Thursday, August 22, 2019


A great resource I use frequently is a woman named Amberly Rothsfeld. One night, she was showing me SEO and showed me what the most commonly searched terms with feminization were.  I saw right away that nails had a huge market share so I decided that I would see if there was that big of a market for a nails based story.  The first story sold just like any of my other stories.  It seems that it neither attracted nor repulsed readers. I can live with that because I think it's a pretty awesome story.

Ron feels that Katie isn’t the woman that he married. She doesn’t dress sexy anymore and he especially misses the long nails she used to have. She finally gets so tired of his nagging that she gives him fake nails and bets him that if he can tolerate wearing the fake nails for a month, she will keep hers long and wear the type of clothes he enjoys for the next year. Reluctantly, Ron agrees. That is his first mistake. There is plenty of female domination and feminization in this story, though it does start out a bit more focused on nails, it is very much like my other stories.

Neil's Nails 1: From Bad to Worse

I think my favorite format might be two-part series and if you forgive me for saying it, Pamela really nailed it this time. In Neil's Nails, Neil makes the mistake of teasing Sarah too much about breaking a nail so her friends and she teach him a lesson by painting his nails the next day.  In trying to get the polish off, he just falls deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole.  Soon, it's a lot more than nail polish he has to remove and his manhood seems to be disappearing at an equally quick rate.  This is a fun type of story where complications lead to more complications.  He probably should have been a bit more understanding of his classmates.

Vacation...Yeah Right --- Back to School Special

I really tried to do a  vacation, but by Thursday I was jonesing to publish another book and I squeezed out a Back to School Special.  I am spread a little thin right now, which is why the blogging has suffered. These three stories have a back to school theme to them and it did seem like the right time of year to put it out.

Perfect: A college freshman thinks he has found the perfect girlfriend and she thinks he's perfect too. The question is exactly what is he perfect for? A college forced French Maid story.

Maria: An untold tale from Kylie's college days about the maid that found him dressed and tied up...twice.

My Freshman Bitch: A freshman mistakenly damages a college senior's car and she teaches him a lesson he'll never forget.

I think it's a fun little read when you are waiting for morning announcements or lounging around your dorn room.  Go back to school in style

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Forced Feminization Folio #8

I love doing folios. They show me where my work was at a particular period of time and for a certain reader that really loves my books, they're a great bargain. This last one is solidly over 100,000 words and as long as you can find four stories in there that you really enjoy, you've saved yourself money over buying them individually. I think my favorites in this book are Kylie vs. Claudia and Feminized for his Inheritance, but I'll always have a soft spot for Beach House too. I also love the cover by Annabelle Brito, who keeps getting better and better.  I can't believe I'm already up to Volume Eight.

Feminization Revenge

To me, the simplest forced feminization story has always been--guy is a jerk, women get revenge on him, he learns a lesson. Frankly, even my own autobiographical experiences fit into this pattern. Pamela Harlow's Feminization Revenge is just such a story, but with two different sissies. The tough part of these stories is finding a way for the punishment to fit the crime.  Rape shouldn't be punished by having to wear a dress and cutting off somebody in a parking lot should not be punished by having to suck off 50 guys at a biker bar. When these stories are well-written though, they're both erotic and cathartic.

In Feminization Revenge, Pamela Harlow has written one of the best  I have read of this particular style. The guys are just bad enough and the women are more than a match for them. It's a great story about guys taking advantage of a girl and then her housemates at the university teaching them a lesson they'll never forget. If you like my books, check out what Pam's doing. It's pretty amazing.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I can't think of the last time that I have taken a week without publishing a week. I started looking through my Amazon page and gave up when I started getting into 2017.  This will be that week for me. I have a story I'm partially through, but it will not be done by Thursday and I have already announced I'm taking a week off the Podcast this week.

I'm falling behind on some important things so I'm really fighting to let me take a bit of a breather, but it's not going to be that much of a total vacation. I just got a wonderful audio version of April's Fool that I'll be putting up on IWantClips and Clips4Sale today.  I also will get caught up a bit on this Blog and my newsletter. It's hard to sell books when you're not letting them know what's coming out.

I have a fun story about a guy who learns a bit about feminization and nail care on August 16th, but I'll still be around and getting other stuff done til then.  Oh, and Pamela sent me the first part of a story she's working on about one very bad day for a high school loud moth that I'm quite enjoying. I can't thank you enough for your support.  The new stuff is coming.

P.S. This  video is making me want to do a Go Gos or Bangels book now lol.