Sunday, September 11, 2016

Domitory Domination
It's no secret that college feminization was very important to me becoming Kylie.  I had four and later five girls take me down the road to forced feminization. Claudia was on the other end of several college experiences involving domination and even occasional feminization. I think that it's only natural that both our minds frequently go back to those early days of feminization when we didn't know what we were doing, but we sure had a lot of erotic fun finding out.  I say that, even though I never would have admitted it was fun at the time. Dormitory Domination is 40,000 word collection contains three stories of young women finding their inner domina.

Claudia's Campus Cuckold: Claudia is a college sophomore with a pretty great boyfriend. Unfortunately, he doesn't satisfy her sexually. When they break up, she discovers that he's been wearing her panties and she decides to feminize him. She's determined to fulfill all his wildest sexual fantasies even if he won't admit them yet. Based on a true story from Claudia Acosta's own college days, this eBook contains bondage, forced feminization, and female domination.

The Cuckysitter: When a college girl desperate for money turns to babysitting to make ends meet, an odd phone call changes her life for ever. Now she finds herself with the smallest of niche businesses babysitting cuckolded men while their wives spend the evening in the embrace of their new lovers. She enters a world of cuckolding, female domination, bondage, and forced feminization and she takes to it like nothing she's ever experienced in this steamy short story.

The French Exchange:
When Luke's family has an exchange student from France move in with them, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. What he doesn't know is she has a long history of feminizing guys and she's just decided to add him to her list. With the help of his step-sister and a few of his classmates, she soon has his life turned upside down as he spends his first semester of college going from humiliation to humiliation. This erotic story is chocked full of public humiliation, feminization, forced bi, and female domination as a very clever young woman with a wicked imagination outsmarts and controls her prey.

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