Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday

Today is small business Saturday and that's an endeavor I most wholeheartedly endorse. The Walmartization of America is not something I'm happy about.  I love the idea of an America filled with mom and pop stores selling things that are unique to their stores.  I love old book stores with quirky selections and a person behind the counter who can give you the type of service that online shopping never could.

Amazon is the antithesis of a mom and pop store. It doesn't need your business, but for independent authors like myself, it's our lifeblood. Your local mom and pop bookstore is not rushing out to stock Feminized by his Lesbian Neighbors or Caribbean Cruise for Cuckolds. For that I need Amazon.

This small business Saturday, please remember that there are small businesses online too. You won't find many businesses smaller than my operation.  I do everything from creating my own covers to marketing the books myself and there are thousands more like me.  They're not all doing erotica either (But our books are definitely the most fun).   Please go out and frequent your favorite small stores in your community, but when that's done, please also remember your favorite independent authors as well.

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