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I finally broke down and started a mailing list.  Changes to Amazon's payment plans are going to wipe away about 30% of my income from selling books and I figure that the best way to replace it is by increasing my marketing. I promise that my mailing list will only send mail 2-3 times a month.  I do not want to be a spammer. 

So if it's not spam, what will the list be?  Obviously, I'll use it for product announcements, but it'll also include free stuff like reviews, anecdotes and advice from my feminized days, short fiction, and anything else that I think my readers will enjoy. 

If you sign up for the mailing list at www.kyliegable.com, you will aslo receive a free PDF copy of my story, The Operator, which I think is one of my better ones.  Go ahead and sign up.  I promise you won't regret it.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Two of My Books are Now Free

I've decided to make two of my books permanently free.  Calendar Girl, which is one of my favorite stories that I've written tells the story of one young woman embracing dominance as she feminizes a male friend for her sorority's fundraising calendar.  Welcome to College is the first book in a series by the same name.  It's autobiographical and tells how I went from Kyle to Kylie.  A lot of my feminization stories are variations on those things that happened to me as a naive college student.

I have made both books available for free at Smashwords and Amazon just price-matched Calendar Girl today.  I expect it will be no time until they do the same to Welcome to College.  In fact, if you let them know about Welcome to College, they may just give you a $3 credit to your account, which you could use to buy another great book, preferably one that I wrote.

If you do get the free book (or any of my new books for the foreseeable future), you will also get a link to where you can sign up for my mailing list and get a free copy of The Operator.   The mailing list will receive emails from me 2-3 times a month.  I won't deluge your mailbox and it'll contain articles on feminization, very short stories, reviews, and yes product announcements.  You can sign up at www.kyliegable.com and I think if you enjoy my writing, you'll be very glad that you did.

Alpha Theta Nu Part 7 - The Conclusion

Poor Matt and Elizabeth.  The heroes of my Alpha Theta Nu series have been through a lot.  Since Elizabeth began to have second thoughts about her sorority's program to enslave and feminize the Alpha Theta Nu pledges, her days in the house were numbered, but now they're dumping all of her worldly possessions onto the lawn of the sorority house.

The stakes have gotten very high for Candy as well.  He finds himself crossdressed and bound as the birthday present for a drunk and horny twenty-one year old.  Does he have any hope of retaining what's left of his masculinity?

This story has been a lot of fun for me to right.  I know that some people were shocked because for a change they were sympathizing with the feminized rather than the feminizers even as many of my readers would have loved to switch places with him.  However, it's been fun to tell what seemed like a simple story and weave it into a dark and sinister conspiracy.  I hope you'll pick up Hell to Pay and all seven parts of the Alpha Theta Nu saga today.

Friday, June 26, 2015

32 Flavors - Part 15 (The Conclusion)

32 Flavors - Part 15

Before Kevin could answer, Steve began massaging his neck eliciting an involuntary cooing sound from the feminized male. That told Tina all she wanted to know. She smirked at Kevin and showed him his own iPhone.
In horror, he realized that Tina was set to send a text message to Jennifer Tyson, the obsessive local TV reporter he'd accused of stalking him. She had attached several humiliating pictures: some of him tweaking against Steve, some of him kissing and holding hands with Steve, and...he looked at her in pleading dismay, shaking his head.
Tina grinned and nodded at Steve, while making kissy faces at Kevin who again, shook his head no. When Tina shrugged and glared at him, her finger positioned over the send button, he knew he had no choice. He reached behind the tall Aussie's head, and pulled him into a deep kiss.
Cass laughed so hard she nearly choked on her drink. Melanie--eyes wide with erotic delight--elbowed her friend and shushed her. Tina, All of them were avidly watching as the steamy make-out session became a grope-fest.
Steve's left hand cupped and squeezed Kevin's round ass through the thin fabric of the minidress. The girls grinned and giggled as Kevin struggled to fend off the strong, manly left hand that kept inching higher and higher up his smooth stocking-clad thigh.
Nancy, the proud winner of the little contest, made a hidden gesture to Tina. The ring leader immediately picked up on it, laughed, and nodded in response. She caught Kevin's eye,  balled her right hand into a fist, and put it to her lips. Then, she thrust her tongue into her cheek and began slowly pumping her fist, pantomiming a blow job.
It was Kevin's turn to choke as Tina hissed into his ear, "You practiced sucking cock for like an hour at my place, and showed mad skillz. Don't lie to me, I know you're into this," she said, patting his lap and feeling his throbbing erection.
"See? I knew it!" Tina continued. "Take him to your...make that my car and suck his cock!" Her eyes danced with excitement, but her mouth was set in a stern expression. "It's either that or Jennifer Tyson gets to broadcast an exclusive, all about the sissy businessman."
"You wouldn't dare! What did I ever do to you?" Kevin whined into her ear, as he saw Nancy laughing at him in triumph, reveling in his impending abject debasement.
Rolling her eyes, Tina cupped her hands over Kevin's ear and shouted so he could hear, "Of course I would! I'm already wet just thinking about it, and seeing you exposed as a cross dressed slut on the TV news would give me multiple orgasms. As for what you did to me?"
She listed her complaints, "You stalked me at my job, you kept hitting on me nonstop even after I shot you down like a million times, you insulted my friends and boyfriends, and you...."
"OK, OK, OK!" Kevin interrupted. He sadly nodded, conceding all that was true.
"Besides, if you do a good job with that blow job, you may just get lucky," she waggled her eyebrows. Then, Tina stood up, smiled angelically, and shouted at Steve, "We approve of you, you're worthy of a special treat."
Feeling utterly emasculated, powerless, and controlled, Kevin gently took Steve by the hand and led him outside. Tina followed behind, calling and waving a ticket over her head. Kevin remembered they'd used valet parking. Taking the ticket from her, he approached the valet, and handed over the numbered piece of cardboard.
Kevin felt waves of humiliation when the valet winked at Steve and said, "I bet you're going to get lucky with her tonight! Well played, she's a stone fox!"
 The uniformed young man pulled the keys from the peg board, and sauntered off to get the car, leaving Steve to bend Kevin into a deep, probing kiss whole copping a feel again.
 The valet brought the Ferrari around, tossed Steve the keys, and opened the passenger side door for Kevin. As Tina held up the iPhone with a finger poised to send the photos to Jennifer, Kevin hung his head, smoothed the back of his dress, and slipped into his...make that Tina's car.
Steve whooped with delight as he shoved the stick shift into gear, pulled out of the parking lot, and forced his way into traffic.
Kevin looked at Steve, and noted the large man's evident excitement with a shudder.Despite or maybe because of his own arousal, Kevin blushed deeply with shame. He realized that the valet was right. 

Author's Note:

I hope you have enjoyed this story from three of the top selling forced feminization authors working today.  It was great fun for us to do and there may be another similar compilation in our future.  We will also clean this story up and publish it within the next month.  Please visit our Amazon pages here for more stories from us:

Alyssa Paige     Mindi Harris    Kylie Gable

Thursday, June 25, 2015

32 Flavors Part 14

Part 14

As Steve continued to whirl him around the dance floor, Kevin tried to avoid any eye contact with the rest of the girls.  He was for the most part successful, but occasionally would see Tina’s face as she sported a wicked grin.  He tried to block them out of his mind and let his suitor move him about the dance floor.  Kevin wasn’t used to not having the lead, but he blushed as he realized how right it felt.  He could feel his cock hardening in his panties, and was thankful for the darkness of the club. 
He looked to see Nancy practically kissing the man she was dancing with.  He knew he needed to get Steve over to the girls and introduce him before Nancy got her man there… or else.  He shuddered to think what the consequences would be.  Kevin realized that he needed to pick up the pace.  His rapidly hardening cock gave him an idea.  If he stayed face to face with him any longer there was a chance Steve would feel his pole.
At that moment, the song changed to a one with a rhythmic bass line.  Kevin took his chance and spun around.  He pushed his ass back into Steve’s crotch and moaned in humiliation as he could feel a very hard cock.  Even through Steve’s pants, it was unmistakable.  Kevin began to grind for all he was worth, and Steve gripped his hips and danced with him.  Kevin could see Tina and her roommates as they pointed and laughed at him.  He bit his lip nervously, but the look on Tina’s face put him more at ease.  She nodded her head in approval and raised her drink to him.  His heart raced, but he danced even more wantonly after that. 
Steve pulled him close, and Kevin turned his head back.  He was surprised when he felt Steve’s lips touch his own.  He whimpered, but went with it.  Even over the din of the club music he could hear the hoots and hollers of Tina’s party as they watched him. 
“You’re a really good kisser,” Steve said as they broke apart. 
“Th… thank you,” Kevin stuttered in reply.  “I, will you come meet my friends?  They’re, um… they’re really protective of me.  I think they’d want to meet you before things go any further.”
Kevin felt Steve’s cock twitch through his pants at the mention of their dance leading to further fun.
“Oh course!  Lead on!”
Kevin pulled him by the hand to Tina’s table.  They parted, and he saw Nicole, who sat with her dance partner as they sipped from the same drink. 
“Guys… this is… this is Steve,” Kevin said as his heart sank.  He lost.
Introductions were made around the table, and Steve settled in next to Kevin.  Cass was joking with him on one side, and Tina leaned over to Kevin.
“Poor Katina, so close, so far,” she said with mock concern.  She ran her hand up his thigh under the table.  “Now, how to punish you?  I think after a rough start you’ve been a good sport.  I think you like what I’m doing to you, don’t you?”

French Maids

Being a maid is such a trope in feminization fiction.  I'd guess 30% of the stories have a maid theme, but I've never really written a maid story. The closest I came was writing the chapters on my own history as a maid during my college days in Welcome to College.  I think I have avoiding writing a maid story in part because I hate cliche and in part because my own experience wasn't pleasant.

The first problem is the uniform.  You can pick up a sexy Halloween French Maid costume for a cheap enough price, but it's not going to be very practical.  With all the bending and stretching you have to do, a pair of strappy sandals with four inch heels are not the ideal footwear.  Kneeling to clean the bathroom floor in a pair of fishnets, will leave your knees looking like waffles. A short skirt is terribly impractical for any kind of real cleaning.

In addition, there was the humiliation.  If I was cleaning the girls' house and I ran out of Murphy's Oil Soap, guess who got to go to the hardware store to get more in full maid getup?  There were a couple of boyfriends I cleaned up after, I'd bring them cold beers from their fridge and put their feet up. I'd give them the remote control and then start cleaning.  That felt humiliating in a very non-erotic way. 

Finally, college kids are pigs.  It doesn't matter if they are boys or girls.  I didn't like cleaning up after myself, but now I was cleaning up after four and eventually five girls who thought of their floor as one big storage space. 

Now, I'm starting to think of doing a French Maid story.  What do you think?  Has it been done to death?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

32 Flavors Part 13

 Part 13

"No Tina, I just can't!" exclaimed Kevin.
"You can and you will," replied Tina sternly.
"Come on, it's a dark club and the music will drown out your voice," assured Melanie.
"It's not like you've got a choice," beamed Cass.  She loved watching Tina break a male.  It was so much fun to see them get to the tipping point and try to fight back only to find out it was too late when Tina demolished their resistance completely.
"So are you going to go and get a guy to dance with you and then bring him back here or am I going to punish you?" asked Tina asserting her control.
"I can't fool a guy," pleaded Kevin.
"You've had a bunch of them hitting on you since we got in here.  Quit stalling," demanded Tina. "The last one of you to bring a guy back will be punished."
Nancy grabbed Kevin by the elbow and dragged him out to the dance floor.  "You don't say no to Tina like that," warned Nancy. "You haven't seen her mean side yet."
"She's got something up her sleeve.  This isn't just bringing the guys back to our seats." Kevin was really hoping that Nancy would tell him he was wrong and that after they laughed at their feminized sissies flirting with guys they'd let them go.
"That's what you don't get.  Of course she has something up here sleeve.  If you tell her no, it'll be ten times worse. Now, let's get out on the floor and dance."
"I can't ask a guy to dance."
"Just dance with me.  If guys see two hot girls dancing together, they'll start circling us like hungry sharks."
"Hot girls?" asked Kevin, but Nancy just nodded.  She found an empty spot on the dance floor and proceeded to mimic Nancy.  His heels were causing Kevin trouble, but Nancy moved gracefully and easily in her shoes despite a five-inch heel.  Sure enough, as Kevin looked around, he could see guys eyeing the girls and getting ready to make their move.  Kevin's heart was racing and he feared what could happen next.  He spied a guy who was tall, standing over six-feet, but he was also gangly and nerdish looking with his wire-rimmed glasses.  He decided he'd be better with this guy than with some big behemoth who would throw him around the dance floor like a rag doll.  Kevin decided the best thing to do was to make eye contact with the tall nerd and smile.  
It did the trick.  He approached Kevin and cut in on his dance with Nancy who had no trouble finding another guy to dance with.  They only danced for another half a minute when the music switched to a slow song.  The tall nerd took Kevin in his arms
"Hi, I'm Steve.  I'm from Australia."
"My name is Ke..Katina.  I'm from America."
"I figured from your accent," nodded Steve. "You're beautiful."
"Thank you."
As Steve held him tightly in his arms and moved him around the dance floor, he almost forgot how embarrassing the whole experience was.  He rested his head on Steve's shoulder, but when they turned so he was facing the girls, he could see them laughing and taking still more pictures.  Tina flashed a wicked smile as she mockingly waved at him and blew him a kiss.  He thought he would simply melt into a puddle of pure humiliation right there on the dance floor.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

32 Flavors Part 12

Part 12

"Well now that you've made Kat come, I guess we can go," Cass giggled at her pun, picked up her hobo bag, and strutted toward the front door.
  As he pulled his panties back into place, Kevin's mind was spinning, and not just from the stunning blow job. "Nancy is a guy? Used to be a guy?" he couldn't believe it.
Tina grabbed his hand, and with a sly smile, pulled him to his feet. Something about seeing one sissy suck another always got her juices flowing.
"It'll be so fun spending a weekend buying myself a new wardrobe with Kevin's platinum cards," she thought, "and just as much fun making him wear my soon-to-be old clothes."
She was calculating just how much fun it'd be as the six feminine babes sauntered out the door. Three of them--Cass, Gwen, and Melody--got into Cass's Honda Civic, while the other three approached Kevin's Ferrari. Tina slid into the driver's seat, pointed to Nancy, and patted the passenger's side of the two seater. Nancy smoothed her skirt under her and sat.
Tina nodded at Kevin, beckoning to him. He hesitated and considered defying her, but when she shrugged and started the car, he moved to get in. Emulating Nancy, Kevin smoothed his own skirt and climbed onto her lap. He was shifting around, trying to get comfortable, when he felt Nancy's cock hardening against his ass.
Tina waved to the other girls who were pulling out in Cass's Civic sedan, and gunned the engine to burst ahead. The acceleration and g-force turns made Kevin bounce up and down and squirm back and forth.
All that motion and contact put a big smile on Nancy's face, and a deep blush on Kevin's. Nancy looked like a sexy girl, but Kevin felt a constant reminder on his ass that she wasn't. Tina looked over and winked.
Within moments, they pulled in front of Club Absinthe. Even before they'd opened the car doors they could hear the throbbing bass. Tina jumped out and tossed the keys to a valet. Nancy grabbed and pinched Kevin's ass as he clambered out of the car, and giggled as he tried to slap away at the offending fingers. Cass, Gwen, and Melody popped out of of the Civic, and followed the other three into the club.
There was a long line of men in trendy suits waiting to get in, but the massive bouncer waved the six beauties inside. Tina led them to the bar, swarming with people trying to get service. The music made it nearly impossible to converse, but somehow Tina managed to get six guys to give up their stools, and her clique took their seats.
Instantly, eighteen drinks appeared, along with an equal number of suitors. Kevin found three huge hunky men squeezing into his personal space and shouting into his ears:
"Hey babe, come here often?"
"I'm a Libra, what's your sign?"
"Did it hurt when you fell...out of heaven, Angel?"
Kevin tried in vain to pull down the hem of his minidress, and began chugging his drinks. This drew even more unwanted make attention. The night went on like this. More men, more drinks, more come ons. Rinse and repeat. Soon, he was feeling really buzzed.
All through the night, Kevin kept thinking about Nancy. Her looks, her motions, even her voice--everything about her signaled "girl," and her bj technique was amazing. Despite himself, Kevin repeatedly replayed that mind-blowing blowjob.
Then it hit him, "if Tina and her friends made a guy into this sexy, feminine creature, what will they do to me?" The thought revulsed him, but also turned him on. "What's happening to me?"
Tina seemed to read his mind. She smiled at him like an Orca swimming after a seal. Kevin looked at her as she tipped her glass toward him. He wasn't sure he read her lips right. She seemed to say...but no! She couldn't! She wouldn't!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

32 Flavors Part 11

“Wait… Nancy is… Nancy is a he?”  Kevin asked incredulously.
The women all broke into laughter.  “Well, not so much anymore.  After living as a woman for so long there is hardly anything masculine left.”
Nancy looked at the floor, her face awash in red.  “Ok, whatever.  Can we just go.”
“Awww, not so tough now that you’re on the receiving end of the teasing are you, Nance?” Tina asked.  “Are you afraid Kevin here is going to replace you?”
“No, I just… I don’t see why you keep doing this!”
“Because it is fun, and there are just so many men who think they are top dogs when really they’re bottom bitches,” Tina answered with a smirk.  “Now, I think you need to apologize to my friend here.”
Nancy mumbled an, “I’m sorry.”
“No no, you misunderstand.  Really apologize to him,” Tina sad as the rest of the women began to giggle uncontrollably. 
“Tina, I’m sorry. I swear.  I am, I’m so sorry,” Nancy begged.
“It’s really not that big of a deal, I’m ok,” Kevin added.  Now that he knew Nancy was a guy he felt a certain level of comradery. 
Tina stood with fire in her eyes.  “Apologize, for real.  Now.”
Nancy got to her knees and began to crawl towards Kevin.  Even knowing she was actually a he, seeing her nubile body snake across the floor caused Kevin to become painfully erect in his panties.  Kevin started to giggle nervously as Nancy got to his knees, then started to protest when she spread his legs.
“Hey… hey no, I’m… ok this has gone far enough,” Kevin said with a yelp as he scooted away from Nancy. 
“You sit there, spread your legs and enjoy it,” Tina snapped at him.  “And you, get to work.”
Kevin slid back down the couch and closed his eyes as he spread his legs.
“Tina, please…,” Nancy began before being cut off.
“Any more stalling and you’ll be doing a lot more at the club.”
Melanie, Cass and Gwen all leaned forward to watch the show as Nancy reached into Kevin’s skirt.  Kevin gasped as he felt her delicate hands reach into his panties and pull his cock out. 
“Cheer up Nance, at least you’re still bigger than Kevin,” Gwen teased, causing both men to blush.
“I’m, I’m really not into any gay stu--,” Kevin began, but was stopped short before he could finish as his cock slid into something wet and warm.  He looked down and saw Nancy’s head as it bobbed up and down on his shaft.  “Ohhhh, ohhh god,” he moaned.
“Seems like you enjoy the ‘gay stuff’ just fine, sweetie,” Tina said with a wicked laugh.  She waved the strap on at him, “And you’ll enjoy much more before the night is over.”
Kevin gripped the couch tightly with his hands as Nancy worked on his pole.  He had lots of women blow him in his time, usually just to hang out with a high roller like himself.  He felt a great sense of shame wash over him as he realized that not only was Nancy the best he ever had on his cock… he was going to cum, and fast.
“Oh, oh no,” he murmered.
“What’s wrong, hot shot?  Gonna cum in a lady boys mouth?” Tina said, causing all the women to snicker.
“Oh, oh please I can’t,” he started, but then moaned as Nancy began to take his cock into her mouth in long strokes.  He couldn’t hold it anymore.  He was going to shoot, and everyone was going to see it.
Tears stung his eyes as he let out a long, sensual groan and his cock erupted into Nancy’s mouth.  Numerous camera flashed caused him to blink, he was so focused on his blowjob he didn’t realize several of the girls had camera’s out. 
Nancy continued to pump him, and sucked every ounce of cum from him she could.  Kevin could hear her gulp it down.  She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and wiped her mouth.
“Can we please go now?” she asked meekly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Feminized by his Coworker


The woman who first convinced me to take the plunge into writing my college adventures as well as taking calls at NiteFlirt is a flirt herself that I will call L.  She's an amazing person and though my calls to her have stopped being very sexual at all, she's extremely sexy.  She's also a very intelligent person with a huge heart that I like to think of as my older sister despite being older than her.  That goes to show you where our maturity levels are at.

When I told her that I was branching from writing my own memoirs into feminization fiction, the one scenario she suggested immediately was big black cock.  She explained the callers she got and we went off on a tangent as we are prone to do about race and domination.

Feminized by his Coworker is a direct result of that conversation I had with L. over a year ago.  It is the story of two coworkers--a white man and a black woman.  The man named Cade makes the mistake of disrespecting his coworker Ayana and she finally has enough.  With the help of a couple of other workers in the office, she proceeds to dominate him completely.  Once bound and defeated, she proceeds to feminize him for her own amusement.

For those of you into interracial domination, I think you'll enjoy this story.  It's got a powerful black woman dominating her weak-willed white coworker and even has some BBC moments in it.  If you just like the feminization and humiliation that I usually provide in my books, it's there too. Here's a very short sample:

"You’ll hold your head still and pucker up for me or I'm going to start in bitch slapping you again," she threatened. Realizing that he had very few options, he reluctantly pursed his lips so that she could drag the tube of deep purple lipstick across his mouth. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling to Cade, except for the humiliation. It was hard for him to feel anything else until the stinging in his cheeks subsided, but the texture of his lips was now moist and creamy. Ayana took her time in the application, savoring the enticing feeling of power it gave her as she reduced him to nothing more than an abject bitch.
"Now, don't you dare even think of taking that lipstick off," she warned him. "You're just lucky this color works so well with both our complexions. Now, let’s see you get some work done."
She slapped him on the ass to prove her point and went back to the reports on her computer. Cade scurried back to his own desk and desperately tried to find the words to tell Ayana that he couldn’t, and wouldn't, be treated this way. He wanted more than anything to wipe away the lipstick, but he didn't dare. He certainly wasn't getting any work done with all of the emotions churning around inside of him.
Shortly before noon, Kayleigh and Payton came over to see if Ayana wanted to go and grab some lunch with them. Kayleigh was a beautiful blonde girl who had been a standout volleyball player in high school. She was five-foot-nine with a well-toned body, but very small breasts. Payton was a red head who wasn't conventionally beautiful, but her innate wild streak and her large perfect 36C breasts drew men to her like bears to honey. They were friendly enough with Cade, or at least they had been before Ayana began telling them the truth about him.
"So are you available?" asked Kayleigh.
"Sure, just give me a second to close this out," promised Ayana.
"OMG, are you two wearing the same lipstick?" queried Payton covering her hands with her mouth, and laughing hysterically. As Kayleigh then noticed Cade's lips, she couldn't help rushing over for a closer look, laughing the whole time. Reflexively Cade grabbed a tissue from a box on his desk, but as soon as he raised the tissue to his lips, Ayana was yelling at him, "Don't you dare!"
Cade instantly froze then slowly lowered the tissue, much to the delight of both Kayleigh and Payton who laughed even louder at the unexpected exchange between the two of them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If You Borrow My Books, Do It Now

Image result for Borrow 

We just received word from Amazon that they are changing the way that they are going to pay royalties on borrowed books.  Currently, all books pay $1.35 when borrowed regardless of size.  Amazon is now going to change it to a formula based on pages, which I believe will reduce my royalty to around twenty-five cents per book borrowed.  This would cost me about $250 a month at a time I can't afford it.

I'm not complaining about this policy.  There are reasons why it makes sense and reasons why it doesn't.  However, as erotica is generally not novel-length, I think that it will hit me hard.  Therefore, I expect as early as the last week of June that I will begin to move my books off of Amazon's free program.  They're still going to be available to purchase at Amazon at their current price.

By doing this, I can sell my books at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and even Niteflirt.   Hopefully, increased sales will ease the pain of losing the borrows.  However, if you're currently reading my books through the borrow program, I wanted to give you a heads up so you can get anything you want read before you have to pay cover price.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

32 Flavors Part 10

"Are you finally done? Some of us might want to use the bathroom, you know?" called out the pretty brunette from the couch as the quartet emerged from the bathroom.
"Geez Nancy, is it that time of the month already?" asked Tina.
"Very funny," replied Nancy. "What is it with you trying to turn all these guys into your life sized Barbie dolls?"
"It's just fun, besides I never hear the guys complaining," replied Cass.
"Fix your makeup," instructed Tina. "Put on something sexy too.  We're going out."
Reluctantly, almost petulantly, Nancy got up from the couch and went into her own room to find the perfect outfit for girls' night out.   "Wow, she's in a mood," observed Kevin.
"She gets in her snits, but most of the time she's pleasant enough," said Tina taking Kevin over to the now vacated couch. 
"I'll take your word for it," said Kevin. "I get the feeling she doesn't like me."
"Do you know how to suck cock?" asked Tina changing the subject.
"No-of course not," replied Kevin.
"Well you had better learn," suggested Tina. "Dressed like you are, it might save you from worse."
"Yeah, but you guys picked out this outfit," objected Kevin, but Tina just stared at him blankly as she pulled a large strapon dildo from between the cushions of the leather couch. "Run your tongue the length of the underside."
"Wait-no," objected Kevin shaking his head.
"It's not real.  Besides, you promised to do anything I said."
"Yeah, but that's a cock...even if it is a rubber one."
"Haven't you learned yet that it's not smart to disobey me?"
"Yeah, but--"
"And isn't it better if it's fun like in the bathroom than laying down in an alley grabbing your balls in pain?"
"I suppose but--"
"Less complaining and more licking now." 
Tina fed Kevin the dildo, he shuddered and he thought about balking, but he still meekly took it.
"Just like licking an ice cream cone, princess," teased Gwen looking at the scene unfolding on the couch. 
By the time that all the girls were ready, Kevin had spent a half and hour sucking the rubber cock for Tina and doing every ridiculously obscene thing to it that she instructed. "He's a natural.  How am I not surprised?" asked Nancy rhetorically.
"You learned to be a pro," said Cass. "I bet you could suck a golf ball through a cocktail straw now Nancy."
"To think you used to think you were such a hot stud," laughed Gwen.
"What?!" asked a very confused Kevin.
"Oh they were such a couple all through high school," said Cass, "but somebody couldn't keep it in his pants so Tina dumped him."
"You'd be amazed what a guy will do for $200 a month rent with a great apartment filled with very desirable women," said Tina enjoying watching Nancy blush.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

32 Flavors - Parts 8 & 9

[Alyssa emailed her section to me and I missed it.  However, Mindi didn't and she got part 9 done before I got part 8 up, so I'm posting them together.  I hope you enjoy.]

As he stood to grab the towel, the women burst into laughter.  Kevin was so ready to escape this torment that he momentarily forgot that his movement out of the tub would give them a full frontal view of his naked body. 
“Oh god,” he squeaked as Cass yanked the towel out of his reach.  He quickly sat back in the tub to regain some modesty. 
“No wonder you thought you’d pass as a girl, that little weenie barely counts!”
Kevin shrunk into the tub; Melanie’s big smile didn’t seem so attractive when it was due to his own wounded pride.  “It’s not that small,” he scoffed.  “No one ever complained!”
The women broke out into more laughter.  “Oh, sweetie… that’s cause if they did you’d stop being Mr. Big Shot and buying them things.  Trust us, you’ve got nothing to be proud of,” Gwen said with a hint of compassion.  She knelt by the tub and caused Kevin to yelp as her hand shot into the water between his legs. 
“S… stop, what…,” Kevin stammered as her hand encircled his soft cock. 
“This doesn’t have to be ALL bad, you know,” Gwen said with a wink.  As she leaned forward her tits hung over the side of the tub, the white fabric of her t-shirt rapidly getting wetter as she began to move her arm. 
Kevin gasped as she began to stroke him.  The other two women rolled their eyes and laughed.  “Gwen, you’re such a slut going right for it,” Cass teased.
“What, Tina can’t have all the fun!  If she wants us to get her new toy ready we should get to play too.”  She looked directly into Kevin’s eyes, “Besides I don’t think Kat here minds it.  Do you, Kat?”
Kevin whimpered in response.  Between her hand on his member, and her tits draped over the edge of the tub, his cock was already quite hard.   Cass and Melanie watching made it even more arousing to him.  He felt… powerless.  But also so good.  A moan escaped his lips as Gwen moved her hand to his balls.
“I’ll take that as your answer,” Gwen cooed.  “Now, are you going to let us make you a pretty, pretty princess?”
Kevin couldn’t help but thrust into her hand as she moved back to his cock.  He didn’t WANT to be a pretty, pretty princess.  He wanted to be banging Tina in the back seat of his car!  As Gwen continued to work his pole, he began to lose the argument with himself.  He shivered in delight at her ministrations; her technique was the best Kevin had ever experienced.  His cock quickly began to win the debate, and Kevin rationalized that maybe, just maybe, if he went along with Tina’s games he might get lucky after all.  Maybe if they saw he was a good sport he would get some action from more than just Tina.  Maybe Gwen’s tits could be wrapped around his cock.  As Kevin spoke, he had almost convinced himself he had a choice in what was going to happen.
“Y… yes, please,” he said as his hips continued to thrust underwater into Gwen’s slick hand.
“Yes what,” she said as she licked her lips.
“Make… make me a pretty princess,” Kevin replied as he looked away.
"Oh you're such a good girl, Kat," Gwen said, "you'll make such a pretty princess." She continued stroking Kevin under the bath water. He moaned in increasing bliss as Cass and Melanie smiled and nodded at each other behind Kevin's back.
Gwen's gentle hand pumped faster and faster as she prompted, "Kat, tell us you want us to make you into a beautiful, sexy girl."
When Kevin hesitated, Gwen stopped stroking, and arched an eyebrow at him. He whimpered softly, trying to resist, but he was already hooked. So he said, "I want you to make me into a ... beautiful, sexy girl." With that admission, he came, and the girls giggled at him.
Kevin's mind was in a whirl as the girls rinsed him off and prepared him for his full transformation. Before he knew it, they'd had him in Tina's bedroom with smooth legs, arms, chest, and underarms. They'd polished his finger nails and toe nails in neon pink, and put down his protests by pouting, "you promised!" every time he started to complain.
 Gwen was rummaging around in Tina's lingerie drawer, holding up items for the other girls to see. "How about this lacy red set?" she asked, displaying a thong, bra, and garter belt the color of a stop sign.
"Too slutty for our princess," Melanie smiled, "she deserves virginal white."
"Ugh, seriously?" Cass asked. "No, our girl should be pretty in pink."
"How about these?" Gwen asked, showing them an ensemble the color of cotton candy. That was the compromise choice.
Working together, the girls quickly dressed Kevin in the sexy thong and garter belt, attached sheer white stockings, and carefully stuffed his bra with realistic breast forms.
"Hey, these tits feel sticky...." Kevin started.
"We girls call them boobs, not tits," Tina corrected, stepping into her room to check on their progress. She pulled a hot pink minidress and a sexy pair of strappy white sandals with three inch heels out of her closet.
Moving closer to Kevin, she unzipped the dress, slipped it over his head, and pulled it down into place. She zipped it up, and smiled. It fell to mid thigh and its sewn-in crinoline poofed out the skirt in an extremely prissy manner.
She put the sandals in front of Kevin. Gwen helped him step into them, and then wrapped the straps around his ankles and calves, buckling them into place. He took some halting steps, and staggered trying to get used to the heels. The girls smirked at the way the shoes forced his body--especially his butt and chest--into a pronounced feminine posture.
Cass wielded tweezers in a blur of motion, plucking away until Kevin's eyes were framed by feminine arches. This brought tears to his eyes, not just because of the pain. He caught his reflection in the vanity mirror, and felt a deep, burning shame. He looked just like his sister, and that made him dizzy with humiliation. He was also starting to feel aroused.
"Time for your make up!" Tina sang, pulling Kevin to a seat in front of her vanity. She pulled his hair back into a high ponytail, tied back with a pink scrunchi, and began spreading foundation on his face. She brushed his lashes with dark black mascara, and carefully accentuated his eyes with liquid liner. She dabbed rose and metallic pink shadow over his eyelids, and emphasized his cheekbones with two shades of blush. She drew a Cupid's bow around his lips, filled in the outline with shiny pink lipstick, and added a clear gloss.
Melanie handed him a cute little pink purse and said, "OK Princess, time to go."

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Three Forced Feminization Reviews

Reviewing a new Ann Michelle book is very difficult.  I believe that her story Grounded in Heels is the finest forced feminization story that Amazon has ever published and it was her high quality feminization writing that got me into writing in this genre in the first place.

Emasculating My Husband is Ann Michelle's newest book and it's a gripping read about a meek woman who feminizes and cuckolds her bully of a husband.  The humiliation in this book is terrific and it's a very sexy read.  However, I think I was a little bothered by the relationship of husband and wife.  She seems very hurt by how he treated her in the past and goes out of her way to hurt him wherever she can.  However, she was never quite hurt enough to divorce him, especially when she no longer had need of him.  Relationship aside, there's a lot to love about this story and I think it'll appeal to a lot of my readers.  I give it four stars out of five.

 I reviewed one of her other new books last week and mentioned that I thought she had great potential. I think College Student to Coed might have actually shown her realizing some of that potential to tell a tightly wound story of humiliation and semi-forced feminization.  She's definitely an author to keep an eye on.  I give this story five stars out of five.   

Mindi Harris is back with another volume in her Miss Management series.  In Miss Management 2, we see Makayla's first day on the job.   It's more humiliation from the mind of Mindi Harris who has crafted quite a setting and cast of characters that breathe life into this forced feminization story.  It's a great read and makes me anxious for book 3.  I give this book four out of five stars.. 

32 Flavors Part 7

Part 7

"I can't impose," said Kevin slowly backing away.
"Sure you can," replied Cass.  "We insist."
He followed along with her as Tina and Gwen prepared a hot scented bubble bath.  The water was hot enough that the mirrors were soon fogged over. "Okay, strip and get in," ordered Tina.
"Uhm, I'd rather not," stammered Kevin.  "I'm modest."
"Girl, you've been walking around town in a thong and bra.  How modest can you be?" laughed Cass.
"Well, let's give her a break.  I think she's had a trying day," said Gwen.   No sooner did the women leave than Kevin locked the door.  At first, he just sat on the edge of the tub, but then he decided that stalling might be his best bet.  After an hour in the tub he could apologize that he was out longer than he planned to be and head home.  The smell would be evidence that he went along with the bath and after getting kicked in the balls, the warm water did actually look kind of soothing.
He lay back in the tub and relaxed in the soothing scented bubbles.  What an evening this had been.  Relaxed, he almost drifted off when he was startled by the sound of the door swinging open.  In came Tina carrying a pile of clothing for him that she left on top of the hamper.   Cass, Melanie, and Gwen followed right behind as he lay there dumbfounded.
"I locked the door," complained a very confused Kevin.
"Oh that hasn't worked since we moved in," replied Tina.  "My three roommates here will help you get dressed; while I go get changed myself.  I hope you don't mind, but I haven't eaten since noon and I promised them you would take us all out to dinner."
"I'm not really comfortable with this, Tina," objected Kevin.
"Relax, the bubbles hide everything," said Tina as she closed the door behind her.  Kevin swore he could hear her cackling to herself.
"Let's start by getting rid of the body hair," said Cass causing Kevin to splash and sink away from her.
"Don't worry, I won't cut anything you need," assured Cass.
"Wait," laughed Melanie. "Do you think we actually think you're a girl?"
"Well--I--," stammered Kevin.
"He does.  Oh wow! He does," cheered Gwen as the girls all laughed at what they thought was the funniest joke in the world.
"Oh Kat, that girl has given more makeovers than What Not to Wear," joked Cass. "She loves turning you alpha dogs into her little bitches."
"I'm not the first?" he asked.
"Well, you the first guy she even brought in here in just his dainty underwear," smirked Gwen. "...Actually, that's not quite true.  You're the first she's brought in here in just his underwear who wasn't handcuffed or otherwise under durress."
"So you've got that going for you," joked Melanie.
"We better get Cinderella ready.  By now Tina probably has that big strap on of hers out and she's waiting for her virgin bride."
"Now hold on here.  This has gone too far" stammered Kevin splashing the girls as he backed away.  He grabbed for a soft pink towel that was hanging next to the tub and stood up.