something I tell you to. It should be very apparent to you by this point that you want... no, actually you need to keep me and my friends very happy. You can do that by doing what we’ve told you, exactly what we’ve told you. If you don't? Well, that’s up to you I suppose.” She spoke quietly, clearly and very ominously.

“And what would he do to you? You set all this up, claiming I was your cousin!” I retorted desperately.

“Much as he wouldn’t get rough with you while he thinks you are a girl, I really don’t see him holding back much when he finds out you’re just a sissy boy, do you? As for me, I was still a girl the last time I looked. So although he may be upset with me, he probably won’t rearrange my face.”

She was right and I knew it. She had me and there was nothing I could do.

"So, what do you want me to do,” I capitulated. “I've already kissed him and everything."

"Oh you'll be kissing him a lot more and much better than that. When we get back out there start by holding his hand."

"Okay," I said dubiously.

"And you’d better start to show some real enthusiasm, rub your legs against his under the table, lean into him more and for Christ’s sake look at him! Oh, and stop talking to Joey, he’s not your date."

“What about Joey? What are you giving him for your $100 meal?” I sniped.

“None of your business! And you’ll pay for that later.” She retorted.

"Fine," I sulked. "Don't you have to go to the bathroom?"

"We just did," she replied. "Now touch up your makeup and no more backchat!"

After we’d touched up and checked each other we walked back out to the boys at the table. I noticed a lot of guys in the restaurant, some much older, checking us out as we did. As if reading my mind, Alexis whispered to me, "I'm wearing pants. It's you they're staring at."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Just Heard from Amethyst Hammerfist

This is kind of an old video of Amethyst.  She's much more skilled now, but it should give you some idea of what she's like to wrestle.  She's currently in Prague where she just found a former Olympian and pulled off a surprise win.  She was the underdog, but I should avoid saying upset if I don't want to wind up like the guy in the video.  Here were her comments on Bridled by the Bridesmaids:

 It's brilliant. Sorry i took so long, not great net connection at the place i was in, in Prague. I just read the synopsis and the pages on Amazon that are displayed and tomorrow I will buy the book and read it all (I believe in supporting friends work and projects and passions!). It's very fun, very entertaining and awesomely written; i knew it would be. ;)

I could really imagine parts of it and you captured my personality well, Scorpion's too. ;) I'll get back to you after I've read the whole thig, so far, I love it all. ;)

It feels great to hear that from her, especially the part about getting her and Scoprion's personalities right.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bridled by the Bridesmaids

About a year ago, I met two amazing women who go by the names Amethyst Hammerfist and Scorpion.  They were both British and they both wrestled men professionally. I say met, but it was all done through Twitter.  Through them I learned about the world of Session Wrestling and I was thoroughly fascinated to get to know about these women who could make any guy say "wow!" if he saw them at a club and "ow!" if he wrestled with them on the mats.

Last summer, when Amethyst showed excitement over my books, I was thrilled.  I asked her if she'd like to be in one and she told me that would be "brilliant." I began to try and think about what to do with her.  Some of my ideas take years to make it into books so Amethyst went on the back burner.

Claudia had a fun idea for a story--what if the bridesmaids didn't like a groom and feminized him to try and ruin a wedding.  We started writing the book and telling the story from the maid of honor's point of view.  We got about 3,000 words in and realized something was missing.  We wanted a fun way to capture the groom, but couldn't come up with something different.  That's when it occurred to me to use Amethyst Hammerfist.  The problem was, I wanted another wrestler too.  I wanted Scorpion.  I figured the two of them could give guys a bachelor party they wouldn't forget.  I started writing and then I asked Scorpion.

Scorpion is more cautious than Amethyst, but I think there are tight rope walkers who moonlight as professional gamblers who are more risk averse than Amethyst.  Scorpion wanted to read the story.  Her reaction was -- LOVE IT!!!!! Hilarious and hot. Meooww! Excellent work :-)))

I could love with that.  The story that became Bridled by the Bridesmaids came together and I think the bachelor party is my favorite part.  I tried to do my best to capture their personalities based on what I've seen on social media, in their videos, and their wrestling reviews.

The story is actually a bit tame by my standards, but contains bondage, female domination, forced feminization, and several really humiliated groomsmen.  I will definitely have more on Amethyst Hammerfist and Scorpion later this week, but for now you can reach Amethyst here and Scorpion here.  If you are in the Europe and get a chance to wrestle one of them soon, take it and you'll have my undying envy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Calendar Girl Illustration and Review

It's always an honor when Annabelle Brito chooses one of my stories to review and not just because you get an awesome illustration like this one.  She chose to do a review of Calendar Girl and I think she did a great job.  Check it out at her blog

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mean Girls and Mermaids Audio Book

I am happy to announce that Mean Girls and Mermaids has dropped at Audible and Amazon and I think you'll find it's a really amazing erotic audio for under $4. Marami Hung is an amazing voice actress and I have always liked this particular story quite a bit. 

Eric is a high school senior who makes the mistake of getting the attention of three girls who practically run his school.  They put him through the most humiliating class picture day you'll ever see.  If you've ever been the target of a group of mean girls or wished you were, I'm sure you'll enjoy this audio book. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Claudia's Campus Cuckold

In my books with Claudia, I do most of the work.  Having her contribute a female dominant's touch is huge.  It makes my stories much better and that's why I proudly have been giving her co-writer credit.  I know how good I've got it and her input keeps me motivated and excited to be writing.

Now, every now and then Claudia will venture out with more than a piece of advice or a scene or a rewrite.  The first time she did this was with Claudia: Memoirs of a Campus Domme.  I won't deny it feels kind of weird. Claudia is a very talented author and she'd done several dozen books with me.  She knows what she's doing, but this story just sizzles.

After denying it for many years, I proudly proclaim that my own college experiences have a huge impact on me to this day.  It's clear that her experience as a college dominant still shapes her.  She's moved on from the guy she feminized in the first story and now as a sophomore she cuckolds a new guy.  It's go all the stuff you like about Candy Apple Press stories - forced feminization, bondage, humiliation, and female domination.


I cut him loose and allowed him to go off on his merry way, but a funny thing happened. He followed right behind me like a puppy dog. I didn't comment for fear I'd spook him, but Jessica and I shared a knowing look.

"You know, if Michelle is working today, I bet we can get him in for a makeover," said Jessica.

"Oh that's perfect," I replied. "Would you like that, Charlene?"

"My name isn't Charlene."

"He has a point, Claudia. Charlene is kind of an ugly name," said Jessica.

"Well what do you suggest?" I asked.

"How about something totes adorbs like Tiffany or Stephanie?"

"Hey, what's wrong with Charles?" he barked.

"You may look like a Charles entering the mall, but you won't when you leave here," said Jess.

"I like the name Kristina," I said. "Let's go with that."

"Very pretty," agreed Jess.

"That's not my name," barked Charles, not yet understanding he was now forever renamed Kristina.

"Really? If I can't get you to answer to Kristina by the end of the day, I'll forget the whole thing. Alright?" I offered.

"Okay, I guess," he shrugged.

Jessica's friend Michelle was indeed working at the makeup counter and soon had us paired up with a makeup artist who was bemused by her task. The makeup artist was a pretty girl in her mid-twenties named Laura who was only out of cosmetology school for a few months. She had jet black hair and big almond eyes. She used her makeup skills to bring out her features to their best advantage.

"So let me get this straight," said Laura. "You want me to make him over, just like a woman?"

"That's exactly what we want, Laura. Can you help us?" I asked.

"Sure," she assured me. "It'll be fun. I used to practice makeup on my little brother and my boyfriend all the time. I just wish I had a wig or something. He's got kind of short hair."

"Isn't there one of those temporary Halloween shops in the mall?" asked Jess.

"Oh yeah, I should have thought of that," said Laura. "It's right by the food court."

"Perfect," said Jess. "I'll go grab a wig fit for princess here while you supervise the makeover."

"What kind of look did you want?" asked Laura.

"A nice daytime look for right now, don't you think?" I asked.

"Sure we could do that, but I figure with a guy, why go subtle?" she asked.

"Well, I don't want him looking like a drag queen."

"Don't I get any say in this?" he asked nervously.

"No," we both answered in unison.

"Just sit there and be my canvas," instructed Laura. "I have a few ideas. I'll keep the colors fairly sedated, but I'll really make his eyes pop and definitely go for some bright red lipstick."

"Oh c***sucker red?" I asked.

"Wh-what?" he was petrified.

"Something like that," joked Laura.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Candy Apple Press

You may have noticed that my newest story Party Favor is listed as being published by Candy Apple Press. I haven't talked about what Candy Apple Press yet, but I assure you there are some big things in our future.

Candy Apple Press consists of myself, Claudia Acosta, Mindi Harris, and Alyssa Paige.  All of us have been fairly successful publishing forced feminization stories with an emphasis on plot. We don't spend 200 words describing having lipstick applied and 5,000 words describing oral sex.  There are other writers who do that sort of thing.  However, if you enjoy plot with your panties, I think you'll like all of our authors.

Practically, for us it should make it easier to advertise and promote our books and also to break into doing more audio books and perhaps even paper backs.  This really feels like being picked for an all-star team and I feel honored to be in such elite company. 

Party Favor

I enjoy writing a large variety of stories about forced feminization.  There are a lot of tropes and cliches in this genre and I try and bring something new to the table.  Party Favor is definitely one of my most intense stories yet. There is a lot of forced cum eating in this one.
With his girlfriend away for the weekend, Andrew plans to eat a lot of junk food and get some work done. He can't believe his good fortune when two beautiful young women appear at his door seeking a phone and shelter from the rain. What he gets is a wild ride that will forever change him.

In this 10,000 word cautionary tale for anybody who might find themselves alone and vulnerable should a pair of women like these two decide to prey on them, Andrew soon finds himself the guest of honor at a rent party being thrown in his own home. This is not a sweet story and contains shocking content! Do no purchase if you are offended by bondage, female domination, humiliation, forced feminization, crossdressing, and forced bi.

Taking a bottle of bright red nail polish the two girls carefully painted his toenails while his feet were bound tightly to the foot of the bed. Then with a bit more difficulty as he tried to resist, they managed to do the same with his fingernails. They did this by untying one arm at a time, leaving the other bound to the headboard. Then forcing him to extend it flat on the bed, one of them would kneel on his arm while leaning on the back of his hand, pressing it down on top of a large book. He couldn’t move his arm or hand as they took turns painting his nails. Once his toes had dried they worked a pair of Allison's sheer pantyhose up his legs to his hips, playfully snapping the elastic band around his waist.

"Angela has such great legs," teased Olivia.

"I'll say she does. They're going to look so sexy wrapped around some lucky guy tonight" agreed Lucy. Andrew groaned audibly but was no longer putting up any resistance, he simply lay passively as all his earlier struggles had been in vain.

"That's it little Angela" said Olivia. "Just lay back and let your Aunties take care of you."

Lucy slid a pair of black lace panties up Andrew's legs and then a pair of Allison’s strappy heels was placed on his feet. Allison's shoes were a little tight on him but he could just about get his feet into them. Olivia tied his ankles very securely together because they were going to have to be very careful with his arms if they were going to get a bra and dress on him and they weren't convinced by his passivity.

Sure enough, as soon as his wrists were free he made a grab for the stocking holding his ankles together. Olivia reacted by slapping him hard across the face, instantly stopping him in his tracks, he looked up as she stared him in the eye barking sternly at him "No! Now be a good girl, Angela. We don't want to hurt you."

The force of Olivia's blow was more startling than painful, but it was her forceful attitude that started the tears rolling down Andrew's cheeks. Lucy held him close to her breasts, rocking him back and forth as if comforting a newborn. While she was soothing him, Olivia quickly strapped a padded bra around his chest and then added a black lace dress over it. He now felt so humiliated not only to be wearing the sexiest dress that his girlfriend owned, which incidentally fit him perfectly, but also to be so easily cowed by the beautiful Olivia.

Next the girls lead him over to the vanity, where his wrists were again tied behind his back so that he wouldn't interfere while Lucy did his makeup. She was clearly trying to make him look sexy, even wanton with bright red lips, long black eye lashes and smoky eyelids. Olivia took Allison's favorite perfume and absolutely doused him in it. No woman would ever put that much perfume on, but there wasn't really anything Andrew could do about it.

"Wow, I think you’ve made our little girl look all grown up" said Olivia.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


 Wow!  I am a bit dumbfounded unfortunately.  I know that sales come and go, but it feels like in the last couple of months all my old books stopped selling and all my sales are coming from new material.  I'm not quite sure why it would all happen so suddenly, but I don't like it one bit.  To add insult to injury, my newest book is still in editing and so I have a bundle coming out this week.

I plan bundles based on titles with similar content and then I release them in weeks where I don't have anything else ready to come out. Manipulated is a collection of stories about powerful women who always get their way.  These are some of the women I've ever written. 

Thirty-Two Flavors is a story by three of the hottest forced feminization authors in the market today. It tells the story of Kevin Kane who is young, wealthy, and good looking. He can have anything he wants it seems, except the girl dishing out scoops at his local ice cream parlor. When she finally has enough of his constant badgering for a date, she overreacts and is forced to go out with him. It becomes one of the most amazing and humiliating night's of Kevin's life. Fans of Kylie Gable, Alyssa Paige,and Mindi Harris will love this tantalizing tale of female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, and even a bit of forced bisexuality.

Friendly Seduction is about two college best friends named Brendan and Adam whose lives took them in opposite directions. Now, a surprise invitation arrives for Brendan to visit Adam and his wife Morgan at their home. He hops on a plane only to find Adam away on business and Morgan a woman with a strange agenda of her own. Can she shape him into the image she wants before Adam returns? This erotic story contains female domination, forced bi, cuckolding, bondage, and feminization.

Claudia: Memoirs of a College Domme is a true story by Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta. In it, Claudia reflects on the first boy she ever feminized in college and how she turned a wimp named Jason into a princess named Jasmine with the help of a little female domination, bondage, and public humiliation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Great New Wrestling, Feminization, Bondage Video

Our friends over at the great Doom Maidens site have released a new video that I think will be of intense interest to some of you.  A few months back, I posted about the great Veve Lane in a bondage wrestling match that involved forced feminization, now they're back with another production.

This time, instead of Veve it's a British girl named Indra who does the honors to a helpless guy named Thrash.  He doesn't put up much of a fight at all, but that's beside the point.  I have a real soft spot for Indra.  There are female wrestlers who may be better looking and there are ones that are more skilled or more physically powerful, but there are none that I have seen as good at humiliating a guy than Indra.  Her trash talking skills are amazing and there's always a layer of menace lurking below the surface.

Indra puts her male opponent in a corset, skirt, panties, stockings, full makeup, and a wig.   As physically dominant woman, bondage, and forced feminization are constant themes in my eBooks, I think this video will appeal to a lot of you who enjoy my writing.  I give it a solid four stars and it definitely stands up to repeated watching.

Check out Tied Up, Dressed Up 2 here.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

April's Fool

For me, it's Amanda who I wrote about in the Welcome to College books.  For most people like myself there is that one girl in our past who mistreated us, abused us, humiliated and even feminized us.  She was cruel and she was sexy.  Years and even decades may have passed, but every couple weeks we visit when night comes and we sleep.  She has taken up residence in our most intense nightmares and our most lust filled dreams.  We thought we had escaped her, but we will always be in her clutches. We need only close our eyes to find ourselves in her bedroom in her warm embrace or in the school cafeteria trying to remove the makeover she just gave you--the humiliating jeers of your classmates even louder than they were in your youth.

For Paul, April was that girl.  What her friends did to her in high school could only be called torture.  They put him in heels, dresses, and makeup every chance they got, they bullied him, tied him up, and found all sorts of ways to publicly and privately humiliate him.  That was a decade ago and now Paul is all grown up. 

Fate has brought them back together and she has asked his forgiveness, but if you know one thing about the dominant women in my stories, you know it’s never quite that simple.

Will Paul be drawn back in skirts and under her thumb like a mouth to a flame or will he finally be able to have her on his terms?

This 8,500 word story contains forced feminization, humiliation, bondage, and a large penis shaped  chandelier. 

"Paul? Paul Henner?  Oh my God, it is you!" called out a female voice behind him.  Paul turned away from his condo's mailboxes and looked to see a stunning blonde in a tight white t-shirt and red short shorts.  He stared at her shapely legs that seemed way too long for anybody under seven-feet to own.  

"Uh, hi," said Paul, confused and oddly ill at ease.

"It's me, April Blackwell!"

"Oh...hi, April," gasped Paul, turning ashen with fear as he stood face to face with the woman who had tormented him in his youth. He caught himself shivering as he involuntarily recalled the many times that April had utterly humiliated him in their youth.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I live here," he said in a breathless monotone. 

"That's great," she said. "I just moved in and I was afraid I wouldn't know anybody. I love this building though."

"Yeah, well...uh, nice to see you April," he lied.

"Hold on a second Paul."


"I'm not surprised that you're less than thrilled to see me.  I was pretty awful to you in high school."

"That's putting it mildly, April. You ruined my life!" he almost shouted."All those times when I'd go to my gym locker and find only a bra, panties, and stockings in there! And all the times you made me do cheers for the girls at cheerleading practice dressed in one of your uniforms! It was all so humiliating! I'm happy I've moved on with my life."

"I'm glad you have too, Paul." said April. "I truly am. I had a lot of pressure from my parents to be perfect all the time, and I guess I took a lot out of that on you.  I have thought about you a lot since then, and I hope you can forgive me."

"Forgive you?" said Paul surprised. "I don't really know if I can."

"I understand.  You think about it.  If you can't put this behind us, I'll understand, and I will never bother you again," she said to his retreating back. 

Paul was visibly shaken when he returned to his condo.  He threw his mail on the coffee table and he plopped onto the couch.  His life had changed so much since high school.  At college, he made real friends--the type of people who really cared about him.  He did well in school and got a great job.  

Then he met Sondra. She was the kind of girl that he had always dreamed of, but couldn't get close to in high school.  She was stunning, with raven black hair and big almond eyes, and she was shapely enough to model part time.  

She loved him and never let him doubt that she was all his, even though she had a wild side.  Her wildness brought him out of his shell, and led him to experience thrills that he would never have dreamed of on his own.  He was determined to ask Sondra to move in with him and planned that they'd eventually get engaged.  As he thought about his wondrous plans with Sondra, deep inside him, an old terror stirred.  Its name was April Blackwell.

Paul reached down, pulled out his high school yearbook from his bookshelf, and began leafing through the pages. There must have been a dozen pictures of Paul as Nicole.  April's friend Ashley was the editor, and managed to insert several shots of Nicole into the book.  Then there was his graduation picture.  That morning, he'd arrived in his navy blue suit only to be accosted by the girls and led into an empty bathroom.  

They made him over and brought him to the auditorium for senior pictures with him wearing a black lace dress; his order form was changed from Paul Henner to Nicole Henner.  It was so humiliating to have thrust out his chest and cup his face in his manicured hand in those girlish poses the professional photographer demanded, all the time knowing that they'd be immortalized in his senior yearbook.  He wondered why he didn't just burn the damn thing.

Now April was back again, hotter than ever, and asking for forgiveness. Paul had to think long and hard about this.  He had prided himself on moving past those high school humiliations.  He wanted to just leave her in the past with his antiquated flip phone and the old Spice Girls and Britney CDs they'd made him buy.

Still, April seemed awfully sincere in her apology, and he couldn't deny that all through high school he was drawn to her like that proverbial moth to a flame. Yes, he had a huge crush on his nemesis, no matter how much she had abused him.  Now, as an adult, those old feelings had returned.