Saturday, March 18, 2017

Plaything IV: Return of the Twins


  1. I am so glad you're going to explore this conflict in Book 4. My discomfort with Tina's extreme behavior was why I stopped reading after Book 2. It was getting darker and darker, and I feared it would get too entirely dark for me. I also appreciate the nudge to the audiobooks (not in this article, but in the same newsletter). I enjoyed the one that I bought (you're right about Marami's amazing ability to play so many different characters with just her voice), and I had meant to go back for more, but never got around to it. Now the biggest decision I have to make this afternoon is whether to read Kylie/Claudia, or listen to Marami reading Kylie/Claudia. :)

  2. Those are the decisions that I love. I've never understood why Mean Girls and Mermaids did so poorly as an audio book. She's wonderful in that just as she is on Calendar Girl. I think Convention Feminization may be my favorite reading of hers.

    As for the extreme behavior, that was the point of this series. Jason was lucky enough to find two wonderful dominant young women to play with who always took his needs into account and played with him in a safe and caring way. That's why each story began with a flashback to how the twins treated him.

    Tina is not a nice person. She's not kind or considerate and what she is doing is abuse. Not everything I write works and even if it does, not every book is for every reader, but Tina definitely is a villain.