Friday, January 12, 2018

The Private School Prisoner Collection

I don't write a lot of 45,000 word stories.  Welcome to College is 72,000, and Alpha Theta Nu, and Sam's New Life are over 45,000 but that's about it. Private School Prisoner was just an idea that I wanted to fully explore and that meant a six part story.  Everything went fine, but writer's block really delayed the final installment.

Private School Prisoner is also without a doubt my story with the most sex in it. Are feminized prisoner Chase winds up sleeping with most of his captors. This may be why escape wasn't nearly as big a priority for him as time went on.

Just to review, Private School Prisoner is the story of Chase who was a very privileged young 22 year old until he ran into Hayley, a beautiful 18 year old at a very strict private school. He is instantly attracted to her and schemes to seduce her.  Unfortunately, she has other plans and they involve him taking her place at school.

"Wow," said Reina. "That's amazing."

"I think he looked good before," said Paige, "but I really have to hand it to you. For the first time I think it's going to work."

"It better work," said Chelsea with an edge of menace to her voice that sent a shiver down Chase's back.

"You're a natural, Kelsey. You are a makeup goddess," added Kasie.

Chase saw Hayley emerge from the bathroom and nearly did a double take. She was wearing the exact same outfit he was other than his shoes. "Well, what do you think?" asked Hayley.

"You look like twins," said Paige reaching down and removing the shoes from Chase's feet. "Here take his shoes. He should be getting used to heels anyway. She rummaged in her closet and returned to Chase who offered little resistance as she strapped a pair of high heeled sandals to his feet.

"This is really amazing," said Kasie.

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. "That's probably Eric," said Hayley giggling at the discomfort the revelation caused Chase. "Right on time, too."

"I'll let him in," said Kasie sprinting for the door.

Chase took one look at Eric and decided he was everything that he wasn't: Tall and muscular with a Hollywood face and hair that seemed to have a perpetual soft breeze blowing through it. There could be no rivalry here, but Chase still felt horrible to be seen by Eric dressed and tied up as the prisoner of these women.

Hayley ran up to her boyfriend and kissed him squarely on the lips the same way that she had kissed him earlier.

"Hey doll," said Eric putting his arm around Hayley. "Is this your little doppelganger?"

"Yeah, isn't he precious?" asked Hayley.

"Well," hesitated Eric. "He might fool people that didn't know you, but nobody would mistake you for a crossdressing pervert."
Chase wanted to correct Eric and tell him that the girls were forcing him to crossdress, but did that even make it any better? Besides, the pantyhose that bound him should have been a good sign that he was resisting.

"I tied him up," bragged Chelsea.

"Yeah, looks like you did a good job too," said Eric admiring her handiwork. "How are you doing sport?"
"Mmph," moaned Chase hoping that maybe Eric would see this was crazy and let him go, but he found no sympathy in Eric's cold dark eyes.

"Hey Eric, would you do me a favor?" asked Paige.

"Sure, what do you want?" asked Eric. Chase couldn't hear, but he saw Paige get up and whisper something in Eric's ear.

Eric seemed to blush a little and laughed out loud at whatever she had said.

"Would you?" asked Paige loud enough for all to hear.

"Is that really what Hayley wants?" asked Eric.

"Yes please," nodded Hayley like a small child talking to Santa.

"Well what my baby wants, she gets as long as I'm on the receiving end," said Eric.

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