Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sam's New Routine

Amazon was really late in uploading my newest book, which means that Sam's New Routine got released on Valentines Day Night.  I guess that's appropriate enough.  I have already completed the series, at least in draft form and this is the penultimate (second to last) chapter.

Things have not been easy for Sam.  His step-sister and Alexis have had their schemes pay off amazingly well and he's now under their control and being more and more feminized in his own home.  Now, a new nemesis has appeared and even school won't be safe for our feminized hero.

Anybody who has ever watched a 13 episode season television dramas from The Sopranos to House of Cards will tell you that the second to last episode is always intense.  Sam's New Routine is no exception.  I highly recommend it for lovers of forced feminization.


  1. Hello Kylie, I liked the first two books. Will you offer a collection set of the Sam series after its done?

  2. I have one more part to go, which which is in editing now. I should have the story finished within two weeks. Then sometime mid-summer I'll put a collection out.

  3. Really fun series! The latest is the best yet.