Friday, December 28, 2018

Introducing Pamela Harlow


The final installment of Femininzed for His Inhertiance is out right now and I will make a post about it soon, but I wanted to introduce you to Candy Apple Press's newest author Pamela Harlow.  Pam is a very talented writer that I am mentoring.  I'm doing her covers and editing her stuff, but the writing is all her.  Since she's British, that'll be pretty obvious actually. Here's here author bio.

I’m a Birmingham (UK) girl in my late 20s with a love of music, books and BDSM.
Several years ago, I met a few boys who were into kink and had a fun time dominating them in the bedroom. Following on from that, I started to attend fetish events. At these events, I love how I can explore my own dominant side whilst also helping others to find out more about how feminine they can be.

I’ve always been into reading and writing, but had never written erotica before I read some of Kylie’s stuff and thought: I’d like a go at that! I contacted Kylie and asked her if she’d be interested in printing any of my stuff. I was delighted when she said yes!

As well as reading and writing, I have a huge passion for music and play several instruments. My
main instrument’s the guitar, and I play a Fender Stratocaster.

I’m quite a quiet girl: I’d rather be reading and writing in a quiet place than partying with a big group. However, I do love a fun time when I’m comfortable with my surroundings (like in a familiar kink club) and I’m confident when I’m playing music.

I can verify that saying she can play guitar is like saying that Colonel Sanders sold chicken or Picasso painted.  She's amazing as a musician and a pretty awesome writer.  Her first book entitled Tying the Knot: The Feminized Bridesmaid will be out Januaary 2nd.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Feminized for his Inheritance: Evil Aunt

It seems that Nicole has a baby sister just Bill's age and she's a very forceful young woman.  In Feminized for his Inheritance 2, Nicole's sister Rachel and her crossdressing boyfriend Alex intend to put the new maid through his paces. What's a sissy to do?

Bill is taken further down the rabbit hole as Nicole and her friends take him deeper into slavery and servitude. Is he starting to like it, though?

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Feminized for his Inheritance: Wicked Step-Mother

Feminized for his Inheritance is a three-part story that was commissioned by a loyal reader.  I was a little hesitant at first because the story got into a few areas I don't usually delve into, but I think the story has turned out wonderfully so far and I'm glad I took the job :-)

When Bill's father dies of a heart attack, he rushes home from college to help out his new step-mother. Even though she's not much older than Bill is determined to help her get things in order because that's what his father would want. Unfortunately for Bill, he will inherit all of his father's money if he is married by his twenty-third birthday and his step-mother is determined not to let that happen. With the help of her friends Barbara and Paula, she intends to turn Bill into their feminized sex slave under their thumb and in their bedroom. 

This story can be a bit rough at times, but also surprisingly gentle at others. Future stories will include hormones and forced bi as well as the usual female domination and forced feminization.

My Newsletter

I usually don't like to post the newsletter on the blog, but this one has two free stories.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Welcome Pamela Harlow to Candy Apple Press

Every once in awhile, I have someone contact me that just blows me away. Pamela Harlow is one of those people. She’s a young British woman who has a real love for writing and has been trying to get published for awhile now. She’s also very interested in BDSM and even forced feminization. Pamela discovered my Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom series and was immediately intrigued. She picked up the entire series and asked me a whole lot of questions about how to self-publish.

Pamela's role will be different from Claudia's who pretty much works exclusively as my co-writer. We will be teaming up on a series very soon, but Pamela intends to publish her own books including forced feminization and female domination.  I think she’s going to be a great addition to the Candy Apple Press family and based on what I’ve read of hers, she’s going to be a real fan favorite I am sure.

Two New Books This Week

This week, we have not one, but two new books.  Actually, depending on how you look at it, we have two old books.

Gift-Wrapped came out in 2014 and was a hit. It was one of my bigger books with about 12,000 words of content. This year I decided to republish it with another 4,000 words of content:

April’s Christmas - April Blackwell and he sissy Paul are the main characters in Thanksgiving Dinner Guest and April’s Fool. They’re back now for a new story about a Christmas competition to see which of April’s friends can get her sissy the perfect gift.

A Visit from Mistress - This is a rewrite of  the story A Visit from Saint Nicholas, which is better known as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

The Long Ride - A true story from my college days about my dad picking me up from college for Christmas break.

It's now a massive 16,000 word book for the standard $2.99 price.

Speaking of price, I went ahead and put both parts of our collaboration with Mindi Harris together in one 21,000 word volume.  If you don't remember, The Stephanie Project is the story of  Stephen or is that Stephanie now? He’s not doing so well since the sisters tricked him into taking his own date rape drug. He never expected to be spending the night wearing a tight dress and dancing backup for a band. His plans to bed Lisa seem to have completely fallen apart, but what about the girls’ plans for him?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls 2018

The three part Berto Girls story ends in Berto Street Girls 2018 with a new generation learning just how to deal with guys who won't take no for an answer.  It all begins when our trio of feminizers go away for a weekend. Tammy takes her daughter Kayla with and Michelle brings her daughter Samantha.

It's been 30 years since they first met when Lisa and Tammy discovered that one boy was playing them both.  Now missing some of their wild times, they call come together when Kayla is accosted. They women come together one last time to take control of the situation as only they can. This 6,500 word story features female domination, bondage, humiliation, and above all friendship.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Feminized by the Berto Girls 1998

I don't want to make it sound like I had nothing to do with the series because the concept was mine and a lot of the writing is too, but I have really loved how Claudia has fleshed out the story that I began

In Feminized by the Berto Street Girls 1998, the girls from the first book are grown up.  They've gone from 18 to 28 and while there have been a lot of changes for them, one thing remains the same--they now just how to handle a guy who makes the mistake of crossing them. In this case it's Lisa's boss whose harassment has gone too far.  Unbeknownst to Lisa, Tracey and Michelle put a plan in motion to teach him a lesson.

This 6,500 word story features female domination, bondage, humiliation, and above all friendship.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls 1988

I love this story.  Over a year ago, I had this idea for three women who feminize a guy at 18, at 28, and at 48. The idea being that they're young and crazy, then they're adults who use an old trick to get out of trouble, and then at 48 they pass on this method of dealing with  jerks to their daughters.  It was the story that was always on the to do list, but just never got done because I couldn't visualize the whole thing.

The Berto Street Girls stories are actually a result of Claudia kicking my ass in the Kylie vs. Claudia challenge. I think she started taking herself as a writer more seriously and she spearheaded the writing of this series (She's done two of the three books so far and is awaiting my input and Mindi's edits on part two while simultaneously starting part three).

This story takes place in 1988, but it's pretty subtle. Neither of us wanted this one to be a period piece. A boy named Shawn gets the bad idea of dating two girls at once and when they find out, there is Hell to pay.  One of the girls brings in her best friend and together they feminize the boy and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

Be Careful of Those Tough Girls

Lady pins thief who tried robbing her to the ground till police arrived lailasnews

A story I thought some of my readers would enjoy about a thief and a woman trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu


Monday, November 12, 2018

Feminized by Force

I'll admit it, collections like this are a devious plan on my part  to keep something new coming out every week even when I don't have a new book written.  It's  been a rough month and a half. There's  been a lot going on and I have fallen behind a bit. I did  not want the quality to suffer, so I decided it was time for a  skip  week.

Feminized by Force has four great stories in here at a  money saving price, so if you missed even 2 of them, it's a  win-win. I have a new three part series that's beginning next week and I think it's wonderful (big surprise  there).  However, until that comes out, enjoy this wonderful mini-collection.

Dressing Room Dupe: Is the story of a Christmas shopper buying a dress for his girlfriend who is mistaken for a sissy shopping for himself. He is feminized by the women at the clothing store and many of the women at the mall on Christmas Eve night.

Panties and Briefs: Law school can be very competitive, but when a law student tries to drug his main competition to make her miss a test, she gets him back with revenge of a feminization kind.

Feminized by Lady Luck: A stunning woman operates her own casino and men who lose at games of chance have to pay up one way or another. In this case, she pimps him out to pay back his debt.

The Sorority Bitches: A college freshman and his roommate miss with the wrong sorority girls and learn a lesson they'll never forget.

Four stories with over 30,000 words for only $4.99! If you love forced feminization, female domination, or bondage and humiliation--I hope you'll give this one a  try.

Mean Girls and Mermaids: Feminized for Senior Class Pictures

A book can flop for so many reasons. It may be a bad cover or a bad blurb on Amazon.  Maybe the story just doesn't sound that good.  Mean Girls and Mermaids wasn't a flop.  It sold somewhere between Claudia's Campus Cuckold and Blind Date.  However, I knew it should do better.

First, I thought it was a really wicked story--being feminized for senior class pictures knowing that your humiliation wouldn't that day or that week, but live on forever, in the school yearbook.  Secondly, it had one of my most wicked bondage predicaments.  You can't beat rubber mermaid's tale as bondage device. Thirdly, it was based on some real life stories as told to me by not one, but two different dominant woman. Finally, it had an amazing audio book from the best voice over person I ever worked with.

I just had to give it another shot with a new cover.  I added 1,100 in new story content--which contains plenty of new humiliation and I included a fairly long interview with Brandy whose stories of her high school days inspired the story. In fact, it was Brandy and Ally's stories that inspired After the Ordeal as well and since Reunion is a sequel to this book, you could say they inspired three different books for me.

I'm not saying that if you already have this book, you need to buy the new edition, but if you've never picked it up it's one of my longer and more involved stories and I think you're going to love it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Forced Feminization Folio Part 5

80,000 words! 12 eBooks worth of stories! One low price!

I love putting these books together.  I try to do 10 stories, but because this one had two multi-parters in it, I went with 12.  It's a pretty good grouping in Forced Feminization Folio V.

1. Penalty Princess: Compulsaries
2. Penalty Princess: Transformed
3. Penalty Princess: Paired Up
4. Penalty Princess: The Maritimes
5. Plaything 1: Meet the New Boss
6. Plaything 2: Out of the Frying Pan
7. Plaything 3: Doing too Well
8. Plaything 4: Return of the Twins
9. Claudia's Feminized Bully
10. Thanksgiving Dinner Guest
11. Valentine's Day Massacre
12. Property of the Cheerleaders

There are a wide variety of stories from sweet and sensual to strict domination. Highlights include two complete series Penalty Princess and Plaything as well as a pair of holiday tales, an autobiographical story of Claudia's college days, and the only forced feminization story I know of inspired by Goodfellas. Seriously, nobody's ever commented on this, but Property of the Cheerleaders is really Goodfellas inspired.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cassie and Cassandra 8 - They End of a Long and Enjoyable Road

A while back, I decided that people loved series, but hared waiting for the next book. I decided that I would try to put out series quicker with a new part  coming out every week.  I've been doing that, but I never tried to write 8 parts of a series in 9 weeks.  It was tough to focus as new ideas came to me, but it was also an enjoyable trip for me through the lives of these characters.

In Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom 8, I tried to close up all the loose ends, but before I did that I needed to unravel just a few more.  Everything builds to homecoming for David/Lacey, but things soon go sideways when rumors of the homecoming queen's true gender begin to spread through the homecoming dance.

In the end David and Cassie discover a lot about themselves and isn't that what should happen in a book about a young domme and a young sub? I think this is  one of my better series and I hope you'll decide for yourself.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom 7

I'm back on schedule with this blog.  I'm actually posting about The Domme and Her Mom 7 on the week it came out.  I hope you're liking this series.  It's been a lot of fun to write.  Yes, I speak in the past tense because I finished part 8 last night and it's currently being edited.  I had set out to do a 5 book series about a dominant girl and her mom, but as happens sometimes the characters and the story took on lives of their own.  Things get really intense in this book as homecoming activities begin with a kissing booth and then the talent show.  I hope you'll give it a try.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Oops, I did it Again

I'd apologize to you for falling behind on my blog, but since it's a blog to talk about my books and talking about them helps me sell them, I'm literally hurting myself more than anybody else.  Anyway, I finished up my Stephanie Project Collaboration with Mindi Harris and I think it's pretty outstanding. It's great to be writing with Mindi who does so much of me as an editor, but is a really gifted writer as well.

Today, I finished the first draft of Cassie and Cassandra: A Domme and her Mom Part 7.  I really love this series and I can't believe that I failed to promote half of it. It's a great story that looks at teen domination and feminization, but in this case the teen domme has a very supportive mom who approves of what her daughter is doing.  Like most of my long stories, it's gone off in several different directions, but I think the different threads are tying up nicely as I approach the ending.

I hope you'll give them both a try and I promise it will not be a month between updates. I have faced some real challenges this month from my eyesight to the murder of loved ones.  I'm doing better now, but I had to prioritize and I do hope you understand. Whoever you care about, hold them tight and let them know how you feel.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom 3 & 4

Oops, somehow I forgot to post about a Cassie and Cassandra #2 so I'm going to try and do it at the same time I do Cassie and Cassandra #3. In the first part, we focused mostly on David and his new domme Cassie.  A budding relationship requires focus, especially when that relationship forms the basis for a new series.

In Cassie and Cassandra #2, we get to learn a lot more about Cassandra whose role in this story is very different. She's a dominant woman who wants not only what's best for her daughter, but also whatever will make her daughter happy.  Not only does David have to deal with Cassandra, but with two other girls at his school who discover his secret and find sissies are way too much fun to leave alone.

In Cassie and Cassandra #3, it's a trip to the mall with Cassie and her friends for David and it only gets more humiliating when he is made to perform a Taylor Swift song in full costume on a video screen at the mall.  If there's on thing that Cassie likes more than shopping with her sissy, it's shopping with her sissy and her mom's platinum card.

Monday, September 3, 2018

KOed by Claudia

There was a lot I loved about the contest between Claudia and myself.  It was great to see her so enthused about a project and get some validation for her efforts. The book sold pretty well and got some good feedback.  Even without the contest, I do believe it's worth buying.  Now that the contest is over I can admit I was really awestruck by her use of lipstick in her story.  I've never written that way and maybe I should try and learn a couple of things from her for a change.

Of course the final outcome stung.  I lost by one vote and I do tell myself it's a moral victory because she had an advantage as I know some of my readers wanted me to take the place of one of my own characters and be subject to Claudia's whims for a weekend including forced feminization. Well, you got your wish and in October I'll be totally at her mercy and yes, part of that really excites me, but it also scares the Hell out of me lol. If you participated, thank you.  I'm going to get you a copy of my book April's Fool out today or tomorrow. Enjoy!

Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom

So, I'm back writing my first series since The Pack ended three months ago.  Some stories I write are pretty simple tales of a guy who might be a bit of a wimp and a girl who is probably considerably tougher--if not physically then surely emotionally. She feminizes him and they live happily ever after. Depending on the story maybe they both do and maybe only she is happy with the outcome.  However, when I want to tell a deeper and more complicated story that's when I go to series.  I have a few other series planned, but I'm actually trying to limit the number I do this year to about four.

Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and her Mom deals with something I touched on briefly in Hamburger Stand Hottie namely since dominant women tend to have dominant daughters, what happens if an 18 year old high school senior decides that she wants a sissy of her own and what if her mother is willing to let her.  After all, she won't get pregnant and if her daughter is going to play with boys, she might as well learn how to do so safely and responsibly.

The plot centers on the relationship between Cassie and a boy named David who is new to town, friendless, and definitely not an alpha male, but what makes the story a bit different is how her mom handles the situation.  Now, I should tell you to be fair that the first story is all about the relationship between our sissy and his young mistress.  Cassandra the mom appears in this story, but she doesn't learn about what's going on until book two and then you get to see her take on things.   The first book is a great story of forced feminization by a girl who knows exactly what she wants and I am sure you'll enjoy it if you like my writing.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Claudia K.O.s Kylie

Well, this is amusing.  I won our writing contest so I get to make a guest post announcing it. Of the people who bought Kylie vs. Claudia just over 35% voted and that vote was real even.  The different in votes?  I beat Kylie by exactly one vote.  Now, I'm not stupid.  I have a feeling I received some of those votes from people who voted for me just because they wanted to see what I would do to Kylie when I made him pay off my forfeit.  I'll take it lol.

This is a huge shot in my arm.  I know Kylie is actually a better writer than I am, but I also like to think I'm pretty good at it too and I hope this result proves it. I got really mad at a reviewer who basically asked what I did.

I do think this blog kind of sucks (sorry Kylie).  There just aren't many people posting.  Since I'm a dominant woman and I like giving little bitch boys assignments, here's everybody's homework.  Answer the following questions.

1. Did you vote?  Who did you vote for and why?
2. Since I kicked Kylie's ass, I intend to punish him for it in October.  What would you like to see me do to him?  I will consider all suggestions and there will be pictures.
3. We have a new book out called Cassie and Cassandra: The Domme and Her Mom.  It's the  first in a series and it's awesome! Buy it ASAP.
4. Sign up for Kylie's Patreon.  It's driving him nuts that he's not searchable and if he gets more subscribers I'll write a regular column on female domination for him.

Thanks for all your help in getting me a win that I am really thrilled about. You can also free to use the comments section to rub it in.  Kylie says free books will be out this weekend.

XO Miss Claudia

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kylie vs. Claudia is all tied up

The competition that is Kylie vs. Claudia is now tied up.  This is good because one of the things I'm trying to avoid is being tied up by Claudia.  There are a lot of people who have purchased the book and haven't voted yet.  I promise if you do, we can this thing. The competition only goes until September 1st and whether I get some sexy pictures of Claudia or she puts me in a dress probably hangs on your vote.  PLEASE help me out by buying Kylie vs. Claudia and voting for me for best story.  Of course, for voting you will get a free book so it's win-win.

[AUGUST 30 UPDATE - There's one day to go and Claudia leads me by exactly one vote.  This is the last chance to save me from her domination, feminization, and worst of all gloating.  Get those votes in, so far only about 1/3 of the people who read the book have voted]

The Stephanie Project

I am thrilled to be writing with Mindi Harris again.  You may remember that the two of us along with Alyssa Page co-wrote 32 Flavors and you may also know that for the last couple of years Mindi has been invaluable to me as the primary editor for Claudia and I.

The Stephanie Project began with an idea of Mindi's, which I added to and she added to my changes and so on.  Before we had nearly 10,000 words and we were only halfway through. I published the first half and she will be publishing the second half sometime this week or next at the latest. I know how unpleasant waiting for the next part of a series can be.

Stephen is a jerk and an amateur pickup artist. On his blog, website, and YouTube channel he gives some of the most misogynistic and obnoxious advice on how to score with the girls of his college. Unfortunately for Stephen, he runs into three sisters who are determined to give him a piece of his own medicine.  It's the sort of story that Mindi writes so very well. It was quite fun for me to write these feminizing victims who were at once cunning, vindictive, and surprisingly caring.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Kylie vs. Claudia Update

I'm losing folks and I'm losing bad.  The score is currently Four votes to two in favor of Claudia and she is going to really take it out on my hide--literally if I'm still losing on September 1st.  We're talking spanking, bondage, humiliation, public feminization.  She may do any and all of those things. Some of them I'm actually into, but I'm way to squeamish for a spanking and there is humiliation and there is HUMILIATION.  
Presumably, you are reading this because you like my books.  If that is the case, I'd really appreciate if you'd buy Kylie vs. Claudia (  I'm not saying you have to vote for me, but I hope you'll read both stories and make up your own mind. 
Thanks! Kylie

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kylie vs Claudia (My Perspective)

I don't think there's much to tell you about the story that hasn't been written by Bibary. I do want to let everybody know that this story was very important to me because I wanted to prove that I could do it on my own.  Kylie's great and I would never have gotten into writing erotica without his help, but because Kylie was writing books before I came along, I'll always be the junior partner.

Kylie does do most of the hard work.  His dialogue blows mine away and his story structure is better too, but I can get into the mind of a sub or especially a domme very well and I have a wicked streak that Kylie doesn't. I do think I add quality to the stories. I am determined that Kylie will go down and go down hard on this one.

If you read his blog post, he actually begs the readers for help in avoiding having to be humiliated by wearing a dress out in public.  Since he did this on a Blog for people who enjoy female domination and feminization I can only think it means he hopes I'll win too because this is not the crowd that's going to prevent feminization.  I promise if I win, I'll make sure you get some  photos of Kylie's humiliation at my hands and besides, my story is better to begin with. Pick up Kylie vs. Claudia and vote for me and then sit back and enjoy Kylie's humiliation :-).

Kylie vs. Claudia Has Arrived!

I'm going to let Bibary's review tell you about the book itself and then I'll talk about the contest:

In Claudia's story, Brett is a creep with wandering hands who preys on drunk girls at the bar, but who goes too far when he cops a feel of Claudia across the bar. She tracks him down, and immediately begins messing with his mind, creating a connection between a tube of lipstick and the promise of sex. I loved the way she got inside his head, teasing him, drawing him in, and then ambushing him with forced feminization and public humiliation. It is a fast-paced story that leaves no room for escape, and the ending . . . well, it was delightfully unexpected!
Kylie's story begins a bit differently, with Steve initially seeming like a nice guy who tries to defend Claudia from his drunken friend, until his own drunken behavior crosses the line. The feminization here is far more immediate and abrupt, taking advantage of his drunken state, and then blackmailing him into going further. I loved how dominant Claudia was, both verbally and physically, and how Steve slowly bends to her will. His feminization is thorough, complete with breast forms and hair extensions, and there is a key moment in which Claudia reconsiders why she is doing it all . . . and that completely sold me on the story.

Both stories were a lot of fun to read, revealing very different sides of this bartender named Claudia, and exploring the journeys of these two men who are not as different as they might like to think. It is a double dose of what you would expect of a literary competition between Kylie vs Claudia, but with a few surprises along the way.
I think that's a pretty good summary of the action in the two stories in Kylie vs. Claudia.  The idea is that you will read the book and enjoy both stories, but you'll like one just a little bit better (And that one will be mine). After that, you'll follow the link in the back of the book to vote for the story that you think is best.  If you choose to use your name, then I'll send you a free copy of April's Fool after the voting closes on September 1st.

There are actual stakes here.  I will get something good from Claudia if I win and I'll make sure I get something good to share with the blog, but Claudia's a domme who absolutely loves forced feminization and humiliation.  She's pretty much assured me of an evening out all dressed up if I lose, so you can help me a great deal if you will buy this book and vote for me.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Feminization Folio 4

Well, I took a little bit of time off and went on vacation, but I left you all Forced Feminization Folio Volume Four to keep you company. I love this cover from Annabelle Brito.  The book itself is over 80,000 words and features some of my favorite stories:

1. Claudia: Confessions of a Campus Domme
2. Forced Feminization: A Love Story
3. The Cuckysitter
4. Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors
5. Trained!
6. April's Fool
7. Party Favor
8. Claudia's Campus Cuckold
9. Bridled by the Bridesmaids
10. The Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage (illustrated)

There are a wide variety of stories from sweet and sensual to strict domination. Highlights include Claudia's first two auto-biographical stories; the appearance of real life female wrestlers Scorpion and Amethyst Hammerfist; and a beautifully illustrated Jaguar story. This book is a must have for lovers of female domination and forced feminization.

This is a great way to get all these stories for under $10.  If you like cruelty--Party Favor will be one of your favorites. Claudia: Confessions of a Campus Domme is sweet and touching. There's a lot of different approaches, but all the stories have the female domination and feminization that I always put in my stories.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Kylie vs Claudia Update

I finished my story a few weeks ago and Claudia finished hers up over the weekend. I won't give anything away except to say that my story is very much what you'd expect from me and Claudia pulled a change up on me. I don't know how I feel about it. It's a bit different from what we usually write although it certainly has all the elements of female domination and feminization in it.  I'm going out of town for a bit, but when I get back I'm going to set up the voting and I'll publish the whole thing on August 10th. 

If I can stomach being gracious for a moment, I think her story does show that Claudia is a pretty gifted writer in her own right and not just along for the ride. I think my stories have improved greatly since she became my cowriter and I'm kind of glad she gets to show off a bit.

Feminizing a Ghost

This may have been the first book I have ever written where the toughest part was naming the damn thing. Feminizing a Ghost isn't a bad title, but I have been worried people would think I meant a real ghost.  I got the idea for Feminizing a Ghost from an interview on NPR with an advice columnist. She talked about receiving an email from a guy who ghosted a woman and now 10 years later, he discovered she was going to be his boss.

If you've never heard of ghosting, it's when somebody is cowardly to face a confrontation so they just completely vanish from their lover or spouse's life. That's what happens in this story. When Andi is on vacation with her best friend, the friend's fiancee Jake cleans out his stuff from their apartment and just vanishes. It's 6 years later, he doesn't remember Andi and she's about to be his new coworker.

At it's heart it's mostly about the actual act of feminizing Jake and the powerful humiliation that he feels at  the hand of Andi and the girlfriend he ghosted.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Beach House: Forced Feminization on the Shore

I'm going to start off by outing myself. Beach House is a reworking of a 25 year old genre classic by Cindy V.  Her story is a great read, but I never liked the ending. I read her story carefully and rewrote it changing details before greatly diverging.  I then ran it by Claudia and Mindi Harris to have their goes at making changes they found necessary or desirable.  In the end, we had a very original story, but so many of the bones were from Cindy, that I really wanted to acknowledge her.

I first talked to Cindy way back when I was in college. I was being feminized, but I had reached the point where I was actually quite enjoying it. She took great delight in hearing about my circumstances and eventually even built up an online friendship with Amanda (the girl behind my feminization). I have no idea how many of  the wicked ideas Amanda had for me came from Cindy.

Cindy was a bit older than us and had a really interesting life.  I know she said that she had done roller derby professionally in the 70s. Cindy shared with me some of her writing and it was the first feminization fiction that i ever read.  Here's a copy of her story Human Resources on Fictionmania.  I hope Cindy is still doing great wherever she is and I'm really sorry I lost contact with her years ago.

So what is Beach House? It's the story of Charlie who works in the IT Department with two very attractive twin sisters named Nora and Laura. Since they began working in his department, he's been finding excuses just to be near them. Imagine his surprise when they approach him with an offer he can't refuse. They want hi to go away for a getaway to their beach house and he won't have to pay a thing. The only catch is they expect him to be their servant.

Of course when he hears servant, he's thinking butler and they're thinking maid. All in all, it's a very humiliating little vacation for our hero, but with plenty of perks.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Sorority Bitches

There are actually are two women who call themselves the Sorority Bitches on NiteFlirt and they are the two people who inspired this book. I've known them for quite some time, particularly Mandy. They have a unique talent for humiliating sissies and Mandy has managed to restrain me long distance so effectively that I had to cut myself loose on more than one occasion. If you are somebody who is interested in NiteFlirt, I recommend checking them out

The book called The Sorority Bitches is about Charlie a freshman at DuPont College whose dorm is right across the street from the Zeta Omega Kappa sorority house. Along with his roommate Scott, he gets into a prank war with Mandy and Kelly--two girls in the sorority. Unfortunately, these are two girls you don't want to mess with. They are intelligent, cunning, and devious. They also know just how to punish bad little sissies.

The girls know how to maneuver these sissies into exactly the position they want them in; and the position is kneeling at their feet in total submission. Scott and Charlie might not like these girls very much, but the real question is, just who are the sorority bitches?

I'm thinking about doing more books inspired by actual dommes I know. How do you feel about that idea?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Kylie vs. Claudia

This is far and away the hardest story I've ever written because I personally have a lot of stake in it and I don't have Claudia helping and I've been snake bit.  Two days ago, I lost 800 words when my computer decided to restart.

This particular book, which is due out on August 16th is a competition between Claudia and me.  What we are doing is to each write a 5,000 word story with the following stipulations:

1. The two characters will be named Kylie and Claudia
2. Each story will be 5000 wordds
3. Each story starts at the bar with Kylie and Claudia meeting at a bar where Claudia is bartending, but eventually she stalks him and tracks him down.

As you can see, there is a lot of room with that premise for us to be original and creative and a lot of different stories can be told with that set up.

Readers will have a chance to vote for whose story they like best (and receive a free book).  Then in October, when the two of us next see each other, Claudia or I will have to pay a forfeit. The stakes haven't been decided yet, but I do know Claudia doesn't like to lose and I know she is perfectly capable of really humiliating me on this one.

Monday, July 9, 2018

My Newest Newsletter

There's a free book in there and details on something with Claudia and I that I think might be really cool, but also terrifying.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Feminized by Lady Luck

I get asked all the time, what do you do when you run out of ideas? Honestly, I almost never do and I actually find the rare times when it happens to be kind of liberating.  Feminized by Lady Luck is one of the two books I can think of where I had no idea what I was going to write until I started writing it.  The previous one was It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire

When I can't think of what to write, I usually go back to the old master Lester Dent, who had a formula for writing a 6,000 word story.  It soon breaks down in our genre, but it's a good way to get a great start on short piece of erotic fiction. I then went to a website with random locations and came up with casino.  That's all it took to create Feminized by Lady Luck.

In the story,  a successful young man meets a seductive and alluring young woman, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. When she mentions that she loves games of chance, he follows her to a mysterious casino where she is able to get him a credit line. He doesn't realize just how over his head he is until his gambling debt approaches $200,000. One innocent mistake forever changes his life when he's feminized by lady luck.

This forced feminization story is over 8,000 words and contains things like forced feminization, humiliation, female domination, bondage, and forced bi. It is not intended for younger or more sensitive readers.

Reader Survey Results

I think this was a pretty insightful survey.  The results give me some useful information.  Most answers were expected, but there were definitely a few surprises.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Pack: The Complete Confessions of a Sissy Pet

When I wrote The Pack Series it was because of my own experiences.  I've always found that both teenagers and women are much more dangerous in groups.  Imagine a group of teenage women who are determined to play by their own rules and use forced feminization to keep the boys of their school in line.

Of course, by the time I was done, the school boys who were out to get the girls were joined by teachers, administrators, and rogue school board members. All of these conflicts, road blocks, and enemies brought the girls (and their sissy pet) together and they learned to rely on each other.

It's my typical story with lots of forced feminization, femdom and humiliation, but it's a story of friendship and groing from girlhood to adulthood.  I know that the  audience for my books is 90% male and the viewers of teen girl empowerment movies like Foxfire are 95% female, but I think you'll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

Monday, June 25, 2018

She Stole my Wife

I don't consider this a two part story as much as a story with a sequel. In She Stole my Manhood, a rivalry with a new hire named Samantha costs Mark his job.  In She Stole my Wife, that rivalry costs him his wife. Still, there are about six months between the two stories and they don't connect together like one story.

In this part, Mark's now stuck working at a little insurance office in a mini mall as he licks his wounds. One day his wife arranges a dinner with her workout buddy from the gym. Mark is shocked to find it's the same woman who took his job. Now she wants to take his wife and leave him as their crossdressed and cuckolded sissy maid.

[There was a problem with the editing process.  I uploaded the wrong file and didn't catch it.  The properly edited file is now up]

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Complete Stocking Syndrome

So, Amazon has a glitch.  As a result my newest book She Stole my Manhood is selling great in other countries, but is totally invisible in the U.S.  This is a huge problem because I have a sequel coming out next week and I certainly don't want the sequel to come out before the original.  In deciding what to do, it occurred to me that I have not put both volumes of Stocking Syndrome together in one book as I like to do.

Stocking Syndrome was one of my favorite books to write because I brought back characters from so many books.  You never have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one, but if you're a fan it's fun to see how some of your favorite old characters are doing.

There's also a nice little psychological thriller going on beneath the surface. Set against the backdrop of a group therapy session for victims of forced feminization, Stocking Syndrome explores the nature of forced feminization in a deeper way than I have in a long time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

She Stole my Manhood

I'm trying to write more standalone stories.  This one was supposed to be one, but it wound up with two parts.  The first one is called She Stole me Manhood and the second one which is out next week is called She Stole my Wife.

The problem is, I'm not seeing the book anywhere online.  No search of Amazon is turning it up and this is frustrating me to no end. Fortunately, through my third party sales tracking app, I can get a link to the story, which can be found here.

Sometimes work rivalries can get a bit heated, but when Mark embarrasses his coworker with a pornographic picture, he goes to far. She takes her time to set up the perfect revenge at a business convention. This skilled manipulatrix knows how to humiliate a man and put him on his knees under her thumb. This 7,000 word story contains feminization, humiliation, female domination, and forced bi. It is intended for mature audiences.

[Update: An Amazon glitch has made this book unsearchable in the Unite States. You can find it by following the link on this page.]

Monday, June 4, 2018

Help Me Out -- Take the Survey

Please take the above survey.  It is only 3 questions long and should take about a minute.  In exchange, I'll send you a free book.  This is a huge help for me!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Feminization Folio 3

107,000 words! The third Feminization Folio is out and it's the biggest one yet. Aside from length, these are some of the absolute most popular books that I have ever written. If you look at the reviews that stories like French Exchange, Convention Feminization, and Thirty-Two Flavors have gotten and you can see that this is a very solid grouping.

The idea for the folios is to give a price break to the readers who have discovered my writing recently and see this massive back list of books. Instead of spending $30 to get ten of my books, you can get ten for less than $10.

For me, it's a lot of fun to see how I've grown as a writer. I see each volume develops a theme even though the books were selected purely chronologically. This series seems to feature corporate books and cruel payback type books. As always, the folio is grace by an original cover by Annabelle Brito.
Included in this collection are:

After the Ordeal
Trial of a Feminizer
High Heeled Coup
Thirty-Two Flavors (With Alyssa Paige and Mindi Harris)
Convention Feminization 1
Convention Feminization 2
French Exchange.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Pack: Confessions of a Sissy Pet Book 5

As I write this, the 6th and final chapter of The Pack series is about 90% written.  It's probably going to be 8,000 words when it's released on June 7th.  I think it really ends the series on a high note.  Part 5 is the sort of chapter where heroes get themselves in deeper and deeper.  There are some great humiliating parts and all that femdom fun you expect, but events are really getting away from the girls and the sissies (at least some of them) are starting to fight back. By now, it should be clear that this is not your typical forced feminization story.  I hope you'll give The Pack: Part 5 and all of the parts a chance.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Complete Living Together

A new roommate brings Brandon's hobby of playing with Taylor's underwear when she's at work to a screeching halt. Now, she's got big plans for him and Brandon soon finds himself at the mercy of his two beautiful roommates. Morgan wants to punish him for violating their privacy and Taylor wants to help her friend man up and do something with his life. Unfortunately for Brandon, both women have decided that feminization is the perfect way to achieve these goals. 

That's the basic elevator pitch.  Living Together is a series that can be cruel and humiliating at times, but in the end there is a sense that people do care about each other and the series has a sort of sweetness to it. If you like your feminization both humiliating and with a happy ending, I think it's one you'll want to check out.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Glitches Can Be Such Bitches

My goal with all stories is to publish them on Thursday afternoon so that they're on sale by the time I wake up on Friday morning.  Unfortunately, a glitch at Amazon kept my newest eBook The Pack:Confessions of a Sissy Pet Book 4 from being published until Monday even though it was submitted Thursday afternoon.  It shouldn't be any big problem, but I promise my books will be out on Friday so I hate when Amazon makes me a liar.

Things change a lot in book four. A creepy teacher comes onto Cindy and she has to deal with it, drawing all her friends into a very rough situation. The school may not make a big deal about feminizing a few students, but when it's a teacher you're messing with, you know they're sure to notice. Of course, there's still the matter of Adam's sissification as well.

[Update: It's out now.  Click here to go to its amazon page]

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Pack Book 3: Confessions of a Sissy Pet

The Pack is Back!  This story starts out as the story of David and his feminization at the hands of three girls from his neighborhood and in book 3 changes into something different. The girls have pretty much crushed Dave's resistance. He now finds himself just doing what they say in the hope that they'll take it easy on him. One day, as Dave test drives his new high heels by walking the length of the school hallway he spots a girl crying. Soon she's joining in on the fun of crossdressing him, but this girl has a dark secret that will put all the girls to the test.

The girls begin to make plans to take down a really obnoxious jerk and discover that sissies are like potato chips.  You just can't stop at one. Give The Pack Book 3 a try and see a different side of forced feminization.   

The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time at all, you know I am extremely proud of The Jaguar. I took two of my favorite things in old pulp stories and forced feminization and I merged them together.  While it's never been a big seller for me, I've published it because there is nothing else I have more fun writing. I've had some other people really share my affinity for the character including my illustrator Annabelle Britto.  

The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey includes every published appearance of the character fully illustrated including a new full color illustration from Annabelle of The Jaguar from The Jaguar's Halloween.

Included are stories The Mask of the Jaguar, The City Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage, The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator, and The Jaguar's Halloween. The stories contain forced feminization, bondage, humiliation, and female domination in a pulp style.

The Cruel to Be Kind Collection

Some of my stories are sweet.  I think of stories like Welcome to the Real World where the sissy may  go through Hell, but in the end he knows that he's better off for the experience.  Some of my stories, on the other hand, can be kind of cruel. They dominas are such forces of nature that I stop caring as much about the motivations of the sissy except for how they react to the domina.  Cruel to Be Kind is about that second type of story.

Feminized by his High School Bully - Back in High School, Mike Weaver was the constant victim of Allison Cain. Along with her friends, she loved nothing more than emasculating and humiliating him. Now, they're back for their ten year reunion and much to Mike's horror, she has no intention of letting up on him. In fact, she's planned his most agonizing humiliation yet.

Marisol's Way - Marisol Escamilla first appeared three years ago in the book Taken by a Girl Gang. As a tough talking and ass kicking Latina, she immediately became a fan favorite. Of all of my characters, she's gotten the most comments. Marisol's Way catches up with her. She's tried to make it in college and she's tried to make it in business, but she's back to doing what she's always done best--torturing men. She's gone from street kid to highly prized and compensated feminizer for hire. In this story, she's kidnapped a very successful executive and she's going to play with him like a cat with a mouse. There is feminization in this story, but it definitely leans to the female domination side as she finds creative and innovative ways to break her prey.

Don't Mess with Amy - Amy is a very special girl. She's as tough as any guy in her high school and she doesn't suffer fools kindly. Fortunately, for her classmates, she has a strong sense of right and wrong and nobody would ever be dumb enough to mess with Amy. Well, that is until Tom came along. Tom was new to the school and trying to make a name for myself. He should have known better. The next thing he knows she's kicking his ass and dragging him down to the theater department for a makeover. 

Amy's Slave Auction - In the sequel to Don't Mess with Amy, we rejoin Tom after three years have passed. He's now a senior and Amy has progressed his feminization quite a bit. He's become her sissy and sometimes maid. Right now, all he's thinking of is a camping trip with his friends over the weekend, but Amy has other ideas and what Amy wants, Amy gets.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Pack: Confessions of a Sissy Pet Book 2

Hopefully, you've all read the first book.  If not, what are you waiting for? The Pack: Confessions of a Sissy Pet Book 2 takes up, right where book one left off, with David tied to a bench in the girls' locker room and Lisa Gates discovering him.  It doesn't end until he's been through a humiliating bra fitting and shopping trip that he will never forget.

The series is told from the point of view of Dave, a high school student who witnesses firsthand the triumphant rise and dramatic fall of a group of girls who become legends in their hometown feminizing guys along the way. It's a little deeper than my usual read, but with humiliating female domination that you've come to expect.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Pack: Confessions of a Sissy Pet Book One

The Pack is a new series that I am very proud of.  I admit that the first two books start off like a lot of my feminization books with a hapless male crossing several dominant woman.  Now what I say it's familiar, that certainly isn't a bad thing.  The first books have plenty of feminization, domination, and humiliation fun. 

However, the story really isn't the guy's story.  It's the story of the bonds that a tie a group of five girls together.  Call it a sisterhood if you want or call it a gang.  The point is, these girls will do about anything for each other and Heaven help any guy that gets in their way. In addition to the direct links to the story, you can read the first 3,000 words for free if you check out my latest newsletter .

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Welcome to the Real World Part 6 and Collection

It took me 20 months, but I finally completed the sixth and final book in the  Welcome to the Real World series. I believe I gave Beth and Kylie the ending that they deserved. I'm both proud and ashamed of this one.  I'm proud because even though it was one of the toughest series I ever wrote, I can now look back at writing it with pride. I hope you'll give it a try. I think you'll be happy you did.

Okay, look I screwed up.  Taking twenty months to complete a six issue series is kind of like showing up three hours late for a date. That's why I'm not waiting my usual couple of months and putting out the collected Welcome to the Real World series in the same week as the last issue of the series as a way of making it up to people who may have lost track of the series along the way. 

Regardless of how you enjoy the series, I hope you give it a try. Writing a fictional sequel to my actual college experiences was an interesting idea, but one I would never try again. I'm pretty proud of the end result however.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Feminization Folio Volume 2

The idea behind the folios is to give a people a chance to read books they may have missed the first time at a really reduced price. I know that some people like to collect everything I write and if you're one of those people, it's a much cheaper way to fill in your library.  In these folios, I try and put stories in chronological order, but if a book is part of a big collection (more than four parts) I leave it out and I move books around so that all parts of a story are back to back so you don't get stuck with an incomplete story.

Forced Feminization Folio Volume Two is from the end of 2014 and that's a time where I really came into my own as a writer, I think. Volume One stories averaged 6,000 words.  The stories in this volume average over 10,000. Some of my favorite stories are in this section too.  I am really proud of The Operator, Hoops, and The Mask of the Jaguar especially.  This is what my cover artist Annabelle Brito had to say about the stories in this collection:

1. Reprogrammed
2. Doubling Down (*One of the best captured scenes from Kylie)
3. The Mask of the Jaguar (*The female vigilante feminizer!)
4. Halloween Humiliation
5. Hoops
6. The Operator
7. Giftwrapped (*Loved how a guy gets girftwrapped)
8. It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire (*Its just good)
9. Mean Girls and Mermaids (*Just read it, you will love it!)
10. Friendly Seduction

It's really fun for me to look back at a time period and see what stories I wrote.  I remember Doubling Down was the first story I ever  released unedited and it was terrible.  Fortunately, it's since been edited and fixed. Breaking the Billionaire was a story when I had no idea what to write and I just tried to use the Lester Dent fiction method.  For a writer, his books are almost like his children.  Seeing them like this is like seeing baby pictures.

Panties and Briefs

Law school is a very competitive environment. Panties and Briefs is the story of a paper chase that turned into a panties chase:

Jax is used to things coming easy to him and law school is no different. He's fighting it out with Estephanie for first in his class and he's not above playing dirty to come out on top. Estephanie has fought for everything she's ever had and when she catches Jax in a plot to take her out of the competition, she calls over her best friend Gabriella and the two of them know that payback is a bitch. Jax will be a bitch to by the time they're done with him.

This 6,000 word story is a very slow and thorough feminization of an obnoxious jerk at the hands of two very attractive young women. It contains themes of forced feminization, bondage, female domination, and humiliation. It is intended for mature audiences.

The wax was finally heated and Gabriella began applying the bright pink substance to the back on Jax’s legs. The young women waiting for the wax to set up and then began removing strips of the wax from his legs removing Jax’s leg hair with it. They repeated this process up and down their helpless victim’s body leaving only a heart shaped patch of hair above his smallish cock. The girls laughed know how humiliated he would be when he saw what they had done to him.

With his body denuded, Gabriella announced, “We’ll need to take him into the bathroom for the next part. I don’t want to ruin your sheets with the dye.”

“What color are you going to make him?”

“He’s a white boy. He has to go blonde,” snickered Gabriella.

“Platinum blonde?”

“Of course.”

“That’ll take a long time.”

“You told me we’d have twelve hours.”

“I really owe you for this,” said Estephanie. “Can I ask you a huge favor?’

“A favor in a favor, chula? You push your luck.” 

“I have a really killer test. Can I study while you do this?”

“Go ahead,” sighed Gabriella in mock exasperation. “Figure about seven hours.”

“I didn’t expect this to be an all-nighter for you.”