Sunday, March 8, 2015

Get a Free eBook

I have decided to make The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu free on Amazon from Tuesday March 10th through Friday March 13th.  I'm doing this to coincide with the release of the Boys of Alpha Theta Nu 3.  I confess to transparent motives.  I am trying to get people hooked on the series, which is my attempt at serial fiction.  Like a soap opera, a comic book, or a movie serial each chapter will further the story.  I've done this before with my Welcome to College series, but that was autobiographical.  I also did it with the Girl Gang Saga, but it originally was only meant to be a two part story.

The Alpha Theta Nu series tells the story of a freshman at DuPont College who is pledges a fraternity with a reputation for being the wildest one on campus.  He soon discovers all is not as it seems.  He's given the pledge name of Candy and the fraternity sisters from a neighboring sorority seem to be pushing the pledges further and further down the road to girlhood.  A dark conspiracy hangs over the entire DuPont campus Candy's only hope is to get to the bottom of it before she's caught in it.

It's only a limited time offer on a very popular book that is still the #95 book in transgender fiction on Amazon nearly two months after release.

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