Sunday, April 26, 2015

Forced Feminization Flirting Fun
I signed up to be a Nite Flirt Operator because I looked at it as a great way to sell my books to people who don't go to Amazon.  I could even sell some short MP3s and that seemed like a natural way to expand my little side business.  I never expected to enjoy taking phone calls.

If you know me, you know that I'm not into guys.  However, I started taking phone calls because I was an operator.  I was shocked.  I really enjoyed it.  I love sharing my experiences.  Heck, it was a need to share my college experiences that got me writing in the first place.  I also really enjoy hearing the experiences of my callers.  Some of them are pure fantasy and some of them are a bit tame, but it's still fun to hear about it and the emotions are great to hear.  I would absolutely love to hear from more of my readers.  I've only really heard from one and one other who was going to call me, but somehow we never did connect.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


 Reunion is not a sequel, it's a story about a dominant woman, her friends and her sissy that is completely self sustained and requires you to read no other book.  However, Reunion is also a sequel.  If you remember, a few months ago, I published a story on this very website called The Girl's Washroom.  It got renamed to Mean Girls and Mermaids and after an editing was published on Amazon.  This story looks at those characters 10 years later. 

Eric is a very successful young executive.  In fact, he's on the 30 Hottest People Under 30 list.   In high school, he was bullied and feminized by Allie and her friends.  With his ten year reunion approaching, Eric decides to go back to his old home town to rub everybody's face in his new found success.  Unfortunately, it's awfully hard to outrun your past and Allie and her friends make sure that he experiences a new level of humiliation at the reunion.  Here's an excerpt to entice you:

"Well, lead the way," agreed Eric his confidence returning.

"I've got some friends over."

As she opened the door to her bedroom, all of Eric's confidence raced away from him with a speed even his car couldn’t have matched. His face turned a ghostly pallor, as the three girls looked up from the old pictures and yearbooks they were busy pouring over on her bed to greet him. They all had big smiles on their faces, not the pleasant smiles of old friends reuniting, but the predatory smiles of a lioness eyeing up a trapped zebra. 

"Hey Ariel," purred Ashleigh from the bed. Eric recognized them all. They were Ashleigh the tall blonde, Brandy the Latina hottie and even Tricia the striking brunette all watching him tremble in the door way. 

"He-hello girls," croaked Eric. It didn't matter how successful he was or how large his bank account was. He may have been one of the fifty most important people under thirty-years-old, as stated in the national magazines, but to these girls he was still Ariel, their dress-up doll sissy. The last time they had been together had been at that one graduation party where they put him in a scandalously sexy dress that belonged to Tricia and then forced him to make out with a football player from another school. The poor jock never knew, but everybody else at the party did. Eric suddenly wanted to make a mad dash for the door, but Allie was standing right behind him.

"I think we're all going to have a lot of fun tonight," said Allie with just a little too much enthusiasm for Eric's taste. "Do you mind keeping Eric company, while I change?"

"Not at all," agreed Brandy. 

"So Eric," Ashleigh interjected, "Allie tells us that you're quite successful."

"Yeah, I'm doing pretty good, I’m in computers," agreed Eric a small measure of his confidence returning.

"Wow, that's great," said Ashleigh. "I'm in teaching, Brandy does real estate, and Trish...well just what do you do anyway Trish?"

"I married well," joked Trish. "I also do some web design on the side, just to keep busy."

"So you're all doing well too, that’s great." said Eric with mock sincerity that he realized was just a bit more obvious than he had originally intended. He didn't like the look Brandy gave him.

"Do you still like to dress up as Ariel?" asked Brandy.

"No, I've put all that behind me," insisted Eric

"Oh, that's such a shame," said Trish "and you were so good at it."

"Hey remember what great legs she had?" asked Ashleigh.

"Oh yeah, and those lips--natural cock suckers, if I ever saw some." agreed Brandy

"The guys would always act so disgusted that she'd even turn up at the graduation party in a dress, but then they couldn't help spending the evening checking her out," joked Trish.

The laughter of the girls made Eric feel very small and insignificant. He cringed in embarrassment with each new memory and there were just so many of them.

"Remember when we tied you up in the girl's locker room in a baby doll and left you for the girl’s volleyball team to find. They must have had hours of fun with you," said Brandy. "Tying you up was almost as much fun as dressing you." 

"Are we all having fun?" asked Allie returning now looking absolutely breathtaking in a little blue dress. 

"Well we are," said Trish. "but I don't know that Ariel is. I think we might be making her a little nervous, with all our memories."

Monday, April 20, 2015

Twin-Like Couple Weds

In an extremely conservative country like Russia that has shown no hesitation in rolling over the rights of gays and transgendered, this takes major balls.  According to Rocket News 24, twenty-one year old Ellison Brux married her twenty-three year old fiancee Alina Davis (whose legal name is Dimitriy Kozhuhov).   Davis is androgynous but was born a man and while same sex marriage isn't legal in Russia, there was no law against them getting married in matching wedding dresses.  The story was a little low on facts, but had more than enough pictures to make Putin's head spin.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

High School Feminization Grab Bag

Every now and then it's fun to look back on the books that I have written.  High School Feminization Grab Bag gave me a chance to put three stories of 18-year-old sissies being feminized by their classmates, friends, and neighbors. 

Doubling Down is a story that has always bothered me.  It was a fun story, but with horrible mistakes due to lack of proofreading.  Before making this compilation, I had it professionally edited and the story is greatly improved for it.

Mean Girls and Mermaids began as a free story on this website.  Again, the version in this book has been properly edited, but it's one of my best stories from a put humiliation standpoint.

Hoops may be the best story that I ever wrote. Bending the Bookshelf certainly thought so.  In giving the story five stars they said, "While Kylie Gable can always be counted on for a solid, entertaining, well-plotted tale of forced feminization and humiliation, I do think Hoops may be her best yet. It has a great set-up, a legitimate agenda for the feminization, some exquisite detail in the feminization itself, and some really unexpected plot developments along the way.

It all begins with two high school basketball stars. Jimmy and Savannah used to be good friends, both on and off the court, but he’s allowed success to go to his head, alienating many of those around him. A hallway confrontation leads to a challenge on the court - one that she wins, despite being knocked down with a bloody nose. When Jimmy decides he’s too good to follow through on the consequences of their bed, Savannah and her friends concoct a blackmail scheme to make him (and his best friend Kenny) their sissy bitches for the summer...What brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer, and follows up on its real-world consequences."

So you're getting three stories that would normally cost you $8.97 and you get them all for $4.99.  That's about 45% off.  I think you'll be very happy with the three stories in this collection.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So Why Forced Feminization

I still remember a time shortly after my college experiences when I had moved back home with my parents temporarily.  I was going to have the weekend to myself and starting to feel particularly horny, I made up my mind that I would use Friday to get myself dressed up and enjoy a weekend in feminine clothing.  I was bored by the time I had finished denuding myself and gave up before I was done with my makeup. 

That's when I decided that I wasn't a crossdresser or a transvestite.  Dressing up like a woman wasn't exciting for me. The exciting part wasn't the dressing, it was being to do it.  I researched forced feminization and what I found didn't really apply to me.  What I read was that guys enjoyed "forced" feminization because it let them do what they wanted to do without guilt.  This wasn't me.

I realized that I craved the feeling of being in a dominant woman's control.  That was the exciting part for me.  Why feminization?  Well think about it.  If you like to present yourself as an alpha male and a woman degrades you and whips you, you can leave the dominatrix and go back to being an alpha male.  If you leave the mistress and you're wearing panties and hose for the rest of the day, it's hard to feel very alpha.

It's like regular female domination with homework.  Even when the girls weren't with me, if I was sitting at a vanity practicing my own makeup or walking around a dorm room mastering heels, I was never out of my mistresses' control, even when they were nowhere near me.  It's a totally different mindset.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Alpha Theta Nu 4: Homecoming in High Heels

The fourth book in the Alpha Theta Nu series, Homecoming in High Heels delves into just what effect the constant enforced feminization is having on Candy and his fraternity brothers.  Harsh inspection and punishment are now a way of life for the feminized males of Alpha House and some of the guys are beginning to crumble.  It's not all bleak for Candy, though, as he finally gains an ally in an unlikely place.

The Alpha Theta Nu books are my attempt at doing a comic book series or a dark soap opera.  There is a conspiracy hanging over things and each chapter brings new revelations.  In most of my stories, you'll notice that the women are the good guys, but in Alpha Theta Nu, they have taken a noble idea took far and allowed themselves to be corrupted by power.  The series is a gripping thriller, set in the world of forced feminization with a new book coming out out every month. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Help Me! Win a free Audio Book!

I started this blog for three reasons.

1. To express myself and give my POV on feminization
2. To market my writing
3. To interact with my readers and from their comments help steer my fiction towards plots and fetishes that my readership will enjoy.

I have been hugely successful with 1, very successful with 2, and an abysmal failure with 3.  Currently, my blog readers seem really shy about participating.  I know from my stats that I am getting readers, but they're not saying anything.  You can even comment anonymously on here.  I really want to encourage your participation.  It'd mean the world to me.

As an incentive, I will be giving out a free copy of the ebook Calendar Girl to the first five new people who post a message on here.  It's a great read of one of my best stories.