Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Sissy's Mentor Part 3

It's girl's night out and that includes our newest party girl Tracy. Unfortunately, when you're a new sissy, a party can be a minefield. From oversized and oversexed football players to his classmate Molly, Tracy has to be on his toes to avoid disaster. Of course, not everybody reacts to Tracy's crossdressing the way he'd expect them to.

Exposed by Madame X

Exposed by Madame X is the third of five parts in the Madame X series. The series is the story of a guy named Michael who begins getting mysterious email messages threatening to expose him as a crossdresser if he doesn't follow humiliating instructions. Unfortunately, everybody around him starts noticing the subtle changes and strange behaviors that Michael is exhibiting. If you enjoy blackmail and/or humiliation this will be one of your favorites.

The Candy Apple Press Empire Expands

I've started doing a podcast called The Feminization Boudoir. It's available just about everywhere and it's pretty simple right now. Every Monday I'm releasing new audio.  However, I have a microphone on the way and if the podcast does well, I will be recording a bit of talk with the audio clips.

I'm also releasing audio and PDFs of my stories over at I Want Clips. It's all part of my plan to try and get my stories to as many people as possible no matter where they're at. I eventually hope to get into Clips4Sale too.

One place things have gone less swimmingly is at Drafts4Digital, which banned three of my stories in their erotica section for being erotica. I don't quite know what that means, but I know Amazon isn't ideal for everybody and I'm trying to find ways to get books into everybody's hands who could possibly want one.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Request for Help

I have sent out a link for my annual survey. I can't tell you how much the information I get in these surveys helps me with the direction of what type of stories to publish. My survey last year convinced me to de-emphasize bondage and put more focus on physically powerful women, I started doing more single book stories and put in a bit more forced bi.  This year's survey has given me equally interesting information, but the more people who respond, the more useful the information is. Best of all, if you fill it out, you'll get a free PDF of one of my stories. The link to the survey is here.

The Sissy's Mentor I and II

Oops, I did it again. I thought I had done a  little blurb for the first part of this series and it's only when I come here to do a blurb for the second part that I realized I missed it. So let me give you the big build up on this six-part series.

Remember how I mentioned finding the other story in a feminization story. In this case, the other story is a teen movie from the 80s or 90s. Tracy is a total nerd taking a class at DuPont College before his freshman year and by a mixup, rooms with Rachel, a confident young woman is a graduating senior at her apartment. They get along well enough until she busts him sneakily taking pictures of her after showering and using them for his spank bank.

What begins as feminization for revenge winds up teaching Tracy a lot about college life. There is some sweetness here as long as plenty of domination and humiliation including Tracy's attempts to woo a classmate while wearing nail polish and women's shoes.

Observed by Madame X

As the Candy Apple Press Publisher, I get to read books by our other authors. We have a new one coming soon that will shock and amaze some of you :-). Anyway, while Observed by Madame X is only the second book of this series, I have read the completed book three and a synopsis of book four, I think I can guarantee that if you miss out on this great five-part series from British author Pamela Harlow, you will regret it.

The story is about a guy who is being stalked by a mysterious person calling themselves Madame X. Though he doesn't know who this person is, she knows an awful lot about him and has even gone so far as making him install video cameras in his home so she can watch him. He's also caught by his neighbor who has never liked him and she joins in on the fun. This is series that has a lot of heart and it's something different than what it appears at first glance, I can't say much more, but give it a try if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kylie's Musings Volume 55

I don't usually post my newsletter on my blog, but in this case there is a free book and a chance at another one for filling out a very short survey. I'd appreciate it.

Kylie's Musings 55

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Other Story

I've written so many stories I've both lost count and haven't had the time to count them all, but I do know that  I write stories in a bit of a different way. There's a certain rhythm to a generic forced feminization story and following it book after book would drive me insane.  As a writer, what I do is to try to figure out what other type of story is this and then attempt to follow that other rhythm.

Let's look at 5 very recent stories that I have written and published:

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls: This is definitely a chick flick. The girls feminize multiple guys, bond in their friendship, and then pass this on to the next generation.

From Robert to Bobbi: Workplace comedy. This story of an overbearing boss and his female employees could fit in perfectly with movies like 9 to 5.

Feminized by His Twin Sister: This is a thriller. The fact that the poor boy is completely innocent in the entire thing just serves to make him the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Camp Femdom: Hmm, campers are disappearing one by one--pretty obvious horror.

Feminizing a Ghost: Has a bit of chick flick as one friend is looking out for another, but I would put this in more of a rom com place. 

Now, in the coming weeks, I have two stories planned that are classic 80s teen movies, superheroes, and even Dystopian science fiction. All of these books are available on Amazon, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse at my writing process rather than sell them.  Is there a particular genre that you think lends itself to feminization stories.

Collaborating by DH Lawrence

As I've learned more about my kinks, I have grown to understand that while my love of feminization didn't begin until college, my attraction to female domination goes back as far as I can remember even if I didn't think of it in kinky ways.

Can in point, when I was in high school we read a DH Lawrence short story called Tickets Please! It was originally written in 1918 and in it, the women who worked for a street car company beat the crap out of a coworker with a wandering eye. I found it exciting but had no idea why nor did I understand that the writer had probably been titillated by the idea as well.

As an adult I wanted to reread it, but only recently found it and I shared it on this very blog.  In Boarding Passes I took DH Lawrence's original story and modernized and Americanized the language and setting. I then added another 2,000 words bringing in elements of forced feminization and enhancing the humiliation. Make no mistake, this book has both my own and Mr. Lawrence's voices in it and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

In the Clutches of Madame X

I'm the one who gave Pam's book the title In the Clutches of Madame X when I made the cover and I kind of regret it because the title doesn't really say what the book is about nor does the cover. In her first series, Pamela tells us the story of Michael who gets an alarming email at work threatening to expose his deepest secret. The email is signed Madame X and apparently, she has discovered Michael's crossdressing. Soon she is blackmailing him to pose all dolled up on the boss's desk. She has him right where she wants him, but who is she? Or is it even a she at all?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Amazon Ends Blocking of Feminized by his Fiancee 6

Well, it finally happened--took them long enough.  It definitely will hurt sales so I may just and I felt bad for Diane and Claudia who finished the book weeks ago and ended their series with a bang. It's now going to be buried on the new book list. However, I do know a lot of people have been enjoying this series and if you have, here's the ending. I think it wraps up all the plot points very nicely.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Bit about the Candy Apple Press Process

As I've had more writers come under the Candy Apple Press banner, I've thought a little about just how I go about creating these books. The first thing I do is I divide all of my stories into four categories.

Evil Domme: In these stories, the domme can be completely mean and not hold back because she could care less about how the sissy feels about what she's doing to him. (Feminized by his High School Bully, Feminized for his Inheritance).  The sissy may even grow to like it, but the domme doesn't care.

Wronged Domme: She's doing this to the sissy for revenge. He started it and she's finishing it. She holds back because she's usually a nice person (From Robert to Bobbi, Feminized by the Berto Street Girls).

Loving Domme: She's turning him into a sissy because it's what he needs or what they both need. (His Desire, Welcome to the Real World). It's not about humiliating or punishing him but helping hi explore a side of himself.

Strange Domme: The domme might not be strange, but the story is in a strange setting. It could be a western, science fiction, or swords and sorcery (The Good, The Bad, and The Sissy, The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey).

I try and cycle through these different types of stories and I give our other writers the same piece of advice. I don't want readers shocked when I go full tilt with an evil domme or turned off when the loving domme isn't as wicked as other types. The idea is to explore forced feminization from a bunch of different directions.

The Complete Rent-a-Sissy

I really enjoyed writing this series. I had been reading several stories about college freshmen and reflected on my own experiences. It's a different type of domination--it's not you'll do it because I tell you to as much as you'll do it because it's what's best for you and for me. Sydney looks at feminizing Tyler as a means to an end as much as anything. He just needs to earn the money to be the girl that she wants. As always, this collection is a money saver for those who want to read the whole series and would rather pay $5 than $12

One more for the Road

I didn't believe that it could possibly be the title, but that was why The Spy who Pegged Me was resigned to the adult dungeon by Amazon. After making many changes, we finally tried a new title One more for the Road and Amazon removed it from obscurity.  The problem is, it's very difficult to see a new book that's already 10 days old. It doesn't start at the top of the page for Amazon and just in case anybody missed it, I wanted to mention it again. 

Pamela likes my  Jaguar stories which are inspired by the pulp magazines of the thirties and forties and she decided to try something similar with British spy novels of the 60s. Emma Adams is a former MI6 agent turned librarian who takes jobs using her old skills when it suits her fancy. In this story, she cleans up a rowdy bar and gives the repugnant Jolly Goodcock a pegging he'll never forget.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancee 6 Delayed

Amazon is at it again.  They have blocked Feminized by his Fiancee 6 for reasons I don't understand. I have asked a few people that I trust to take a look and I hope to get it past the censors as soon as possible. Diane and Claudia have done a great job crafting this story and I hate seeing it blocked.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Spy Who Pegged Me too Hot for Amazon

Our new writer Pamela Harlow just learned what a fickle mistress Amazon can be when The Spy who Pegged Me wound up in Amazon's adult dungeon. I'm really not sure why that happened. The cover isn't terribly explicit and I don't think of the book's content as crossing any particular lines.  Hopefully, I'll find out on Monday and Pam and I can make whatever changes are necessary to get found on Amazon.

The Spy who Pegged Me is the story of a former British spy who now works as a librarian. She is hired by a group of barmaids to clean up one of the rowdiest bars in the UK where they are constantly being grabbed and harassed. We will get it cleaned up, but if you want to see what Amazon doesn't want you to, you can check out The Spy who Pegged Me here.

[Update: The name has changed to get on the good side of Amazon censors. The books is now live under the name One more for the Road.]

April's Pet

When I started seeing sales after April's Easter Bunny came out, I noticed a bit of a surge in the sales of all the other books she appeared in as if people who had enjoyed the bunny book were seeking her older stories out.  I love having my older books read and I'm happy to let them go at a discount if that means new readers enjoying them.  When I wound up delayed on From Robert to Bobbi, I decided to release a collection of all April stories in its place. I named it appropriately enough April's Pet.

I love writing April stories because she's one of the most wicked dommes I have ever created and when I write stories with her, I can absolutely let myself go.  This collection is for people who like her as much as I do. It has all of her stories except for April's Easter Bunny.

Feminized by his Fiancee Concludes

Diane and Claudia's amazing series concludes with part number 6 on Tuesday.  It's been an interesting story to watch because it began slowing very slowly and I know both writers were disappointed. It was frustrating for me too with my desire to make Candy Apple Press something special. However, after the second or third book, sales really started growing. I think that's because people who have read one book in this series are instantly hooked.

Book 5 is already available on Amazon and I think you'll like it.  It's a  shopping trip, but Diane and Claudia have created a really magical shopping center that caters to sissies and their dominants. This is a great story for lovers of forced feminization and voluntary feminization as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April's Easter Bunny

April Blackwell and her sissy Nicole are back. The sissy and domme with the stars of April's Fool and Thanksgiving Dinner Guest as well as one of the stories in last year's edition of Gift Wrapped. They also appeared with other dommes and subs in The Stocking Syndrome.

April's Easter Bunny actually begins at a Mardi Gras party where competition between Nicole and April's friends for beads leads to a bound and chastized sissy. Throughout the next forty days, April and her friends put Nicole through her paces. The Easter egg hunt is straight out of one of my Easter experiences although I did turn the humiliation up to 11. If you like Mistresses who know what they want and aren't shy about getting it, I think you will be a fan of April too.

His Desire

I kind of like how this one turned out. Pamela mentioned to me that she wanted to write a wide variety of feminization stories and not be limited. She said she wanted to do a sweet and sentimental feminization story that might even be a bit romantic and asked if I had any ideas. I suggested using the same structure that author John Dylena sent me for a commission several years ago. The commission became Forced Feminization: A Love Story, which was very successful for me.

Pamela used the same setup to come up with a very different story called His Desire. While the events of the two books are different, the tone is the same. It's about perhaps the ultimate fantasy for many sissies--having your deepest secrets discovered and having the person who discovers them not only be accepting but enthusiastic about pursuing them. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feminized for his Inheritance 4: The Director's Cut

I had written the book to end after the third volume, but Laurie, who commissioned it, wanted a bigger ending. After writing another 4,000 words for her, I decided that we should just add another couple of thousand words and make it a 4th part of the series. This part has a lot of sex and some training and really does give the story the bigger ending it deserved. If you liked the first three parts, you're going to want to read FF4: The Director's Cut.

Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges

If you haven't read this series from Diane and Claudia, you're really missing out.  I recently have had one of my most loyal readers write to tell me that she loves it as much as anything I've ever written. I could take umbrage, except that I'm loving it too. It's got everything that I love--a wicked domme, a cute sissy, cruelty, and loving domination.  This story has everything so far as the two dominant women have created a tale based on one of my suggestions that has become so much more that I envisioned. I think the female touch is evident in the way they took a story about a man being dominated by the woman who picked on him when they were teens and turned it into a coming of age story for his fiancée while still keeping everything I loved about the original concept. 

In Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges, Shannon is away on business which leaves Liam completely at Amelia's mercy. She's going full speed ahead and she has Shannon's blessing to do it--even when she brings a man home for Liam.

Feminization Folio Volume 7

I love these collections. Nobody writes a book without wanting other people to read it. There are successful free fiction sites that exist because even without profit motive, people want their words read. I'm no different. When somebody new discovers me, it's probably easy to just start with new books, but I'm proud of all of my work. The Folios are a great way to catch up on all my books. Forced Feminization Folio Volume Seven has books as recent as 2018 and I think there are some really good stories here. I'm most proud of Stocking Syndrome, which gave me a great chance to play with old friends one more time. The 12,000 stories that make up this volume account for 95,000 words. These are the stories in this book:

1. Night of the Cat
2. Don't Mess with Amy
3. Amy's Slave Auction
4. Dressing Room Dupe
5. My Wife's Best Friend Kicked my Ass
6. My Wife Kicked my Ass
7. Stocking Syndrome 1&2 
9. Living Together 1-4

Friday, March 15, 2019

Miss Eng'g 2019

I think this must be the greatest womanless beauty pageant in the world. At the University of the Philippines  Diliman they have a huge event every year called Engineering Week where the school's social organizations compete in a variety of events, but the highlight of the week is the Miss Engineering Pageant. Each club sends a representative to compete and the girls in the organization's female members feminize them for the competition.  They go all out with professional photographers and costume requirements. I think it's pretty much every sissy's dream. I just wonder how many of the guys who participate know how many would love to trade places with them. 

University Porn Star by Pamela Harlow

I really enjoy college freshman stories like University Pornstar.  Hmm, I wonder why? :-).  I spent a summer at Oxford after my senior year of high school and I understand some of how the UK university system works, but it really wasn't necessary to enjoy this story of a freshman named Oliver who is unlucky enough to get caught plagiarizing by his professor. She offers him a chance to save his academic career and save his family the scandal of his expulsion in exchange for him helping her out.

You see, his professor and a female student have a very lucrative business making fetish films and they have decided that Oliver is perfect to play the part of a sissy in their next three videos.  With a little bit of coaxing and a lot of threatening, he goes along with their plan. I quite like this story as it seems uniquely British, but very accessible to an American audience too.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rent-a-Sissy Concludes Friday

I've been a bit behind on promoting this one, but Rent-a-Sissy concludes with part four this week. It's not going to be easy for Gigi either. He has to go to a dance as another guy's escort and a play date has been scheduled with Mistress Dita's sissy as well. Decisions will be made and lives will be changed.

If you haven't tried this series, I think it's worth a read. I tried to take the usual college feminization story and turn it on its head. In this case, a new sissy has to raise money for clothes, makeup, and all the girly things that his mistresses intend for him to explore. It has a little more forced bi than my usual stories, but if you like dominant women, this story has some good ones.

Feminized by His Twin Sister

We're still figuring out how to deal with a larger stable of writers over here at Candy Apple Press. Mindi has been doing a great job getting editing done on a limited timetable and I've been falling miserably behind on the blogging.

Case in point, is Feminized by his Twin Sister from myself, Claudia, and Pamela. Claudia and I did the first part, which is the story of a twin brother and sister. The brother is the good twin and the sister is clearly the evil one. When she discovers that her brother looks very much like her if he's given the right clothing and makeup, she uses that resemblance to get out of everything she doesn't want to do from detention to dates by making her poor brother take her place.

The second part, which was written by Pamela takes place 10 years in the future. The brother is a successful businessman and his sister is stuck in a British prison. She writes him a heartfelt letter begging him to visit so that she can make things right. Is this the beginning of a new relationship or is he going back into his sister's clutches?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancee: The Intruder

In Feminized Fiancee: The Intruder, All of Liam's darkest fears have been realized when Amelia moves in with him and Shannon. Even worse Shannon seems completely fascinated and enthralled by her. After a night of drinking, Liam gets goaded into a wager with Amelia. If he wins, she has to move out. If she wins, she gets to dress him up.  It's only supposed to be a one time thing, but Shannon may have other ideas.

Inside Candy Apple Press

Candy Apple Press is a publishing imprint that was started by myself, Mindi Harris, and Alyssa Page a few years back. We loved working together (Check out 32 Flavors) and we really wanted to band our books together. Admittedly, not much happened after that. Alyssa got busy with a new child and work and Mindi also slowed way down on the writing.

My New Years resolution this year is to find out how to make this imprint into a publisher that can produce the type of books that I like to read on a very regular basis. Currently, besides myself, we have a stable of writers (Claudia Acosta, Diane Callaway, Pamela Harlow, and hopefully soon Crystal Summers and Mndi Harris will have new books out).

I am publishing everybody's books (which includes covers) and still writing my own books, while Mindi is editing like a madwoman. To me, it doesn't make a lot of sense to be spitting out a steady stream of books if there is a reduction in quality.

We're always looking for new editors (paid in product) and writers (paid in money). If you love the forced feminization genre and would like to write for Candy Apple Press write me at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

His Secret Past: Feminized by His Fiance

Do yourself a favorite and try this amazing eBook from Diane and Claudia. Reading it, I was completely blown away by how good it is at creating 3 strong characters and exploring their relationships with each other.

Feminized by his Fiancee tells the story of Liam, a successful young accountant who meets his girlfriend Shannonat the pub one afternoon. Across the barroom he spies Amelia, the girl who feminized and dominated him when they were younger. Unfortunately, for Liam, when Amelia approaches him and his girl to apologize for her behavior in their younger days., Shannon and Amelia immediately hit it off and soon Amelia is moving in with them. You can't outrun your past in high heels.


At first, when she just handed him the bottle of hot pink polish, he took it without even thinking. Amelia took his picture, and it seemed like a joke at the time. Then she explained she wanted him to try it on just one nail.
Shannon leaned in and asked what the name of the color was with a twinkle in her eye. Liam answered without even thinking, “pink perfection.” Shannon burst out laughing she tried to control her outburst, but just couldn’t.
Liam looked startled by her reaction. Shannon calmed down and motioned for him to continue. That one act of kindness was the way Amelia got him to do so much more. She would put him into situations, then guilt him into doing something even crazier.
The next day at school Amelia handed him copies of the pictures she took. She had brought them to the local drug store and had them printed in triplicate, she told him. She demanded he come over after practice that day, or she would let his teammates know that he adored bright pink nail polish.
Liam sat in front of Shannon and rubbed his index finger on his right hand. He did not catch it, but Shannon guessed that that was the finger Amelia had painted that very first day.
Liam explained he should have stood his ground and taken the teasing that the fingernail polish would have brought him. He did not realize at the time and could have never imagined that Amelia would have forced the situation as far as it ended up going.
Shannon reached across the table, touched Liam’s hand, and told him, “Go on Baby I want to hear it all.”
That afternoon Liam went straight to Amelia’s house, and he was hoping her mother would be there. Things were so much more pleasant when she was. Amelia met him at the door with a smile on her face that even now caused a shiver to run up his spine. The details of that evening even after all these years had not faded from his memory.
Taking a sip of his beer, it took Liam a bit of time to articulate how he wanted to explain this to Shannon. After he got into the house, Amelia explained it would be the two of them all evening. She went on to tell him that she advised his parents he would be helping with an in-depth project for her mother.
He felt betrayed even to this day by how excited his mother had reacted to the time he had spent with the Abbasi family—which was often just Amelia. After all the stupid things he had done, there was no way he could have complained.
As he was standing there in the middle of the living room trying to think of a way to get out of being there Amelia produced a large bag of makeup. Shannon burst out laughing before Liam had a chance to explain. This time Liam just went on with his story, but he was starting to wonder how much sympathy she had for him. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019

Rent-a-Sissy #1: A Change of Plans

This story started with two other stories. I really enjoyed Karen Singer's Girlish on Storysite and also A College Sissy by Nat Rose on Literotica. As a writing exercise, I started the story off much in the same way as those two stories, but I didn't want to retell either of them.  As I started writing, I very quickly had a slightly different idea. That idea became Rent-a-Sissy.

A lot of times when a guy becomes a sissy, there is a big shopping trip coming up in the near future. However, in college money can be tight. In our hero's case, there just isn't enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe. The two girls and one guy who are feminizing decide that the easiest way for him to earn everything he needs is by renting himself out as a French maid.

I think it's a great story for lovers of college forced feminization and you know I'm one of them. Sydney is an interesting domme who is not particularly cruel, but will not take no for an answer. 

The Complete Feminized by the Berto Street Girls

The Candy Apple Press Schedule

I always post the schedule of new books at the bottom of my newsletter, which you can subscribe to at At the bottom of the schedule I post that it's very tentative. Nowhere has this been more true than it is right now. 

First, Pamela Harlow's father passed away from a heart attack last week. It was unexpected and all our sympathy goes out to her.  Naturally, she's had to take some time off from the writing.

Mindi has been swamped at work, but promises me that his part of From Step-Brother to Cheerleader will be done very soon. She's also continuing to edit all of the books I write with Claudia.

Finally, I'm getting injections in my eye and they hurt about as much as you'd think they would. On top of that, the next book for Claudia and me was supposed to be a crossover with Pamela so that wound up on hold. 

No books have been cancelled, but please excuse our dust as we move things around.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Feminizing Dylan

Pamela Harlow is taking our little forced feminization genre by storm. This time, in Feminizing Dylan, she gets a bit down and dirty. Dylan is the most annoying student at the university. In addition to the unwanted advances he's heaped upon Alexis, there's also the matter of the political debates he's always engaging in with professors and students alike. Finally, Alexis and her best friend Brianna have had enough. Dylan is supposed to give a speech at the huge University Ball and Alexis and Brianna have plans to make it a speech that nobody will ever forget. This 6,300 word story features feminization, female domination, humiliation, and forced bi. 

Camp Femdom

Camp Fendon is an old fashioned summer camp. It's owned by Ralph Fendon who rarely gets involved in the camp's operations. Instead he hires college kids to be counselors and they run things while he goes to the track or takes a vacation. Things at Camp Fendon are old school, with the guys taking over the lake and sports fields and the girls relegated to crafts. That's all about to change. When a prank war escalates out of control, it's eight guy counselors vs. five girl counselors for control of the camp. 

Camp Femdom was inspired by a couple of pictures I found on the web a long time ago and it's kind of set up like a horror story as the male camp counselors disappear one by one like any good camp fright fest.

This is a great book for those whose favorite part of feminization stories is learning how the girls get control of the guys and how the initially feminize them. This book has multiple events where guys get overpowered, tricked, or seduced into skirts. This book is all about feminization, female domination, and humiliation. If that's your thing, you're going to love this 8,000 word story.

Claudia's Erotic Tales of Feminization

Calling this Claudia's Erotic Tales of Feminization may be a misnomer because there were four of us writing it, but she wrote a lot of the stories.  It's  a longer book that compiles a lot of short stories.  I think it's pretty amazing actually, what these writers (myself included reluctantly) can do with 500 or 1,000 words. You get characterization, a plot, and a sexy scene usually in a short amount of words.
My Favorite Game (627 words) - Told from a domme's point of view--A celebration of the joys of feminizing men.

Mistress at the Office (2,650 words) - Claudia collaborated with Mindi Harris on this story of a mistress visiting her sissy at his job. She has big plans for him and for his secretary as well.

Good Morning Luv (537 words) - A mistress greets her sissy in the morning. He finds himself bound and made up and her about to leave on a date.

Scoopers (710 words) - No feminization in this female domination story written by Claudia and Kylie Gable and inspired by the DH Lawrence short story Tickets Please, some girls who work at an ice cream parlor give their male boss his just desserts.

Sissy Halloween Encounter (533 words) - It's so easy to spot a sissy at Halloween and Claudia is always on the prowl for new ones.

Post-Halloween Cuckolding (1,395 words) - Diane Callaway and Claudia collaborated on this story about a late Halloween party that turns out to be an opportunity for a woman to cuckold her lover while her girlfriends feminize him.

Sissy Cheers (537 words) - A true story about a cheerleading team with a penchant for feminizing guys.

Andy's Apartment (922 words) - Kylie Gable and Claudia wrote a story with a bit of feminization and a lot of female domination about a college professor whose students get revenge when they catch him ogling them.

How 2 Pictures Became Camp Femdom

There were these two pictures that popped up on the internet years ago and they instantly captivated me. I think the bottom picture is first followed by the top picture.  I  can't tell what she's doing in the bottom picture because of the blur, but as you can see by the second picture he's got a wig and they're painting his toes.  You can also see in the bottom right corner that this isn't an isolated sissy either. There appear to be 3 girls and it looks like a public bathroom so I'm guessing it's probably a camp setting. I assume the gag is a girl's swimsuit. I don't know what's on his chest,but I'm assuming it's Nair or some other hair remover because why would you put shaving cream on and just leave it there. I welcome theories.  Anyway, this was what inspired Camp Femdom and I basically imagined what happened when I wrote the first scene.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Safe Mode

I apologize for the lack of updates, my computer has been having graphics driver. The result is that I've been in safe mode for awhile. I actually published Femdom camp in Safemode. Hopefully, it'll be resolved soon. I have somebody looking at it tonight, but in the meantime, I may be a little less available.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rock Chick by Pamela Harlow (And a Deal)

In Rock Chick: Feminized by the Band, a rock band finds themselves short of a bass player, but he may have just walked into the music store that Chelsea works at to try and shoplift a bass. The only problem is, Chelsea’s band Foxfire is exclusively female.

Being an all girl band has some advantages and they don’t want to mess it up for a bass player, so they come up with a unique solution to their problem, whether he likes it or not. The story is right on the edge between forced feminization and voluntary feminization. It definitely has a bit of sweetness to it and it's a classic rock and roll story.
So what's the problem?

I don’t let bad reviews bother me because with 200 books, people can generally see that I’ve written a lot of books with good reviews and will make up their own mind.

This story got a one star yesterday (the first day of launch) and it’s really bothering me. It was basically a four word review from somebody who seems to review only sentimental voluntary feminization books and was not the target audience for this book. 

It’s like thanks for trashing a new writer—is the problem that we have too many people writing books in our genre? She’s taking it in stride. As a musician I think she’s used to reviews of all stripes, but I edited the thing for her. It’s well-written and whether you love it or it’s meh comes down to personal taste, but it’s no one-star book.

So here's my offer to you. Please read the book and see if you like it. I'm pretty sure you will. If you really like it, please give it a good review to balance out the one-star one. If you agree with the reviewer and give it only one star you can let me know through email or in the comments and I will send you a free book of your choice with a list price of $5.99 or under. If you don't like a $2.99 book, you can actually get a $5.99 book. I believe in Pamela as a writer and I selfishly want her to write a lot more stories because I'm a forced feminization reader as well as a writer. She's got the fetish down, she writes very well, and she is improving in putting it all together.

Cassie and Cassandra: The Complete Domme and Her Mom

Where do dominant woman come from? In some cases they come from dominant moms. Cassie and her mother Cassandra King are a case in point. Cassie and Cassandra; The Complete Domme and Her Mom is their story.

When David and his mom move to California, he finds himself the target of Cassie’s attentions. She’s determined to turn him into the sissy slave that she’s always wanted.  When her mom finds out, he thinks he’s saved, but that’s not how things work in the King household. With her mom’s experience and guidance, Cassie intends to run him for Homecoming Queen.

It's really two stories in one.  First, you have the relationships between the mom, her daughter, the sissy, and a couple of other girls in their high school and then you have the whole Homecoming Queen campaign. I think this is definitely one of my better series. At 55,000 words it is full of female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, and all that good stuff. There’s even a bit of sweetness to it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Feminization Folio Volume 6 (Why Amazon Pissed me off this Week)

As you should know by now, I try and publish a new book every Friday.  In order to do that, I try and publish it on Amazon on Thursday afternoon figuring that Amazon will take awhile to get it approved and online.  I published Feminization Folio Volume 6 on Thursday afternoon and it took five days to publish.  I can't tell you how frustrating that is.

I love doing these collections because I really love it when people enjoy my stories and old stories are like old friends who never visit. Having new people enjoy them keeps them alive for me.  For those of you who really love my books, this is a great way to get a lot of them for a budget price. In this case, we're talking about something like 84,000 words for $9.99.  This volume contains:

1. Caught in the Act
2. Mean Girl Mafia
3. The Jaguar: Birth of a Predator
4. From Step-Brother to Sissy
5. From Step-Brother to French Maid
6. Cruise Ship Cuckolds
7. Cruise Ship Captives
8. Cruise Ship Consequences
9. Cruise Ship Conclusions
10. Feminized by his High School Bully
10. Marisol

There are a wide variety of stories from sweet and sensual to strict domination. Highlights include the entire Cruise Ship Cuckolds series as well as both Step-Brother books, and the origin of the feminizing vigilante The Jaguar. This book is a must have for lovers of female domination and forced feminization.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pamela Harlow's Tying the Knot: The Forcibly Feminized Bridesmaid

Tying the Knot is not one of the books I've written, though the cover should be recognizable as one of mine.  I have served as Pamela Harlow's mentor, editor, and publisher on this book and I'm thrilled to have her joining the Candy Apple Press family. This is her first book ever published and I think it's brilliant.

When the bride receives a call from one of the bridesmaids that she’s been in an accident and won’t be able to be a bridesmaid, the bride is devastated. Even worse, she’s quite tall and none of the bride’s other friends can fit the dress. This leaves the poor girl with five groomsmen and only four bridesmaids. Of course, never underestimate plucky bridesmaids. They kidnap a guy on the way home from their hen party and keep him captive for two weeks teaching him how to fill in at the wedding. 

The story is a bit over 7,000 words and it's got plenty of forced feminization and female domination as well as a good amount of bondage--it is a kidnapping after all.

Feminized for His Inheritance: Tying up Loose Ends

I apologize for being so late posting this. I've been wearing many hats as I've worked on my own books while editing Pamela Harlow's debut and publishing it.  I won't let my own writing suffer. In fact, I'm currently working on two different stories--one going over the familiar area of a college freshman in over his head and another a collaboration with Pam about a couple of siblings who look very much alike.

Feminized for His Inheritance 3: Tying up Loose Ends is just what its name implies. It's the last book in this small series and it attempts to resolve everything in a nice neat package.  Bill is rapidly being feminized and turned into Laurie the submissive sissy house maid and sexual plaything for his step-mother's assorted friends. He's miserable, humiliated, and incredibly turned on by the experience. Bill struggles to come to terms with what's happening to him while still looking for a means to escape his fate and reclaim his inheritance. Mistress Rachel is very strict with him, but she may be his only way out.