Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday

Today is small business Saturday and that's an endeavor I most wholeheartedly endorse. The Walmartization of America is not something I'm happy about.  I love the idea of an America filled with mom and pop stores selling things that are unique to their stores.  I love old book stores with quirky selections and a person behind the counter who can give you the type of service that online shopping never could.

Amazon is the antithesis of a mom and pop store. It doesn't need your business, but for independent authors like myself, it's our lifeblood. Your local mom and pop bookstore is not rushing out to stock Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors or Caribbean Cruise for Cuckolds. For that I need Amazon.

This small business Saturday, please remember that there are small businesses online too. You won't find many businesses smaller than my operation.  I do everything from creating my own covers to marketing the books myself and there are thousands more like me.  They're not all doing erotica either (But our books are definitely the most fun).   Please go out and frequent your favorite small stores in your community, but when that's done, please also remember your favorite independent authors as well.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

I've done a Christmas themed book two Halloween themed books and , but this was my first foray into a Thanksgiving themed story.  I quite like it.  It's meant to be enjoyed year round, but it centers on the Thanksgiving holiday--kind of like Die Hard centers on Christmas.

Thanksgiving Dinner Guest is a sequel to April's Fool though you don't have to read the first book to enjoy this one.  In fact Dinner Guest goes back to a time when April and Paul are high school seniors and April's dad insists that she get a job.  Her solution will involve plenty of humiliation for Paul and a wonderful summer for April reaping the rewards of a steady paycheck.

When our story returns to the modern day, Paul is face to face with his worst nightmare.  He's about to leave for Thanksgiving at his sister's house when April shows up to tell him he's going with.  Can he avoid total humiliation having his mistress with him at a family holiday?  Of course not---but it sure is fun watching it happen.

I really enjoy writing April and Paul.  April is what I call a mean domme.  She's not out for revenge nor does she do this to Paul because she thinks this is what he wants.  She does it because she enjoys watching him squirm and suffer.  I think I enjoy just letting go and writing this kind of domme so much because I was reluctant to write one for so long.  Also, her lack of morals allow me to get really creative with the ways she torments Paul.


"Yeah, but if he says no then what can we do?" asked Karen.
"I'll tell you what, if you can find me a pair of pantyhose, I'll show you."
"Like a magic trick?" she asked.
"Sort of like that," April replied.
"Please don't do this," Paul begged.
"This I've got to see," she said racing off to find hosiery.
"Listen bitch," said April when she was out of hearing range, "I'm cutting you a bit of slack here because I know how humiliating it is for you, but the more you fight me, the worse I'll make it for you."
April dragged him out of the chair and rolled him over on his stomach capturing his arms behind your back. Paul hated rough housing.  Losing in a physical contest to a woman always made him feel like such a girl, but April could never get enough of exerting her dominance over you.
"Well I see who wears the pants in your relationship," laughed Karen as she saw them.  "I got several pairs of pantyhose because I don't know what you needed."
"I think one pair will do it," said April. "Here, put them on his arms behind his back like you were putting them on a pair of legs."
"This is so strange," she giggled nervously following April's directions.
"Now help me up," instructed April as she grabbed Paul's arms and made him hug himself.  She took the extra material in the legs and brought it around behind Paul.  "Get a scissors and cut a hole in the crouch."
"Sure, this is fun," said Karen.
After she cut the hole, April brought the nylon up and over Paul's shoulders.  Now Paul was encased in a pantyhose straight jacket as helpless as can be.  His sister couldn't help, but laugh at him and the pathetic expression on your face as he struggled to get loose.  As if April wouldn't just tie him up tighter if he did.
"This is just to make sure he doesn't fight us on the makeup," said April.
"Oh makeup," Karen clapped. "This is going to be fun.
"Nicole can do her own makeup," said April. "Maybe tomorrow, we can have him show you."
"Nicole," chortled Karen laughing at this new revelation. "You call him Nicole?"
"She's going to look much more like a Nicole than a Paul very shortly," explained April.
"Do we have to do this?" pleaded Paul.
"Yes we do," snapped Karen in a rather demanding way that Nicole found quite promising. 
"Let's get his makeup done," suggested April.