Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Well you know I'm into public humiliation, but singing may be a lot even for me.  I have no talent in this area, but I was challenged this morning.  Here's your song parody for 2019 and probably 2020 too.


Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for all your support.
XO Kylie

Sunday, December 1, 2019

December 1st

If you didn't know it, November 30th is my birthday. It was a decent one this year.  I also take November off from serious writing to focus on other aspects of my life. You may not notice this because I get the books done in the months leading up to November.  However, things like blogging, my Patreon, and my podcast suffer.   There is only so much of me to go around and rightfully or wrongly I just assume that people would rather I use that time working on books rather than promoting them.

I hope everybody that celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one and I'm back and ready to start working hard for the next 11 months. If you haven't picked up The Great Sorority Sissy Hunt yet, please do so.  I'm working on the final two books now and I think it may be the best thing I've ever written.

XO Kylie

Monday, November 11, 2019

Two New Sissy Hunt Books

When the sisters of Phi Delta Mu decided that they were going to begin feminizing and training boys, Karla immediately thought of her high school friend Lindsey. Lindsey has a way of wrapping men around her finger and she's more than happy to travel to DuPont and do the same for her friend's sorority. Soon Rolando is under her spell and in panties.

Heather and Becky chose their victim for two reasons. One, Jason has more than enough flesh to create a naturally feminine shape once they squeeze him into a corset. Two, all that flesh sweats a lot of toxic masculinity, and he’s been stalking some of the freshman girls . . . making them feel threatened.

While the two girls fully intended to enjoy feminizing their sissy and putting him through his paces, they’re also looking to deliver a little justice. They may all the students at the same school, but he’s the one who is going to be learning a lesson.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Picks

Just a few special Halloween picks that have been published recently for your reading pleasure.

Hell Night Feminization is the story of Buck and his two friends Mitch and Jimmy. They've terrorized the girls in their town for a long time, but now a mysterious group calling themselves The Coven has sworn revenge. As Buck's friends start disappearing one by one, he starts to wonder if they might just be able to carry it out.

Halloween for Sissies is a collection of Halloween stories from my earliest until this year.  For $4.99 you get the following stories:

Sissy Halloween Encounter: A clever sissy tries to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up, but Claudia sees right through them.

Halloween Humiliation: Two alpha-male realtors get taken down hard by the women in the office. Great forced feminization action!

Sam's Halloween: Sam is a prankster who gets the ultimate prank played on him when he's conned into believing that a high school party is a Halloween party and he's talked into dressing in drag for his costume.

The Night of the Cat: The Night of The Cat is a Halloween themed story of a dominant woman who has a little wicked fun every year at Halloween. She picks up a guy, convinces him to wear a costume identical to hers, and then sets in motion a plan to trap and humiliate him.

Pegging Sue is a different type of story for me. There are feminization and pegging of course, but with a creepy supernatural bent fitting with the Halloween season.

Bambi and Thumper is the story of two boys who find themselves forcibly crossdressed and forced to fill their Halloween pumpkins with candy if they want to be allowed to change back to their male clothes.

The Jaguar's Halloween. Those of you familiar with my writing will know that The Jaguar is a masked vigilante whose weapon of choice is forced feminization. In this short story, she tries to save a little girl's Halloween from her selfish father.

Post-Halloween Cuckolding: Diane Callaway and Claudia collaborated on this story about a late Halloween party that turns out to be an opportunity for a woman to cuckold her lover while her girlfriends feminize him.

Camp Femdom isn't a story having much today with the holiday of Halloween, but it has a lot to do with the movie Halloween. As the counselors having a battle of the sexes, one by one the guys at Camp Fendon start disappearing.  Yep, they're being feminized.

The Demise of This Blog

Don't Believe it.  I apologize for spotting updates, but it's actually the result of a lot of stuff going on. I'm spending more time with the publishing side, the podcast, and all those other things and sometimes the blog is getting pushed to the back.  It may need to be changed to a different format than just updating on what's been published, but this blog is going to be around a long time and talking about all the cool stuff coming out from me and Candy Apple Press.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Feminized and Enslaved for Online Dating

When I heard about Feminized and Enslaved for Online Dating from Pam, I thought it was very imaginative, but it sounded kind of crazy. I didn't really get it until I finally read it.  Now, I see this is a  really cool story and part of a great series. It's unlike anything I've written in 200+ stories and unlike anything, Pam has written either than I know of.  Ava has figured out how to make money from an online dating app that is hard up for women.  If only she can find a steady supply of women willing to date these guys.  I think you know where this is leading lol.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Catch Up

Hey everybody, the sickness, injury, and hurricane problems that have afflicted us since last post are pretty crazy. I'm way behind and struggling to get my newsletter out too so here's my attempt to catch up on what's going on.

Truthor Dare: David has spent his whole time in high school trying to be invisible. He works hard to get good grades and hopes that nobody will pick up him and he'll develop at least one friend close enough to eat lunch with. One day, when he gets home from school, he discovers that one of the popular girls is having a party. He gets a crazy idea to crash. Armed with a bottle of vodka he rings the doorbell to discover that the guys have gone out to get beer and it's just him and a handful of the hottest girls in his entire class. What the harm in a quick game of Truth or Dare? A lot, if the girls have their way. After all, what's a better summer project than a sissy in training.

Yes, Lilly: Lilly isn't your ordinary young woman. She has a very special set of skills that leave her in high demand. You see, Lilly is very good at dominating, controlling, and even feminizing men. Bret is a bit of a mess. He's never wanted for anything, but now his parents have cut him off. He not only doesn't have the rent money, but he steals from his roommates Doug and Randy. Encouraged by their girlfriends, Doug and Randy hire Lilly to turn their useless leach of a roommate into the perfect sissy maid. Lilly is just the person to make it happen.
Sports forSissies: Sports are supposed to be manly pursuits, but things don't always work out that way in this 77,000-word collection originally published as 11 different books telling 5 different stories. If you like seeing supposed alpha male jocks having the tables turned on them, this collection is for you. Contains the stories I was a Quarterback Prom Queen, Hoops, Penalty Princess, The Sissy Bowl, and Taking one for the Team.
Nial’sNails 2: The Walk of Shame: This two-part story concludes. Neil is trapped! Sarah and their friends have painted his nails and his feeble tempts to remove the gel polish, have only resulted in other girls applying kissable lipstick, waterproof mascara, and a new hairstyle to him. When Sarah and her friends notice the new changes, Neil makes the mistake of yelling at them. Now Sarah and her friends are determined to teach Neil a lesson he'll never forget. This 6,000-word story contains elements of female domination, feminization, and public humiliation. It is intended for mature readers.
CorporatePayback: When Jake started working at Andi's office, everybody liked him. Well, everybody except Andi that is. Behind his toothy grin and sexy swagger, he had charmed all of Andi's coworkers. Unfortunately for Jake, Andi remembers a few years earlier when Jake ghosted her best friend just as they were about to get married. Jake has no memory of Andi, but Andi and Tess remember everything about Jake and Andi is in the perfect position for sweet revenge.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


A great resource I use frequently is a woman named Amberly Rothsfeld. One night, she was showing me SEO and showed me what the most commonly searched terms with feminization were.  I saw right away that nails had a huge market share so I decided that I would see if there was that big of a market for a nails based story.  The first story sold just like any of my other stories.  It seems that it neither attracted nor repulsed readers. I can live with that because I think it's a pretty awesome story.

Ron feels that Katie isn’t the woman that he married. She doesn’t dress sexy anymore and he especially misses the long nails she used to have. She finally gets so tired of his nagging that she gives him fake nails and bets him that if he can tolerate wearing the fake nails for a month, she will keep hers long and wear the type of clothes he enjoys for the next year. Reluctantly, Ron agrees. That is his first mistake. There is plenty of female domination and feminization in this story, though it does start out a bit more focused on nails, it is very much like my other stories.

Neil's Nails 1: From Bad to Worse

I think my favorite format might be two-part series and if you forgive me for saying it, Pamela really nailed it this time. In Neil's Nails, Neil makes the mistake of teasing Sarah too much about breaking a nail so her friends and she teach him a lesson by painting his nails the next day.  In trying to get the polish off, he just falls deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole.  Soon, it's a lot more than nail polish he has to remove and his manhood seems to be disappearing at an equally quick rate.  This is a fun type of story where complications lead to more complications.  He probably should have been a bit more understanding of his classmates.

Vacation...Yeah Right --- Back to School Special

I really tried to do a  vacation, but by Thursday I was jonesing to publish another book and I squeezed out a Back to School Special.  I am spread a little thin right now, which is why the blogging has suffered. These three stories have a back to school theme to them and it did seem like the right time of year to put it out.

Perfect: A college freshman thinks he has found the perfect girlfriend and she thinks he's perfect too. The question is exactly what is he perfect for? A college forced French Maid story.

Maria: An untold tale from Kylie's college days about the maid that found him dressed and tied up...twice.

My Freshman Bitch: A freshman mistakenly damages a college senior's car and she teaches him a lesson he'll never forget.

I think it's a fun little read when you are waiting for morning announcements or lounging around your dorn room.  Go back to school in style

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Forced Feminization Folio #8

I love doing folios. They show me where my work was at a particular period of time and for a certain reader that really loves my books, they're a great bargain. This last one is solidly over 100,000 words and as long as you can find four stories in there that you really enjoy, you've saved yourself money over buying them individually. I think my favorites in this book are Kylie vs. Claudia and Feminized for his Inheritance, but I'll always have a soft spot for Beach House too. I also love the cover by Annabelle Brito, who keeps getting better and better.  I can't believe I'm already up to Volume Eight.

Feminization Revenge

To me, the simplest forced feminization story has always been--guy is a jerk, women get revenge on him, he learns a lesson. Frankly, even my own autobiographical experiences fit into this pattern. Pamela Harlow's Feminization Revenge is just such a story, but with two different sissies. The tough part of these stories is finding a way for the punishment to fit the crime.  Rape shouldn't be punished by having to wear a dress and cutting off somebody in a parking lot should not be punished by having to suck off 50 guys at a biker bar. When these stories are well-written though, they're both erotic and cathartic.

In Feminization Revenge, Pamela Harlow has written one of the best  I have read of this particular style. The guys are just bad enough and the women are more than a match for them. It's a great story about guys taking advantage of a girl and then her housemates at the university teaching them a lesson they'll never forget. If you like my books, check out what Pam's doing. It's pretty amazing.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I can't think of the last time that I have taken a week without publishing a week. I started looking through my Amazon page and gave up when I started getting into 2017.  This will be that week for me. I have a story I'm partially through, but it will not be done by Thursday and I have already announced I'm taking a week off the Podcast this week.

I'm falling behind on some important things so I'm really fighting to let me take a bit of a breather, but it's not going to be that much of a total vacation. I just got a wonderful audio version of April's Fool that I'll be putting up on IWantClips and Clips4Sale today.  I also will get caught up a bit on this Blog and my newsletter. It's hard to sell books when you're not letting them know what's coming out.

I have a fun story about a guy who learns a bit about feminization and nail care on August 16th, but I'll still be around and getting other stuff done til then.  Oh, and Pamela sent me the first part of a story she's working on about one very bad day for a high school loud moth that I'm quite enjoying. I can't thank you enough for your support.  The new stuff is coming.

P.S. This  video is making me want to do a Go Gos or Bangels book now lol.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Complete Feminized by his Fiancée

Feminized by his Fiancée is a wonderful story that Diane and Claudia wrote, while I was writing with both Mindi Harris and Pamela Harlow.  The story is about a guy named Liam who made the mistake of bullying the wrong girl in high school. Amelia got her revenge on him by crossdressing him for the amusement of herself and her friends.  Now, as an adult, Liam and his fiancee Shannon run into Amelia at a local pub and Shannon and Amelia hit it off immediately. Will history repeat itself when Amelia turns their whole relationship upside down?

Forced Feminization British Style 2

One thing in the recent surveys that disappointed me was the number of readers who said they buy a lot of my books, but that knowing a  book was from Candy Apple Press didn't make them more likely to buy it.  Every single book published by Candy Apple Press has been co-plotted, beta read, edited, and generally approved by me. If you like my books, do yourself a favor and at least sample our other writers.

Pamela Harlow is a lot of fun for me.  There aren't a lot of writers that write the type of stories I enjoy reading. Pam is one of those people. This series is a great way to familiarize yourself with her work as you can get 3 stories for less than 1 book normally costs.  I think Pam is an amazing writer who crafts some ridiculously sexy stories.  Give Forced Feminization British Style 2 a try and if you're  not happy with the stories, I'll trade you three of mine.

April's Graduation

April's Graduation is the newest story about April and Paul--a hapless sissy and the woman who has been dominating him since high school. In this story, it's time for high school graduation and Paul thinks that he's about to be free of April once and for all. Unfortunately, April and her friends have other plans and they intend to go out with a bang. You can hide a lot underneath a cap and gown and the girls have decided it's only fair that Paul goes out in style.

The Feminization Boudoir Podcast

I am sorry that I have been very bad about updating this blog, but for those of you who enjoy audio, I think you'll like one of the reasons why.   I have started a weekly Podcast that comes out on Mondays and contains forced feminization audio. For those of you who have wanted to listen to my stories, but been afraid to leave evidence behind, this is a great opportunity. You can check it out wherever you listen to Podcasts, or visit the homepage on Anchor.FM,

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Complete Feminized for his Inheritance

I had trouble deciding when to publish The Complete Feminized for his Inheritance because it kept selling and selling. I usually wait until demand dies down a little to do that sort of thing.  The thing that most amazes me about this book is that it was done as a  commission and I was worried that it wouldn't sell.  I am extremely happy to be wrong.

Feminized for his Inheritance is the story of a twenty-year-old whose father marries a woman barely older than he is.  When the father dies, his son will inherit everything assuming he is married by 23 years of age. His new step-mom does not intend to let that happen and what better way to prevent his inheritance than by turning him into your sissy slave. The Complete Feminized for his Inheritance is 26,000 words long and quite a fun read if I do say so my self.

Two Series Wrap Up

In a weird timing situation, both Pamela and I finished our series last week.

The Madame X series lasted 4 books and was about a man who was being blackmailed into feminization both at work and at home. The twist is that he had no idea who was doing it to him. The mysterious Madame X knew his deepest secrets and using his work email had contacted him to give him orders. Even worse, his most annoying neighbor found out was quite happy to use his predicament to her advantage. Enslaved by Madame X is the fourth and final book in the series.

The Sissy's Mentor series is a five-part story about a college freshman who winds up through a mixup, spending a summer rooming with a senior who has just graduated.  When she catches him violating his privacy, she decides to teach him a lesson by feminizing him. That's just the first step to a  very unlikely friendship that helps prepare a frightened 18 year old to become a college man.  In The Sissy's Mentor Part 5, it's the end of our series and moving day for our main characters.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Theft Sucks!

I am so disgusted right now and I feel violated. Last night, I discovered a forum where they were sharing over 100 of my stories. I never made any bones about the fact, that I started writing stories because my regular income wasn't meeting my expenses and loving feminization stories, it seemed like the best kind of side hustle. I never intended to get rich making .05 cents per word. I have also paid for cover images and in some cases editing and other expenses to promote my work.

When I was on there, they were even bemoaning that they thought a forced feminization comic site might be going out of business. Hmm, I wonder why when those very same people were posting all their comics to that forum where anybody could post them for free.

As I try and figure out how to pay my bills, somebody is saving $3 on a story that it took me 10 hours to complete.  That story might have only made me $60 and you just stole 5% of my sales. I'd rather they had mugged me.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Truth or Dare

I always try to vary my stories. If I do a sweet one, there's going to be a mean one and vice versa.  I believe The Sissy's Mentor is a sweet series about an older woman taking a younger guy under her wing. That's why I knew that the next thing I wrote needed to be a bit meaner or at least a bit more graphic.

In Truth or Dare, David is a high school senior who is tired of being a goody two shoes. He decides to crash a popular girl's party and finds himself playing with the girls in an intense game of Truth or Dare. What harm could there be in an innocent game?

Make Him Fit

Sally Bend joins the Candy Apple Press family with Make Him Fit, a story of blackmail, revenge, and feminization. She's been an essential part of the feminization community since before I came along, and I'm thrilled to have her joining us.

Brian is an arrogant, rude young man who objectifies the women around him – or, in his eyes, beneath him. Nowhere is that more evident than at the gym, where he openly drools over beautifully toned bodies and secretly captures workout footage for his amateur porn channel. Tired of his antics, a small group of victimized women reaches out to Diana, a professional trainer. With their encouragement, she will break him, blackmail him, and make him fit the model of what an obedient male should be.

Humiliated, emasculated, and thoroughly dominated by the women around him, Brian fights to retain something of his manhood. He continues to challenge them, to test how far he can push back, until a beautiful plus-sized dominatrix steps in to transform beta male punishment into sissy self-improvement. How far will he let them push him, and who will he be when it all ends?

Transformed by Madame X

Transformed by Madame X is the penultimate part of Pam Harlow's great Madame X series. It begins with Tracy losing his job and then it starts getting wild. Whoever is blackmailing him is doing so very effectively. Kate and Brooke might be trying to get him his job back, but only Tracy can regain his dignity, especially with a wicked neighbor totally loving her power over him.

Candy Apple Press Goings On

I'll have the results of the recent survey up next week, but one thing is clear to me. People who are big fans of mine, who have bought more than a half dozen of my books, haven't really been checking out books from our other writers. I assumed they were checking out those books because Pam and Diane's books generally sell only a bit worse than my own. It turns out that they have been creating their own audiences.

I do want to urge you to check out books by other Candy Apple Press authors if you like my stuff. Diane, Pam, Claudia, and now Sally and Mindi, are all talented writers in their own right. In addition, Diane and Pam work with me to brainstorm plots before their books are published. What we come up with together is inevitably better than what I would come up with on my own without Claudia's input.

There aren't a lot of authors out there writing the type of books I want to read. It's not that there are not great authors out there, but there's a very specific type of feminization that I like and other than Crystal Summers, Ann Michelle, and a few others, nobody is writing it. I don't care much about futas or pills that instantly rewire somebody into a woman.  I've tried to expand Candy Apple Press as much for books to me to read as for anything else. If you haven't tried them yet, I hope you'll give our other authors a shot.  I think you'll find what they write is a lot like what I write.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Sissy's Mentor 4

It's hard to promote books when they're in the middle of a series, but a friend of mine Mistress DJ went ahead and made this for me. I really like it. I guess all I'd add is that Part 5 will be out in 10 days and that will wrap up the series. I hope you like :-)

Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Sissy's Mentor Part 3

It's girl's night out and that includes our newest party girl Tracy. Unfortunately, when you're a new sissy, a party can be a minefield. From oversized and oversexed football players to his classmate Molly, Tracy has to be on his toes to avoid disaster. Of course, not everybody reacts to Tracy's crossdressing the way he'd expect them to.

Exposed by Madame X

Exposed by Madame X is the third of five parts in the Madame X series. The series is the story of a guy named Michael who begins getting mysterious email messages threatening to expose him as a crossdresser if he doesn't follow humiliating instructions. Unfortunately, everybody around him starts noticing the subtle changes and strange behaviors that Michael is exhibiting. If you enjoy blackmail and/or humiliation this will be one of your favorites.

The Candy Apple Press Empire Expands

I've started doing a podcast called The Feminization Boudoir. It's available just about everywhere and it's pretty simple right now. Every Monday I'm releasing new audio.  However, I have a microphone on the way and if the podcast does well, I will be recording a bit of talk with the audio clips.

I'm also releasing audio and PDFs of my stories over at I Want Clips. It's all part of my plan to try and get my stories to as many people as possible no matter where they're at. I eventually hope to get into Clips4Sale too.

One place things have gone less swimmingly is at Drafts4Digital, which banned three of my stories in their erotica section for being erotica. I don't quite know what that means, but I know Amazon isn't ideal for everybody and I'm trying to find ways to get books into everybody's hands who could possibly want one.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Request for Help

I have sent out a link for my annual survey. I can't tell you how much the information I get in these surveys helps me with the direction of what type of stories to publish. My survey last year convinced me to de-emphasize bondage and put more focus on physically powerful women, I started doing more single book stories and put in a bit more forced bi.  This year's survey has given me equally interesting information, but the more people who respond, the more useful the information is. Best of all, if you fill it out, you'll get a free PDF of one of my stories. The link to the survey is here.

The Sissy's Mentor I and II

Oops, I did it again. I thought I had done a  little blurb for the first part of this series and it's only when I come here to do a blurb for the second part that I realized I missed it. So let me give you the big build up on this six-part series.

Remember how I mentioned finding the other story in a feminization story. In this case, the other story is a teen movie from the 80s or 90s. Tracy is a total nerd taking a class at DuPont College before his freshman year and by a mixup, rooms with Rachel, a confident young woman is a graduating senior at her apartment. They get along well enough until she busts him sneakily taking pictures of her after showering and using them for his spank bank.

What begins as feminization for revenge winds up teaching Tracy a lot about college life. There is some sweetness here as long as plenty of domination and humiliation including Tracy's attempts to woo a classmate while wearing nail polish and women's shoes.

Observed by Madame X

As the Candy Apple Press Publisher, I get to read books by our other authors. We have a new one coming soon that will shock and amaze some of you :-). Anyway, while Observed by Madame X is only the second book of this series, I have read the completed book three and a synopsis of book four, I think I can guarantee that if you miss out on this great five-part series from British author Pamela Harlow, you will regret it.

The story is about a guy who is being stalked by a mysterious person calling themselves Madame X. Though he doesn't know who this person is, she knows an awful lot about him and has even gone so far as making him install video cameras in his home so she can watch him. He's also caught by his neighbor who has never liked him and she joins in on the fun. This is series that has a lot of heart and it's something different than what it appears at first glance, I can't say much more, but give it a try if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kylie's Musings Volume 55

I don't usually post my newsletter on my blog, but in this case there is a free book and a chance at another one for filling out a very short survey. I'd appreciate it.

Kylie's Musings 55

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Other Story

I've written so many stories I've both lost count and haven't had the time to count them all, but I do know that  I write stories in a bit of a different way. There's a certain rhythm to a generic forced feminization story and following it book after book would drive me insane.  As a writer, what I do is to try to figure out what other type of story is this and then attempt to follow that other rhythm.

Let's look at 5 very recent stories that I have written and published:

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls: This is definitely a chick flick. The girls feminize multiple guys, bond in their friendship, and then pass this on to the next generation.

From Robert to Bobbi: Workplace comedy. This story of an overbearing boss and his female employees could fit in perfectly with movies like 9 to 5.

Feminized by His Twin Sister: This is a thriller. The fact that the poor boy is completely innocent in the entire thing just serves to make him the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Camp Femdom: Hmm, campers are disappearing one by one--pretty obvious horror.

Feminizing a Ghost: Has a bit of chick flick as one friend is looking out for another, but I would put this in more of a rom com place. 

Now, in the coming weeks, I have two stories planned that are classic 80s teen movies, superheroes, and even Dystopian science fiction. All of these books are available on Amazon, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse at my writing process rather than sell them.  Is there a particular genre that you think lends itself to feminization stories.

Collaborating by DH Lawrence

As I've learned more about my kinks, I have grown to understand that while my love of feminization didn't begin until college, my attraction to female domination goes back as far as I can remember even if I didn't think of it in kinky ways.

Can in point, when I was in high school we read a DH Lawrence short story called Tickets Please! It was originally written in 1918 and in it, the women who worked for a street car company beat the crap out of a coworker with a wandering eye. I found it exciting but had no idea why nor did I understand that the writer had probably been titillated by the idea as well.

As an adult I wanted to reread it, but only recently found it and I shared it on this very blog.  In Boarding Passes I took DH Lawrence's original story and modernized and Americanized the language and setting. I then added another 2,000 words bringing in elements of forced feminization and enhancing the humiliation. Make no mistake, this book has both my own and Mr. Lawrence's voices in it and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

In the Clutches of Madame X

I'm the one who gave Pam's book the title In the Clutches of Madame X when I made the cover and I kind of regret it because the title doesn't really say what the book is about nor does the cover. In her first series, Pamela tells us the story of Michael who gets an alarming email at work threatening to expose his deepest secret. The email is signed Madame X and apparently, she has discovered Michael's crossdressing. Soon she is blackmailing him to pose all dolled up on the boss's desk. She has him right where she wants him, but who is she? Or is it even a she at all?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Amazon Ends Blocking of Feminized by his Fiancee 6

Well, it finally happened--took them long enough.  It definitely will hurt sales so I may just and I felt bad for Diane and Claudia who finished the book weeks ago and ended their series with a bang. It's now going to be buried on the new book list. However, I do know a lot of people have been enjoying this series and if you have, here's the ending. I think it wraps up all the plot points very nicely.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Bit about the Candy Apple Press Process

As I've had more writers come under the Candy Apple Press banner, I've thought a little about just how I go about creating these books. The first thing I do is I divide all of my stories into four categories.

Evil Domme: In these stories, the domme can be completely mean and not hold back because she could care less about how the sissy feels about what she's doing to him. (Feminized by his High School Bully, Feminized for his Inheritance).  The sissy may even grow to like it, but the domme doesn't care.

Wronged Domme: She's doing this to the sissy for revenge. He started it and she's finishing it. She holds back because she's usually a nice person (From Robert to Bobbi, Feminized by the Berto Street Girls).

Loving Domme: She's turning him into a sissy because it's what he needs or what they both need. (His Desire, Welcome to the Real World). It's not about humiliating or punishing him but helping hi explore a side of himself.

Strange Domme: The domme might not be strange, but the story is in a strange setting. It could be a western, science fiction, or swords and sorcery (The Good, The Bad, and The Sissy, The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey).

I try and cycle through these different types of stories and I give our other writers the same piece of advice. I don't want readers shocked when I go full tilt with an evil domme or turned off when the loving domme isn't as wicked as other types. The idea is to explore forced feminization from a bunch of different directions.

The Complete Rent-a-Sissy

I really enjoyed writing this series. I had been reading several stories about college freshmen and reflected on my own experiences. It's a different type of domination--it's not you'll do it because I tell you to as much as you'll do it because it's what's best for you and for me. Sydney looks at feminizing Tyler as a means to an end as much as anything. He just needs to earn the money to be the girl that she wants. As always, this collection is a money saver for those who want to read the whole series and would rather pay $5 than $12

One more for the Road

I didn't believe that it could possibly be the title, but that was why The Spy who Pegged Me was resigned to the adult dungeon by Amazon. After making many changes, we finally tried a new title One more for the Road and Amazon removed it from obscurity.  The problem is, it's very difficult to see a new book that's already 10 days old. It doesn't start at the top of the page for Amazon and just in case anybody missed it, I wanted to mention it again. 

Pamela likes my  Jaguar stories which are inspired by the pulp magazines of the thirties and forties and she decided to try something similar with British spy novels of the 60s. Emma Adams is a former MI6 agent turned librarian who takes jobs using her old skills when it suits her fancy. In this story, she cleans up a rowdy bar and gives the repugnant Jolly Goodcock a pegging he'll never forget.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancee 6 Delayed

Amazon is at it again.  They have blocked Feminized by his Fiancee 6 for reasons I don't understand. I have asked a few people that I trust to take a look and I hope to get it past the censors as soon as possible. Diane and Claudia have done a great job crafting this story and I hate seeing it blocked.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Spy Who Pegged Me too Hot for Amazon

Our new writer Pamela Harlow just learned what a fickle mistress Amazon can be when The Spy who Pegged Me wound up in Amazon's adult dungeon. I'm really not sure why that happened. The cover isn't terribly explicit and I don't think of the book's content as crossing any particular lines.  Hopefully, I'll find out on Monday and Pam and I can make whatever changes are necessary to get found on Amazon.

The Spy who Pegged Me is the story of a former British spy who now works as a librarian. She is hired by a group of barmaids to clean up one of the rowdiest bars in the UK where they are constantly being grabbed and harassed. We will get it cleaned up, but if you want to see what Amazon doesn't want you to, you can check out The Spy who Pegged Me here.

[Update: The name has changed to get on the good side of Amazon censors. The books is now live under the name One more for the Road.]

April's Pet

When I started seeing sales after April's Easter Bunny came out, I noticed a bit of a surge in the sales of all the other books she appeared in as if people who had enjoyed the bunny book were seeking her older stories out.  I love having my older books read and I'm happy to let them go at a discount if that means new readers enjoying them.  When I wound up delayed on From Robert to Bobbi, I decided to release a collection of all April stories in its place. I named it appropriately enough April's Pet.

I love writing April stories because she's one of the most wicked dommes I have ever created and when I write stories with her, I can absolutely let myself go.  This collection is for people who like her as much as I do. It has all of her stories except for April's Easter Bunny.

Feminized by his Fiancee Concludes

Diane and Claudia's amazing series concludes with part number 6 on Tuesday.  It's been an interesting story to watch because it began slowing very slowly and I know both writers were disappointed. It was frustrating for me too with my desire to make Candy Apple Press something special. However, after the second or third book, sales really started growing. I think that's because people who have read one book in this series are instantly hooked.

Book 5 is already available on Amazon and I think you'll like it.  It's a  shopping trip, but Diane and Claudia have created a really magical shopping center that caters to sissies and their dominants. This is a great story for lovers of forced feminization and voluntary feminization as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April's Easter Bunny

April Blackwell and her sissy Nicole are back. The sissy and domme with the stars of April's Fool and Thanksgiving Dinner Guest as well as one of the stories in last year's edition of Gift Wrapped. They also appeared with other dommes and subs in The Stocking Syndrome.

April's Easter Bunny actually begins at a Mardi Gras party where competition between Nicole and April's friends for beads leads to a bound and chastized sissy. Throughout the next forty days, April and her friends put Nicole through her paces. The Easter egg hunt is straight out of one of my Easter experiences although I did turn the humiliation up to 11. If you like Mistresses who know what they want and aren't shy about getting it, I think you will be a fan of April too.

His Desire

I kind of like how this one turned out. Pamela mentioned to me that she wanted to write a wide variety of feminization stories and not be limited. She said she wanted to do a sweet and sentimental feminization story that might even be a bit romantic and asked if I had any ideas. I suggested using the same structure that author John Dylena sent me for a commission several years ago. The commission became Forced Feminization: A Love Story, which was very successful for me.

Pamela used the same setup to come up with a very different story called His Desire. While the events of the two books are different, the tone is the same. It's about perhaps the ultimate fantasy for many sissies--having your deepest secrets discovered and having the person who discovers them not only be accepting but enthusiastic about pursuing them. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feminized for his Inheritance 4: The Director's Cut

I had written the book to end after the third volume, but Laurie, who commissioned it, wanted a bigger ending. After writing another 4,000 words for her, I decided that we should just add another couple of thousand words and make it a 4th part of the series. This part has a lot of sex and some training and really does give the story the bigger ending it deserved. If you liked the first three parts, you're going to want to read FF4: The Director's Cut.

Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges

If you haven't read this series from Diane and Claudia, you're really missing out.  I recently have had one of my most loyal readers write to tell me that she loves it as much as anything I've ever written. I could take umbrage, except that I'm loving it too. It's got everything that I love--a wicked domme, a cute sissy, cruelty, and loving domination.  This story has everything so far as the two dominant women have created a tale based on one of my suggestions that has become so much more that I envisioned. I think the female touch is evident in the way they took a story about a man being dominated by the woman who picked on him when they were teens and turned it into a coming of age story for his fiancée while still keeping everything I loved about the original concept. 

In Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges, Shannon is away on business which leaves Liam completely at Amelia's mercy. She's going full speed ahead and she has Shannon's blessing to do it--even when she brings a man home for Liam.