Saturday, March 18, 2017

Convention Feminization Audiobook Released
I got lucky.  When I decided to take the plunge into audio books with Calendar Girl, Marami Hung sent me and audition and I happily accepted.  It’s been more than a couple of years since that happenned and the young actress has grown in talent and demand.  I would never be able to get her to work on one of my projects today, but for our good relationship begun on Calendar Girl and continued through Meangirls and Mermaids.

Convention Feminization may be her best work yet.  She’s been to anime conventions and she understands the scene. She gets the jokes and the humiliations, but where Marami always excels is in giving each character a unique voice and personality.  This really comes through in Convention Feminization where it’s a group of girls who come together to feminize two horribly chauvinistic guys at a comic convention.

I think the story itself is pretty good.  Bending the Bookshelf says, “ What ultimately makes the story, however, is the insight that Gable and Acosta demonstrate and the character development they reveal. We actually come to empathize with one of the bullies, and watch as he takes his lessons to heart...Now available as the Complete Convention Feminization, this is a story that works equally well for fans of all genders and sexualities, whether their tastes run more towards female domination, forced feminization, or feminist revenge."

Here's a sample:
Convention Feminization

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