Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to the Real World 2: Clare's Turn
As an author, it's amazing how you can write certain things that your readers catch and you don't.  When I created the character of Beth for Welcome to the Real World, I knew that I wanted her to be a novice to the world of female domination and feminization.  It would be much more interesting as a story, to have Kylie's future wife who leads him down the path of domination, be new to it herself.  Soon, I realized that she really needed to have a more experienced friend to give her and Kylie a road map.Thus Clare was born.

I didn't have that many thoughts on Clare's personality.  I saw her as wild and fun loving, but fiercely loyal and capable of really messing somebody up if they crossed her.  Claudia immediately saw Clare as a stand in for her, even down to the fact that both women share the first three letters in their names.  However, Claudia never mentioned this to me until her notes on my first draft of Welcome to the Real World 2

"I would never put up with that kind of disrespect," she said. "Especially if I had a riding crop in my hand already."

"Well Clare's not you," I replied.

"Really?  I always just assumed she was," she answered.

Then it hit me, she was right.  She really liked number two because it was definitely Clare's turn to shine both in the public humiliation of making Kylie flirt with a waiter to some very painful spankings, but mostly in patiently helping Kylie and Beth to find their way through a female dominated relationship that didn't require the constant threat of exposure to make it work.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    I read Real World 1 and 2 and enjoyed them greatly. My favorite though remains the Welcome to College series. Perhaps it is the first person account that puts me into the protagonist's head. Or perhaps it is the plausibility of the situation - but it really works for me! I read that you were in touch with Deanna. What about the other characters? I am very curious about Nicole. Are you two still in touch? Is she still practicing her skills?

    Love your work,


  2. Hey Vi, I have become a much better writer since I wrote Welcome to College, but what makes it work I think is because somehow, the truth of the book comes through. Having lived it, I felt it differently than fiction that I fantasize about. I do feel this series is really interesting for me to explore.

    Nicole is happily married with three daughters. We never talk about what happened to us in college, but we are Facebook friends.

  3. Hi Kylie,
    I tried my hand at writing fiction a while back and realize how difficult it is. I think another advantage you had with WtC was that you had 10 books in which to develop the characters. You can definitely see them progress as the plot evolves. I imagine that it is much more difficult to develop characters, plot and add some salacious spice in a 5000 word piece of fiction. Keep 'em coming!

    BTW - Nicole didn't marry Wendy by any chance? That would be a cool story!

    1. She is married, but not to Wendy. She's got three daughters. Thanks for all the support :-)