Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feminized for his Inheritance 4: The Director's Cut

I had written the book to end after the third volume, but Laurie, who commissioned it, wanted a bigger ending. After writing another 4,000 words for her, I decided that we should just add another couple of thousand words and make it a 4th part of the series. This part has a lot of sex and some training and really does give the story the bigger ending it deserved. If you liked the first three parts, you're going to want to read FF4: The Director's Cut.

Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges

If you haven't read this series from Diane and Claudia, you're really missing out.  I recently have had one of my most loyal readers write to tell me that she loves it as much as anything I've ever written. I could take umbrage, except that I'm loving it too. It's got everything that I love--a wicked domme, a cute sissy, cruelty, and loving domination.  This story has everything so far as the two dominant women have created a tale based on one of my suggestions that has become so much more that I envisioned. I think the female touch is evident in the way they took a story about a man being dominated by the woman who picked on him when they were teens and turned it into a coming of age story for his fiancée while still keeping everything I loved about the original concept. 

In Feminized by his Fiancée: Leslie Emerges, Shannon is away on business which leaves Liam completely at Amelia's mercy. She's going full speed ahead and she has Shannon's blessing to do it--even when she brings a man home for Liam.

Feminization Folio Volume 7

I love these collections. Nobody writes a book without wanting other people to read it. There are successful free fiction sites that exist because even without profit motive, people want their words read. I'm no different. When somebody new discovers me, it's probably easy to just start with new books, but I'm proud of all of my work. The Folios are a great way to catch up on all my books. Forced Feminization Folio Volume Seven has books as recent as 2018 and I think there are some really good stories here. I'm most proud of Stocking Syndrome, which gave me a great chance to play with old friends one more time. The 12,000 stories that make up this volume account for 95,000 words. These are the stories in this book:

1. Night of the Cat
2. Don't Mess with Amy
3. Amy's Slave Auction
4. Dressing Room Dupe
5. My Wife's Best Friend Kicked my Ass
6. My Wife Kicked my Ass
7. Stocking Syndrome 1&2 
9. Living Together 1-4

Friday, March 15, 2019

Miss Eng'g 2019

I think this must be the greatest womanless beauty pageant in the world. At the University of the Philippines  Diliman they have a huge event every year called Engineering Week where the school's social organizations compete in a variety of events, but the highlight of the week is the Miss Engineering Pageant. Each club sends a representative to compete and the girls in the organization's female members feminize them for the competition.  They go all out with professional photographers and costume requirements. I think it's pretty much every sissy's dream. I just wonder how many of the guys who participate know how many would love to trade places with them. 

University Porn Star by Pamela Harlow

I really enjoy college freshman stories like University Pornstar.  Hmm, I wonder why? :-).  I spent a summer at Oxford after my senior year of high school and I understand some of how the UK university system works, but it really wasn't necessary to enjoy this story of a freshman named Oliver who is unlucky enough to get caught plagiarizing by his professor. She offers him a chance to save his academic career and save his family the scandal of his expulsion in exchange for him helping her out.

You see, his professor and a female student have a very lucrative business making fetish films and they have decided that Oliver is perfect to play the part of a sissy in their next three videos.  With a little bit of coaxing and a lot of threatening, he goes along with their plan. I quite like this story as it seems uniquely British, but very accessible to an American audience too.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rent-a-Sissy Concludes Friday

I've been a bit behind on promoting this one, but Rent-a-Sissy concludes with part four this week. It's not going to be easy for Gigi either. He has to go to a dance as another guy's escort and a play date has been scheduled with Mistress Dita's sissy as well. Decisions will be made and lives will be changed.

If you haven't tried this series, I think it's worth a read. I tried to take the usual college feminization story and turn it on its head. In this case, a new sissy has to raise money for clothes, makeup, and all the girly things that his mistresses intend for him to explore. It has a little more forced bi than my usual stories, but if you like dominant women, this story has some good ones.

Feminized by His Twin Sister

We're still figuring out how to deal with a larger stable of writers over here at Candy Apple Press. Mindi has been doing a great job getting editing done on a limited timetable and I've been falling miserably behind on the blogging.

Case in point, is Feminized by his Twin Sister from myself, Claudia, and Pamela. Claudia and I did the first part, which is the story of a twin brother and sister. The brother is the good twin and the sister is clearly the evil one. When she discovers that her brother looks very much like her if he's given the right clothing and makeup, she uses that resemblance to get out of everything she doesn't want to do from detention to dates by making her poor brother take her place.

The second part, which was written by Pamela takes place 10 years in the future. The brother is a successful businessman and his sister is stuck in a British prison. She writes him a heartfelt letter begging him to visit so that she can make things right. Is this the beginning of a new relationship or is he going back into his sister's clutches?