Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Never Signed Up for This

The next short story in my Girls of Summer series is going to be Calendar Girl.  In fact, it wasn't even close this time.   The vote went as follows:

Calendar Girl 7
Doubling Down 3
Mask of the Jaguar 1

Calendar Girl had such a big lead, that with Cuckolded by the Girl Gang already with my beta readers I began to write Calendar Girl, midweek.  I didn't sign up for this.  While I usually strive for the 6,000 to 8,000 word mark on stories, I will be surprised if I can limit Calendar Girl to only 16,000 words.    I never expected it to be this long and breaking it up into parts wasn't an option.  Who wants to buy a book called Calendar Girl, where the main character doesn't even pose for the calendar?

The problem is that my characters rarely listen to me and Jen, the lead female in this book is particularly rebellious.  Somewhere along the way, she has learned to love her power and the humiliation she can cause Brandon.  This has led to new situations and plot points that I had not counted on during the planning or outlining stages.  When she humiliates him in front of some of his classmates, we have a very interesting detour, but it's made the story a bit longer than I planned.  I really am enjoying these characters and I hope the final product will be one of my better ones.

Feminine Brutality Bundle and Economics

I have not made any bones about the fact that my books are expensive.  I wish I could make them a bit cheaper.  However, I started writing erotica for financial reasons.  I'm glad I did and I truly enjoy doing it, but the fact is, I saw a hole in my budget and was looking for a way to fill it.  The way Amazon works, if I sell a book for $2.99 in the United States, I make about $2.07 on it.  Once I pay for my cover photo and a few other miscellaneous costs, I make between $3 and $12 an hour depending on how much the book sells.   If I were to sell a book for $1.99, which seems a more appropriate price for 6,000 to 8,000 words, I would make about 69 cents per book.   If a book sells 50 copies for me at $2.99 a copy, I'd have to sell 150 copies to make the same money.  Research has shown the $1.99 really don't sell much more than $2.99 books if anything.

So, I try to make it up to my readers by making bundles.  Buying the Welcome to College bundles saves you 45% off of cover price.   In the Feminine Brutality Bundle, I put together three books that all have a similar theme because I thought they'd be enjoyed by roughly the same audience.  These are books about touch chicks who a kick a bit of ass.  They don't need elaborate schemes to trap guys because they can use physical source.  If you grew up dreaming of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow or Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, this one's for you.

Here are the stories:

The Good, the Bad, and the Sissy - This was the most fun story for me to write.  I loved the western setting and I think the story actually works pretty well as a western.  Zelia is a notiorious outlaw and Jarrett makes the mistake of accosting her sister, Lalia.  As a result, Zelia and Lalia make him the hottest saloon girl in the territory.

Blind Date - The first erotic story I ever wrote was based on a role play that I did with an amazing woman.  A wimp of a man is set up on a blind date with a Amazon of a woman.  What was their mutual friend thinking?  When his date kicks his ass, ties him up, and feminizes him, he figures it out.

Taking One for the Team - Two female soccer fans run into their most hated opponent underneath a stadium after he is ejected with a red card.  What the girls do to him is the worst payback in the history of sports.  I wonder what they would do to a certain soccer player for Uruguay with a history of biting people.  As a bonus I included The Sissy Bowl, which is a very short story about the most emasculating game of football ever played by two sissies against their wives.  This was based on a true story from my past that I just couldn't fit into Welcome to College

About 17,000 words for $2.99.  Even I think that's a bargain.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Girls Do It

The Femdom Archetypes

As an exercise and to help me with my own writing, I looked at the many different dominant females in forced feminization literature.  Now, eliminating science fiction or magic, there are only so many guys to get a man to do what you want.  It is my belief that this all female dominants fall into one of these four categories.  This actually sounds like the beginning of a really fun roleplaying game.  Who wants to be a Cleric or a Sorcerer when you can be an Ass Kicker or Seductress.

The Seductress: I think Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the Black Widow falls into this category.  It's very popular in Hollywood and in cheap detective novels.  Men are led to do some pretty insane things to please a seductress, some men will even shave their legs and let you call them Amy.  A lot of the best feminizers growing up were seductresses.  They'd bat their eye lashes at some jock and the next thing you knew, he was letting her paint his nails pink.  Surprisingly, I haven't really used this type at all in my own writing. 

The Charismatic:  This is one of the trickiest types because, while a seductress can convince a guy to let her emasculate him, a charismatic can convince her friends and maybe even his friends to help.  They do this is by the strength of personality, which makes people want to help them.  I think Olivia Pope as played by Kerry Washington on Scandal falls into this group.   My character Amanda in Welcome to College is the ultimate charismatic. 

The Brain: Her intricate plots render men helpless.  She's always one step ahead of her prey and she let's them think they're in control.  In fact, she encourages it.  Brain's are the best blackmailers because her victims can't outsmart her and come up with a way out of her trap.  Alice Morgan in Luther is my current obsession and a definite brain, although a sociopathic one.  I wrote Monica as a brain in Summer Reunion and I truly liked writing the scene where William is handcuffed in the kitchen watching his wife drive away with his clothes.  I love it when a plan comes together.

The Ass Kicker: You don't need to trick or seduce a man if you can just beat his ass and make him do what you want.  Gina Carano is definitely in this camp.   Her hotel room fight in Haywire was amazing to watch.  Lucy Lawless was this in her prime.  Now, a lot of seductresses can fight.  I mean the Black Widow goes through Hydra agents like Larry King went through wives, but the difference is I think that fighting Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow would be fun.  She'd put her legs around my neck and throw me to the ground and it might hurt, but what a way to go.  On the other hand, I think fighting Gina Carano would leave my with a broken nose, missing teeth, and possible a broken arm.  This seems much less fun to me.  I think Marisol in Taken by a Girl Gang and Cuckolded by a Girl Gang is this type as is Zelia in The Good, the Bad, and the Sissy.

So what's your favorite type?  Did I forget one?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Taken by the Girl Gang is Too Hot for Amazon

Even though Amazon sells the Kindle Fire, it seems that my latest book Taken by a Girl Gang is too steamy for Amazon.   The books was uploaded on Thursday morning at 10:30 and I expected it to be up by Thursday evening.  Over 30 hours later, I was informed by Amazon that it was blocked.  I could only conclude that the problem was the scene involving the girl gang using the main character's golf club in a way that the PGA would never sanction.

I assumed that the problem involved the 688 word scene of Wesley's brutal deflowering by the girls and replaced it.  I resubmitted the story and Amazon accepted it.   I have also submitted the original version at Smashwords and will try Barnes & Noble as well.  I'm a little worried with B&N because I don't want them dropping my price and encouraging Amazon to do the same.

To find the book at Amazon go to this link : Taken by the Girl Gang (Tame Amazon Version)
To find the book at Smashwords go to this link: Taken by the Girl Gang (Steamy Smashwords Version)

Now, in the event that you purchased the tame version at Amazon and want to know what was cut out, I urge anybody who is the least bit sensitive to these things to please look no further.  I will not be responsible for what reading a passage like this could do to a more delicate reader.  If you are still brave enough to continue, you have been warned:

This section occurs near the end of the book, when Marisol tells the other girls to bend Wesley over the couch and replaces the text that appears before Marisol says, "alright, let's get this bitch home."

Wesley increased his struggles, but he was no match for that many determined women. They dragged him over and held him fast against the back of the couch, bending him over so that his bra was touching the front of the backrest. Marisol stood in front of the prisoner. He could see that the grip of the golf club was glistening with some kind of a liquid covering it.
"It's a special day, when we get to deflower a boy," said Xochitl holding his left arm firmly.
Now a golf club's grip is specially made to not fly out of a golfer's hands. The rubber surface is meant to increase friction and reduce glide. This makes it a particularly unsuitable item for this sort of task. Wesley knew this and screamed with all his might through the gag, though it didn't make much of a sound.
As Marisol pushed the thong from his ass crack, tears began to roll down Wesley's cheeks. He was aware that some of the girls had taken out their phones and were filming the spectacle. He hoped that any moment, Niko would come crashing through the door, but he knew he was on his own. He felt Marisol insert the golf club between his ass cheeks rubbing it up and down.
"A lot of guys love their golf clubs, but his golf club is actually loving him back," joked Xochitl.
"This is going to happen bitch, so you can make this easy or hard on yourself," warned Marisol sinking the end of the golf club deep into his anus.
Wesley had never felt anything like it; the pain was excruciating. The force of each thrust drove Wesley into the couch. With her spare hand, Marisol reached around and began to play with Wesley's cock underneath his skirt.
"Who’s the bitch now, eh?" taunted Marisol.
The lube on the club made it glide into his anus, but Wesley couldn't help resisting. Still, Wesley found himself getting turned on by the attention Marisol was paying to his cock as well as the feeling of her breath on his neck and the weight of her breasts on his back. As she worked up a rhythm, even the thrusts with the golf club started to become pleasurable. His moans were inaudible, but the girls could see the change in his reactions. He spasmed and shot a load right onto the wooden floor of Marisol's apartment. Wesley told himself that it could have happened to anybody, but he felt so ashamed.
"Lick it up, puta," demanded Xochitl ripping the duct tape from his face.
"N-no I can't," moaned Wesley.
"You still dare to tell us no, pendejo?" laughed Lizette menacingly.
"You don't come to my nice apartment and make a mess on my floor without cleaning it up, bitch," threatened Marisol cuffing Wesley upside the head.
Wesley weakly lowered himself to his knees and reluctantly stuck out his tongue, lapping his own goo from the floor.  The girls were sure to get it all on camera even making the reluctantly crossdressed captive stick out his tongue to display his abject humiliation.
"Oh his first mouthful or boy juice; that's one for the scrapbook," laughed Xochitl.
"First of may, I'm sure," agreed Rebecca.
"Hmm, stay right there for a moment girlfriend," ordered Xochitl having a brainstorm.
She took the duct taped and taped the head of the driver to Wesley's ankle.  Wesley reluctantly complied and after wrapping the tape around his ankle and the head three times, she stepped back to admire her work, much to the confusion of everybody else in the room.
"OK, get crawling," commanded Xochitl.  Having no choice, Wesley inched his way along the floor.  Every time he straightened and bent his knee he forced the club deeper and deep into his own rectum.  When the girls saw this they began to hoot and holler with laughter.  Every time, Wesley would stop, one of the girls would prod him onward by kicking his side or slapping him.   Reluctantly, he made his way around the room providing more entertainment, while the girls downed a few beers.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

And the Winner is...

Today, I uploaded Taken by a Girl Gang to Amazon.  It is the first book in my Girls of Summer books.  I didn't include this one in the order vote because it was already completed   However, I'm also happy to announce that the sequel and conclusion of this two part series will be out in two weeks because Cuckolded by a Girl Gang placed first in the order voting.

Cuckolded by the Girl Gang: 6
Calendar Girl: 4
Doubling Down: 2
Hoops: 1
Reprogrammed: 1
The Mask of the Jaguar 0

We will start a new round of voting beginning now and I really appreciate your feedback.  So which one do you want third?  The list of the choices is here:

The Girls of Summer

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Girls of Summer

I am so excited about this idea.  This summer, I will write 7 books in 7 weeks.  The first one will be Taken by the Girl Gang, which will be out on Friday.  After that, I'm looking for my readers to tell me what they want to read next.  My hope is you'll enjoy the next one enough to buy the next and so forth.  I've been planning to have a busy summer of writing for some time now, but this is far more ambitious than I originally envisioned.  Please vote.  I think I'll be really depressed, if only like two people vote on this.

You can vote once per day in the pink box in the right hand side of the screen.  Take the pressure off of me deciding what to do next.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The New Miss USA Kicks Ass

I have mentioned my love for women who kick ass in all forms.  The new Miss USA definitely fits that bill.  She's a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo.  Several years back, I studied the martial art myself and really enjoyed it, but I imagine my chance of getting to spar with her are probably a bit remote.  It'd be fun to write a short story about an ass kicking beauty queen, but I do wonder who would believe it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Loving Bad Girls

I have such an affection for bad girls.  Obviously, the girls who feminized me were the epitome of bad girls.  I have often wondered if I went to Amanda's hometown if I would have found a trail of her male high school classmates who had been degraded and emasculated by her and I also wonder if in her adult life he male colleagues at work have mastered walking in heels yet.

To the girls, I was the perfect target for feminization because of my appearance, but it was actually a perfect storm situation because I think it was my personality that made me such putty in their hands.  I had no desire to be feminized.  When you're a small boy with delicate features, who hated being mistaken for a girl as a child, that was just too close to home.  However, I always did have a thing for the tough girls, the tomboys, and my favorite--the girls who were pretty and still dangerous.

One of my first memories of interacting with kids my own age is of the little girls across the street from me singing, "Girls are better than boys are, girls are better I know" to the tune of Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah.  I of course had to shut them up and that led to me losing a running race to one girl and then getting punched in the jaw and knocked off my feet by another girl.  As I sat on the sidewalk crying, I saw the girls walking away in 1980s empowerment.  Sisterhood was strong.

Growing up, we didn't have cable so I watched a lot of reruns and I immediately gravitated to women like Mary Tyler Moore in the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Laura Pettry was sexy and kicked ass too.  Of course, Julie Newmar as Catwoman was another favorite.  I remember an episode of Fresh Prince where Will got tied up by a girl as being rather hot too.

I will always associated my femininization kink with bad girls.   After college, I tried to wear some of my college clothes and it did nothing for me.  The dress didn't mean much without the strong woman to put me there.  I think I wrote my ideal bad girl in my new book, The Good, the Bad, and the Sissy.  Zelia kicks ass, but is still so amazingly sexy under her tough as leather exterior.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sorority Forced Feminization in the News

WFSB 3 Connecticut

I wonder how much trouble the girls that feminized me could have gotten in?  I find fraternity hazing pretty juvenile, but making the frat boys wear women's underwear and do body shots off each other is very familiar territory.


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