Saturday, August 30, 2014

An Actual Story with some Kinky Stuff

I've been getting introspective about my writing lately.  Alyssa Paige who is a talented author in her own right, told me of my writing, "It's more like an actual story with some kinky stuff instead of a kinky story with some minor plot. It is selling for you, so it is working!"

I had to decide how I felt about that and I think it's definitely true.  There are sex scenes and a lot of feminization and humiliation, but my exposure to forced feminization wasn't in a very sexual way.  Now, a handful of attractive college girls strip you down, tie you up, and make you pose for pictures in your lingerie can't help, but be sexual in some ways, but it started with them fully clothed, not talking seductively, and nobody achieving orgasm.   Some of my early writing followed the exact same path.  I'm starting to branch out a little more and will continue to do so, but I think all writers start by writing what they know.

Speaking of my past, I have some big plans that I wanted to tell you about.  There will be a Welcome to College 10.  There was one other story involving Nicole, the girls, and myself that took place a few years after college.  I thought about making it a blog post, but I think it's just too long.   I also kind of like the idea of ending the series with a nice round number.  I am planning to put that book out just in time for Christmas.   Then at the end of January, I will write a 5 part story that is sort of a continuation of Welcome to College, set in present day.

While Welcome to College was mostly true, Welcome to the Real World is going to be 95% fiction.  While moving my mother, I came upon an old dresser of mine in her basement that hadn't been touched in 10 years.  Inside were all sorts of incriminating things like one of my old bras and a bunch of pictures like the one above.  I managed to sort stuff out without my mother or other family members seeing anything, but I wondered what would have happened had  I unpacked that dresser with a wife or girlfriend with me and what would their reaction be to find out about this secret past of mine.  I'll bring back some old characters, introduce some new ones and I think it'll be nicely cathartic for me as well.

I do have a schedule worked out in my mind through June 20th.   That's 21 completely new eBooks over the next 10 months.  Three of them are already written and I'm about 30% of the way through number four.   I really would like more comments.  My sales are up and my hits on the blog are up as well, but I would like to know somebody is reading this stuff.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kidnapped by a Girl Gang

I really need to get my butt in gear in terms of blogging, but this has been a very busy week.  In addition to my normal writing output, I did a major rewrite to bring Kidnapped by a Girl Gang up to my standards.  It's the third part of a series that was only supposed to have two books.  However, I thought there was definitely more story to tell and readers seemed to really enjoy the first two books.

At the end of Cuckolded by a Girl Gang, Wesley is pretty much fucked.  Laura has outmaneuvered him at work and he knows he will soon lose his job.  Julia has cuckolded him in the worst way imaginable.  In a few short weeks he has gone from corporate whiz kid alpha male to complete bitch.  Believe it or not, things only get worse for Wesley in the new book. 

The events in Kidnapped by a Girl Gang take place six months after we left Wesley crying in the shower at the end of the last book.   We learn how Julia's new relationship is going and see that Wesley has found a job that makes him happy, although at a lower salary.  This time, Wesley is put in peril through events that are no fault of his own, but still lead him down a familiar path.

One of my favorite parts of this story is the character of Natalia.  She's the leader of the female side of the Insane Royals street gang.  She's got a serious edge of menace to her, but like all true femme fatales, she's also got an undeniable sexiness. 

Things definitely take a turn darker, in what was already one of the most violent feminization stories out there.   One way or another, Wesley will never be the same after the events in this book.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Quality Control

I apologize for the long delay between posts. I was out of town on vacation.  This summer, I made it my mission to really write hard and get ahead.  My plan has been to be able to release a new eBook every 2 or 3 weeks this year and I knew that do that, I would need to write about a book a week every summer.  I'm happy to say that a first draft of my next 3 eBooks are completed, 2 are at the beta readers, and I will complete number 4 this weekend.

It's a great feeling of accomplishment to be finishing my first draft of a book that I'm not planning on releasing until October 10th.  However, I have made it my goal to keep my quality consistent.  In my opinion, I write pretty good books. That's not bragging.  If I didn't think my books were good, I wouldn't write them.  I don't like arrogance, but there isn't an author that publishes a book that doesn't think it's pretty good.

A funny thing happened on the way to the book, that is supposed to be released next Friday.  Kidnapped by a Girl Gang was not given high marks by either of my beta readers.   I then circulated it to three authors whose work I respect.  Margeaux Adler, Alyssa Paige, and Troy had comments and criticisms, but they all commented positively on the story.  It's been edited for punctuation and grammar, but I won't put a book out if I think people won't be satisfied with it.  Selling one book to people is great, but getting somebody to buy many books from me is the key to making this thing work.

I have a lot of work ahead of me with Kidnapped by a Girl Gang.  I've never done as thorough a rewrite as this books is going to need.  I am going to add scenes, explore character's motivations, and make an epic finale even more epic.  I hope that my final product will be improved enough that it will thrill my beta readers and more importantly, that you'll enjoy it. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Doubling Down

Amazon is very frustrating today.  I have completed a new ebook, which I think you will enjoy. However, Amazon has had it in review for about 20 hours now.  The book itself should have absolutely no controversial material.  There is some delicious humiliation as two sisters make a bet on who can better feminize the twin boys that live next door to them.  There is some humiliation where the sissies are forced to dance with guys, but there is nothing X-Rated or even R-Rated about it, so I'm sure that it should sale right by the censors.  There is a lot of humiliation, bondage, and what my beta readers said was a really cool ending.  Unfortunately, I can't send a link because it's still in review.  I hope you'll support it like you've been supporting all my projects.  It really means a lot.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

This American Life - Mean Girls

Picture: Allure of the Mean Friend

I was listening to This American Life today, and it was about how nice people don't usually get ahead; even in jobs like being a waitress where you would think being nice would be a boost to your career.  The first segment was on mean girls that guys knew in junior high.  One guy was now rooming with the girl that he was scared of in 7th grade.  She was now a doctor working with homeless people and a great human being as well as a very supportive friend, but he would always remember how she used to be.

Another guy was so scared of one girl who picked on him when he was younger that he couldn't even speak to her as an adult.  The segment had an interesting conclusion that the guys enjoyed the attention and actually sought these girls out.  In a kink context, I really found it interesting.  I know so many of my submissive kinks come from what happened to me in college and I know for a lot of guys it was much earlier.

I had wanted to embed the player in my blog, but this is an old episode they were rebroadcasting and it wouldn't work, so I have enclosed a link instead.  Just click on the picture.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Reunion: The Complete Story

It feels like it's been so long since I wrote Summer Reunion and Summer Reunion II: Beach BabeSummer Reunion came out on April 20th, and its sequel was out about a month later.  That still seems like a long time ago.

The story is about a writer, not based on me I might add, who is struggling with writer's block and at his fiancee's urging, gets a beach house over summer to get away from it all and finish his next novel.  By a weird coincidence (or is it?) the girls who tormented him when he was little have the house next to him. They used to bully him and feminize him and now that they are reunited, our hero is terrified that they're up to their old tricks.

There isn't too much sex in this one, but there is an awful lot of feminization, humiliation, and even a pretty decent bondage scene or two.   They've been two very good selling books for me and you can still continue to buy them individually.  However, you can save $2 if you buy them together as Summer Reunion: The Complete Story.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bending the Bookshelf

 Bending the Bookshelf

By now, I hope you have realized that I really want to support other feminization authors.  I want you to buy every single one of my books (after you borrow it so I can get paid twice).  However, even at my current breakneck pace of putting a book out there every couple of weeks, that's only 26 books for a year.  Even before I wrote, I buy more feminization fiction than that.

Now, I'm not saying that every eBook that I buy is a masterpiece.  In truth, some have been pretty dreadful.  I find the bad ones are usually for people who don't have a real interest and are just trying to write books in every kink.  Fortunately, there are some great places to find the good books.  I am a big fan of Goodreads, but I also really have enjoyed the reviews at Bending the Bookshelf.

BtB has reviewed three of my books and they have been some of my favorite reviews.  Not because they're glowing, but because they get what I was trying to do.  Their latest review of Calendar Girl really made my day because I struggled with the decision to tell that story from the female point of view and they really enjoyed that I did.

If you're looking for a great source to scour the interwebs and find you the feminization books that you will really enjoy, I can't recommend the site enough.  Give a look and see for yourself. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mark and David

Sun Tattoos

I'm not sure that you could do this without assistance, but if there are any dommes reading this, it could make for a fun humiliation assignment.  Its a pretty obvious humiliation that a lot of dommes have done once the weather gets warm, to make a sissy lay out to sunbathe in a woman's swimsuit in order to brand them with sissy tan lines.

When I was in college, the girls there took it a step further.  I mentioned this in Welcome to College, but I didn't go into much detail.   The girls shared a house beginning my sophomore year and it had a semi-secluded place to suntan.  Naturally, one of the first things the girls did when the warmer months came was to have me out there in a bikini.  I couldn't pass in a bikini, but that didn't matter.  They wanted the tan lines.  To increase my humiliation, they tied me to a lounge chair to sunbathe.  However, when an hour was up was when they got creative.

They turned me over on my stomach and again restrained me.  This time however, I felt something cold on the small of my back.  I think it was a Colorforms play set, but in any event they had a little plastic decal of Tinkerbell that they placed on the small of my back along with the words Princess Kylie, also in plastic letters from a kid's toy of some kind.    I had no idea what it was until I went inside and could look at the mark on my back.  The sun had created a tramp stamp of a Tinkerbell silhouette and the name Pirncess Kylie on the small of my back.  Be reapplying the plastic pieces in the same places whenever I suntanned, they had a very noticeable tramp stamp on my back by the end of summer.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Well, it had to happen.   I guess Taken by the Girl Gang had a lot of corporate elements in it, but Reprogrammed represents my first corporate feminization story.  I like them.  I really do.  One of my favorite short stories from the old day was about a guy about to go on vacation and one of his female colleagues feminizes him instead.  At the end of the story, he embraces his femininity and they ride off into the sunset together.  I also love Fiona Piper's Feminizing Her Bosses and several other stories set in the business world.  However, there are a bunch of cliches in these stories and I tried to avoid some of them.

Randall Belle is a boss that I based on several bosses that I have had in my life.  He believes that he is better than everybody else; particularly his female interns.  He treats them like unpaid secretaries rather than giving the girls assignments that could actually help them launch their careers.  They have finally had enough and they take advantage of a tech conference to get their revenge.

The story features a lot of technology, but none of it is really science fiction.  There is a butt plug in the story that you couldn't buy today, but if there was demand, I'm sure someone would make it.    The girls are creative and they really take it out on Mr. Belle.    It has all those elements that I love to write about including some forced bisexuality and a lot of humiliation. 

I've been putting most of my stories on both Smashwords and Amazon lately, but with Amazon's knew Kindle Unlimited program, I wanted to see how a new book would do that was available through the program.  You can find Reprogrammed here.

Final Exam