Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Great New Wrestling, Feminization, Bondage Video

Our friends over at the great Doom Maidens site have released a new video that I think will be of intense interest to some of you.  A few months back, I posted about the great Veve Lane in a bondage wrestling match that involved forced feminization, now they're back with another production.

This time, instead of Veve it's a British girl named Indra who does the honors to a helpless guy named Thrash.  He doesn't put up much of a fight at all, but that's beside the point.  I have a real soft spot for Indra.  There are female wrestlers who may be better looking and there are ones that are more skilled or more physically powerful, but there are none that I have seen as good at humiliating a guy than Indra.  Her trash talking skills are amazing and there's always a layer of menace lurking below the surface.

Indra puts her male opponent in a corset, skirt, panties, stockings, full makeup, and a wig.   As physically dominant woman, bondage, and forced feminization are constant themes in my eBooks, I think this video will appeal to a lot of you who enjoy my writing.  I give it a solid four stars and it definitely stands up to repeated watching.

Check out Tied Up, Dressed Up 2 here.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

April's Fool


For me, it's Amanda who I wrote about in the Welcome to College books.  For most people like myself there is that one girl in our past who mistreated us, abused us, humiliated and even feminized us.  She was cruel and she was sexy.  Years and even decades may have passed, but every couple weeks we visit when night comes and we sleep.  She has taken up residence in our most intense nightmares and our most lust filled dreams.  We thought we had escaped her, but we will always be in her clutches. We need only close our eyes to find ourselves in her bedroom in her warm embrace or in the school cafeteria trying to remove the makeover she just gave you--the humiliating jeers of your classmates even louder than they were in your youth.

For Paul, April was that girl.  What her friends did to her in high school could only be called torture.  They put him in heels, dresses, and makeup every chance they got, they bullied him, tied him up, and found all sorts of ways to publicly and privately humiliate him.  That was a decade ago and now Paul is all grown up. 

Fate has brought them back together and she has asked his forgiveness, but if you know one thing about the dominant women in my stories, you know it’s never quite that simple.

Will Paul be drawn back in skirts and under her thumb like a mouth to a flame or will he finally be able to have her on his terms?

This 8,500 word story contains forced feminization, humiliation, bondage, and a large penis shaped  chandelier. 

"Paul? Paul Henner?  Oh my God, it is you!" called out a female voice behind him.  Paul turned away from his condo's mailboxes and looked to see a stunning blonde in a tight white t-shirt and red short shorts.  He stared at her shapely legs that seemed way too long for anybody under seven-feet to own.  

"Uh, hi," said Paul, confused and oddly ill at ease.

"It's me, April Blackwell!"

"Oh...hi, April," gasped Paul, turning ashen with fear as he stood face to face with the woman who had tormented him in his youth. He caught himself shivering as he involuntarily recalled the many times that April had utterly humiliated him in their youth.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I live here," he said in a breathless monotone. 

"That's great," she said. "I just moved in and I was afraid I wouldn't know anybody. I love this building though."

"Yeah, well...uh, nice to see you April," he lied.

"Hold on a second Paul."


"I'm not surprised that you're less than thrilled to see me.  I was pretty awful to you in high school."

"That's putting it mildly, April. You ruined my life!" he almost shouted."All those times when I'd go to my gym locker and find only a bra, panties, and stockings in there! And all the times you made me do cheers for the girls at cheerleading practice dressed in one of your uniforms! It was all so humiliating! I'm happy I've moved on with my life."

"I'm glad you have too, Paul." said April. "I truly am. I had a lot of pressure from my parents to be perfect all the time, and I guess I took a lot out of that on you.  I have thought about you a lot since then, and I hope you can forgive me."

"Forgive you?" said Paul surprised. "I don't really know if I can."

"I understand.  You think about it.  If you can't put this behind us, I'll understand, and I will never bother you again," she said to his retreating back. 

Paul was visibly shaken when he returned to his condo.  He threw his mail on the coffee table and he plopped onto the couch.  His life had changed so much since high school.  At college, he made real friends--the type of people who really cared about him.  He did well in school and got a great job.  

Then he met Sondra. She was the kind of girl that he had always dreamed of, but couldn't get close to in high school.  She was stunning, with raven black hair and big almond eyes, and she was shapely enough to model part time.  

She loved him and never let him doubt that she was all his, even though she had a wild side.  Her wildness brought him out of his shell, and led him to experience thrills that he would never have dreamed of on his own.  He was determined to ask Sondra to move in with him and planned that they'd eventually get engaged.  As he thought about his wondrous plans with Sondra, deep inside him, an old terror stirred.  Its name was April Blackwell.

Paul reached down, pulled out his high school yearbook from his bookshelf, and began leafing through the pages. There must have been a dozen pictures of Paul as Nicole.  April's friend Ashley was the editor, and managed to insert several shots of Nicole into the book.  Then there was his graduation picture.  That morning, he'd arrived in his navy blue suit only to be accosted by the girls and led into an empty bathroom.  

They made him over and brought him to the auditorium for senior pictures with him wearing a black lace dress; his order form was changed from Paul Henner to Nicole Henner.  It was so humiliating to have thrust out his chest and cup his face in his manicured hand in those girlish poses the professional photographer demanded, all the time knowing that they'd be immortalized in his senior yearbook.  He wondered why he didn't just burn the damn thing.

Now April was back again, hotter than ever, and asking for forgiveness. Paul had to think long and hard about this.  He had prided himself on moving past those high school humiliations.  He wanted to just leave her in the past with his antiquated flip phone and the old Spice Girls and Britney CDs they'd made him buy.

Still, April seemed awfully sincere in her apology, and he couldn't deny that all through high school he was drawn to her like that proverbial moth to a flame. Yes, he had a huge crush on his nemesis, no matter how much she had abused him.  Now, as an adult, those old feelings had returned.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sam's Future!


Writing an ending to a multi-part story is one of the biggest challenges a writer can face.  The ending has to feel satisfying, it has to grow organically from the story so it doesn't feel forced, and it has to be epic enough for the series it completes.

I had red the Hobbit, but never Lortd of the Rings.  Still, I saw all three movies.  I cringed at the ending of Return of the King though because it just seemed to have 4 endings tacked on after the first one.  In television, The Sopranos was so disappointing when it simply faded to black.  However, Breaking Bad seemed to end in the perfect blaze of glory.

I'm happy to say that at this moment in time Sam's Future is my favorite eBook.  Sam is taken to the depths of Hell by Clarissa and then must struggle to try and free himself.  Will Alexis and her friends help him or join forces with Clarissa?  There are a lot of movable parts in this one, which is over 10,000 words of forced feminization, pegging, bondage, humiliation, and female domination. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Miss Engineering 2016

There was another great Miss Engineering contest at the University of the Philippines.  I recommend their Facebook page for a ton of great pictures and videos of the male contestants.   The 2016 pageant was won by Miss IE Club seen below in his swimsuit.  This contest is like many other womanless beauty pageants, but with professional photographers, videographers, a ton of work, and thousands of screaming fans.