Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to the Real World 4
This is a really great story that continues Kylie's journey as he reunites with Deanna and meets her family. It's also inexcusable that it's taken me seven months to publish it.  I promise that book five will be out next month and that the series will end with book six in November. 

This is a different series for me to write. Welcome to College wasn't that difficult because it was mostly recollection. However, Welcome to the Real World means taking people from my life and fictionalizing them and imagining what they are like now years since I last saw them. Add to that an editor whose real life conflicts added another three months to the process and you have a much too long delay. 

The good news is that the it is a great story that shows Kylie another side of kink.  Deanna is happily married to Jim her college sweetheart and she doesn't really engage in feminization or bondage with him. Kyle begins to wonder if she's still kinky, but he quickly learns that a dominant woman doesn't change her stripes.

In an effort to make up the long delay to my readers, I have created a collection of books one to three and until October 1st, it's on sale on Amazon for $2.99.  Normally, these stories cost $2.99 each, but after 7 months, if you need to catch up or just discovered my books, this is a really cheap way to catch up.  After October 1st, this collection will no longer be available, so if you're interested jump on this deal now.

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