Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Cruel to Be Kind Collection

Some of my stories are sweet.  I think of stories like Welcome to the Real World where the sissy may  go through Hell, but in the end he knows that he's better off for the experience.  Some of my stories, on the other hand, can be kind of cruel. They dominas are such forces of nature that I stop caring as much about the motivations of the sissy except for how they react to the domina.  Cruel to Be Kind is about that second type of story.

Feminized by his High School Bully - Back in High School, Mike Weaver was the constant victim of Allison Cain. Along with her friends, she loved nothing more than emasculating and humiliating him. Now, they're back for their ten year reunion and much to Mike's horror, she has no intention of letting up on him. In fact, she's planned his most agonizing humiliation yet.

Marisol's Way - Marisol Escamilla first appeared three years ago in the book Taken by a Girl Gang. As a tough talking and ass kicking Latina, she immediately became a fan favorite. Of all of my characters, she's gotten the most comments. Marisol's Way catches up with her. She's tried to make it in college and she's tried to make it in business, but she's back to doing what she's always done best--torturing men. She's gone from street kid to highly prized and compensated feminizer for hire. In this story, she's kidnapped a very successful executive and she's going to play with him like a cat with a mouse. There is feminization in this story, but it definitely leans to the female domination side as she finds creative and innovative ways to break her prey.

Don't Mess with Amy - Amy is a very special girl. She's as tough as any guy in her high school and she doesn't suffer fools kindly. Fortunately, for her classmates, she has a strong sense of right and wrong and nobody would ever be dumb enough to mess with Amy. Well, that is until Tom came along. Tom was new to the school and trying to make a name for myself. He should have known better. The next thing he knows she's kicking his ass and dragging him down to the theater department for a makeover. 

Amy's Slave Auction - In the sequel to Don't Mess with Amy, we rejoin Tom after three years have passed. He's now a senior and Amy has progressed his feminization quite a bit. He's become her sissy and sometimes maid. Right now, all he's thinking of is a camping trip with his friends over the weekend, but Amy has other ideas and what Amy wants, Amy gets.

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