Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grounded in Heels 2
With my apologies to Star Wars fans, this holiday's most highly anticipated sequel at my house was Ann Michelle's Grounded in Heels 2.  I eagerly devoured the book in 2 days and then found myself unsure of my own feelings towards it and thus unable to review it.

In the past, I have made no bones about the fact that I thought that Grounded in Heels was the finest feminization eBook that has ever been published.  It was one of the books that made me consider going down the path of an author myself.  Ann and I write in the same genre. We both write feminization stories that are heavy on plot rather than just steamy erotic scenes.  Her stories are longer than mine usually, but when I look at the books that people who bought Grounded in Heels 2 also purchased, my name is all over that list.  In fact, 15 of my books are on that list.

The same is true of people who buy my books reading Ann Michelle's material.  We're both playing in the same ballpark and I really like Ann both as a writer and as an online friend who is always dishing out some helpful words of advice or encouragement. I love other authors like Alyssa Paige, Crystals Summers, Dominique Silk, and Domina Dixon, but Ann would definitely be in the first class of the Forced Feminization Hall of Fame if I got a vote.

Grounded in Heels 2 is a satisfying conclusion to the first book.  Sam, Diane, and Tracy are back and if anything Sam's predicament has been heightened, Diane is more evil than ever, and Tracy motivations become even more clear.  It ended in a way that was neither cliched  nor underwhelming. If placed directly on the end of the original Grounded in Heels, I think we have a wonderful novel of forced feminization worthy of a solid five stars, no questions asked.

The question, however, becomes why do we right erotica.  I found Grounded in Heels to be incredibly rich in erotic humiliation.  Sam was squirming through every step of his feminization and so many scenes were exciting to read.  Grounded in Heels 2 may well be a superior story, but it lacked some of the erotic punch of the first book.  As an author of these kind of books, I've found myself in exactly that same place where a story is very written and I feel very satisfying, but when I reflect, I realize it's more of a short story than erotica. 

There are still some great scenes in this story.  I particularly enjoyed Sam's date.  However, I find this book a heard one to summarize in a star writing.  I'd give it five stars for the story itself and the way it expands on the plot of the first book, but I'd only give it four stars for it's erotic content.  I still feel this one is a must buy, especially if like me you loved the first one.  Now, I only hope that in Star Wars fashion, Diane's daughter will someday torment Sam's son in a future book,.

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