Monday, April 29, 2019

The Other Story

I've written so many stories I've both lost count and haven't had the time to count them all, but I do know that  I write stories in a bit of a different way. There's a certain rhythm to a generic forced feminization story and following it book after book would drive me insane.  As a writer, what I do is to try to figure out what other type of story is this and then attempt to follow that other rhythm.

Let's look at 5 very recent stories that I have written and published:

Feminized by the Berto Street Girls: This is definitely a chick flick. The girls feminize multiple guys, bond in their friendship, and then pass this on to the next generation.

From Robert to Bobbi: Workplace comedy. This story of an overbearing boss and his female employees could fit in perfectly with movies like 9 to 5.

Feminized by His Twin Sister: This is a thriller. The fact that the poor boy is completely innocent in the entire thing just serves to make him the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Camp Femdom: Hmm, campers are disappearing one by one--pretty obvious horror.

Feminizing a Ghost: Has a bit of chick flick as one friend is looking out for another, but I would put this in more of a rom com place. 

Now, in the coming weeks, I have two stories planned that are classic 80s teen movies, superheroes, and even Dystopian science fiction. All of these books are available on Amazon, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse at my writing process rather than sell them.  Is there a particular genre that you think lends itself to feminization stories.

Collaborating by DH Lawrence

As I've learned more about my kinks, I have grown to understand that while my love of feminization didn't begin until college, my attraction to female domination goes back as far as I can remember even if I didn't think of it in kinky ways.

Can in point, when I was in high school we read a DH Lawrence short story called Tickets Please! It was originally written in 1918 and in it, the women who worked for a street car company beat the crap out of a coworker with a wandering eye. I found it exciting but had no idea why nor did I understand that the writer had probably been titillated by the idea as well.

As an adult I wanted to reread it, but only recently found it and I shared it on this very blog.  In Boarding Passes I took DH Lawrence's original story and modernized and Americanized the language and setting. I then added another 2,000 words bringing in elements of forced feminization and enhancing the humiliation. Make no mistake, this book has both my own and Mr. Lawrence's voices in it and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

In the Clutches of Madame X

I'm the one who gave Pam's book the title In the Clutches of Madame X when I made the cover and I kind of regret it because the title doesn't really say what the book is about nor does the cover. In her first series, Pamela tells us the story of Michael who gets an alarming email at work threatening to expose his deepest secret. The email is signed Madame X and apparently, she has discovered Michael's crossdressing. Soon she is blackmailing him to pose all dolled up on the boss's desk. She has him right where she wants him, but who is she? Or is it even a she at all?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Amazon Ends Blocking of Feminized by his Fiancee 6

Well, it finally happened--took them long enough.  It definitely will hurt sales so I may just and I felt bad for Diane and Claudia who finished the book weeks ago and ended their series with a bang. It's now going to be buried on the new book list. However, I do know a lot of people have been enjoying this series and if you have, here's the ending. I think it wraps up all the plot points very nicely.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Bit about the Candy Apple Press Process

As I've had more writers come under the Candy Apple Press banner, I've thought a little about just how I go about creating these books. The first thing I do is I divide all of my stories into four categories.

Evil Domme: In these stories, the domme can be completely mean and not hold back because she could care less about how the sissy feels about what she's doing to him. (Feminized by his High School Bully, Feminized for his Inheritance).  The sissy may even grow to like it, but the domme doesn't care.

Wronged Domme: She's doing this to the sissy for revenge. He started it and she's finishing it. She holds back because she's usually a nice person (From Robert to Bobbi, Feminized by the Berto Street Girls).

Loving Domme: She's turning him into a sissy because it's what he needs or what they both need. (His Desire, Welcome to the Real World). It's not about humiliating or punishing him but helping hi explore a side of himself.

Strange Domme: The domme might not be strange, but the story is in a strange setting. It could be a western, science fiction, or swords and sorcery (The Good, The Bad, and The Sissy, The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey).

I try and cycle through these different types of stories and I give our other writers the same piece of advice. I don't want readers shocked when I go full tilt with an evil domme or turned off when the loving domme isn't as wicked as other types. The idea is to explore forced feminization from a bunch of different directions.

The Complete Rent-a-Sissy

I really enjoyed writing this series. I had been reading several stories about college freshmen and reflected on my own experiences. It's a different type of domination--it's not you'll do it because I tell you to as much as you'll do it because it's what's best for you and for me. Sydney looks at feminizing Tyler as a means to an end as much as anything. He just needs to earn the money to be the girl that she wants. As always, this collection is a money saver for those who want to read the whole series and would rather pay $5 than $12

One more for the Road

I didn't believe that it could possibly be the title, but that was why The Spy who Pegged Me was resigned to the adult dungeon by Amazon. After making many changes, we finally tried a new title One more for the Road and Amazon removed it from obscurity.  The problem is, it's very difficult to see a new book that's already 10 days old. It doesn't start at the top of the page for Amazon and just in case anybody missed it, I wanted to mention it again. 

Pamela likes my  Jaguar stories which are inspired by the pulp magazines of the thirties and forties and she decided to try something similar with British spy novels of the 60s. Emma Adams is a former MI6 agent turned librarian who takes jobs using her old skills when it suits her fancy. In this story, she cleans up a rowdy bar and gives the repugnant Jolly Goodcock a pegging he'll never forget.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Feminized by his Fiancee 6 Delayed

Amazon is at it again.  They have blocked Feminized by his Fiancee 6 for reasons I don't understand. I have asked a few people that I trust to take a look and I hope to get it past the censors as soon as possible. Diane and Claudia have done a great job crafting this story and I hate seeing it blocked.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Spy Who Pegged Me too Hot for Amazon

Our new writer Pamela Harlow just learned what a fickle mistress Amazon can be when The Spy who Pegged Me wound up in Amazon's adult dungeon. I'm really not sure why that happened. The cover isn't terribly explicit and I don't think of the book's content as crossing any particular lines.  Hopefully, I'll find out on Monday and Pam and I can make whatever changes are necessary to get found on Amazon.

The Spy who Pegged Me is the story of a former British spy who now works as a librarian. She is hired by a group of barmaids to clean up one of the rowdiest bars in the UK where they are constantly being grabbed and harassed. We will get it cleaned up, but if you want to see what Amazon doesn't want you to, you can check out The Spy who Pegged Me here.

[Update: The name has changed to get on the good side of Amazon censors. The books is now live under the name One more for the Road.]

April's Pet

When I started seeing sales after April's Easter Bunny came out, I noticed a bit of a surge in the sales of all the other books she appeared in as if people who had enjoyed the bunny book were seeking her older stories out.  I love having my older books read and I'm happy to let them go at a discount if that means new readers enjoying them.  When I wound up delayed on From Robert to Bobbi, I decided to release a collection of all April stories in its place. I named it appropriately enough April's Pet.

I love writing April stories because she's one of the most wicked dommes I have ever created and when I write stories with her, I can absolutely let myself go.  This collection is for people who like her as much as I do. It has all of her stories except for April's Easter Bunny.

Feminized by his Fiancee Concludes

Diane and Claudia's amazing series concludes with part number 6 on Tuesday.  It's been an interesting story to watch because it began slowing very slowly and I know both writers were disappointed. It was frustrating for me too with my desire to make Candy Apple Press something special. However, after the second or third book, sales really started growing. I think that's because people who have read one book in this series are instantly hooked.

Book 5 is already available on Amazon and I think you'll like it.  It's a  shopping trip, but Diane and Claudia have created a really magical shopping center that caters to sissies and their dominants. This is a great story for lovers of forced feminization and voluntary feminization as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April's Easter Bunny

April Blackwell and her sissy Nicole are back. The sissy and domme with the stars of April's Fool and Thanksgiving Dinner Guest as well as one of the stories in last year's edition of Gift Wrapped. They also appeared with other dommes and subs in The Stocking Syndrome.

April's Easter Bunny actually begins at a Mardi Gras party where competition between Nicole and April's friends for beads leads to a bound and chastized sissy. Throughout the next forty days, April and her friends put Nicole through her paces. The Easter egg hunt is straight out of one of my Easter experiences although I did turn the humiliation up to 11. If you like Mistresses who know what they want and aren't shy about getting it, I think you will be a fan of April too.

His Desire

I kind of like how this one turned out. Pamela mentioned to me that she wanted to write a wide variety of feminization stories and not be limited. She said she wanted to do a sweet and sentimental feminization story that might even be a bit romantic and asked if I had any ideas. I suggested using the same structure that author John Dylena sent me for a commission several years ago. The commission became Forced Feminization: A Love Story, which was very successful for me.

Pamela used the same setup to come up with a very different story called His Desire. While the events of the two books are different, the tone is the same. It's about perhaps the ultimate fantasy for many sissies--having your deepest secrets discovered and having the person who discovers them not only be accepting but enthusiastic about pursuing them.