Friday, January 30, 2015

Friendly Seduction

My newest book is a bit different.  I think for some of my loyal readers, it will be their favorite and for some, I think it'll be a bit of a disappointment.  The reason is that I've sort of put a foot into cuckolding.  Morgan is a woman unlike any that I have written before.  She is clever, manipulative, and seductive woman who knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it.

Adam and Brendan were best friends in college.  Now, a half dozen years later Adam is a very successful businessman and Brendan finds himself in a bit of a dead end.  Morgan is Adam's wife and though she loves her husband and the lifestyle he provides her, she wants more.  That's where Brendan comes in.  She discovered a folder tucked away on her husband's computer of about two dozen pictures of Brendan dressed up as a woman for Halloween. 

Now that she realizes her husband is smitten with his old college buddy, she has decided that he is the perfect person to bring him into the world of cuckolding.  Brendan insists he isn't attracted to Adam, but Morgan knows that she has a way of getting men to do what she wants them to.

Friendly Seduction is available at for $2.99.

"Don't worry, I'm not jealous.  In fact, now that I know what turns him on so much, I want you to seduce him for me."
"I can't do that," he snapped back to reality.
"You will," she explained.  "You see, he's hooked up a rather elaborate security system in this house and our love making has been recorded in all its glory."
"No way!" he exclaimed thrashing around in his bonds futilely trying to free himself. "He'd leave you in a heartbeat."
"See, that's the beauty of this thing.  Adam is very loyal and he knows that I would like to sleep around, but he also knows that I wouldn't without his permission.  If he sees this, he'll be devastated, but he will forgive me. On the other hand, you're friendship with him is over if you say a word."
"So, I have other friends,"
"No, you really don't.  There are some guys you hang out with, but your social life has taken a big hit since you and Adam went your separate ways."
"I still don't get why you think I'd go along with this," he grunted.
"Honestly, I think you like me as much as Adam likes you.  I think you know that I can make things very pleasant for you if you obey and very unpleasant if you don't.  If you disobey me, you will be punished.  If you obey, things will be much more pleasant.  I'll give you some time to think it over while I dispose of your male clothing."
She tussled his hair.  He was stuck and by the time she got back, he would no longer have access to his male clothing.  He could probably find something of Adam's to wear.  It might look ridiculously large on him, but right now he just cared about avoiding humiliation, not about fashion or style.  She'd have to untie him to take him out in public and that's when he'd make his move.
"I did throw out your male clothing, but I think I will give you a fair price when we exchange them for something more fitting your new role," she offered sounding almost reasonable.
"So now what?"
"You have an appointment.  Don't even think of trying anything or you'll regret it."
"Are you going to untie me?" he asked impatiently holding his wrists out behind his back to make it easy for her.
"No, I don't think so.  I'll just change your ankle bindings into more of a hobble and we can go," she explained as she untied his ankles and retied them to allow him to take small mincing steps.
"You really want people seeing you hauling a tied up man out to your car?"
"That's the beauty of secluded estates," she smirked as she reached for his arms.  "Now, let's get you up."
"Let me go!" he yelled trying to pull away.
"Oh please, nobody's going to hear you and it's not like you're fooling anybody anyway," she taunted.
"Fooling anybody?  I don't like this stuff.  Maybe Adam does, but I'm not into him like that," he stammered.
"You see, I thought about that," she cooed. "Two guys as close as you were and you turn him on enough for him to build a shrine to you and you don't even pick up on it."
"I didn't know," shouted Brendan.
"Maybe, but I think you did," she purred. "It's not like Adam's subtle.  I don't see how you could miss it."
"I--" Brendan began to speak, but was cut off by a deep and passionate kiss from Morgan.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I hope you're all doing well and have a very fun and sexy time doing it.  I'm sorry that this blog has really grounded to a halt other than some ads for new products.  However, it's all part of that writer's creed of  weighing everything you do vs. the value of writing more.  A lot of blogging time has been taken by writing.  I'm overjoyed at the success of The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, which is shaping up quite nicely after being out for a week.  However, the British market has really dried up this month.

I am going to be cleaning up the blog a little.  The main difference that you will probably notice is that I'm going to be taking down a bunch of the old pictures.  My thought is to limit the pictures of my femme self to about four or five that would rotate constantly and then use the rest of the space with my books.  I'd also love to ad a link section. 

If you are enjoying this blog and want to help, I'm not asking for money or for you to buy more books (wouldn't hurt though).  However, I'd love more questions and comments.  You can leave it anonymously and it would give me a lot more to write blog posts about.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu
The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu just hit the shelves today and I think it will become a very rewarding story.  It starts out a bit conventionally for this type of stories with a freshman at college who pledges a fraternity known as the biggest party house on campus.  The boy's name is Matt Landon and his older brother Davis was actually the fraternity president when the original house burnt down.  It looked like the fraternity would shut down with the Delta Delta Omicron sorority came through with a check for a new house, which they loaned the boys.

Davis has since graduated and moved to England.  Now Matt is heartily welcomed into the ranks of Alpha Theta Nu as a legacy.  It's something he's wanted since junior high, but there's something wrong.  As ever fraternity seems to take the pledges further down the road of feminization, Matt begins to believe that there is more to things than meets the eye. 

It's a feminization title with a dark mystery hanging over head.  Can Matt find out what's happening before it's too late?  This story is mostly female domination, but in the end it will feature plenty of forced feminization and humiliation action too.    Here's a snippet with an old friend some of you may recognize from Welcome to College or Calendar Girl:

Lauren called out "You should see his legs!" and the derisive laughter went on for a good two or three minutes as I sat there flushed—much to the amusement of the girls on either side of me.  At the end of class, I stormed up to the front of the room to talk to Professor Shepherd.
"You know," I said putting my things down on her desk loudly so she would look up, "I did not appreciate that."
"Didn't appreciate what?" she asked with faux innocence.
"Calling attention to my pledge attire," I replied.
"Oh, so you're being hazed?  That's a serious charge, you know.  Your fraternity could lose their charter!"
"No," I said turning ashen white.  The university's anti-hazing policy had never occurred to me.
"So, why were you wearing a bra—a stuffed bra to my class then?" she asked.
"I...I…uh," I stammered.
"Was it because you like wearing a bra and you wanted to wear it?"
"Uhm yeah," I said.
"So you're pledging Alpha Theta Nu?"
"Yeah, I am."
"Well, they've got quite a reputation," she said.  "Anyway, if you're a transgendered student who is wearing a bra because you feel comfortable doing so, and not because anybody is making you, the university has a very strict policy there too.  The faculty shall in no way impede the expression of your perceived gender."
"Yeah, that's it," I said, almost relieved.
"What was that Ms. Hastings said about your legs?"
"I'm wearing pantyhose too, ma'am," I whispered.
"There's no need to whisper Mr. Landon.  Everybody else has left.  In fact, show me.  Drop your pants and show me your pantyhose.  I assume you’re wearing panties too?"
"I can't! I'm pretty sure that you would get in big trouble if anybody saw that," I replied, making the horrible mistake of issuing this veiled threat.
"So you don't feel comfortable expressing your true gender or are being forced to wear these things?" she asked, her tone suddenly harsh again.
Reluctantly, without a word, I did as I was told.  I stepped back and she gestured to me to kick off my pants.  "Are you happy?" I asked.
"I'm ecstatic.  You may put your pants back on," she instructed.  "I really like that pattern, by the way."
I hurriedly began to put my clothes back on.  "You don't have a right to do this, you know."
"I'm sorry Mr. Landon.  Maybe I did cross the line.  Doesn't it suck to go to class wanting to learn and teach and freely exchange ideas about great literature and poetry only to have someone disregard your thoughts and opinions? To stare at your body and check out your legs and breasts the whole time they're in that class with you?"
"I...uh…I," I stammered.  Damn, she was right.
"I'll make it easy for you.  I won't go to the administration with allegations of hazing if you don't want me to."
"Thank you Professor Shepherd.  I promise to be more focused in class.  It's just that you're very bea--," I said excitedly before she interjected.
"However, so you don't have to drop your pants again, I want you to wear shorts to my class as long as you are wearing pantyhose just so I can make sure you aren't being hazed," she ordered.
"No! I can't," I shook my head.
"It's your choice, but if you don't want me going to Dean Morris, you will also start keeping your legs shaved so that they look good in your hose."
I was now nearly in tears.  The humiliation I felt today would only be far worse when I came to class like that.  I turned to walk quickly to the door meekly saying, “Thank you Professor."
"Don't forget your text books and your...Barbie notebooks," she stopped me snickering as she noticed the contents of my shopping bag.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great Points on Feminization

One of my favorite beta readers, made an awesome post on feminization fiction today on Goodreads and I wanted to share it.  This is what he said:

Speaking as one of your readers, I have to say that descriptive scenes about makeup being applied (or for that matter scenes that have too much focus on describing every article of clothing a soon-to-be sissy is going to be forced to wear) don't really add much to my enjoyment of a story.

I much prefer the focus to be on the psychological aspects of feminization, and how it affects the balance of power within a relationship (whatever that relationship might be).

There may be exceptions. You could write a scene about a guy strapped to a chair while his wife does his makeup. You could describe the makeup in detail, but also the fact his wife's other hand is simultaneously playing with his cock (there may be synchronized wanking involved) to the point where he can almost (but not quite) climax. That would be interesting to me, but not because of the makeup.

The sad thing is that we all know that the poor guy's little cock is going to be tucked back in it's chastity tube until the next time his wife decides to kindly tie him to a chair and edge him while she makes him up to be her little whore.

Another example...A guy is enamored of his new girlfriend and the game she plays with him. She strips down to her very sexy lingerie, and then she asks him to describe in detail what she's wearing. If she's satisfied with the description he gives her, they come off. If everything comes off, he gets to have sex. If he can't tell the difference between hiphuggers and boyshorts, they stay on, and the game is over until next time. That guy is going to learn a lot about lingerie very quickly.

It's also a safe bet that the guy's brand new obsession with lingerie is going to make it very easy for her to insist that he start to wear what she takes off.

Again, it's not really about the clothing.

If you want to write a sex story about makeup or clothing, I suggest referring to the following scientific formulas:

Makeup = Sex
Clothing = Sex 

I love that description.  I printed it out for myself as a reminded when I'm writing.  What do you all think?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Return of First Person

When I began writing feminization fiction, it was using first person.  The story Blind Date was written from a feminized male's point of view and was soon followed up by Welcome to College, which was basically my college memoirs.  Since then I've mostly written in third person.  Of the few times I've written in first, a few of them like Calendar Girl and Taking One for the Team had me writing in the voice of the dominant woman. 

I don't have a particular favorite.  I think both styles have advantages.  When you write first person you trade the objective voice of the narrator for the more personal, but also more limited voice of one of the characters.  I returned to first person for Welcome to College X and I'm looking forward to using it in a new series called The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu. 

This series is set to kick off (with some luck) on Friday January 16th.  It tells the story of Matt, a freshman at DuPont University who follows in his older brother's footsteps by pledging the wildest party fraternity on campus.  He soon discovers that everything isn't as it seems.  I think this series, will have a sort of Animal House meets X-Files feel to it as Matt tries to escape forced feminization for himself and an even worse fate for his fraternity brothers.



I've been plugging ahead.  There's a popular saying in the Amazon writer's forums that the best use of a writer's time is writing.  Anytime spent marketing, blogging, interacting on social media that takes time away from writing is something to be avoided.  Now, there's only so much writing that an author can do, so at some point, blogging doesn't take away from time working on your novel or in my case short stories. I've been very prolific lately and I've managed to complete my next three stories and start on a fourth over the course of three weeks despite all sorts of holiday commitments and working.

The big delay that I have had has actually been more of an emotional thing.  I screwed up badly with somebody I cared about and the only thing worse than having any kind of relationship that's important to you end is when you know that it was 100% the result of you being an asshole.  Especially in my case, where I haven't been the asshole since I reached the age of adulthood, it really sucks.   It definitely has sapped a lot of energy from me since the new year. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to College 10: Wedding Belles
Welcome to College was the most personal story that I ever wrote.  The first nine volumes came out between last January and March of last year and told the story of my forced feminization at the hands of some of the girls at my college. It was a life changing experience for me and what began as humiliating bullying became a cherished memory.  The tenth and absolutely final book in the series is a sort of sequel. 

Three years after the events in Welcome to College 9, Nicole and I were summoned again.  This time it was for the wedding of Deanna.  The girls expected us to fight them all the way, but we were both actually kind of enthusiastic to get a chance to be back in our dresses and under their control.  There was definitely coercion employed on us, but I really wouldn't call it forced feminization.  There were definitely things we were forced to do, that we didn't want to, but it was pretty clear we were happy to be there.

As a story, it seemed like there should have been a bit more humiliation at times.  In fact, my beta readers came up with some great ideas.  Unfortunately, I've been proud of the truthfulness of the Welcome to College series and I didn't want to cross a line into book with significant facts altered.  I do think it's a pretty great story and gives old readers a chance to catch up with Kylie, Amanda, and the gang.    Welcome to College 10: Wedding Belles is available at

The Complete Girl Gang Saga

It was always an extremely dark story for me, but I think the four books in the Girl Gang series turned out to be one of the best stories that I ever wrote.  It straddled the area between erotica and erotic thriller.  The story's first part was actually the only eBook of mine that Amazon rejected.  The less tame version of the part I omitted is available on this blog under the title Too Hot for Amazon

Wesley is a young arrogant businessman who moves into a working class neighborhood in the first wave of gentrification.  He then mouths off to the wrong girl when he street gang is harassing him and his wife.  The girl gang's leader named Marisol takes an instant dislike for him and proceeds to brutally and humiliatingly feminize him.  What stops The Girl Gang saga from being an ordinary feminization story is Wesley's secretary Laura.  She has a secret and a plan that will forever alter Wesley's marriage and career.

The humiliation is brutal and intense, but I think it's worth the ride.  All four books would normally cost $2.99 each, but this money saving bundle is at Amazon for $6.49.