Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Pack Book 3: Confessions of a Sissy Pet

The Pack is Back!  This story starts out as the story of David and his feminization at the hands of three girls from his neighborhood and in book 3 changes into something different. The girls have pretty much crushed Dave's resistance. He now finds himself just doing what they say in the hope that they'll take it easy on him. One day, as Dave test drives his new high heels by walking the length of the school hallway he spots a girl crying. Soon she's joining in on the fun of crossdressing him, but this girl has a dark secret that will put all the girls to the test.

The girls begin to make plans to take down a really obnoxious jerk and discover that sissies are like potato chips.  You just can't stop at one. Give The Pack Book 3 a try and see a different side of forced feminization.   

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