Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hamburger Stand Hottie 3

This series was supposed to be four books about a teen who was being forced by a girl to take her place as a waitress. It didn't work out that way.  With Olivia's mom suddenly becoming an important part of the series, it's become a six book series that does still have the original story, but has something else going on to as it has become a sort of coming of age story too.  I think it's going quite well and it's some of my best writing. 

The sales started out a bit slow on the series, but have definitely sped up recently.  I'm hoping that trend will continue because I think book three and four are the best part so far.  Don't take my word for it though.  Here's an excerpt:

Randy tried not to think aboutthis latest humiliation too much. He was busy enough taking orders and doing his job. He still hated the thought that he would get further spankings tonight. He didn't even think about Jordan for another hour before Mia told him that she had heard all about their conversation from Jordan. He was definitely smitten with her.
"I'm only doing what you told me to," said Randy. "That doesn't mean I have to like it."
"How are you going to feel when he's kissing you?" asked Mia. She then started laughing right in his face when she saw him blushing at the suggestion. 
Thanks to the large party, Randy had successfully met his quota. Olivia would be getting her money and hopefully she would be staying off his back and even more importantly off his butt. Unfortunately, this thing with Jordan was a new obstacle and a new burden he'd have to deal with. The restaurant was closed and Randy just wanted to get home now.
"I will do what I have to do, but I just think trying to make us boyfriend and girlfriend is so wrong."
"Maybe, but you'll do what Olivia tells you to do, right?"
"Yeah, I guess so," replied Randy.
"Then before you go, you need to go talk to Jordan. I gave him a few suggestions for possible dates."
"You didn't."
"I kind of did," smirked Mia.
"Aw Hell," moaned Randy.
"Hey girls," said Jordan.
"Well there he is now," replied Mia.
"Excuse me?" asked Jordan.
"Oh, we were just talking about you," replied Mia.
"I hope you don't mind," said Randy.
"No, not at all. Just so you were saying good things."
"Oh, she was saying some very good things," replied Mia. "Have you two decided where you're going to go for the big date?"
"Well, I liked your suggestion about Caprice and then maybe dancing," replied Jordan. "I mean if that's alright with Sandy."
"Oh what girl wouldn't want to go to a fancy French restaurant like Caprice.  I'd even go with you if she turned you down."
"I sure would," said Giana stepping out of the kitchen.
"That would be fine, thank you," replied Randy before noticing he was getting a stink eye from Mia. "I mean, I'm just happy to get to spend some time with you.  He stepped forward and kissed his coworker on the lips. Jordan blushed profusely wondering who else saw this hot girl kissing him. Mia smiled to herself. Things were going better than even she imagined.
"Aw, that was so romantic," said Giana. "I told you that you'd meet somebody, Sandy."
"Frank's is not paying you all to stand around," said Melanie. "Let's close so that we can all go home."
"Sure Melanie," said Randy. He didn't much want to be done because that meant facing Olivia, but at least he had made the money she demanded.

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