Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?


What are you Doing New Years Eve?

"Oh, I like this. It's very slinky and extremely sexy. I'm glad you've got the curves for it, even if we had to buy you some of them," beamed Donna as she zipped her husband up. "Of course the hormones are really starting to give you some shape of your own."

"Do we have to go out tonight?" moaned David.

"Of course we do," she laughed smacking him lightly on his behind. "Now, go sit at the vanity."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I can't believe you'd want to skip a New Years Eve party," she snickered applying foundation to his hairless face. The electrolysis assured that he would be hairless.

"I just didn't want to be seen," he mumbled.

"Oh, nonsense. You got lucky last New Years Eve. Remember? Maybe you'll get lucky tonight, too. I bet Kevin is hoping to get lucky with you." She took a soft brush and dusted his face with powder until his complexion was flawless.

"K-Kevin?" he asked.

"Well, yes, silly. He's your date tonight. Remember how he covered for you when you were banging that waitress in our hotel room? I'm sure he'd love to recreate that night with him in her position...well actually, I suppose he'd have to be the guy if you have any kind of a tryst," she giggled.

"I thought you'd be my date," he said sheepishly.

"Oh, don't be silly," she laughed. "I already have a date. I like my men to be men. You understand, don't you?"
David was crushed. He was a real man or at least he used to be. It's not like he wanted her to feminize him. How could she reject him now, when she was the one that made him unmanly?

"Suck in your cheeks dear," she instructed, while she applied his blush. "Do you have a New Years resolution?"

"No, I haven't thought of one." He shrugged.

"I'm sure something will come to you. You know, I didn't have a resolution last year until I walked in on you and that waitress. I wonder if she'll be working tonight," pondered Donna. "I decided my resolution should be not to be a throw rug for an unappreciative asshole of a husband and that I would find a way to take charge of my life again."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he pleaded.

"Oh, I know you are. That seems like such a lifetime ago, doesn't it?" she asked rhetorically. "You used to own pants then.

Do you remember how you used to fight me when this all started?"

"I do," he muttered.

"Aw, don't pout. You just didn't know any better," she smiled, "but I taught you. How long did I have to keep you tied up before you begged me to shave off your body hair?"

"Eight hours, mistress," he answered.

"Was it eight?" she laughed, "Wow, it didn't really seem that long to me. Did it seem that long to you?"

"Yes, it did," he replied honestly.

"Well, that's water under the bridge, just like that time you tried to get physical with me. How'd that turn out for you?" she questioned him. She enjoyed getting him to admit his own humiliation at her hands.

"You put me over your knee and gave me a spanking." He cringed.

"Who knew that those self-defense classes I was taking would be so effective," she laughed. "Don't feel bad though. Aren't you happier not having to act like some big tough macho man all the time?"

"Yes, ma'am," he responded instinctively.

"And didn't your secretary just compliment you yesterday on how your man bag matched your shoes? I'm surprised to learn she had a pair of flats just like them. What are the odds? Anyway, I need you to look up so I can do your eyes," she commanded.

"I would like to be able to buy at least some of my outfits from the men's section again, just for work," he pleaded while complying with her request.

"Oh, nonsense, the stuff they sell in menswear is so boring. Don't your legs look great in that dress and those stockings? I bet Kevin can't wait to have them wrapped around him," she teased as she attacked his eyes with relish.

"Please don't make us do this," David pleaded.

"I'm sorry babe, but I'd hate to disappoint Maggie like that. She's been planning this as Kevin's big coming out party for some time now. She wasn't happy when she found out that he was covering for your infidelities and when she found out about his own trysts, that kind of sealed his fate," replied Donna.

"What do you mean by coming out party?" asked David.

"Oh, don't worry about it." She smiled. "Besides, when I have you blow my lovers, don't you always tell me that you're only attracted to women? I bet you'll like Kevin even better this way."

"He's dressing like a woman too?" Shuddered David.

"Oh don't be jealous my little sissy. I'm sure you'll still be the belle of the ball," she mocked. "Now pucker up."

As she applied the lipstick to her husband's lips, Donna felt a sense of power that was truly exhilarating and addictive. If her date were here already, she'd probably throw him on the bed and ravage him right then and there. David did everything he could to keep from crying.

"Oh, and don't worry about your chastity tonight, I'm taking it off before we go so that you and Kevin can enjoy yourselves. My date is footing the bill for a suite with three bedrooms for all of us at the hotel. Even better, he's set video equipment up in your room so we can watch all the action at our leisure later on," she cooed.

"No." David started to cover his head with his hands, but Donna quickly slapped aside his wrists.

"Do not mess up your makeup, David. I would be very unhappy," she announced. "There will be plenty of action to watch, won't there?"

"Y-yes ma'am," he stammered as she brushed out his long hair and clasped a strand of pearls around his neck.

After a final spritzing of perfume, the couple made their way to the living room to await the arrival of their dates. Donna and Maggie were greeted by two clearly alpha males; they were tall, muscular, and good looking. They each owned their own company and made more money in a month than David or Kevin made in a year. They confidently took their dates in their arms and kissed them with an intense passion that swept them off their feet.

Donna and Maggie then looked expectantly at Kevin and David, who were also required to kiss each other with passion. Their lipsticked mouths rubbed against each other as their tongues invaded their best friend's mouth. David stared at Kevin intently. He was a far better looking woman that he would have thought, in his sequined red dress and sophisticated updo. They held hands as their wives sneered in satisfaction at the sissified friends turned lovers and thought to themselves, <em>What a difference a year makes</em>.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Cuckysitter


I took a little break from the Sam series to write a one shot story called The Cuckysitter.  I hope you'll give it a chance, especially if you enjoy stories of cuckolding as well as feminization. 

When a college girl desperate for money turns to babysitting to make ends meet, an odd phone call changes her life for ever. Now she finds herself with the smallest of niche businesses babysitting cuckolded men while their wives spend the evening in the embrace of their new lovers. She enters a world of cuckolding, female domination, bondage, and forced feminization and she takes to it like nothing she's ever experienced in this steamy new short story.

"I am free tonight. My fee is $15 per hour. How many would I be sitting for?"
"Only one."
"And how old?" I asked.
"He's thirty-eight," she replied.
"Excuse me?" I replied after a stunned pause.
"It's not for a child, it's my husband."
"Is he disabled or something? I have no nursing training."
"No, he's fine. I just have a date tonight and I don't want to leave him home alone."
"I'm sorry," I said trying to remain professional despite my shock. "I don't think I'm what you're looking for."
"I'll double your rate."
"I don't know you and...this just seems strange. I'm sorry," I replied, though to be honest I was more creeped out than sorry.
"I'll triple your rate...actually, no I'll pay you $50 per hour for six hours. That's $300," she pleaded.
"I don't understand," I said. "If you're married, why are you going on a date?"
"My husband doesn't satisfy me...not that way anyway. He's my best friend, a great breadwinner. I'm lucky to have him, but he's hung like a tadpole. We talked it over and we decided that I should get my sexual needs met elsewhere."
I was glad that she couldn't see me over the phone. I wasn't exactly a virgin, but at eighteen I was definitely virginal. I was naive about sexual matters, and had never heard of hot wives or open marriage. I felt insulted, and stuttered in surprise, "I'm not a...not a...prostitute."
"Oh no, it's nothing like that," she reassured me.
"Well...what would I have to do?" Damn I needed the money, and if I didn't have to do anything gross....
"Just like normal baby sitting. If you could keep him company during my date, that would be all I'd need from you."

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grounded in Heels 2

With my apologies to Star Wars fans, this holiday's most highly anticipated sequel at my house was Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels 2.  I eagerly devoured the book in 2 days and then found myself unsure of my own feelings towards it and thus unable to review it.

In the past, I have made no bones about the fact that I thought that Grounded in Heels was the finest feminization eBook that has ever been published.  It was one of the books that made me consider going down the path of an author myself.  Ann and I write in the same genre. We both write feminization stories that are heavy on plot rather than just steamy erotic scenes.  Her stories are longer than mine usually, but when I look at the books that people who bought Grounded in Heels 2 also purchased, my name is all over that list.  In fact, 15 of my books are on that list.

The same is true of people who buy my books reading Ann Michelle's material.  We're both playing in the same ballpark and I really like Ann both as a writer and as an online friend who is always dishing out some helpful words of advice or encouragement. I love other authors like Alyssa Paige, Crystals Summers, Dominique Silk, and Domina Dixon, but Ann would definitely be in the first class of the Forced Feminization Hall of Fame if I got a vote.

Grounded in Heels 2 is a satisfying conclusion to the first book.  Sam, Diane, and Tracy are back and if anything Sam's predicament has been heightened, Diane is more evil than ever, and Tracy motivations become even more clear.  It ended in a way that was neither cliched  nor underwhelming. If placed directly on the end of the original Grounded in Heels, I think we have a wonderful novel of forced feminization worthy of a solid five stars, no questions asked.

The question, however, becomes why do we right erotica.  I found Grounded in Heels to be incredibly rich in erotic humiliation.  Sam was squirming through every step of his feminization and so many scenes were exciting to read.  Grounded in Heels 2 may well be a superior story, but it lacked some of the erotic punch of the first book.  As an author of these kind of books, I've found myself in exactly that same place where a story is very written and I feel very satisfying, but when I reflect, I realize it's more of a short story than erotica. 

There are still some great scenes in this story.  I particularly enjoyed Sam's date.  However, I find this book a heard one to summarize in a star writing.  I'd give it five stars for the story itself and the way it expands on the plot of the first book, but I'd only give it four stars for it's erotic content.  I still feel this one is a must buy, especially if like me you loved the first one.  Now, I only hope that in Star Wars fashion, Diane's daughter will someday torment Sam's son in a future book,.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sam's Date

The third book in the Sam series was released overnight and it's the payoff for the first part of the story.  In Sam's Halloween, he was trapped by his sister and her friends.  In Sam's Shopping Trip they dragged him to the mall.  Now, they're ready to really have some fun with their feminized pet by making him go through with the date he was forced to agree to with his high school's quarterback.  

Of course, Sam's step-sister is along on the double date to keep him out of trouble and to enjoy watching him squirm in discomfort as the star athlete takes him out for a romantic evening and a night of dancing. This is sure to be a night that Sam will never forget.

In the Sam's Date series, I'm really not trying to break any new ground.  Instead, I'm simply trying to tell a very simple story of forced feminization at the hands of a wicked step-sister and her friends.  It's a very simple plot, but it's one that I am allowing myself extra time to describe and explore.

"What do you think you're doing, Sam?" Alexis shouted at me.
"What? I'm out on a date with a guy, for Christ's sake," I replied annoyed.
"You're out on a date with a guy who is going to be shelling out over $100 for your part of this meal. Do you think he's paying for polite conversation?" She snapped.
"No, I guess not, but what am I supposed to do?"
"Kiss him, pet him, show him a good time. Give him something in return."
"I can't do that. I'm not gay."
"What does that have to do with anything?" she gave me a puzzled look.
"Hello, if I'm not gay why would I be flirting and making out with another guy?"
"Well maybe because you know what will happen to you if you don’t!"
"Why, what are you going to do?"
“Let’s not go there again, the possibilities are practically endless. You know I have so much stuff on you little sister, I can very easily ruin you, your reputation, your whole life. Then if I were to let slip something to Ryan, probably your health, definitely your face. Look, I don’t want to keep repeating this same discussion with you every time you don't want to do something I tell you to. It should be very apparent to you by this point that you want... no, actually you need to keep me and my friends very happy. You can do that by doing what we’ve told you, exactly what we’ve told you. If you don't? Well, that’s up to you I suppose.” She spoke quietly, clearly and very ominously.
“And what would he do to you? You set all this up, claiming I was your cousin!” I retorted desperately.
“Much as he wouldn’t get rough with you while he thinks you are a girl, I really don’t see him holding back much when he finds out you’re just a sissy boy, do you? As for me, I was still a girl the last time I looked. So although he may be upset with me, he probably won’t rearrange my face.”
She was right and I knew it. She had me and there was nothing I could do.
"So, what do you want me to do,” I capitulated. “I've already kissed him and everything."
"Oh you'll be kissing him a lot more and much better than that. When we get back out there start by holding his hand."
"Okay," I said dubiously.
"And you’d better start to show some real enthusiasm, rub your legs against his under the table, lean into him more and for Christ’s sake look at him! Oh, and stop talking to Joey, he’s not your date."
“What about Joey? What are you giving him for your $100 meal?” I sniped.
“None of your business! And you’ll pay for that later.” She retorted.
"Fine," I sulked. "Don't you have to go to the bathroom?"
"We just did," she replied. "Now touch up your makeup and no more backchat!"
After we’d touched up and checked each other we walked back out to the boys at the table. I noticed a lot of guys in the restaurant, some much older, checking us out as we did. As if reading my mind, Alexis whispered to me, "I'm wearing pants. It's you they're staring at."  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Crossdress for Success

Sam's Date is the newest book in the Sam series and it's taken a little longer at the editor than I had hoped.  I guess the fact his last email to me asked if it was supposed to be the first person or third person mean I left him a bit more work to do than I had planned to.  I decided that it was the perfect time to put out another collection to tie my readers over.

Crossdress for Success is three books (Feminized by his Coworker, After the Ordeal, and High-Heeled Coup) for the price of two books $5.99.  It's a good deal if you don't have any of the books, but I admit that if you have one of them, there really is no bargain. 

All three books came out in the first half of this year and they all did very well.  They're all very different books, but they're all female domination and forced feminization stories in a corporate setting.  '

In Feminized by his Coworker,Cade makes the mistake of disrespecting his sexy African-American coworker Ayana, She finally snaps and the next thing he knows, she's making him wear lipstick at work. The women in the office delight in his humiliation and even his boss doesn't want to get involved. Powerless to resist her, she enslaves and cuckolds him.

After the Ordeal tells the story from a weird starting point, after the main character has already been feminized. It focuses on his humiliating return to work after a woman that he fired gets her revenge by putting him in dresses.

Bending the Bookshelf says, "When a story opens up After the Ordeal, and not just as a tease before delving into an extended flashback, you know you’re in for an interesting story. I love what Kylie Gable has done here."

Finally, High Heeled Coup was written as a sort of forced feminization Working Girl. It feels like a great office romantic comedy from the 1980s with a lot of forced feminization. Steve is an arrogant alpha-male fighting it out with a younger woman for a life-changing promotion at a major investment firm. When he loses, his rival comes up with a plan to make sure that he will never be a threat to her, Feminized and stuck in the secretarial pool, Steve's life is at a low point. He shows up at work in heels every day,but he soon learns that it's the secretaries that really run the company and with their help, he attempts to reclaim his future, but with a new attitude.

Bending the Bookshelf said, "Where most authors would be content to let the story end with a little public humiliation, watching as the alpha male is brought down, that’s where Gable begins...I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the final twist coming, but I loved it. Seriously, it’s absolutely perfect the way Gable resolves the coup. By far, one of the happiest, most satisfying endings she’s offered up to date."

This book is intended for adults and contains 30,000 words with such themes as forced feminization, humiliation, female domination, bondage, pegging, interracial domination, and forced bi.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sorry for the Reduced Output

I've been working on getting a book out every two weeks since June of 2014.  In fact, I was pretty much doing that even before then on average. Counting collections, I've put out 61 books in under two years.  That's pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself.  Even if there were collections in there and even my stories aren't novel length, I'd guess that I'm getting very close to 500,000 words since I started.

I still have the same excitement that I did when I first started writing, but it's just getting much harder to keep up with everything.  Through Claudia I've started doing freelance writing for other flirts on Niteflirt and that's been a great source of extra income and a lot of fun.  Who doesn't want to write for beautiful girls with sexy voices to read?

I'm also toying with writing some longer pieces as well as some other fetishes and I'd kind of like to try my hand at something besides erotica soon.  It's possible that nothing changes, but I do see myself falling further and further behind on my blog and my mailing list because I've decided that writing the eBooks is more important.  I used to have a very large big time between books, but I'm down to less than a week for my editors. 

A new Sam's book will be out next weekend.  I have 5,000 words done on a new Jaguar book too.  I may need to go to a book every three weeks soon, but we'll see.  You guys keep me coming with reviews, comments, and the like.  Nothing gets me energized to write like knowing somebody is enjoying my work.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sam's Shopping Trip

I'm really enjoying writing the Sam's Feminization series.  A lot of my stories tell rather epic tales in 10,000 words.  I've written pulps, westerns, and office romances, but at it's heart forced feminization is about a boy, a girl, and a dress.

Sam's Shopping Trip takes place the day after the events in Sam's Halloween.  Taylor and Alexis have Sam very thoroughly trapped and now it's time to take him shopping for his clothes for the date they intend to make him go on with his high school's quarterback.

There are no convoluted or complicated plots, just shop after shop of humiliation for one 18 year old high school senior at the hands of his step-sister, three of her friends, and a bevy of sales associates.  In most short feminization fiction, this shopping trip would be a 1,000 word scene, but in Sam's Shopping Trip it gets explored over 7,400 words. of excruciating humiliation.

One thing I forgot to do is to include some of the influences of this story in a dedication like last time.  I will fix that and upload the change.  However, I would say this very old story inspired this chapter a bit:

A Girl's Place is in the Mall by A Dietrich

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Convention Feminization 2


Today I released the second and final part of the Convention Feminization series. The two part story is an oddity.  I've written series as long as 10 books, but I've only done one other two-part story and that was Summer Reunion.  I almost made Hoops a two-parter, but it was a slower developing story and part one would have been all setup so there was no choice, but to put both parts together. 

Convention Feminization had only been a one-part story, but as I neared the end of book one, I realized that I wanted the luxury to take my time with the punishment of the two misogynists whose capture had filled most of the pages of book one.

Book two begins with Koss and Darkside fully in the girls' grasp and about to endure a gauntlet of humiliating and emasculating tasks to avoid being exposed to their fellow fan boys.  If you love public humiliation with your feminization and sissies who really deserve the comeuppance they get, this one is for you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

To Hormone or not to Hormone?

A discussion started in one of the threads on here about hormones in my stories.  I've never really used them, but I'm also not really opposed either.  For me, the fun of the story is in the transformation of the male to female and I like it to be slow and forced.  A magic spell or a weird scientific serum that instantly changes sex will never appear in my stories.  I just have no interest in telling that type of tale. 

Hormones if done properly however, could work.  I liked how they were used in Grounded in Heels, where Sam takes the hormones even though he knows what they'll do to him because of the power that his sister has over him.  I guess one of the problems is that it does up the stakes.  If the guy being feminized deserves it, then it's not so bad, but if he's the victim of circumstance, I wonder if it's too much.

What do you think?  Are hormones a step too far or the next logical progression?  I do have a story or two coming soon that I could work them in.  I'd love some input.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sam's Halloween - Giving Credit Where It's Due

I've been wanting to write that perfect step-sister story since I first started writing feminization.  There are some stories that are such tried and true staples of our little niche, that they almost become cliches.  We have the overbearing bossed brought down and feminized by his secretary, the supposed alpha male whose wife gains the upper hand and cuckolds him and makes him her French Maid, and of course the college student over his head and trapped by one of his fellow students or his professor.

All of those stories are legitimate and be great reads.  However, I don't ever want to write the same story that every other writer does with the only difference being the first names of the characters.  I didn't want to write this story for awhile because I didn't want to repeat what other authors had already done.  I don't think I could improve on Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels, for a sibling rivalry story for instance.

I decided that the only way to do this story was to do what Quentin Tarantino does--acknowledge my source material and then try and create something original about it.  Sam's Halloween is the first story in a new series of books that follows his feminization and humiliation of a high school senior named Sam at the hands of his step-sister and her friends.  Halloween is where they first set him up, but it is not the end of their plans to humiliate and torment him.

The dedication for Sam's Halloween reads:

For Ann Michelle who wrote Grounded in Heels, Parker who wrote Princess, and Jamie who wrote The Triplets.  So many great authors of feminization fiction have come before me and I owe them all a huge debt of thanks whether their names are remembered or not.

Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels is one of my favorite stories.  My character of Taylor owes a lot to his story as does the overall scene.  I named my character Sam in tribute to the protagonist of that story.

Parker's Princess is free on websites like Fictionmania. I loved how the main character was set up and my character of Gwen owes a bit to Janice in this story.

I believe Jamie's The Triplets is out of stock at Reluctant Press, but it was one of the best stories I ever read where a pair of wicked sisters dominate a step-brother.  I can't think of anything specifically I borrowed from that story, but it definitely led to my appreciation of this type of story.

I hope I did justice to these great writers.  As the series goes on, I'll be including other authors who inspired me.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Real Forced Feminization Video

There is a new video out from Doom Maidens that I thought would be greatly enjoyed by many followers of this blog.  I posted once about VeVe Lane before, but she is an amazing wrestler who added bondage to her wrestling repertoire.  She's the originator and undisputed master of bondage wrestling.  There are very women who could wrestle a semi-skilled man and so overpower him that she is capable of binding him.  VeVe is at the top of this exclusive list.

In her new video, Tied Up, Dressed Up she not only defeats Howl, her male opponent, and  she skillfully hogties him, but using a series of temporary ties, manages to feminize him against his will as well.

The best session wrestlers can dominate a guy pretty well---Miss Scorpion and Venom from the UK come to mind as does Ashley Wildcat from Chicago.  I've talked to a lot of female wrestlers on Twitter and found them to be the most amazing people.  I can't believe how supportive Amethyst Hammerfist has been of my writing and she is a total bad ass too.  Veve, however is something different.  She's powerful for her size, skilled in several fighting disciplines, and can tie a guy up like nobody's business.  This is not a video where the guy just lays there and lets the woman tie him up and dress him, it's a fierce competitive match that ends with Howl's inevitable downfall.  I've got about a dozen VeVe Lane videos and this one is far and away my favorite.  I can't recommend Tied Up, Dressed Up enough.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween is Approaching. I Need a Costume

The woman who got me into Niteflirt and a lot of other things is a charming woman named Emma Evans.  She's a charming beauty and one of the best erotic hypnotists out there.  She's also a lifestyle dominant.  I've never taken advantage of her services because she's way out of my price range.  I have been lucky to talk to her on social media as a friend and she didn't seem to give me much of a choice about crossdressing for Halloween.  Neither did Claudia and I am willing to bet I'll hear from Deanna before too long.  In other words, I need a girly Halloween costume.  Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Forced Feminization: A Love Story

As an artist or a writer, commissions are an interesting area.  A writer that I very much like and respect had offered me a commission to write a story for him and asked me what price I'd charge him.  I told him, that if I could publish it, I'd charge him considerably less and he agreed.  He gave me the bare bones of his fantasy and I filled in the details.  The result is Forced Feminization: A Love Story.

This story is more romantic than my usual tale. I like that about it.  Like a lot of my readers, I do dream of a woman who will want to participate in all my fetishes and even encourage me to take things further.  That's just what Lauren does for John when she discovers him in a compromising position.  I enjoyed writing this story of a supportive woman and a guy who won't take yes for an answer.  I think if you have ever dreamed of having a supportive woman indulge you in your hobbies or if you're lucky enough to have one, you'll enjoy this one a great deal. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Was Feminized and Tortured by Gwen Stefani

I am really psyched to have a chance to post something to my blog that I am not hoping ends with you buying my new book.  I apologize for how neglected this page has been.  I just have had very reduced time and chose to use it creating new ebooks rather than blogging.

The title of this post is a bit misleading, but it remains true.  I was watching a bit of The Voice tonight and was impressed at how hot Gwen Stefani still is at age 45.   Anyway, it made me think that this was a story I should tell you about.  I had a very humiliating shopping trip to the mall with the girls.  The feminization had been going on for about a week, my legs had just been shaved and I was informed that pantyhose would be joining panties as part of my daily wardrobe.  In fact, as we left to buy me my daily hose and a bunch of other things, I was wearing a pair of borrowed hose.

I've talked about this shopping trip before.  It's when the story I posted a few months back about buying pantyhose took place, and the shoe shoe experience was just as humiliating.  It was four hours of having dresses held up to me, being teased, buying dresses, and being put into embarrassing positions.  When we got back I was not happy.

Deanna told Amanda that she couldn't wait to see me in some of the new things I had bought.  Amanda replied that they should have me do a fashion show as soon as we got in.  They were in the front seat, I was in the back and I just lost it.  I told the girls they were sick, swore at them, and spent probably 30 seconds telling them off before I opened the door to storm off.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that Deanna's car had child safety locks and I was now trapped in the car with them.

Following a humiliating spanking in the parking lot, I was led inside where I was stripped down to my bra, panties, and pantyhose; makeup was applied to my face, my hair was teased, and my new heels were strapped onto my feet.  I was then tied to the chair facing the full length mirror on the inside of the front door.  

Before the girls left, they hit the CD player and I could hear the beginning of a No Doubt song called I'm Just a Girl playing.  What I didn't know at the time was that the song was on repeat and it would be going for the next six or seven hours.  To this day, I will drive into traffic to avoid that song, but just for you, I'll put the video here.  As you can see I was tortured by Gwen Stefani even if she didn't know it.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Blog will Return to Life


[I need to apologize right off the bat about the lack of blog updates.  I just find myself so busy lately.  I will be making some changes to my writing schedule among other things to try and gain some time]

I've just released a collection that puts all seven books in my Boys of Alpha Theta Nu series into one 50,000 word (Okay 48,500) bundle.  I'm really proud of my series because it was very different from most of what's out in the genre and definitely not like anything I had written before.

To begin with, the women aren't nice.  Sure, some of them come around by the end and a few are misunderstood, but they just aren't who you root for in this story.  That's a big change for me in my stories where most of the time they guy clearly deserves his fate.   This time around, Matt is probably the most decent guy in the story.

Even, Doctor Shepherd who has appeared as a student in the Welcome to College books and then later as a professor in stories like French Exchange and Calendar Girl comes off negatively.  She's a first year college professor who wants to be taken seriously despite being young and hot.

I tried to writ this story as a forced feminization X-Files.  There's a dark conspiracy unfolding and like a comic book or an old movie serial, each chapter creates a new problem for Matt and his friends to solve, but there is still an over-arching conspiracy lurking  hanging over his head.

Of course this story still contains plenty of bondage, humiliating, feminization, pegging, and forced bi.  In fact, since these girls aren't holding back it's even more intense than usual.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Claudia: Memoirs of a Campus Domme


My name is Claudia and I'm a dominant woman.  I've been a part of Kylie's life for about 10 months now and a part of his writing for 8, but I've enjoyed controlling men for as long as I can remember. It started as self-preservation and grew into fun for me.  I'm thrilled to be able to present a bit about how I grew to accept myself as a woman who enjoys being dominant.  I'm especially excited because most of the books, I have co-written with Kylie have been 80% to 90% Kylie.  This is a book that is 80% to 90% me.  Kylie's been involved the whole way, so I think you'll see the same high quality you expect from her.

Like Kylie, it was college for me where my sexuality was formed.  Emasculating boys went from being mean to being sexual.  Unlike Kylie, it didn't take me years to figure out who I was meant to be and unlike Kylie's amazing nine book opus about his college days, my story is about a boy named Justin who was infatuated with my roommate and how I tamed and feminized him.

The similarities between my situation and Kylie's fascinate us both.  In both cases, bondage was involved early, but while Kylie was allowed to develop behind closed doors, I never let my sissies be so closeted.  Kylie's mistresses knew that he liked it long before he even realized it.  I forced Jasmine to confront it right away.

I hope you give a try.  I think you'll enjoy it, but I'm not done here by any means.  I'm continuing to write with Kylie and we're working hard to collaborate on the second part of Convention Feminization this afternoon before his Fantasy Football League Draft.  I'm also going to be getting my own blog very shortly.  It'll be a WordPress and I'm sure Kylie will link to it.  If this book does well, I'm even going to try my hand at writing some short female domination without him with or without crossdressing.

Finally, give me a call on NiteFlirt.  I know for some of you, it may be out of your price range, but I'd love to discuss my books, feminization, and female domination with any of you.  Getting paid to talk about sex is about the coolest thing in the world.


[For this story, it made sense to have Claudia sell it instead of me.  She's put a lot of herself into this one and it kind of reminds me how I felt when people ready my own story in Welcome to College.  If you let her know you enjoy her work, I bet I can get her to write even more of it -- Kylie]

 Excerpt from Claudia: Memoirs of a Campus Domme

https://www.niteflirt.com/listings/10778063/call_nowIn retrospect, I wouldn't subject a sissy to that kind of humiliation today. Still, I knew that he secretly enjoyed what I was doing to him and that seemed to make it okay. He never would have let me in his room unless he was hoping I'd convince him to embrace his submission to me.
As I walked him into the floor's bathroom, a rather broad chested guy named Pete was exiting. He was really buff with short black hair and piercing blue eyes and he wore only a towel around his waist. He looked at Justin and me in confusion.
"There's a great story here. I just wish I knew what it was," said Pete.
I hadn't met him before, even though he was a freshman like me. Turned out he had been tied up with football practice during most of the freshman orientation activities.
"I'm Claudia, and we just need to shave Justin here," I said. "We'll be out of the bathroom in like twenty minutes."
"Wow, that's just wild. Nothing like this ever goes on where I'm from."
"Where is that, Pete?"
"I'm from Nebraska, about thirty miles outside of Omaha."
"Do you want me to do you next, Pete?  What do you think Justin, would you like a little sissy sister?"
"Claudia..." he stammered, but had no real reply before Pete cut him off.
"You call her Justin even though she's wearing a bra and panties."
"You know, he's got a point, Justin," I smiled. "What do you recommend, Pete?"
"How about Jasmine?" he asked. "I think she definitely looks like a Jasmine."
"Jasmine...Hmm, I like it," I replied. "What do you say Jasmine?"
"Thanks Pete."
"Don't mention it, Jasmine," he teased.
"Tell me that you're going to be a good girl, Jasmine, and use your name when you say it," I ordered.
"Jasmine will be a good girl," he moaned.
"Well, if she gives you any trouble, just let me know and I bet I can make her real cooperative for you."
"Oh that won't be necessary, Pete. You're very sweet though."
I couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or arousal that had made Jasmine almost incoherent. I reached into the bag and pulled out a lipstick. I began writing on Pete's chest with it.
"What the Hell?" he asked.
"You wanted my phone number right?  Well I don't have a pen."
"Oh," he giggled. "I just didn't want to use up all of Jasmine's lipstick."
"If you play your cards right, your chest might not be the only part of your body with Jasmine's lipstick on it."
Jasmine shuddered at my comment. After I finished writing my number and put away the lipstick, Pete started laughing loudly as he walked down the hall heading back to his room. He stopped after a few moments to shout to me, "Hey, I'm going to call you, you know."
"I know."
"I can't take much more of this," pleaded Jasmine.
"You'd be amazed what you can take. Let's get you nice and smooth."

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We're Both Number One

I have been helping Claudia get set up on NiteFlirt and she's amazing at it.  She's become #1 in several categories right off the bat and I couldn't be prouder of her. If you do use Niteflirt or want to give it a try, call her and she'll tell you all sorts of dirt on me lol.  She's quite good at what she does.  The link below should be to her listing, not mine.

Call Authoritarian Claudia for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

I've also been working on a commission for author John Dylena who is a very gifted author of feminization and gender change in his own right.  Do check his work out.

French Exchange has been selling very well and has even reached number one on Amazon in transgender fiction on several different occasions. I've been in the top position before, but not in awhile.  I think that this might mean people might want longer books and I may need to consider it.  I've definitely enjoyed my book ever two weeks schedule though and that will have to end if I start trying to work 25,000 word stories.

I am going to try and go back to being a dutiful blogger.  The thing I hate most when I fall behind is that the blog posts I make tend to be more selling things than talking about feminization.  I want to get back to that. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

French Exchange Now on Amazon!


As I write this, French Exchange is going live on Amazon.  This book is very different from my usual book.  I began working on it in Spring of 2014, but I soon realized that this was not going to be my typical 6,000 to 12,000 word feminization story.  Even worse (to me at the time), the feminization was so slowly building that I didn't think it worked to split it up.  At 26,000 words it's the size of three of my usual stories, but there was just no way to divide it except maybe to put the first 75%  of the book in one eBook and the other 25% in a second book.  The result is my longest story yet.

French Exchange tells the story of Helene who is a French Exchange student staying with an American family.  The family has a boy named Luke who like Helene is a freshman at DuPont College and a girl named Julie who is Luke's step-sister.  Luke thinks he's hit the jackpot in having Helene move into their home for a semester.  What he doesn't know is she's got a talent for turning boys into girls and she's set her sights on him.  She doesn't do this by force or blackmail.  Instead, she outsmarts him and uses her devious mind to draw him further and further into her web of femininity.  By the time Luke realizes he's been ensnared, it's too late.

I wrote the first 8,000 words or so last summer when I was binge watching the BBC show Luther.  That show had a sociopath named Alice who was insane, brilliant, and dangerously sexy.  Up until that time most of my stories involved a wronged woman getting revenge through blackmail.  In this case, there was no wrong committed and the woman if clearly feminizing her victim because she loves it.  I took a lot of inspiration from Alice.

When Claudia began writing with me, I gave her the 8,000 words that I had done last year and she immediately fell in love with it.  She said she loved the pacing, which was much more relaxed than my typical story.  She convinced me to make finishing this book my big priority for the summer.  I'm so glad we did.    The humiliation in this store is very public and for those who enjoy reading about a woman who is two steps ahead of her sissy, this is the one for you.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting a Friend Excited is...Exciting?

Claudia is diving in with both feet now that I have made her an official co-writer.  She's setting up her own NiteFlirt account, she wants to make a blog to rival this one, and the two of us have been working on her autobiography. 

Setting up the NiteFlirt account is a real pain because their HTML doesn't quite work the way it should and she had all her listings pulled because she linked to my Sissy-in-Law story, which violates NF's incest policy even though there is no incest in the story.  It's a sister-in-law getting revenge on the guy who did her sister wrong.  That's the theme of so many movies.  "You killed my brother and now I'm gonna kill you."

One of the first stories I ever wrote was The Good, The Bad, and The Sissy and that was about  an outlaw woman who feminized a miner for revenge because he disrespected her sister.  Anyway, I digress.

The great thing about helping somebody else to enter this world is that her enthusiasm has been contagious and like a vampire, I've been leeching excitement off of her.   I've been very lucky to have not just Claudia, but Mitch, James, Alyssa, Mindi, Sally, and everybody else who has been there to support me.  It's great when writing can be a team sport.rather than individual competition.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Convention Feminization Pt. 1

Geek has become chic.  I've been immersed in various nerd hobbies as long as I can remember and I've been going to conventions for almost that long.  I remember when a plain looking woman at some of the gaming or comic conventions I went to was a cause for astonishment.  Now, women are becoming much more common. 

Unfortunately, that also means that sexism has become a lot more common as well as a push back.  It all seemed to come to a head last year.  Convention Feminization is the story of two guys who go by the names of Koss and Darkside.  Koss is a blogger while Darkside is a podcaster and both have taken it upon themselves to make life difficult for female nerds. 

Unfortunately, for these two it puts them on a collision course with four resourceful women who have decided to teach them a lesson once and for all.  If being forced to wear a dress in public can be embarrassing, just imagine how humiliating it would be to wear some of the outfits cosplayers squeeze into. 

This is a project that's very close to my heart because of my own background and both the feminized men and the women who dominate them are based on people I have gotten to know playing games and reading comic books myself.  This is the first part of a two part story and one that I think will definitely titillate fans of my writing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Back from Vacation

Hey, I just got back from Gen Con and myself and 59,000 of my closest friends had a blast celebrating everything geek.  I know at least one of my regular readers on this forum is huge comic book fan and there was a definite comic book presence at the convention.  This week my first part of Comic Book Feminization will be out and you'll be seeing me back to an every two week schedule for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

32 Flavors eBook Now Available

If you enjoyed our Thirty-Two Flavors writer round robin story in this very blog, I'm happy to announce that it's now available at Amazon.com and it will be available at other eBook retailers in a matter of days.  It was a thrill for me to work with such talented writers as Alyssa Paige and Mindi Harris and I think we've crafted something really special here by rotating short five hundred word segments through the book.

32 Flavors tells the story of Kevin Kane--a wealthy but arrogant jerk whose descent into feminization and humiliation comes at the hands of a girl named Tina who works in a local  ice cream parlor. She soon teaches him that not everything has a price as he gets tangled in her web and must obey her every whim if he is to escape with his reputation and dignity in tact.


I have always enjoyed putting multiple short stories with a theme together into one single volume.  In The Crime and Punishment Collection, we look at men who made the mistake of getting on the wrong side of a creative and powerful woman and learned there was a price to be for such bad judgement and that price begins with total emasculation.  This collection contains three previously published stories in Sissy-in-Law, Trial of a Feminizer, and It's Nothing Personal for $4.99 and is available for pre-order now.  It will be released on August 1st.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bound by Goddess Claudia

It's weird to call her Goddess Claudia because I've usually just called her Claudia.  However, I've been very lucky since last Halloween when I was discovered.  You may remember that I was quasi-blackmailed into crossdressing.  Once as Audrey Hepburn and once as a generic girl.  I wasn't too worried because there were a completely different group of people at each party, but there were a very small number of crossovers.  One of them was Claudia who was a neighbor of the hosts of one party and a friend of the host of the other one.

She not only noticed that I came in two different female costumes, but also that I was rather skillful in my heels and that I was smoothly shaven and when she talked to me, I couldn't really give a very good explanation of who did my makeup. Rather than using this as a chance to expose me, she instead used it as a chance to reveal herself.  Like me, she had some rather interesting early experiences with forced feminization, though from the other side and like me she was in the process of discovering just who she was.

The result has been me finding a good friend, a wicked domme, and an extremely creative co-writer.  Just as I've been growing by exploring my submission again, she has been exploring her dominant side.  Beginning with It's Nothing Personal: Breaking a Billionaire, she's been an adviser on my writing.  Beginning with The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu, where she literally zip-tied me to the chair and then wheeled me away from the desk so that she could take over the computer, she's really been more of a co-writer.

I've gotten the chance to explore forced feminization, wrestling, bondage, and humiliation with her and it's been amazing to try some of this stuff again.  She hadn't been willing to make her kinky side public until now.

Beginning with Convention Feminization, I will begin to give  Claudia co-writer credit and it's even possible that she'll write some of her own stories in the future.  Her story of how she got into forced feminization itself would make a great story.  I am not her property and I'm not really her sissy, but we do play and I think it's definitely improved my stories.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tanning Time Again

It's that time of year when a sissy's thoughts turn to girls wearing bikinis and possibly even wearing a bikini yourself.  There is nothing that makes a sissy feel more emasculated than having a bikini outline tanned into their skin.  Unlike a regular bikini, you can't remove it without spending a long time tanning to even out the sun on your chest.

When I was feminized in college, of course Amanda and her friends didn't forget to inflict this indignity on me.  Freshman year, we had no real private area in the dorms, but sophomore year when they had a house off campus, when I went over to clean I frequently found myself in the backyard afterwards working on my tan. Now, I can assure you that this behavior was no more voluntary than the fuchsia two-piece bathing suite with white flowers that I was wearing.

The girls added a unique touch one day, when I was doing my required time working on my tan.  When they rented the house, they inherited a small pile of kids toys and games in the basement.  These were pretty old.  Among the toys were the board game Sorry, a Peter Pan Colorforms set, and some plastic letters with magnets in them.  As I was laying on my stomach, the girls had the bright idea to put the Tinkerbell Colorform on the small of my back with plastic letters arranged above it to spell out P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S. 

The result was a suntan tramp stamp of incredible humiliation.  Every time I went over to tan for the rest of the summer, the sticker and the letters were placed in the same location to cause the tan to get darker.  Sometimes, they were way too clever for my own good.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

High-Heeled Coup

I love old movies.  One movie that I didn't discover until I was feminized and forced to watch a bunch of chick flicks was a movie called Working Girl.   It's one of a string of fun movies about people either pulling themselves up from the lowest rungs of corporate America or pompous rich people who lose everything and get to appreciate the common worker and by doing so, regain their fortune   I decided to try and apply this formula to feminization.

In High-Heeled Coup we meet Steve.  Steve is that arrogant and pompous type-A personality that business movies are built on.  He meets his match in Kendra who is just as brash and cut-throat as he is.  She humiliates him and tries to make sure that she never leaves him in a position to challenge her.  She does this by feminizing Steve and putting him in the secretarial pool. Soon Steve realizes that these lowly secretaries are the ones who really run the company.  Now Steve, tries to battle back to the top despite being under the thumb of Kendra as her personal secretary.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Three Great Reads

In my post yesterday I mentioned that even as Amazon was destroying authors' financial situations, I was finding some of the best erotica writing out there. 

The first story is more of an author discovery than a book discovery.  Stephanie Cain is a talented writer, who writes a bit short for my taste and sometimes has a bit too much step-family stuff.  However, His Bitchy Bully is very reminiscent of my Reunion story in that an old nerdy guy from high school seemingly grew up to be successful, but when he goes back to his old town, the girl who bullied him in high school destroys him at the class reunion.  There is no dressing in this one, but a fun humiliating story with a great ending.  This will appeal to those who like my books for their female domination and bondage aspects.


Dominique Silk found her mark again when she published Cuckolded Sissified Quarterback I'm always worried about sports books because I do know sports, but she's fairly credible with it and it's a great example of weaving cuckolding into a feminization story.  The domme in this story is very cruel and as a result, we get right into the good stuff.  This doesn't seem to have done as well as some of her other books, which is a shame because it may be her best.


I like Crystal Summers and she has some very good stories, but she hasn't had one that really stood out to me before Caught by his Roommate.  The only thing I hate about this story is that I didn't write it.  It has everything I look for in a story and everything I try to put in them when I write them.  If you like any of my books, give this one a try.  I think it's the best forced feminization story since Grounded in Heels.  It has a great domme, bondage, humiliation galore, feminization, and this woman is terrific at holding all the cards.  It's definitely in my Hall of Fame.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Plea to My Readers about Amazon

There is some amazing feminization and female domination literature out there and I will be reviewing it in the next week.  I've never felt so many five star reviews were necessary in such a short time before.  However, before I do I have a favor to ask you.

I have always prided myself on celebrating feminization.  I review and interview other authors and do everything I can to help them out from covers to brainstorming.  It is for that reason, that I have chosen to end my membership in Kindle Unlimited.  My current plan is to put my new books in there for three month and work on getting my back stock moved to other sites.  My books will always be on Amazon, but they won't be on Kindle Unlimited for much longer.

As a customer though, this is goodbye.  The reason is that Amazon has changed their pay structure.   Authors used to get paid $1.35 if somebody read 10% of your book.  Now, they estimate you get a little more than half a cent for every page they borrow and read.  If an author writes a great 19 page book (like His Bitchy Bully, which contains no feminization, but great female domination and humiliation.), she will get 11 cents.  I can't do that to authors that give me a great story.

Crystal Summers just wrote a story called Caught by His Roommate that made me hate her because she wrote it instead of me.  Caught by His Roommate may be the greatest feminization story since Grounded in Heels.  It's 65 delicious pages long and her cut is 37 cents if it's borrowed and read all the way through.

I can't do this to authors and I hope you can't either.  A good story is going to be read over and over or at least the good parts will.  It doesn't seem to me as a reader that $2.99 is too much to ask and I can buy three great feminization books and still have money left over every month with just the cost of my Kindle Unlimited.

I became a writer for the money, but it's definitely a labor of love. There are much easier ways to make a buck. So far this month, I have had 2,769 pages read.  That should net me $16 at the end of the month.  Under the old system, it would probably have earned me about $90.  By the end of the month, I'll be down a lot, but I can survive.  However, if you do like my books, I'd definitely appreciate that you buy them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I finally broke down and started a mailing list.  Changes to Amazon's payment plans are going to wipe away about 30% of my income from selling books and I figure that the best way to replace it is by increasing my marketing. I promise that my mailing list will only send mail 2-3 times a month.  I do not want to be a spammer. 

So if it's not spam, what will the list be?  Obviously, I'll use it for product announcements, but it'll also include free stuff like reviews, anecdotes and advice from my feminized days, short fiction, and anything else that I think my readers will enjoy. 

If you sign up for the mailing list at www.kyliegable.com, you will aslo receive a free PDF copy of my story, The Operator, which I think is one of my better ones.  Go ahead and sign up.  I promise you won't regret it.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Two of My Books are Now Free

I've decided to make two of my books permanently free.  Calendar Girl, which is one of my favorite stories that I've written tells the story of one young woman embracing dominance as she feminizes a male friend for her sorority's fundraising calendar.  Welcome to College is the first book in a series by the same name.  It's autobiographical and tells how I went from Kyle to Kylie.  A lot of my feminization stories are variations on those things that happened to me as a naive college student.

I have made both books available for free at Smashwords and Amazon just price-matched Calendar Girl today.  I expect it will be no time until they do the same to Welcome to College.  In fact, if you let them know about Welcome to College, they may just give you a $3 credit to your account, which you could use to buy another great book, preferably one that I wrote.

If you do get the free book (or any of my new books for the foreseeable future), you will also get a link to where you can sign up for my mailing list and get a free copy of The Operator.   The mailing list will receive emails from me 2-3 times a month.  I won't deluge your mailbox and it'll contain articles on feminization, very short stories, reviews, and yes product announcements.  You can sign up at www.kyliegable.com and I think if you enjoy my writing, you'll be very glad that you did.

Alpha Theta Nu Part 7 - The Conclusion

Poor Matt and Elizabeth.  The heroes of my Alpha Theta Nu series have been through a lot.  Since Elizabeth began to have second thoughts about her sorority's program to enslave and feminize the Alpha Theta Nu pledges, her days in the house were numbered, but now they're dumping all of her worldly possessions onto the lawn of the sorority house.

The stakes have gotten very high for Candy as well.  He finds himself crossdressed and bound as the birthday present for a drunk and horny twenty-one year old.  Does he have any hope of retaining what's left of his masculinity?

This story has been a lot of fun for me to right.  I know that some people were shocked because for a change they were sympathizing with the feminized rather than the feminizers even as many of my readers would have loved to switch places with him.  However, it's been fun to tell what seemed like a simple story and weave it into a dark and sinister conspiracy.  I hope you'll pick up Hell to Pay and all seven parts of the Alpha Theta Nu saga today.

Friday, June 26, 2015

32 Flavors - Part 15 (The Conclusion)

32 Flavors - Part 15

Before Kevin could answer, Steve began massaging his neck eliciting an involuntary cooing sound from the feminized male. That told Tina all she wanted to know. She smirked at Kevin and showed him his own iPhone.
In horror, he realized that Tina was set to send a text message to Jennifer Tyson, the obsessive local TV reporter he'd accused of stalking him. She had attached several humiliating pictures: some of him tweaking against Steve, some of him kissing and holding hands with Steve, and...he looked at her in pleading dismay, shaking his head.
Tina grinned and nodded at Steve, while making kissy faces at Kevin who again, shook his head no. When Tina shrugged and glared at him, her finger positioned over the send button, he knew he had no choice. He reached behind the tall Aussie's head, and pulled him into a deep kiss.
Cass laughed so hard she nearly choked on her drink. Melanie--eyes wide with erotic delight--elbowed her friend and shushed her. Tina, All of them were avidly watching as the steamy make-out session became a grope-fest.
Steve's left hand cupped and squeezed Kevin's round ass through the thin fabric of the minidress. The girls grinned and giggled as Kevin struggled to fend off the strong, manly left hand that kept inching higher and higher up his smooth stocking-clad thigh.
Nancy, the proud winner of the little contest, made a hidden gesture to Tina. The ring leader immediately picked up on it, laughed, and nodded in response. She caught Kevin's eye,  balled her right hand into a fist, and put it to her lips. Then, she thrust her tongue into her cheek and began slowly pumping her fist, pantomiming a blow job.
It was Kevin's turn to choke as Tina hissed into his ear, "You practiced sucking cock for like an hour at my place, and showed mad skillz. Don't lie to me, I know you're into this," she said, patting his lap and feeling his throbbing erection.
"See? I knew it!" Tina continued. "Take him to your...make that my car and suck his cock!" Her eyes danced with excitement, but her mouth was set in a stern expression. "It's either that or Jennifer Tyson gets to broadcast an exclusive, all about the sissy businessman."
"You wouldn't dare! What did I ever do to you?" Kevin whined into her ear, as he saw Nancy laughing at him in triumph, reveling in his impending abject debasement.
Rolling her eyes, Tina cupped her hands over Kevin's ear and shouted so he could hear, "Of course I would! I'm already wet just thinking about it, and seeing you exposed as a cross dressed slut on the TV news would give me multiple orgasms. As for what you did to me?"
She listed her complaints, "You stalked me at my job, you kept hitting on me nonstop even after I shot you down like a million times, you insulted my friends and boyfriends, and you...."
"OK, OK, OK!" Kevin interrupted. He sadly nodded, conceding all that was true.
"Besides, if you do a good job with that blow job, you may just get lucky," she waggled her eyebrows. Then, Tina stood up, smiled angelically, and shouted at Steve, "We approve of you, you're worthy of a special treat."
Feeling utterly emasculated, powerless, and controlled, Kevin gently took Steve by the hand and led him outside. Tina followed behind, calling and waving a ticket over her head. Kevin remembered they'd used valet parking. Taking the ticket from her, he approached the valet, and handed over the numbered piece of cardboard.
Kevin felt waves of humiliation when the valet winked at Steve and said, "I bet you're going to get lucky with her tonight! Well played, she's a stone fox!"
 The uniformed young man pulled the keys from the peg board, and sauntered off to get the car, leaving Steve to bend Kevin into a deep, probing kiss whole copping a feel again.
 The valet brought the Ferrari around, tossed Steve the keys, and opened the passenger side door for Kevin. As Tina held up the iPhone with a finger poised to send the photos to Jennifer, Kevin hung his head, smoothed the back of his dress, and slipped into his...make that Tina's car.
Steve whooped with delight as he shoved the stick shift into gear, pulled out of the parking lot, and forced his way into traffic.
Kevin looked at Steve, and noted the large man's evident excitement with a shudder.Despite or maybe because of his own arousal, Kevin blushed deeply with shame. He realized that the valet was right. 

Author's Note:

I hope you have enjoyed this story from three of the top selling forced feminization authors working today.  It was great fun for us to do and there may be another similar compilation in our future.  We will also clean this story up and publish it within the next month.  Please visit our Amazon pages here for more stories from us:

Alyssa Paige     Mindi Harris    Kylie Gable