Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sam's Future!

Writing an ending to a multi-part story is one of the biggest challenges a writer can face.  The ending has to feel satisfying, it has to grow organically from the story so it doesn't feel forced, and it has to be epic enough for the series it completes.

I had red the Hobbit, but never Lortd of the Rings.  Still, I saw all three movies.  I cringed at the ending of Return of the King though because it just seemed to have 4 endings tacked on after the first one.  In television, The Sopranos was so disappointing when it simply faded to black.  However, Breaking Bad seemed to end in the perfect blaze of glory.

I'm happy to say that at this moment in time Sam's Future is my favorite eBook.  Sam is taken to the depths of Hell by Clarissa and then must struggle to try and free himself.  Will Alexis and her friends help him or join forces with Clarissa?  There are a lot of movable parts in this one, which is over 10,000 words of forced feminization, pegging, bondage, humiliation, and female domination. 


  1. Wow now its over! I just purchased a few other ebooks, had I known I would have bought this one!

  2. I read the last book in the Sam series and I am happy to say that the last book ends on a very well. Best ending Kylie has written yet. Great way to wrap up the series.