Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Picks

Just a few special Halloween picks that have been published recently for your reading pleasure.

Hell Night Feminization is the story of Buck and his two friends Mitch and Jimmy. They've terrorized the girls in their town for a long time, but now a mysterious group calling themselves The Coven has sworn revenge. As Buck's friends start disappearing one by one, he starts to wonder if they might just be able to carry it out.

Halloween for Sissies is a collection of Halloween stories from my earliest until this year.  For $4.99 you get the following stories:

Sissy Halloween Encounter: A clever sissy tries to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up, but Claudia sees right through them.

Halloween Humiliation: Two alpha-male realtors get taken down hard by the women in the office. Great forced feminization action!

Sam's Halloween: Sam is a prankster who gets the ultimate prank played on him when he's conned into believing that a high school party is a Halloween party and he's talked into dressing in drag for his costume.

The Night of the Cat: The Night of The Cat is a Halloween themed story of a dominant woman who has a little wicked fun every year at Halloween. She picks up a guy, convinces him to wear a costume identical to hers, and then sets in motion a plan to trap and humiliate him.

Pegging Sue is a different type of story for me. There are feminization and pegging of course, but with a creepy supernatural bent fitting with the Halloween season.

Bambi and Thumper is the story of two boys who find themselves forcibly crossdressed and forced to fill their Halloween pumpkins with candy if they want to be allowed to change back to their male clothes.

The Jaguar's Halloween. Those of you familiar with my writing will know that The Jaguar is a masked vigilante whose weapon of choice is forced feminization. In this short story, she tries to save a little girl's Halloween from her selfish father.

Post-Halloween Cuckolding: Diane Callaway and Claudia collaborated on this story about a late Halloween party that turns out to be an opportunity for a woman to cuckold her lover while her girlfriends feminize him.

Camp Femdom isn't a story having much today with the holiday of Halloween, but it has a lot to do with the movie Halloween. As the counselors having a battle of the sexes, one by one the guys at Camp Fendon start disappearing.  Yep, they're being feminized.

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