Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancee: The Intruder

In Feminized Fiancee: The Intruder, All of Liam's darkest fears have been realized when Amelia moves in with him and Shannon. Even worse Shannon seems completely fascinated and enthralled by her. After a night of drinking, Liam gets goaded into a wager with Amelia. If he wins, she has to move out. If she wins, she gets to dress him up.  It's only supposed to be a one time thing, but Shannon may have other ideas.

Inside Candy Apple Press

Candy Apple Press is a publishing imprint that was started by myself, Mindi Harris, and Alyssa Page a few years back. We loved working together (Check out 32 Flavors) and we really wanted to band our books together. Admittedly, not much happened after that. Alyssa got busy with a new child and work and Mindi also slowed way down on the writing.

My New Years resolution this year is to find out how to make this imprint into a publisher that can produce the type of books that I like to read on a very regular basis. Currently, besides myself, we have a stable of writers (Claudia Acosta, Diane Callaway, Pamela Harlow, and hopefully soon Crystal Summers and Mndi Harris will have new books out).

I am publishing everybody's books (which includes covers) and still writing my own books, while Mindi is editing like a madwoman. To me, it doesn't make a lot of sense to be spitting out a steady stream of books if there is a reduction in quality.

We're always looking for new editors (paid in product) and writers (paid in money). If you love the forced feminization genre and would like to write for Candy Apple Press write me at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

His Secret Past: Feminized by His Fiance

Do yourself a favorite and try this amazing eBook from Diane and Claudia. Reading it, I was completely blown away by how good it is at creating 3 strong characters and exploring their relationships with each other.

Feminized by his Fiancee tells the story of Liam, a successful young accountant who meets his girlfriend Shannonat the pub one afternoon. Across the barroom he spies Amelia, the girl who feminized and dominated him when they were younger. Unfortunately, for Liam, when Amelia approaches him and his girl to apologize for her behavior in their younger days., Shannon and Amelia immediately hit it off and soon Amelia is moving in with them. You can't outrun your past in high heels.


At first, when she just handed him the bottle of hot pink polish, he took it without even thinking. Amelia took his picture, and it seemed like a joke at the time. Then she explained she wanted him to try it on just one nail.
Shannon leaned in and asked what the name of the color was with a twinkle in her eye. Liam answered without even thinking, “pink perfection.” Shannon burst out laughing she tried to control her outburst, but just couldn’t.
Liam looked startled by her reaction. Shannon calmed down and motioned for him to continue. That one act of kindness was the way Amelia got him to do so much more. She would put him into situations, then guilt him into doing something even crazier.
The next day at school Amelia handed him copies of the pictures she took. She had brought them to the local drug store and had them printed in triplicate, she told him. She demanded he come over after practice that day, or she would let his teammates know that he adored bright pink nail polish.
Liam sat in front of Shannon and rubbed his index finger on his right hand. He did not catch it, but Shannon guessed that that was the finger Amelia had painted that very first day.
Liam explained he should have stood his ground and taken the teasing that the fingernail polish would have brought him. He did not realize at the time and could have never imagined that Amelia would have forced the situation as far as it ended up going.
Shannon reached across the table, touched Liam’s hand, and told him, “Go on Baby I want to hear it all.”
That afternoon Liam went straight to Amelia’s house, and he was hoping her mother would be there. Things were so much more pleasant when she was. Amelia met him at the door with a smile on her face that even now caused a shiver to run up his spine. The details of that evening even after all these years had not faded from his memory.
Taking a sip of his beer, it took Liam a bit of time to articulate how he wanted to explain this to Shannon. After he got into the house, Amelia explained it would be the two of them all evening. She went on to tell him that she advised his parents he would be helping with an in-depth project for her mother.
He felt betrayed even to this day by how excited his mother had reacted to the time he had spent with the Abbasi family—which was often just Amelia. After all the stupid things he had done, there was no way he could have complained.
As he was standing there in the middle of the living room trying to think of a way to get out of being there Amelia produced a large bag of makeup. Shannon burst out laughing before Liam had a chance to explain. This time Liam just went on with his story, but he was starting to wonder how much sympathy she had for him. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019

Rent-a-Sissy #1: A Change of Plans

This story started with two other stories. I really enjoyed Karen Singer's Girlish on Storysite and also A College Sissy by Nat Rose on Literotica. As a writing exercise, I started the story off much in the same way as those two stories, but I didn't want to retell either of them.  As I started writing, I very quickly had a slightly different idea. That idea became Rent-a-Sissy.

A lot of times when a guy becomes a sissy, there is a big shopping trip coming up in the near future. However, in college money can be tight. In our hero's case, there just isn't enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe. The two girls and one guy who are feminizing decide that the easiest way for him to earn everything he needs is by renting himself out as a French maid.

I think it's a great story for lovers of college forced feminization and you know I'm one of them. Sydney is an interesting domme who is not particularly cruel, but will not take no for an answer. 

The Complete Feminized by the Berto Street Girls

The Candy Apple Press Schedule

I always post the schedule of new books at the bottom of my newsletter, which you can subscribe to at At the bottom of the schedule I post that it's very tentative. Nowhere has this been more true than it is right now. 

First, Pamela Harlow's father passed away from a heart attack last week. It was unexpected and all our sympathy goes out to her.  Naturally, she's had to take some time off from the writing.

Mindi has been swamped at work, but promises me that his part of From Step-Brother to Cheerleader will be done very soon. She's also continuing to edit all of the books I write with Claudia.

Finally, I'm getting injections in my eye and they hurt about as much as you'd think they would. On top of that, the next book for Claudia and me was supposed to be a crossover with Pamela so that wound up on hold. 

No books have been cancelled, but please excuse our dust as we move things around.