Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors

One of the first beta readers I ever had was a lesbian.  She was amazing and truly gave some of the best reviews of my books ever.  Discussions with her, inspired Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors even though it did take me two years to finally write it.

Lance is a young, but uptight businessman who is proud of his lawn, his neighborhood, and his values.  When he finds out that a very attractive woman named Lia has moved in next door to him, he begins to pursue her only to find out she's a lesbian.  Outraged at this affront to the moral decency of the town, he leads a one man war against Lia and her partner Keri.  They decide to teach him just what it means to have an alternate lifestyle by turning him into their French Maid and bitch.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Complete Convention Feminization
We're still a little backed up at the editor on the next Sam's book, which should be out next week.  With a blank week on the schedule, I decided to release a book that I'd plan to put together for awhile.  Convention Feminization was originally supposed to be one book, but it sort of took on a life of it's own.  The make characters acted more defiant than I had planned and the women were more vindictive.

The same thing happened to me two years ago with Summer Reunion, so just like with that series, I bought both books together into one title for $3.99.  I think this is one of my most deliciously humiliating stories. There are just so many opportunities for humiliation at a pop culture convention whether it's San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, or Anime Expo.

Convention Feminization tells the story of a blogger and a podcaster who make the mistake of angering the female fans at a convention.  They put the guys through their sissy paces in a contest that promises humiliation for both of them and ruination for the loser.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu Reviewed on Forced Feminization Illustration Art

Anabelle Brito has a great website where she reviews forced feminization books and also draws a picture inspired by them.  This week, she has chosen my Alpha Theta Nu series.  While offering some constructive criticism, her review is very positive and says of the series:

"The story is large and would not be considered a short story. What Gable and company do so well for the story is how they well they entrap and step up the boys, it is beautifully done! Gable has stated that character development is her strength, I have to respectfully disagree. It is the way the girls set up the boys to fall into a trap and the only way to get out is to go in deeper.
The sex scenes are hot! The outfits range from cute to slutty. Gable is not as descriptive as other authors in the genre, but its ok because it allows the reader to add to the imagination. The language is never really vulgar, but instead honest.

Just to put this out there the erotic school girl movie that our three heroines starred in cannot be topped and it is one of the highlights of the story."

You can read her whole review at her amazing blog here.  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

An Interview with Ann Michelle

Ann Michelle is a treasure for our community.  She's been one of the longest active writers in the genre and I can honestly say I wouldn't be writing my stories now if I hadn't been blown away by the first story of hers I red, Grounded in Heels. With the release of the sequel to that book, I conducted an email interview with her:

Kylie:  I make no bones about the fact that Grounded in Heels was the first book that I found on Amazon as good as anything on the free sites like Fictionmania and Storysite. It had a big impact on me writing feminization. What inspired you to start publishing your own feminization stories?

Ann: Thanks Kylie! I’m glad it inspired you!

I started writing my own stories originally because there just weren’t many stories that excited me. This was before the internet and most of what existed was pure junk, often having no TG content at all despite the title. Then I found Sandy Thomas. I liked Sandy’s books a lot, but they never quite went where I wanted them to. So I decided to write my own books so that I had stories that included what I wanted to see.

Eventually, I posted a story or two on the free sites, like Fictionmania. Then, one day, I realized that Amazon was actually selling TG fiction and I decided I would add mine to the list and see what happened. The rest is history.

Kylie: Oh, I know what you mean about Sandy Thomas.  The ads would have such great premises and the stories would be well-written, but they just never went in the direction that I wanted. There were a lot of unsatisfying conclusions in those books. How has self-publishing changed since you began?

Ann: It’s changed a lot! The biggest change is the flood of quick-buck authors who hit our genre. When I first posted on Amazon, there were few authors in our genre and those who did were genuinely interested in it. When you read their stories, you could immediately see that they spoke our language. Then, a couple years ago, there was this massive influx of people whose books were just generic sex stories which they made into TG stories by adding a throwaway line here or there and a suggestive title. If you checked out these people’s home pages, you would find that they wrote in every kink basically... from gay to tentacle sex to vampires to us. Unfortunately, these people flooded the market and made it hard for people who genuinely cared about our genre to get noticed. We lost several good authors at that point.

Today, I would say that a lot of those people are gone from our genre because Amazon changed some rules that made it hard for them to manipulate the system – specifically, they could no longer change the publication dates on their stories to make their stories appear to be new every week or so.

Kylie: Oh, I used to really hate that.  There is a book that's supposed to be a very good forced feminization tale that I simply won't read because the writer was guilty of changing the publication date every couple of days.  I even changed a few dates myself trying to keep up.

At the beginning of Grounded in Heels 2, you mentioned that you had received a lot of comments on the original Grounded in Heels. What was the best comment you ever received on a story that you wrote?

Ann: Yeah, I received hundreds of emails. I think the best comment I ever got came from someone who told me that the story made them feel like they weren’t alone in this world. That made me happy.

Kylie: When did the plot of Grounded in Heels 2 come to you? Was it something you always thought would happen with these characters or was it something new?

The overall plot to “Grounded in Heels 2” came to me when I originally wrote the first story - Tracy and Sam getting together for example. But the details didn’t come to me until I wrote the story itself. I find that a lot, that I can’t say how a story will go until I get into it and I find where it leads me.

Kylie: On the KBoards, they call that "pantsing".  I tend to plot an ending, but my characters don't always behave.  I think my best stories are when they take me in a totally unexpected direction.  My favorite characters are the ones that don't listen to me and do whatever the heck they want.

Not counting either Grounded in Heels book, what's your favorite story that you've ever written?

Ann: Humiliation At The Office.” I love how that one develops. I love how Andrew is feminized little by little and how he’s being subjected to ever increasing humiliation as the story progresses. I particularly love how he becomes a non-entity to his own staff, who stop seeing him as someone to respect.

Kylie: That's probably my second favorite from you as well.  I think I read it either right after or right before Fiona Piper's Feminizing Her Bosses.

How about your favorite story that somebody else has written?

Ann: This goes way back, but “Leslie’s Adventures In Petticoats” by Nan Gilbert. Of more recent vintage, I would go with Dominque Silk's "Sissy House Sitter".

What were your favorite books written this year in our genre?


Dominque Silk's "Sissy House Sitter"
Crystal Summers "Caught by His Roommate"
Crystal Summers "The Model Sissy"
Domina Dixon's "Feminization Therapy"
Your own "Sam's Shopping Trip"
Lilly Lace "His Roommate’s Dress"

Kylie: Are there any writers who haven't published in awhile whose work you particularly miss?

Ann: Aimee Allison. Aimee’s stories were both punchy and fulfilling. They were complete stories with interesting plots and well-thought-out turn ons. I do miss her writing.

Kylie: How did you get interested in feminization?

Ann: It’s something I’ve felt my entire life and experimented with.

Kylie: What advice would you give to a new writer just starting out?

Ann: There’s no harm in doing themes that have been done before, just make sure you put your own spin on them. Give your reader a new take on these old ideas.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sam's Tormentors

Poor Sam, not only did he have to go on a date with a boy, but he completes the walk of shame only to come face to face with his mother who is home from her business trip unexpectedly early.  He goes to bed dreading the confrontation to come, but Alexis and her friends have no intention of making things that easy for Sam.  When they're done he will go from the frying pan into the fire.  Sam's Tormentors brings some big changes to Sam's relationship with Taylor as the girls conspire to further ensnare their feminized victim. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Caught by Their Past

The next part of Sam's Feminization is called Sam's Tormentors and if my editor does his usual outstanding job, it'll be out next weekend.  In the meantime, I just released a new collection today.  The purpose of collections, is for people who discover my books to be able to pick up stories they might have missed and to do it at a discount.

In all my collections, I try to keep a common theme to the stories.  Caught by their Past is all about guys who had a history of crossdressing and how it catches up with them.  It contains one of my first stories in Summer Reunion and one of my more recent stories in Forced Feminization: A Love Story as well the story Reunion, which came out between the two of them.

Summer Reunion is the story of a writer who was feminized by a group of girls every summer of his youth at his parent's beach house. Now as a successful adult, he returns to the beach house and finds that they're in the cottage next door. Is this coincidence or something else? How will he ever keep his fiancee from finding out about his past. Originally, this story was released in two parts.

Forced Feminization: A Love Story is about a lifelong crossdresser who believes his relationship is over when his girlfriend walks in on him all dressed n her clothing. He may just get more than he ever bargained for and maybe more than he ever dreamed.

Reunion tells the story of a young executive who seems to have made it before his thirtieth birthday. He's rich and powerful, but when he attends his ten year high school, he learns that you might be able to go home again, but you really shouldn't.

All of these stories are by best-selling author Kylie Gable and individually cost $11.96. There are over 28,000 words in this volume about feminization forced and otherwise, female domination, bondage, humiliation, cuckolding, forced bi, and a loving monogamous relationship.(How did that get in there?)

Friday, January 1, 2016

The 12 Best Forced Feminization eBooks of 2015

Happy New Year!

To commemorate 2015, I thought I would post my list of the top forced feminization stories from last year.  Before I give the list, I need to give some rules:

1. Obviously I had to read the book to have an opinion, so this list is bound by my personal taste.
2. No chemical or magical change allowed.  This hurt some talented writers like Lyka Bloom, DL Savage, Jessie Ash, and Courtney Captisa for sure.
3. The story had to be forced, which again elimintated some terrific books.
4. This is individual stories, not series, which hurt writers like Alyssa Paige and Mindi Harris
5. The stories had to be from 2015, so some great stories missed the cut for that reason.
6. Finally, my own books were not eligible.  However, since I love to brag about my own work:
My Best Story - French Exchange
My Best Series - The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu
My Favorite Project - Thirty-Two Flavors because I loved the round robin nature.

12, Sissified and Humiliated (K.C. Ripley) - This is the definition of one-handed reading material and forced bi as female domination.

11. Sissy Bunny (Arya Martin) - Arya is a great new writer on the scene.  She's consistently good, but hasn't had that one amazing story yet.  Sissy Bunny is closest.

10. Sorry Sissy (Mina Black) - Another great one-handed read with a man reduced to mere humiliation fodder by his step-daughter.  Doesn't feel at all incestuous since the step-daughter breaks up the marriage right away.

9. Feminized for Sex Ed Pt 3 (Alyssa Paige) - In all of her stories, Alyssa really does an outstanding job with the supporting characters.  This story introduces a sales girl who makes the who series work for me.

8. Making the Perfect Housewife Part 1 (Domina Dixon) - A strong female led marriage leaves the husband in panties and servitude.

7. College Student to Coed: The Emasculation of Ted (Dominique Silk) - Ms. Silk is 2015's rookie of the year.  This was the first story I read of hers that let me know she was a reader I would be coming back to again and again.

6. His Roommate's Dress (Lilly Lace) - Where are you Ms. Lace?  We need to hear a lot more from you in 2016.  She probably had three stories that would have made my 2014 list.

5. Emasculated by the Maid Pt 2 (Crystal Summers) - It's hard to do anything new with the wealthy man turned into a French Maid by his own maid story, but Crystal Summers tells it in a very fun way.  I think I even liked part one better, but it came out in the last week of 2014.

4. High-Heeled Punishment (Anne Michelle) - It all just falls into place with an ending that makes the whole story.

3. Grounded in Heels 2 (Anne Michelle) - She has back to back entries on the list and deserves it.  It's hard to follow up a classic and GIH2 does just that and does it with an even more character driven stori.

2. Sissified Quarterback (Dominique Silk) - I know sports so it's hard to write a story that has the realism I demand, yet is still erotic.  Dominique Silk proves herself an all-pro at this.

1. Caught by His Roommate (Crystal Summers) - Another worn out premise given new life by a skilled author.  I cursed Ms. Summers out for writing a story I wanted to write when this one came out.  The criticism still holds.