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32 Flavors Part 4

Tina led her embarrassed escort through the ice cream parlor, which was still mostly empty.  His eyes locked with Rob who chuckled to himself and shook his head.  He had never expected Tina to humiliate Kevin, but he wasn't surprised either.  It wasn't easy to say no to Tina.
Kevin had expected to hear a whole lot of crude comments and laughter from the kids hanging outside the ice cream parlor, but they seemed to ignore him.  A few called out to Tina, but they mostly ignored the new girl with her.
"See, you passed your first test," teased Tina.  "They just think you're any other girl."
"Fine," responded Kevin defensively. "Just give me the car keys so we can get out of here. I'll feel a lot safer."
"Nothing doing doll face, as long as we're together, I'll be doing the driving," said Tina laughing as she pulled out her car keys.
"It's my car and it cost me a bundle," replied Kevin petulantly.
"Great," beamed Tina. "I can't wait to give it a spin."
When Tina locked the door, Kevin got in, reluctantly at first, but then quickly when he realized the key to his freedom was on the car seat.  He managed to sit down to block the other phone from view and stealthily slide it up his pocket.
"Are we comfy?" asked Tina.
"This isn't what I meant by date," complained Kevin.  
"Aw, it's not so bad is it?" pouted Tina. "You're getting to spend the night with me, right?"
"Well, I do like that part, but this outfit is ridiculous," replied Kevin.
"Think of it as an extra little challenge," said Tina as she put the Ferrari in gear and squealed the tires as she raced out of the mall parking lot.  
"Where are we going?" asked Kevin.
"I thought we'd start out at Studio Berlin.  I always wanted to check that club out and you can afford it."
"Sure, I like that place and I won't be the strangest looking person there."
Tina was a decent driver and Kevin relaxed as she drove them.  She even found a parking space right down the street from the club.  If it had been a Friday or Saturday, there would be a huge line at the club, but tonight there was hardly a line at all.  They were soon allowed to go inside and join a few hundred of their closest friends. 
In the dark club with the pulsating synth pop music blaring, Kevin was able to get away from Tina.  She called his female garments a challenge so he could she complain about him overcoming that challenge.  He made his way to the back of the club and found what he hoped would be his salvation in a door to the alley that he saw an employee carrying kitchen waste through.  He lunged for the door and grabbed it, stumbling through.  The kitchen worker just shrugged and assumed that Kevin was some club girl sneaking off for a smoke.
Kevin took out his work cell phone and began the laborious process of dealing with Tina's blackmail on his social media.  He got lucky and managed to reach a customer service representative who took pity on him.  Tina had been clever enough to reset his passwords, but she had foolishly set them all to 1BigSissy.  Once he learned one password, he now had them all. 
As luck would have it, a couple of teenage skateboarders were walking down the alley. 
"Hey, do you smell?" called out Kevin.
"What the Hell?" asked one of the two boys who had his red hair in short dreadlocks.
"The only thing that smells are yuppy scum," replied his blonde friend.
"Look, I want to buy your clothes?" yelled Kevin.
"Get bent, you perv?" spat the red head.
"My friend tricked me into dressing in this and I...I'll give you $200 to switch clothes with me," pleaded Kevin as he grabbed four fifty dollar bills from the pocket in the back of his phone. 
"He just wants to see you naked, dude.  He's wearing makeup for God's sake," said the blonde kid.
"It's $200," replied the redhead yelling back to Kevin "Okay, I'll do it, but you give me your clothes first.  I want to make sure you're not just some pervert trying to see me naked.
"Fine, I don't see why you're giving me so much attitude.  This is the easiest $200 you'll ever make," complained Kevin as he stepped out of the top.  The boys got a strange look on their faces when they saw he was wearing a bra.  He quickly discarded that as well.  He tossed the pink top to the red headed teen and began to step out of the pants.  Unfortunately for Kevin, with his head looking at his feet he was completely unaware.

[Kylie's Note:  I got mean.  I thought Alyssa and Minid had contributed fine story sections, but I wanted to change things up just to make it more difficult for them.  I also wanted to leave poor Alyssa at a tough spot to continue.  I did boh things, but both Mindi and I got a bit carried away on our story length.  I hope you're enjoying this wild ride.]

Saturday, May 30, 2015

32 Flavors Part 3

Part 3

Kevin wondered what she could possibly lend him to wear, but his curiosity didn't last long. Tina sauntered sexily over to a row of lockers, deftly turned her combination lock, and pulled the locker door open. She quickly removed Kevin's phone, wallet and keys, and threw his dirty khakis into the bottom of the locker.
"Hey! My pants!" Kevin complained.
"Aww don't worry, I told you I've got something you can borrow," Tina said as she pulled out a pink striped shopping bag and a beach bag, slammed the locker door shut, and spun the lock. She was positively giddy, feeling a growing warmth between her legs.
She crossed the room and tossed the shopping bag to a confused Kevin. He got angry when he opened it to find a hot pink lacy thong and bra inside. "What am I supposed to do with these?" he snapped.
"Duh! Wear them!" Tina said. She laughed, moved in closer, and took the bag back as Kevin sputtered. Then, she held out the thong for Kevin to step into. When he hesitated, she slapped his ass and said, "I know you've been aching to get into my panties. Now get in them!"
Kevin blushed deeply, looked around the room to reassure himself they were alone, and gingerly stepped into the ultra feminine garment.
Tina pulled it up around his waist, making sure the thong fit tightly over his tiny cock and smirked, "there, that wasn't so bad. Now for the bra."
"Wait what! Why would I wear a bra?"
"Because I'm telling you to, and you agreed to do what I say," Tina said rolling her eyes. She stretched the bra around Kevin's slim chest, spun him around, and closed the clasp behind his back declaring it, "a perfect fit! Now put on the rest of your little outfit."
She handed Kevin the clothes she'd brought to wear to the gym, and giggled at him when he gaped at them. "Get dressed," she said, and started punching the screen of an iPhone 6, showing no doubt he'd obey.
Soon, Kevin was wearing Tina's brand new sexy lingerie under her cute pale pink sweat suit. She made him put on her footie socks and her metallic pink Vans athletic shoes. Smiling widely she said, "This is great! All my clothes fit you perfectly."He felt totally humiliated and  emasculated, but Tina never felt more empowered.
When Tina said, "O.K. Princess, time for your makeover," Kevin felt almost powerless to resist. She brushed off his weak protests saying, "You're almost famous, if you go out like that, someone will recognize you. Do you want to be the lead story on the evening news? 'Successful businessman gets in touch with his inner girl?'" Without waiting for an answer, she pulled her makeup kit out of the beach bag.
Kevin gasped at thought of Jennifer Tyson, a local TV reporter, catching him dressed as a gym bunny. She'd been popping up everywhere, relentlessly pursuing him for an interview. As her persistence became more annoying, he'd threatened call the police on her for stalking him. He thought, "If she sees me like this... Oh Lord! That would be devastating."
He slowly sunk into a chair, and sat motionless as Tina began applying makeup. She spread foundation over his face, then made up his eyes using pale and brighter shades of pink shadow, framing them with black eyeliner and mascara. She deftly brushed rosy blush on his cheeks, and coated his plump lips with shiny, girly lipgloss the color of cotton candy. She teased his long hair into a trendy style, and sprayed it with volumizing mousse.
"Looking gooood, girlfriend," Tina said, "but there's something missing. Hmmm...." She grabbed two handfuls of tissues, stuffed Kevin's bra, and pronounced him ready for their date.
"Tina no!" Kevin was horrified, "I'm going to swing by my place, change, and...."
"Uh-uh, cutie. There's no time and you never looked better."
"No way! Absolutely not! I look ridiculous!" Kevin said, and Tina almost expected him to stamp his foot like the teen queen he resembled.
"Yes way, Katina," she smiled. "First of all, you promised to do as I said. Second, you look sexy," she said, holding up the phone and displaying picture after picture of him in just the lingerie, getting dressed in the pink ensemble, and fully made up.
She continued, "Third, this is your phone. I changed all your email, Facebook, and Twitter passwords, and set these pics to go live every 10 minutes. Unless you do as I say, they'll go to all your followers and contacts, including your family, business, and media lists."
Kevin was stunned. He'd be a laughing stock. His business associates would never respect him again. He'd be ruined!
Seeing his horror, Tina laughed and squeezed his butt saying, "Don't worry girlfriend. It'll be our little secret, as long as you obey me." She sprayed him with Britney Spears' Circus, fluffed up his hair and said, "Now let's get to the club, the boys are waiting for us."

[This part of the story was penned by Mindi Harris.  You can get her debut feminization short story Miss Management at Amazon.]

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My Worst Selling Ebook

My worst selling book of all time came out September 10th of last year and I'm planning a sequel.   The book is called The Mask of the Jaguar and the book centers on a woman who stalks men who abuse women and feminizes them.  She's sort of a grim pulp avenger like The Shadow or Green Hornet, but the men she preys on aren't murderers--they're unappreciative bosses, con men, and sexist politicians.  She's joined by her partner Katsume who is a master of Japanese rope bondage.

I don't know why it didn't sell very well.  It may have been the setting being a bit more out there.  It may have been the cover, but it was so well-received by my beta readers and reviewers that I had to give up on it without giving it one more chance.  Especially because The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey will be out this summer.

 Here's what my beta readers said about Mask of the Jaguar:

James said, "Here's Jaguar, and it's one of my favourites so far, I really like the story."
Mitch said, "

Mitch said, "This story was a lot of fun for me. It's inventive and new, in a genre that doesn't see a great deal of originality. After all, there are only so many ways you can force a guy into panties."

Amazon author Mindi Harris said, "I was slow to read The Jaguar, but I loved it once I read it."

Transgender fiction reviewer Bending the Bookshelf said, "This was a fantastic short story that's more about the transformation itself than the consequences of being transformed, and more about the delivery of justice than the act of humiliation."

And here's a sample:

In contrast to Katsumi's workout attire, Mr. Adkins’ clothing including a stretchy pink workout skirt and a sports bra with ample padding and a pink and purple geometric design. Most alarming to him was his footwear, which consisted of a pair of pink pumps with a narrow two inch heel. Reluctantly, Adkins put on the clothing. Something compelled him to obey no matter how humiliating it might be. He felt surprisingly little shame being naked before this woman, but his face burned red as she grabbed his long hair and attached a purple scrunchie, leaving it in a high feminine ponytail.
"Are you happy? I feel like a damn fool," he asked.
"That is irrelevant. We have a long walk ahead of us," she stated dispassionately.
"I can't run in these," complained Jon as he stumbled out the cottage back door and onto the sand.
"Who said anything about running? You will follow my instructions to the letter. Is that understood?"
"Yes mistress," he nodded unsure of where that came from.
"Your back should be straight. Imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling it straight up. Your walk must lead with your hips. Walk as if you're walking on an imaginary line. Do you understand?"
"Yes mistress." Again, he found himself surprised by his own response.
"On the sand, land on the ball of your foot with each step. Everywhere else, it's the heel first," she instructed.
With Katsumi’s intense coaching, Jon began to get the hang of the new shoes. For one solid hour, they made their slow progress along the beach. They were soon off the sand and onto a sidewalk. The sun was beginning to rise and Katsumi knew that she had to begin the trek back to the cottage, where The Jaguar waited.
A pair of women jogging along the beach was just visible in the distance several hundred yards ahead. Jon eyed them surreptitiously and when Katsumi mentioned that it was time to be turning back, Jon kicked off his shoes and made a mad dash towards the joggers calling out, "Help! Help! I've been kidnapped!"
Katsumi did not, as most would, back away from the screaming man. She leapt forward, strong leg muscles propelling her swiftly; her lean athletic body a blur of speed. Her eyes at once puzzled and amused at her captive's desperate gambit. Jon could sense that she was closing the gap between them quickly and would be upon him before he could ever summon help. With grim determination he wheeled round and threw a roundhouse right in the direction of his pursuer, hoping to catch her off guard before she could react. Katsumi acted on pure instinct taking a half step to her left before she could slow her momentum, she swayed her torso out of the way of the blow and deflected it with the back of her right arm. In normal circumstances, her next move would be a swift and ferocious backhand onto the bridge of Jon's nose, which would devastate the cartilage with a sickening crash, but a broken nose would make their mission that much more difficult so Katsumi was forced to improvise.
Using her momentum, she reached backhanded across Jon's body with her left arm. Bringing her right leg under his, she let her momentum push forward causing Jon to fall with a thud onto the ground below. She was on him quickly, flipping him onto his stomach and straddling his back. Always prepared for such eventualities, the powerful woman reached for the drawstring of her sweatpants and pulled out 30 inches of spider silk rope, more than enough to restrain a man. With practiced skill, she quickly had his wrists bound and cinched securely behind his back. Leading him back to his discarded shoes, Katsumi made Jon step into them and they began their walk back to the cottage, the two runners clearly oblivious to what had happened.
 Katsumi pushed and prodded Jon back to the cottage arriving shortly after half past six.
"I was beginning to worry about you two. You're late," purred The Jaguar. Her voice was so menacing, yet so seductive. Her movements were fluid with a feline grace. She wore a form fitting black dress, with her black floppy hat and sunglasses, the only thing Jon could really see of her face were her bright red lips. There was no way that he would ever mistake this beautiful yet fierce creature before him with the mousey Sheila Wentworth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

32 Flavors Part 2

 Part 2

          “I’m not sure why you get to dictate the terms, I’m the one with the ruined pants,” Kevin sneered. 
Tina scoffed and folded her arms under her breasts.  From Kevin’s vantage point  it almost looked like she was presenting them to him.  They were so full, so delicious.  He had fantasized about them more times than he could count.  Kevin knew that he would have to play along.  If she was fired, any chance he ever had would be toast.  His destroyed pants got him the opportunity for a date, but she still held the power.  All she had at stake was a job at an ice cream store.  She’d probably have a new job in a day at any restaurant in town.  Kevin had much more at stake… the chance to win Tina over.
He swallowed hard and pushed his pride down.  “Ok ok, jeez.  Fine.  What are your terms,” he asked.
Tina smiled.  “First, you’re paying for everything.”
Kevin laughed.  “Naturally.”
“Second, I pick where we are going and what we do.”
Kevin nodded.  “Fine by me.”  These terms weren’t bad at all.
“Third… no matter what happens on our date, you go along with it.”
Kevin raised an eyebrow.  “Uh… yeah ok.  Don’t worry I don’t scare easily,” he said with a wink.
Tina rolled her eyes and looked down at Kevin’s crotch.  She really did make a mess of his pants.  She reached out and grabbed him by the belt.  “Then it’s a deal.  C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.”
She tugged Kevin towards the back and gave Rob a smile.  Rob breathed a sigh of relief, a high roller like Kevin could have really put the screws to him.  “I’ll cover for you, Tina.  Just take care of him, no more trouble please,” Rob pleaded.
“Of course, boss,” she said as she pushed the door to the back room open.  She led Kevin back towards the breakroom.  Closing and locking the door behind her, she pushed herself close to Kevin.  “Let’s get you cleaned up,” she said breathlessly.
Kevin was beside himself as she undid his pants and in one swift motion pulled them and his boxers to the floor.  His semi hard cock flopped out, which caused Tina to laugh.
“It’s… it’s a little cold back here,” he stammered.  His fantasies never had him naked in front of Tina like this. 
“Uh huh, it could be 90 degrees in here and I’d still be laughing at that,” she said, pointing to his rapidly softening cock with a broad smile.  Kevin moved his hands to cover himself and she swatted them away.  “Ah ah, no hiding from me now.  I’ve seen what you got, not like itsgonna get any bigger when I’m not looking.”
Kevin bit his lip nervously as Tina had him step out of his pants and boxers. 
“Looks like the boxers took the brunt of it, sorry,” she said as she tossed the ice cream and fudge coated garment into the trash. 
“Hey, what am  I supposed to wear now?”
“Oh, I have something you can borrow,” she said with a wry grin.

This part of the story is from the creative mind of Alyssa Paige.   You can  visit her Amazon page here.   Up next is Mindi Harris who just released her first feminization book on Amazon today.  I can't wait!

New Review: Miss Management 1

I wish that Mindi Harris hadn't given me creator credit on the cover of her first feminization ebook Miss Management.  I didn't write it, but I did proofread and edit it just like Mindi has done for about 6-8 of my books.  I also created the cover for her, which did take a lot of work, but had nothing to do with writing a really great first book.

Mitch is a beyond a sexist boss.  He manages a local franchise in the Tatas chain of restaurants.  Tatas is akin to any of a hundred Hooters knockoff chains from Twin Peaks and Tilted Kilt to Mugs N Jugs.  He also uses his position to make women desperate to keep their jobs sexually service him.  When they finally get evidence of him in the act, the shoe is now on the other foot and the booty shorts are now on the...well you know.

I've read an advanced copy and I give Miss Management five stars.  Mindi does a skillful job of weaving plot and general sexiness together and  gives a large wait staff their own individual personalities very effectively.  He's apprenticed as my beta reader before venturing off on his own and as a result, I'm sure if you like work by myself or Alyssa Paige, you'll love Miss Management.

I gain nothing financially from sales of his book, but I do want to see a young and talented new writer succeed and continue in this genre.  There aren't enough talented feminization authors out there and this is one we don't want to lose.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knock Knock: A Keanu Movie I Want to See

Words I never thought I'd utter, but I actually want to see a Keanu Reeves movie.   Knock Knock is a remake of the 1977 cult classic Death Games, which stared Mrs. Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke as part of a duo of supposed hippy chicks who torture a guy alone in his house after his wife goes away for the weekend.  It starts as seduction, but it soon gets violent.   Knock Knock isn't officially a remake, but they even gave the three leads from the original producer credit.

There is no crossdressing in this movie that I know of, though I sure have ways in mind where it could have spiced things up.  However, the female domination as these two beautiful woman assault this dopey guy, could be amazing.  It's due out in June from Eli Roth who directed Cabin Fever among other horror movies.

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Memorial Day Only: Free Book

The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu is a series of books that I've put out about a fraternity that has been completely taken over by the Delta Omicron sorority.  The girls assure that only the biggest assholes, most sexists pigs, and most obnoxious jerks are pledged.  They boys soon find themselves on a three and a half year journey of feminization, female domination, and humiliation as the sorority girls keep the boys on a tight leash.

Matt, whose pledge name is Candy, is a legacy.  His older brother Davis was the President of the fraternity who sold out to the Delta Omicron girls.  The problem is, he's not a jerk nor a sexist and he's generally a nice guy.  Now he finds himself aware that the girls are running the show.

When Candy's older brother finds that his brother is in the same spot, he tries to help.  He sends him a mysterious birthday card with cryptic clues months from his birthday.  Can Candy discover what conspiracy he faces and how to stop it before he's feminized for good?

Pick up a free copy of Alpha Theta Nu 3: The Book of Davis, for free on Amazon on Monday, May 25th only. 

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32 Flavors by Alyssa Paige, Mindi Harris, and Kylie Gable

Part One

The Ferrari screeched to a halt in the mini-mall parking lot.  He loved the way that all the high school kids in the parking lot suddenly perked up when they saw the 458 that he got with his bonus back in 2010. 
The only thing that was more ridiculous than a thirty-year old executive in a $1,200 suit pursuing a twenty-three year old counter girl at an ice cream parlor was that she didn't seem interested.  He could give her opportunities that the minimum wage boys in her circle never could.  He was a good looking guy and he was the one pursuing her. Didn't she see what an idiot she was being?
As Kevin Kane walked into Angie's Thirty-Two Flavors, the four girls working the counter straightened up.  Miranda ran to go grab Tina from the back room.  Tina and Kevin were always the topic of conversation as he made no effort to hide his attraction to her. Miranda and Nora were naturally attracted to him.  Even without the money, he was cute.  He was only five foot nine, but he had luxuriously thick brown hair and an easy smile that seemed to light up the whole room.  His eyes were only on Tina.
She was an Italian girl--dark hair, feisty temper, and no reluctance to say whatever was on her mind.  She liked Kevin at a distance, but he wasn't her type and his pushy attempts to sweep her off her feet were having the opposite effect.  She was a very attractive girl with piercing eyes, Monroe hips, and a perky pair of 36Cs that turned guys' heads.
"Hello Kevin," she greeted. "The usual today?"
"If by usual you mean hitting on you," he replied.
"And me turning you down?" asked Tina. "Actually I meant the ice cream."
"See, why do you always go and spoil it?" asked Kevin.  "I've seen the losers that you hang out with.  I'm successful, good looking, and everything you could hope for in a guy.  You need to wake up."
"Oh really?" seethed Tina. She didn't appreciate having her friends called losers regardless of how much money this guy had.
"You're lucky I pay any attention to you at all.  I have much hotter girls throwing themselves at me," added Kevin pouring gasoline on Tina's fiery temper.
"Since you put it that way, come on back here," purred Tina, lifting the arm keeping customers from stepping behind the counter. 
"Can't you get in trouble for this?" asked Kevin stepping behind the counter.  The store was empty inside despite a large crowd eating their frozen treats in the parking lot.
"I just wanted to see something," replied Tina undoing his belt and laughing as she looked down into his pants. "Not much down there is there."
"Nobody ever complained before," snapped Kevin defensively.
"I didn't see any nuts.  Let's fix that," smiled Tina as she reached over and grabbed the large scoop and dumped ten ounces of milk chocolate macadamia nut ice cream down his pants followed by a ladle full of real hot fudge.
"What the Hell?" gasped Kevin in shock.  "These pants cost more than you make in a week."
Tina's manager Rob had always rated her highly, but he saw no choice other than firing her for this kind of behavior.  Kevin, however, had another idea.  He'd forget the whole incident if Tina would just agree to go out with him.  Rob was thrilled with the idea.  He hated to lose a great employee, but Tina was less excited.  She finally agreed to the date, but it would be on her terms.  

Round Robin Writer Feminization


I am thrilled to announce that there is more free forced feminization fiction coming to this very blog.  If you read this blog, you should know who Alyssa Paige is. She's a very gifted writer of feminization erotica and a friend of this blog.  She's writing some of the steamiest feminization out there with stories like The Shaming of Kyle and Feminized by the Pop Star

Someone you may not know is Mindi Harris, but if you enjoy feminization you'll be getting to know her quite well in the coming months.  Mindi has been one of my two main proofreaders this year and the person proofreading my Alpha Theta Nu books.  Mindi has also been this blog's most prolific poster.  Look for Miss Management 1 coming from her creative mind very soon.

I had the bright idea last week of starting a round robin feminization write.  We would alternate writing 500 word segments and when it was your turn, you would have to build on whatever was there already.  Your fellow writers might destroy the subplot you were setting up or take things in directions you never expected.  When we all had five cracks at it, we'd have a 7500-8000 word short story.

To make things more interesting, I chose to get a random start for the story.  I went to a writing website and got Ice Cream Parlor as a random location and "The Ferrari screeched to a halt" as my opening line.  I hope you enjoy our experiment.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Two New Feminization Reviews

I have a killer schedule as writers go.  I don't claim that I'm writing novels or even long short stories, but a book every two weeks is a rather ambitious schedule.  However, Alyssa Paige feels like she's surpassing my drive lately and it's wonderful to see a new more prolific Ms. Paige.

Alyssa doesn't disappoint either.  Chapter seven of her epic series The Shaming of Kyle has Kyle's neighbor Caitlin getting the lion's share of the page time as we learn that she knows Ashley and doesn't like her very much.  Caitlin decides to have some fun with Kyle and gives him a makeover, slaps a long blonde wig on him, and before long she has him grinding on a frat guy.

We also get a better feeling for Kyle's inner turmoil.  He wishes he had pursued Caitlin before she had so much power over him and he realizes that he is reveling in his own humiliation.

If I have one issue with this series, it's that it really feels like it would read better as one long novela.  Some parts have much more sex than others.  This chapter was very much the traditional sissy chapter as we see the total transformation and begin bringing the humiliation of male attention into things.  Still, Alyssa has outdone herself with this who series and I think this chapter is a five star part of a five star story.
Dominique Silk is a new feminization writer who broke onto the scene May 20th with two new short stories.  One of them was Making Her Husband Her Maid.  I hope these won't be the last two stories from her as she is clearly a talented writer.  I hesitate to complain too much about her work as it's selling better than mine at this time and she really does have so much potential, but the story had some failings for me.

Cameron is a jerk of a husband who seems to lack all redeeming qualities.  He fools around with the maid while his wife is away at work and the maid attempts to blackmail him. The wife walks in on the maid punishing Cameron and promptly kicks the maid out and continues his punishment herself.

There are some fun humiliating scenes, but I was looking for either some pure erotic bliss or some character change.  I wanted the wife to either grow up and find another guy or discover that she still loves her husband who realizes he's screwed up and will do anything to win her back.  Instead, I found a very promising story getting a bit stuck.  I give Ms. Silk a solid three and a half stars and hope that we have a new rising star on the feminization scene, but I felt this was an enjoyable, but mostly forgettable story.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trial of a Feminizer

 It was a scandal that rocked a nation.  Clad only in lingerie and heels, a sissy escaped his mistress and ran straight into a police station.  He told an amazing story of being kidnapped and feminized by a dominatrix by the name of Ava Hendrix.  She was arrested and that's where our story picks up.

Paula Yee is a very successful young attorney with the difficult task of defending Ava who doesn't always follows her advice and seems to be using her time on the stand to brag about her misdeeds.  The result is intense humiliation for the unfortunate sissy and the sexiest courtroom drama that you have ever read.

I am really proud of Trial of a Feminizer, which admittedly does go down some familiar fetish ground, but does so in a new and original way that I have never seen elsewhere.

Here's a sample:

Thirty minutes later, Mike and Melanie emerged from the changing room. Mike was now completely gone and in his place was his feminine alter ego, Michelle. He stumbled forward not because of the height of his heels, but because of the erection rapidly growing between his legs. Melanie quietly laughed to herself because she could already see he was flushed and his breathing was becoming shallow.

As Mike entered the courtroom, an audible gasp went up from the jury and the spectators. They had never expected that he would make such an attractive woman. He wasn't just passable, he was definitely very sexy, and he carried himself exactly like the woman he appeared to be.

"Order," called the judge smacking his gavel down in irritation at the noise from the audience. "Order in the courtroom please."

Ava Hendrix smiled a grin that would have made the Cheshire cat proud; everybody in the jury had to have seen. The formal courtroom setting only added to Mike Ray's discomfort and innate timidity. He was always utterly delicious when he was dressed like this, but his obvious fear made him even more delectable. Ms. Hendrix wanted nothing more than to stuff a ball or even a penis gag between his two scarlet lips, securely tie his wrists behind his back, clip a collar and leash around his neck so that she could walk him around the courtroom and there would be no absolutely doubt what he was, and who he belonged to.

"Wow! You really do look fabulous," exclaimed Ms. Yee looking at the now undeniably sissified witness. "But are you sure that you're not turned on at all, by dressing that way?"

"N-no, no I’m not, of course I’m not," stammered Ray, in a breathy feminine voice.

"May I remind you, Michelle that you are still under oath?"

"I know," he said pathetically. "It, it really doesn't turn me on." He was almost pleading with her to believe him, to make himself believe it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pink and Frilly is Back!

I am thrilled to see that the website Pink and Frilly is back up.  It's another blogger site that has some of my absolute favorite feminization captions sites and it had been down since February 21st.  Now, they haven't posted any new captions since returning, but it's still great to see it back. 

I really want more of you calling me at Niteflirt.  I'm having so much fun with the callers over there, but it's been people who have talked to me on Niteflirt who have started buying my books instead of readers giving me a call.  I have some fun audio recordings over there too.

Finally, the next story has been subjected to a very intensive editing and rewrite.  I'm really proud of it.  It's a court room procedural where a mistress is put on trial.  I think it's steamy, but it also has a great plot.  Hope you're all well.  Look for Trial of a Feminizer sometime around Thursday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thank You Canada

One drawback of selling my books through an giant anonymous website like is that I don't get to interact with most of the people who buy them.  I don't even know who is buying what.  One exception is that rare day when somebody in a country where you don't do a ton of sales (for me that's anywhere but the US or UK) buys a bunch of your books.  It really stands out on your sales chart.

On May 3rd, I was having a very slow day when I thought I'd check sales once before bed.  I was so glad I did.  That day somebody in Canada bought 41 of my books right before I went to bed.  It was a high compliment to me that they liked what I was writing enough to buy just about everything I had written.  It also made me wonder who the buyer was and what it was that sold them.  I love hearing from people what they like about my books because it tells me what needs to be emphasized in order to keep their interest.  Honestly, my content is probably swayed more by my loudest fans than by sales.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alpha Theta Nu Book 5

A new Alpha Theta book is out and I hope you pick it up.  There are some major plot developments for the long suffering Candy and his fraternity brothers.  Professor Shepherd humiliates him in class and hires him to be her new female assistant.  Lauren is more than happy to pick up where Elizabeth left off in torturing him.  In fact, she takes him to new depths of degradation.  This story is building to a pulse pounding climax in book 7 or 8 depending on how long it takes me to settle things just the way I want to.  Alpha Theta 5: Fraternity Formal is available exclusively at Amazon.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two Forced Feminization Reviews

I was a reader of forced feminization erotica long before I wrote word one.  Unfortunately, it's been harder and harder to come by lately.  Fictionmania has very little in the genre and some of the readers like Lily Lace and Ann Michelle who got me into reading feminization eBooks on Amazon are far less prolific.  I'm really hoping Mindi from this very blog will go forward with her plans to start publishing in the genre because we need more good writers.

When two great new feminization short stories come out in the same week, that's something to be celebrated.  I devoured eagerly through both books and wanted to share my review with readers of the blog.  I assure you, if you enjoy my writing, you'll enjoy both of these works.

The Model Sissy by Crystal Summers feels a lot like one of my stories.  I'm not saying this as a put down.  In fact, I think if you like what I write, you will really love what she does with this tale of pompous male model who gets poetic justice from his fiancee and a photographer whose career he ruined.  The plot revolves around getting him to model female clothing in an ad campaign that seems very far fetched, except I remember a similar ad in the real world where a guy wore a bra with the idea that if it made him look that good, what could it do for you?  Of course Joe Namath also had a famous pantyhose ad along similar lines.  This was not a perfect story and it didn't really break new ground, but it was a very enjoyable read with some exquisite humiliation.  I give it a 93 out of 100.

Before reviewing Alyssa Paige's newest story, I must confess that she and I communicate frequently and have even discussed possibly collaborating on a story this summer.  I generally like all her work, but some of it is better than others -- just like every author from Shakespeare to me.

The Shaming of Kyle Part 6 is one of the steamiest forced feminization stories I've ever read.  It's basically two pegging scenes, one in front of a handful of women that the protagonist has lusted after and the second one of the more private variety.  It makes a great jumping on point because it is largely sex, but this series definitely has a plot and that plot is again just deserts for a guy who truly deserves his humiliation and feminization. 

Serial fiction can be challenging because you need to pace not only for plot, but for erotic content.   No matter how sexy book 9 is, if the first 8 are all setup, nobody will get that far.  On this, I felt Alyssa could have done a bit better.  I would have liked to see the sex spread a bit more evenly. 

I also find writing sex scenes to be a real challenge.  Can you make it steamy and still move the plot forward, reveal new depths to the characters, and evoke the passion that you want in the scene?  In this Alyssa excels.  Her text shows a man degraded, emasculated, and simultaneously loving it and deeply ashamed to be enjoying himself.  I give The Shame of Kyle Part 6 a solid 95.  I promise I am not the Kyle in this story :)

If you like my stories, give both of these new works by terrific feminization authors a try.