Sunday, February 28, 2016


TRAINED! is one of those stories that sat in the back of my mind for months.  I think the idea first came to me in summer of 2014.  I've never had much luck putting a ton of muscle on my frame, but it's not from lack of trying.  When I got a job that paid me a decent wage, I hired a professional trainer.  At the gym where I was a member, there was really only one good trainer and she was a beautiful woman who also worked as a fitness model. 

It was intimidating to work out with a beautiful woman who could obviously crush me, but being a submissive, I was quite enjoying it.  In fact, that submission dynamic worked out pretty well because she could be an absolute sadist. I realized that I would do anything she told me to do.

Trained! is the story of a macho guy named Jason who doesn't believe a female trainer could possibly be tough for him.  He learns the hard way, that Bianca is more than a match for him.  Rather that improving his strength she saps it.  Soon he's wearing women's workout wear and taking hormones while his wife is gaining strength and confidence working out with Bianca behind his back.  It all comes to a head in the most humiliating way for our hero.

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  1. Nice to see that you put hormones in a story for once as I suggested ;). Will take a look at this one, I normally don't like too short stories, but this one reminds me of "Power of Sexy" on Fictionmania.